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Did you see Lizards in Dream? Here is what your dream means! [65 Types]

Did you see Lizards in Dream? Here is what your dream means! [65 Types]

Updated on Nov 10, 2022 | Published on Jun 30, 2021

Reviewed by Katina Tarver, MA (Mental Health and Wellness Counseling) , Life Coach

Lizard in Dream - 65 Dream Scenarios & their Meanings

Lizards in dreams can be frightening and disgusting. There is a spiritual significance for the animal in your dreams. In general, lizards in dreams are a negative sign.

The dream signifies that someone is trying to hurt you. You should always be aware of whom you are hanging out with. Furthermore, lizards in a dream symbolize your fear and the way you handle it.

To understand more about what the Lizards dream means, read further and consider asking the questions to yourself. 

Lizard in Dream - 65 Dream Scenarios & its Meanings  ThePleasantDream
Lizard in Dream – 65 Dream Scenarios & its Meanings ThePleasantDream

Lizard Dream Meaning – General Interpretation

Dreaming of lizards is a sign of betrayal and disappointment. The dream states that you will experience new changes and opportunities. It warns you of upcoming dangers and threats. 

The lizard dream means that you will soon plan things for the future. It is a sign of betrayal, disappointment, danger, warning, new changes, and treason.  The dream may help you discover new things about your personality. The dream can have various meanings depending upon the situation.

According to the ancient dream dictionary, the dream of a lizard may seem a bad sign but will result in something positive later. In some cases, the dream means that you will encounter new opportunities and discover new ways of approaching people and businesses. 

Additionally, the dream of a lizard may result in a strange period, but you should make sure the situation is mentally stimulating.

It means that you are going to encounter a spiritual journey shortly. If a girl or woman dreams about the lizard, it means betrayal in the family or losing focus. Positively the dream also means that you will overcome all the circumstances in life with ease. 

According to Sigmund Freud, the lizard can provide some hidden or deep insights about the daily life events of the dreamer. Carl Jung, the dream psychologist, believes that dreams are a reflection of your waking life experiences. Further, from the psychological perspective, the dream of lizards has no significance but is associated with external circumstances. 

Reasons why you are dreaming of lizards 

Lizards in a dream signifies misfortune, warning, and loss of favor. The dream tells you to be aware of your surroundings and your actions.

Lizards are the small head large tail, harmless reptiles that are highly prevalent. Dreaming of lizards is a reflection of your daily activities and life events.

If you have seen lizards in your dream, it means your subconscious is trying to communicate to you about important events or information that you need to consider. Here are some of the common reasons why you dream of lizards.


The dream of lizards may be a sign of bad fortune, or something bad happened to you that you don’t want to share with others. This is a sign of negative influence and secrets you don’t want to share, as it can harm your personality or the people around you. 

You may be confused and unable to make decisions about something very important in your life. You are experiencing a tough time, which is causing issues and problems in your life. It also symbolizes the decision you need to make in your life that will significantly affect your life. Your decision will have a profound impact on your life. 

Warning signs

In most cases, the dream of a lizard is a warning sign about upcoming danger in life. It is a warning sign that something will happen in your life that will bring a change. You need to stay vigilant and careful during such times. 

It also addresses the current problem in your life and the solution you need to give it.  Moreover, a dream may be a warning sign of an impending problem in the near future. It suggests that you should not engage in illegal business practices and only take on legitimate ones; otherwise, you can be in big trouble. 

Losing favor 

Some people may be scared of the lizard and may feel disgusted by its appearance or near it. The scaly structure and its unpleasant appearance convey the message that people will maintain distance from you because of your actions or words.

Be aware of your behavior and attitude towards others if you want to avoid trouble. It is a sign that you will lose the help of people, regardless of how close you are to them. 

Regeneration and healing

Lizards are also the symbol of regeneration and growth; seeing a lizard in dream means growing as a person. Also, setbacks or failures are making you more robust and innovative. In many cultures lizards in dreams means healing and protection. 

Lizard in Dream – 65 Scenarios & their Meanings 

1. Dream of lizards in general

The dream of a lizard is both negative and positive, depending upon the dream context. If you have seen a lizard or a picture of a lizard in the dream then it is not a good omen. It is a warning sign that your rivals and enemies will attack you. It can be in work or personal life, and you need to confront these situations. 

You will hear from someone you haven’t heard from in a long time in your dream. It will not be one of your close ones or a friend. You will receive a message from someone you don’t want to meet again. The experience won’t be pleasant.

Another interpretation of the dream would be that you will move from one place to another. It will be easy for you if you are a nomadic person who moves from place to place. If you don’t like change, then it will be hard to adapt and make relationships. A change in the environment can also be vital for you and can improve your quality of life.

2. Dream of lizards mating 

The dream symbolizes love, relationship, purity, and youth. Your dream suggests that you are in pursuit of love, but you must also give your attention to something or someone in your life. If you are neglecting someone in your daily life, the dream is a sign to give them care and attention because of the chaos. 

It states that you are well disciplined and secure in life. The dream is a warning that you should stay alert because you may be attacked by someone at work or among friends. 

3. Dream about lizards hatching

There is something you have been holding inside that needs to come out.  You are feeling unworthy or unloved. Perhaps you are having difficulties communicating. Speak to your loved ones and ask for direction.

Your mind can become foggy for a number of reasons, but clearing it from time to time enables you to make better and wiser decisions. 

If you keep others’ needs ahead of you, you should stop doing it right away. Make some time for yourself and prioritize.

The dream is a reflection of your waking life. Your behavior reflects the masculine aspect of your personality, and you are awaiting the right time to exert your authority over others. 

4. Dream about lizard fighting

The dream of lizard fighting means that you need to confront some aspects of your personality and work on them. You may find it difficult to listen to your instincts but it is essential in making decisions and overcoming fears. 

The dream is a sign of spiritual cleansing. If you are working towards some project or task it is a sign that it will be all worth it. 

Also, the dream indicates the separation or disharmony in love. You need to stay calm and optimistic. The dream signals that you will soon pass through the dark times and will see the light again. 

5. Dream about lizards chasing you

Your dream indicates that you may face bullying in your waking life. It can be at the workplace, among friends, or publicly. Alternatively, the dream could mean that you have a desire to be recognized or liked.

Dream about lizards chasing you suggests that you need to set goals and work towards them in order to succeed. It’s about growing and presenting a new image of yourself. 

6. Dream about long lizards 

Dreams of a long lizard or a giant lizard are a bad omen. The dream can be terrifying and it means that you will face issues while communicating with people. And some people may try to bring your confidence down. It is an indication of challenges in life that can be related to work or relationships.

Also, the reason you are seeing a giant lizard in a dream could be your current life situation. Work or a conflict in your family may be causing you stress and worry. Furthermore, the dream suggests that the situation will pass and you will overcome it. 

In addition, the dream signals that you should be aware of people and their intentions.

7. Dream of a lot of lizards 

The dream indicates that you are going to experience a change shortly. You will see that people around you will be trying to take advantage. As long as you are aware of people’s intentions, you can escape the situation.

Also, you are someone who knows how to deal with people and situations. Analyze the problem thoroughly and take action accordingly. 

8. Killing a lizard in dream 

Killing lizards represent your inner self and how you interact with other people. Spiritually, the dream means that you will be experiencing a change in different aspects of life. You may meet people who are cold-hearted and pretentious.

You are likely to face challenges and may feel overly sensitive. Lizard in a dream means that you have a desire to be recognized and appreciated.  The dream serves as a reminder that you will handle difficult situations with strength and endurance. 

9. Dream about catching lizards 

It is a favorable dream to have. The dream indicates your love life and relationships with others. It states how you communicate and behave with others around you.

If you are able to catch the lizards in your dream it indicates a positive and fulfilling relationship with others. The dream symbolizes that you’re going to meet one soon if you don’t have a partner. It could also mean marriage soon. 

In contrast, if you are not able to catch the lizard, you will have problems with your love life. If you are married but can’t catch the lizard, you’re missing a spark in your relationship. 

Another interpretation of the dream could be that you are ready to start a new chapter in your life and leave behind your past and bad memories. 

10. Dream about a house full of lizards 

The lizard in the house points to your strength and nature. It states that you are hiding something and now the time has come to face it. You tend to whine about everything. In order to interpret your dream more accurately, you need to remember the color of the lizard. 

11. Dream of turning into a lizard 

A lizard in a dream is associated with spiritual knowledge and power. You will embark on a spiritual journey in a short time, and whatever is deep inside you will be revealed. 

12. Dream of a single lizard 

The dream could be a warning sign as lizards are cold-blooded animals. According to the ancient dream dictionary, lizards are associated with calmness, unity, and attack from enemies.

On the other hand, it also has positive meanings. Seeing a single lizard in the dream means creativity, renewal, and refreshment. Additionally, the dream implies that you are grounded. 

The dream states how you communicate with other people in your waking life. The single lizard represents your communication with others and reaction to sex. 

13. Dream of seeing a beautiful lizard in a dream 

A beautiful lizard in a dream means you will understand yourself better and find your creative side.  Lizards in dreams are also associated with good fortune. The cold-blooded animal signifies enemies around you. The dream indicates that you will gracefully overcome a difficult situation in life. Maintain confidence in the face of challenges.

14. Dream of lizard on your hair

If you plan to make some education-related decisions, then the dream alerts you to be aware and mindful during the decision-making process. Sometimes you may not be aware of your talents and abilities, but once you realize them you can excel in it. If a lizard falls on your head, it indicates that something is about to come on the surface and make itself known. 

If you saw a lot of lizards crawling on you, it is an indicator of spiritual awakening. A lizard may also represent someone who has ill intentions for you, so you should stay away from them. 

15. Dream of sleeping lizard

The dream of a sleeping lizard suggests that you will meet new people shortly. Also, it means that someone will need your service. You are going to face some challenging times in the near future. Beware of people asking for money from you. 

16. Dream of motionless lizard 

The dream indicates that you don’t want to interact with new people. It states you are comfortable in your own shell. 

17. Dream of fast-moving lizard  

Fast-moving lizards are a sign that things will accelerate in your life and you will have to deal with situations accordingly. 

18. Dream of lizard hiding under the rock 

According to the dream, you are hiding something in life. It states that things will come to the surface when you least expect them to. 

19. Dream of baby lizards

If you dream of baby lizards, you will encounter difficulties at work. The dream means that you will face obstacles or problems because of your co-workers.

The dream indicates that you will face conflicts with your family if you do not have co-workers. Despite the circumstances, you have the power to overcome them. 

20. Dream of a pet lizard 

Dream of a pet lizard may indicate that you do not want any conflicts or arguments in your life. 

21. Dream of small lizards 

The small lizards in your dream indicate that some important changes are about to take place. Some parts of your life will be affected by these changes, and you may find it more difficult to achieve what you want. You will be a little distracted from your goals. 

22. Dead lizard in dream

The dream of a dead lizard is a sign of poverty and problems in relationships. Are you ignoring something in life? The dreams suggest that you help others in solving their problems, but that you also need to look after yourself. 

In addition, it could also mean betrayal or deceit by your partner. It is also possible that your relationship will end. The dream could also mean that your spouse is having an affair. 

23. Dream of eating lizards 

You might find it gross or creepy to see yourself eating lizards in a dream. Some cultures eat lizards as part of their basic diet. However, the dream of eating or cooking lizards is a positive sign.

It means good fortune, success, and happiness. The dream means that others admire you at your back as you help them in solving their problems or with their daily tasks. 

24. Dream of lizards changing color 

Dreaming of a lizard that is changing color is a warning sign as it may represent that someone will try to harm your reputation. Your coworkers or higher-ups may attempt to discredit you.

You are surrounded by fault-finding people who may resent your discipline and work ethic. During this time beware of signing any contracts or taking up any new project. Someone may try to pass the blame or put you in a difficult or problematic situation. 

25. Dream of being bitten by green lizards 

The color green is related to money, finances, and wealth. The dream of being bit by a green lizard predicts that you will suffer financial losses or that you will lose a friend or close person. The reason could be a lack of care or attention.

You may not take good care of your friends and family or you may be involved in some sort of bad habits, such as gambling. 

26. Dream of petting lizard 

The dream is a warning sign. You are alerted to some upcoming danger or harmful event. You never know what may come your way, so be careful in your actions and your words. 

27. Dream of lizard in the sun 

Dreaming of a lizard in the sun is a positive sign. It states that things are going to work in your favor. Your decisions will likely have a positive impact on your business or personal life. Whatever you set your mind to, you will succeed. 

28. Dream of being bitten by a lizard 

It is a sign that you will face financial difficulty in the near future. On the positive side, you can overcome the circumstance with your power and patience. The dream is a warning that you should save money and be more prudent about any investments you make during this time. 

29. Dream of an injured lizard 

Dreams of injured lizards are a sign that they will face problems in marriage or personal relationships.

Some of your actions may hurt others that can lead to heartbreak. The best you can do is talk about your problems and issues with your partner and express your emotions freely. This will create an understanding and will lift the burden off your chest. 

30. Dream of lizard getting in your body  

The dream of a lizard getting into your body may disgust you and make you feel uneasy. As the dream indicates, the lizard getting into your body means that someone will try to take advantage of you by getting close or winning your trust. You have to maintain distance from such people.

Additionally, the dreams mean that people at your workplace may take advantage of you and try to put you down. You need to identify those around you because you might have someone in your circle who thinks poorly of you. 

31. Dream of lizard shedding skin 

The dream has a dual interpretation. In some traditions, shedding lizard skins is considered a bad omen, as it might bring misfortune in the future.

The dream can also be interpreted as a symbolic renewal and the start of something new when the lizard sheds its skin. It could be a business or a new phase in your life. In the future, you will face many changes that will not be easy but will help you grow as a person. 

32. Dream of attacking a lizard

 The dream means that you are doing everything to achieve your goals and succeed. You are someone with dedication and strong willpower. When you are faced with a setback, you do your best to improve your current situation. 

33. Dream about lizard attacking you 

Dream of a lizard attacking you might scare you or you might wake up from your dream scared, sweet, and afraid. The dream suggests that something challenging lies in the near future.

The problem can be related to your health, finance, or personal relationships. Therefore you must be mentally prepared and be more prepared for any such forthcoming situation. 

The dream may also indicate that someone is trying to harm you or that they will turn their backs on you when you least expect it. Therefore the dream is a warning sign to be aware of enemies as they could harm you and push you into difficult situations. 

34. Dream of lizard on the wall 

The dream states that it’s time to take action. Therefore, you must analyze your past actions so that you can make wiser and better choices going forward. 

35. Dream about lizards watching you 

The dream about lizards watching you is not positive, it means betrayal. It can be from a social, personal, or work circle. It is crucial that you are aware of your surroundings and that you prepare for such situations. 

36. Dream of lizard crawling 

Dreaming of lizards crawling represents a sneaky person in your surroundings. The dream can make you feel uneasy and scared. However, the feeling you experience in the dream matters, and it helps interpret the meaning of the dream more closely. Take note of how you felt.

Seeing a lizard crawling around indicates that you are grounded. If you have seen a lizard crawl into the hole, it indicates suppressing feelings of sexual desire. Additionally, the dream warns you of that evil person who intends to harm you and drag you down. 

37. Dream of running from lizard  

The dream of running from a lizard states that you are scared of something in real life. It can be a problem or a person that you are avoiding. The Dream suggests that you need to address the problem before it gets out of hand. You should trust your instincts when it comes to making an important decision or trusting someone. 

38. Dream of a lizard crawling on your body  

The dream of seeing a lizard crawling on your body indicates that you may have to face some hardships soon. During difficult times, you might feel stressed. It is an indication that you struggle with financial problems in your daily life. The dream is also a warning to avoid sexual encounters with strangers. 

Moreover, the dream represents an upcoming change. It indicates that nothing is certain, and anything can happen. The dream is indicative that you are worried and you are thinking of changing some aspects of life. 

39. Dream that you are not able to catch a lizard 

The dream represents disappointment in the near future. If you could not catch the lizard in your dream, you will be disappointed by your partner in waking life. Expecting too much or imposing something on others can lead to distress.   

40. Dream that you have a killer lizard 

The dream of killing a lizard in a dream means that you will overcome difficult times in life. You are a strong and persistent person. Moreover, the dream signifies that the work you have done will be rewarded so keep up the good work, and you will reap its benefits. Furthermore, the dream represents a desire for social respect and a good reputation. 

41. Dream about cutting a lizard tail 

The dream of cutting a lizard’s tail means that you will make certain decisions in life that will result in negative outcomes in your life. As a wake-up call, it tells you to learn how to do certain tasks better and avoid mistakes. 

42. Dream of lizard in your food 

The lizard in your food means insecurity and loneliness. 

43. Dream of lizard on your bed 

The dream implies that you are losing control or authority over something. The tendency to control everything may indicate that you must give up the behavior as it may be detrimental to your future self.

44. Dream of lizard eating animals

Seeing a lizard eating a snake, frog, or animal in your dream might indicate that you are trying to find an emotional connection in your life.

45. Dream of a lizard in your house or toilet

Dreams state that you want to be there for your loved ones during difficult times. It states that you want to assist them in every way, whether it is financially or emotionally. 

46. Dream of lizard talking to you

You are going to have a life-changing experience. The dream is telling you that you should be prepared for upcoming changes and opportunities. 

47. Dream of venomous lizard

It must have occurred to you what the dream could mean. Dreaming of a venomous lizard suggests deceit, betrayal, and sadness. 

48. Dream of headless lizard

The dream states that you are finding it difficult to keep a balance between emotions and logic. 

49. Dream of flying lizard 

Dream of flying lizard represents that you like to keep everything under your control. 

Meaning of different colors of lizards in dream 

 50. Dream of green lizard

Dreaming of green lizards is common. The presence of green lizards in your dream means that you will encounter difficulties shortly. Additionally, it indicates your willingness to grow. Seeing green lizards often in your dream means you will succeed and grow in your life. 

 51. Dream of yellow lizard 

The yellow lizard in a dream means disease or missing upon the opportunities. It is a sign that you have to take care of your health and also keep an open eye. 

52.  Dream of black lizard 

Spiritually black color in dreams is related to unknown, rejection, hate, and malice. The black lizard in a dream signifies that you will soon receive criticism either in your personal or professional life. Be prepared for it so you can analyze whether it’s worthwhile or not. If it is, then you should work on that area. 

53.  Dream of a blue lizard 

Dreaming of a blue lizard is a good sign. You will have peace and harmony in your personal life if you dream of a blue lizard. The blue lizard in your dream also encourages you to be more vocal and express your emotions freely. 

54.  Dream of lizard changing color 

The dream of lizards changing colors is a warning sign. It states someone will try to attack you. They may be jealous of you or want to insult you in front of others.  

55. Dream of white lizard 

Biblically, The white color in dreams is associated with peace, harmony, and righteousness. Seeing white lizards in a dream suggests reflection and enlightenment. 

56.  Dream of purple lizard  

The purple color in dreams represents joy, wisdom, and happiness. Dream of a purple lizard is a warning sign about an upcoming event that may affect your reputation. 

57.  Dream of orange lizard 

Orange lizard in a dream is a symbolism of hope, happiness, and enthusiasm in your life. 

58.  Dream of pink lizard 

A pink lizard in a dream is a sign to move on in life. It is likely to see a pink lizard at the time when you are stuck at something for a longer period. 

59. Dream of brown lizard 

Spiritually brown color in the dream represents the qualities of the dreamer. It states that the dreamer is humble and grounded. The dream of a brown lizard symbolizes that you need to prioritize things in your life. It is a reminder to strengthen the bond with family and maintain peace and harmony. 

60. Dream of red lizard 

Red is the color of passion, love, desires, and energy. It is a sign that you have a desire to be loved or you need to pay attention to your inner desires. 

Meaning of different types of lizard in dreams 

61. Dream of Monitor lizard 

The dream of a monitor lizard represents clarity of mind and a new beginning. It will help you in making better and wiser decisions. 

62. Dream of Anole lizard 

The dream is encouraging you to follow the path of truth and loyalty. It represents that you need to stand by your values and beliefs and not get influenced by others. 

63. Dream of Frilled lizard 

The dream is a reminder that you should use your power in a group. You are also a person of influence, so you have the ability to influence others and get them to work in your favor. 

64. Skink lizard dream meaning

The dream represents your shadowy personality. It means that you have two sides to your personality. The dream is symbolic of your personality traits or the traits of someone around you. 

65. Alligator lizard dream meaning

According to your dream, you have difficulty expressing yourself and your feelings. You need to speak up about your problems with your family and friends. The problem will only get worse if you bottle up your emotions. 

Spiritual meaning of lizards in dream 

The lizards in a dream are a representation that will see changes in your friendship, as cold-blooded lizards animals; thus, you will meet someone cold in nature. The lizard represents facing your fears and going with the flow of life.

Biblical meaning of lizards in dreams 

According to the Bible, seeing lizards in a dream means that you will be plagued if they are crawling towards you. Also, lizards are said to be unclean animals used by witches. Lizards represent secrets and close energies in dreams.

In the Bible, lizards in your house are signs that your neighbor is using witchcraft against you. Lizards are very good at listening, and it represents that your enemy can use some critical information against you or belittle you. If the lizards fall on your head, it means insanity, forgetfulness, and poverty. 

What do lizards symbolize in dreams?

The lizard in a dream symbolizes change, creativity, danger, warning, and loss. It means new opportunities and growth.

Dreaming of lizards represents change, tenacity, variety, betrayal, danger, creativity, revitalization, and loss. The lizard is considered a spirit guide in some cultures that guides you in your daily life events. Lizards represent renewal and rebirth. 

It indicates new opportunities and life-changing events. Lizards symbolically represent the capacity for observation, perception, and responsiveness. 

You are ignoring the feeling in your unconscious mind that you are ignoring. Additionally, it implies that you are cold-blooded about something or someone in your waking life. 

Meaning of lizards in Different Cultures

Meanings of Lizards dream in Native America 

Lizards play a significant role in native America, the dream of lizards is associated with healing, regeneration, protection, and healing. In most of the culture, lizards are considered as the positive omen. 

Hopis and Pueblo communities named their tribes after lizards. In the Hopi community, lizards are also believed to be a link between their deities. 

Lizard dreams meaning in Celtic culture

In Celtic culture, the dream of a lizard is a sign of good luck and is often seen as guidance from heavenly bodies or angels. Traditionally, these are considered a path leading to the spirit world.

Lizard dreams meaning in Hinduism 

Lizard dreams and lizards, in general, have several meanings in Hinduism. It is considered lucky and holy. When the lizards fall on a person, it has a specific meaning based on where on the body it falls. According to Hinduism, the chirping sound produced by a lizard is auspicious.  

If a lizard falls on your head, you need to be prepared for revolt or rebellion. If the lizard falls on the right arm, it means illness, and if the lizard falls on the feet, you might face bad luck. The person will gain something if the lizard falls into their hair.

Lizards also mean that you will lose a substantial amount of money. In Hinduism, lizards are worshipped as avatars of goddess Lakshmi. 

Lizards dream meaning in Chinese Culture 

Among the Chinese lizards are considered one of the noxious animals, and the picture of a lizard is usually placed at the back of people’s cars because it is believed to keep accidents away. 

Is dreaming of lizards good or bad? 

The interpretation of your dreams depends on the scenario and other details that you saw. Everything has a reason, and so does your dream. In some cases, dreams of lizards can be positive.

If you want to improve, you must challenge yourself in certain situations without harming others. In dreams, lizards represent change and light after dark times. For instance, if you have seen a lizard crawling, it may be a warning sign of an attack.

In addition, the negative aspects of the dream stating that the lizard represents betrayal and disappointment. It reflects challenging times that will make you stronger and help you grow.

So, don’t be afraid of its meaning instead, focus on what needs to be improved in your life. Also, beware of your environment. Dreams can only give you an idea of what might happen, but you must decide how to react. 

Question to ask yourself

Dreaming of lizards can have various meanings and it’s important to take note of the events that happened in the dream. It can help you understand what your dream might mean. Here are a few questions you should ask yourself to interpret your dream.

  1. What was the color of the lizard in your dreams?
  2. What did you feel when you saw a lizard in your dream?
  3. Are you going to make any decisions in waking life?
  4. What type of lizard was it?
  5. Where did the lizard fall on your body?
  6. What other details of your dream do you remember?
  7. What is your relationship like with friends, family, and your partner?

Closing thoughts

Lizards in the dream are usually a negative sign. It means someone is trying to harm or hurt you. It’s very important to identify where the lizard fell on your body as it can tell a lot about your dreams. Other aspects of dreams also play a significant role. 

If you have seen a lizard in your waking life, it is possible to dream about it. In that case, the dream is just a reflection of waking life events, which means you should not emphasize their significance too much.

However, if you’ve never seen a lizard and are dreaming about it, then the lizard may have some important message to convey. Your dream can’t tell you everything about who you are or how things will unfold in the future, so you have to consider other aspects of your life as well. 

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