Dreaming about video games can indicate that you are very stressed in your waking life, or you’re trying to find a solution to a major problem. 

It can also mean that you are competitive and hardworking, or that you tend to neglect people around you.

Dream about Video Games – Are You a Gaming Enthusiast
Dream about Video Games – Are You a Gaming Enthusiast

Do Dreams of Video Games Mean You’re a Gamer?

Many people also feel that the games that they play in their waking lives manifest themselves when they are sleeping. Other than that, this dream also means…

  • You are under stress – It can strongly indicate that you are under a lot of pressure in your waking life. Your brain is constantly worried about small things.
  • You are trying to find a solution to something – It can also be a positive symbol that you are trying to overcome your obstacles. 
  • You are competitive and hardworking – Another positive dream interpretation is that you are hardworking, dedicated, and sincere. 
  • You neglect others around you – When someone becomes immersed in the world of video games, they often tend to forget other people around them. 
  • You believe in teamwork – Many video games come with a multiplayer mode, which requires players to team up with others. So, one indication of having dreams about video games is that you are a team player. 

Spiritual Interpretation of Dream about Video Games

Spiritually, video games can be the bridge between your real life and the dream world. The emotions that you feel while playing the games are a reflection of how you feel while tackling real-life problems or situations.

Dreaming about Video Games – Various Scenarios & Meanings

Did you know that dreaming of online video games means that you need to have a better social life while dreaming of cooperating with a friend while playing a video game indicates that you work well with others?

Even the most subtle dream details can give you a lot of information about your dream interpretation, so why wait? Let’s keep reading!

Dream about playing online video games

Dreaming about playing online video games like World of Warcraft shows that you are absorbed in your online life and social media profiles.

You must go outside and interact with others. You need a better social life.

Repetitively killing monsters in video games

If you keep killing or grinding monsters in a particular video game in your dream, it reflects the daily grind of your waking life.

You are extremely bored with your work and personal life, and now you need a whiff of comfort.

Quitting a video game suddenly

In your dreams, if you start playing a video game but then abruptly stop, it reflects your struggles with controlling your urges. 

You are probably having strong urges of doing or eating something, but you’re trying your best to control yourself.

Playing the same video game

There are many people who like to play the same video game over and over. So, if you see yourself playing the same game repeatedly, it indicates that you don’t like changes. 

Struggling to play video games

If you face difficulties while trying to complete a level or shoot someone in a video game in your dreams, it indicates that you are currently going through a tough phase. You are questioning everything around you.

Being excited while playing video games

If you feel excited or overjoyed while playing a particular video game, it means that you really want something exciting to happen to you in the waking world. 

Even if you feel unhappy in your dream, it is a reflection of your real-life feelings.

Chasing someone in a video game

On the other hand, if you are the one who is chasing a video game character, it signifies your motivation and will to be strong. This is a good dream because your inner spirit is telling you to keep pushing forward.

Stealing video games

If you dream that you are stealing someone else’s video games, it indicates that you might have to confront a dishonest person in real life. 

This person might be someone at work or just a friend. Either way, it’s time to expose them.

Playing video games with others

If you are playing a video game with your friends or family members, it means that you need to accept other people and their viewpoints.

It’s good to let them know about your beliefs but be sure to listen to their stories too.

Leveling up in a video game

In many video games, leveling up is often associated with having new powers or strengths.

In your real life, this dream means that you will acquire new skills to work better in your office. You might even get a good raise.

Dying inside a video game

Even though dying inside a video game symbolizes failure, the dream meaning is less harsh. 

It means that you are going through a temporary phase of failure right now. Everything might seem dark and dull but things will soon get better. 

Being stuck in a video game

Being stuck or lost inside a video game is not a good omen. It foretells that you will soon have feelings of being lost or detached in the waking world.

You’ll feel that you are alienated from everyone else in your social circle. 

Being characters in video games

Just like we control the main character of a video game, if you dream that you have become a video game character yourself, it indicates that someone else is controlling you. 

You don’t get to express yourself because others keep manipulating you.

Dream about being in a video game

If you envision yourself in a video game but you are happily playing along, it indicates that you are too lazy to have your own opinions.

You want someone else to teach you everything and take all your responsibilities. You like staying childish.

Dreams about Playing Different Kinds of Video Games & Their Meanings

Dream about playing racing video games

Since racing games are very fast-paced, dreaming of them can indicate that you are living in a fast-moving environment. You don’t have the time to stop and relax because everyone is busy competing against each other.

Playing gambling video games

Playing gambling video games has pretty much the same meaning in your real life as it does in the game. 

You like to take risks and often end up making reckless bets. Even though you calculate beforehand, not all your calculations end up in success.

Dream about playing fighting video games

This suggests that you have to wake up and take control of your life. You have unresolved issues with many people but you’re afraid of confronting them. Your mind is telling you to be brave.

Playing strategy or simulation video games

Playing games like Sims or Clash Of Clans in your dreams indicates that you are able to easily manipulate others. You can make them do whatever you want just by talking to them in a convincing manner.

PvP video games

This shows that there is something brutal going on in your real life. This makes you frustrated and you dump this anger on others around you. 

Closing Thoughts!

Video games often have a lot of emotions associated with them. Perhaps this is why they continue to appear even when we are asleep. Dreaming of video games is your mind’s way of telling you to channel your emotions and thoughts positively. 

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