What It Means to Dream about Alligators?

Baby alligator in dreams

It indicates your child-like self that is immature and innocent.

Dreams about alligators chasing you

You are trying to escape or avoid a troublesome situation of your waking life.

Dreams about an alligator in cage

You are feeling trapped and stuck in your waking life.

Dream about crocodiles in the house

It symbolizes negative energy and toxic influences in your waking life.

Killing crocodiles in dreams

You still hold angry feelings and grudges against those who sin against you.

Dreaming of crocodile in the water

It denotes overwhelming feelings, uncontrolled worries, irrelevant fear, etc.

Dead alligator in the dream

It means some big change will make its way in your waking life.

Dreams about an alligator jaw or teeth

You are trying to safeguard and defend yourself from some expected harm in waking life.

Dreaming of an aggressive alligator

It symbolizes suppressed emotions, fear and worries.

When you dream about alligators, it means strength, courage, individuality, protection, a sense of identity, and wisdom. Symbolically, these fierce reptiles are symbols of manifesting inner power and unleashing hidden instincts and wisdom.