What Do Dreams About Video Games Symbolize?


You are absorbed in your online life and social media profiles.

Dream about stealing video games

You might have to confront a dishonest person in real life.

Dream about PvP video games

There is something brutal going on in your real life.

Dream about playing video games with others

You need to accept other people and their viewpoints.

Dream about playing a first-person shooting game

You wish to strike other people in your waking life. 

Dream about playing racing video games

You are living in a fast-moving environment.

Dream of being excited while playing video games

You really want something exciting to happen to you in the waking world.

Dream about playing fighting video games

You have to wake up and take control of your life.

Dream about arguing with someone while playing video games

You'll face problems in your relationships with others, mostly with romantic partner. 

Dreaming about video games can indicate that you are very stressed in your waking life, or you’re trying to find a solution to a major problem. It can also mean that you are competitive and hardworking, or that you tend to neglect people around you.