Key Takeaways

  • UFO in dreams usually symbolizes your journey into the unknown.
  • At other times, it can stand for the sense of isolation you feel in the waking world.
  • It also reflects your wishes to evolve spiritually.
  • You are likely to dream of a UFO if you are going through a perplexing situation in the waking world.

Unless you recently watched a movie like Independence Day or The UFO Incident or read anything related to UFO (Unidentified Flying Objects), seeing a UFO in dream will leave you asking yourself several questions upon waking.

From what the dream means to why it chose you of all the people out there!

That’s exactly what we are going to discuss in this article. So, if you wish to satisfy your curiosity, stay on the page as we unravel the meanings behind UFO dreams. 

UFO In Dream - 52 Plots and Their Interpretations
UFO In Dream – 52 Plots and Their Interpretations

What Does It Mean To Dream Of UFOs?

UFO in dream commonly stands for your journey into the unknown. It can also happen if you find yourself in a perplexing situation. Negatively, UFO can signify the sense of alienation you feel in the waking world. 

A UFO in a dream can be interpreted in several different ways. For you, it may symbolize a thought, situation, or emotion you find quite mysterious and for others, it may indicate a sense of alienation in the waking life. 

However, in a general sense, dreams featuring UFO denote a journey into an unknown or unexplored path. And your ability to navigate through the unfamiliar route. 

These types of dreams happen quite frequently to people who are under the influence of ayahuasca, an Amazonian decoction with psychoactive properties.

UFOs in the dream world may also mean you do not have enough support system to initiate a plan. 

UFO Dream Meaning – Dream Symbols

Experts have revealed tens of reasons behind the appearance of such extraterrestrial objects in dreams. Some of the most common reasons are:

1. A flashback of something frightening or surprising

UFOs and aliens are still a mystery to us humans. Taking into account the numerous sightings that happened at different places on the earth, we know they are real but that’s all we can say about them. 

Where they come from and why they choose our planet is still a mystery.

So, from that point of view, a dream about a UFO means you experienced something similarly intriguing or even frightening in the recent past.

And just as we cannot make head and tail of UFOs and aliens, it’s likely that you cannot comprehend the particular event however hard you try. 

2. Fear of the unknown

Though modern humans evolved millions of years ago, there are still thousands of phenomena science has failed to explain, at least up to this point. 

Some of which is the existence of ghosts, whether aliens are real or from where UFOs come from. 

Therefore, a UFO showing up in your dream may be a sign of your curious mind – that ponders over what is real and what is not and also a fear of the uncertain. 

3. A sense of alienation

Aliens and UFOs are foreign to Earthlings and nobody knows exactly where they originate from. 

So, it’s possible that you feel out of place and distant from your people if a UFO surfaces in your dream. 

It could be because of a difference of opinions or misunderstandings. Whatever it may be, the dream indicates you presently feel out of place. To the point that you feel like an alien in your own circle. 

4. Change of environment

Dreaming of a UFO can signify a change of environment in the waking world. 

Perhaps you got accepted into a better company with a much more handsome package. Or it may also stand for a change in your residential area. 

5. Someone is controlling you

A dream vision wherein you see an unidentified flying object implies another person has encroached into your life.

From the looks of it, that person is influencing several aspects of your life, without letting you catch on. 

6. An aspect about yourself that is kept hidden from you

Most of us believe or want to believe that we know ourselves the best. But you know that’s not always the case. 

So, it’s possible that a dream of a UFO is hinting at something about yourself that you are probably not aware of – an aspect of yourself that is present in the unconscious, unbeknownst to you. 

For example, let’s say you are a hardcore feminist without yourself knowing. 

7. Self-discovery

You may dream of a UFO if you learned something brilliant about some aspects of your life through a fated experience or encounter. 

If this is the particular reason why a UFO showed up in your dream, you need to understand that the enlightenment mentioned above will be instrumental in opening up new vistas for you, which can in turn transform you into a much better being. 

But of course, all these depend on how you perceive or respond to the enlightenment.

8. False rumors and unreliable information

If you are a regular of our blog, you are possibly aware that there can be numerous reasons behind a single dream. And a dream featuring a UFO is no exception. 

When you see these types of out of the planet objects in your dream, it is possible that haters are circulating lies about you. 

If the meaning resonates and if you got to know that they are speaking utter rubbish about you behind your back, do NOTHING! Yes, nothing at all! Chances are, they started the lies to provoke you and to see you revert. 

So, you must keep calm, sit back and wait for the rumor to die down. It won’t be easy but it will be worth it. And if you are not in the wrong, the truth will prevail, sooner or later. 

UFOs can also be warning you not to fall prey to false information regarding someone or something.

If your intuition tells you that someone is making up lies to influence you or get you onboard something, trust your instinct and stay away from that individual. 

9. Misunderstandings

UFOs in the dream world can also be symbolic of the various misunderstandings that are building up walls between you and other people. 

This can happen either in personal or professional lives or both. 

10. You have an open mind

UFOs in dreams show that you have an open mind and are receptive to new ideas and viewpoints. 

Furthermore, the dream reflects your fascination for things that are unfamiliar to you and your thirst for knowledge.

11. You seek new ideas

Any dream featuring UFO or alien shows you seek new, out-of-the-box ideas and perspectives. 

12. A need for a more impactful purpose

UFOs may surface in your dream if your subconscious believes your objectives and missions in the waking world need stronger purposes. 

13. Independence

If you have been longing for freedom – to live according to your own terms and conditions, the plot shows that you are finally well prepared to hit the journey of life alone, as you have always desired. 

UFO In Dream – 52 Dreams & Their Meanings

We have gathered tens of UFO dream scenarios for your convenience. These will more or less help you get to the bottom of your dream. 

1. Dreaming about a UFO 

Generally, a UFO in a dream stands for your journey into the unknown. However, depending on the details of your dream, the plot may also represent your creative side. 

The negative side of this particular dream is that you are too impatient and are in a rush. 

2. Dreaming of a UFO in the sky

For this particular scenario, you need to recall the emotions you experienced in the dream first as the key to your dream lies there. 

If you felt calm and relaxed while witnessing the UFO in the sky, the plot emphasizes the need to explore newer ideas and perspectives.

On the contrary, if you feel confused, scared, or anxious, you can interpret the dream as a harbinger of a depressing life phase. 

Other experts believe seeing a UFO in the sky is associated with meet-ups with friends and acquaintances you haven’t seen in a while. This interpretation holds true, especially if the UFO was big.

3. To dream of a flying saucer

Probably, a flying saucer is your subconscious warning you to be careful. Based on the plot, you have more enemies around you than you think.

And you may find yourself entangled in troublesome matters, unhealthy relationships, and potentially dangerous situations if you let your guards down.

4. Dreaming about a UFO flying at a distance

To dream of a UFO flying at a distance shows an event is on the horizon. Without a shadow of a doubt, the upcoming event will have nothing to do with you directly.

However, you need to note that it is of crucial importance for the one you deeply care about.

So, the dream says you must do what you can for it to be a grand success. This might even be your chance to earn some brownie points. 

5. A flying UFO dream meaning, hovering near or above you

If you dream of a UFO passing you by or hovering above you, the plot indicates an encounter with an interesting individual.

Chances are, the meeting will mark the beginning of a rewarding companionship or even a full-blown romance. 

Alternatively, as per the Summer Dream Book, the above scenario symbolizes a miraculous event. Perhaps something you had neither imagined nor anticipated would happen.

Meneghetti, the Italian psychologist and philosopher, associates the dream with schizophrenia, a serious mental disorder that makes people interpret reality in an abnormal way. 

6. Seeing a UFO moving/ flying very quickly in a dream

A UFO flying or moving at a rapid pace warns you to be wary of shady financial dealings. One reckless action and you’d be ripped off your hard-earned savings.

7. Dreaming of getting terrified while watching a UFO

As per the dream, you will soon have problems trying to comprehend a particular matter and how to respond to it. 

8. Dreaming about a UFO falling

A falling UFO is generally your higher self encouraging you to rule out and get rid of anything that has been hindering your growth. 

Say toxic habits or narrow-minded peers who always have something negative to say about whatever you do. 

9. Dreaming of UFOs falling out of the sky into the Earth

If you dream of the above plot, you really need to get a grip of yourself. Everyone dreams big and wants to flourish! We get you! However, the plot indicates that your goals are too unrealistic to be true. 

It’s possible that you are leading yourself into a pit of disappointments with such far-fetched ideas. Therefore, while you still have time, your subconscious wants you to consider setting an achievable goal. 

10. To dream of UFO on Earth

Dreaming of an unidentified flying object on Earth shows the time has come for you to put into practice whatever you have learned recently. 

It could be a skill, a creative idea, or a business plan that has been toying around inside your mind. Unleash it, whatever it is, and see how it takes shape! According to the scenario, it looks quite promising. 

11. UFO crash dream meaning

To dream of a UFO crashing is your higher self letting you know that the complications you are presently undergoing are preparing you for something better. 

Most likely, your patience and perseverance will be tested. However, you need to stick through the adversities because the hard days will pay off soon.

12. To dream of a UFO crashing near your house or nearby

Dreaming about a UFO crashing near your house or somewhere in the neighborhood denotes you are comfortable and feel at peace in your surroundings. 

13. Dreaming of a UFO crash site

To dream of a UFO crash site is a harbinger of a series of unpleasant and unfortunate happenings coming your way. 

Needless to say, you will have a hard time coping with the events. But your dream advises you to keep your chin up and stay hopeful. What you believe is unfortunate will someday prove to be beneficial for you. 

14. To dream of watching a UFO crash

Dreaming of watching a UFO crash may be a harbinger of a nasty argument between you and your spouse.

You need to remember the exact place the UFO crashed into as it plays a crucial role. If you see it crashing into an open area such as a field, the plot indicates success, especially if you are involved in commercial sectors. 

On the contrary, if it crashes into a place where humans reside, say a city or a town, it stands for growth and development in the social aspects of your life. 

15. To dream of a UFO exploding

Dream scenarios featuring a UFO explosion are associated with the breaking out of a surprising piece of news concerning a close one.

For instance, your best friend announcing news about his or her marriage out of the blue. 

16. To dream of a UFO taking off

If you see a UFO taking off the ground in a dream, it means your dull days are coming to a close. 

17. A dream about a UFO landing

Dreaming of a UFO landing is a sign of a significant change for the better. It can happen in any area of your life – personal, professional, romantic, you name it!

A point to note: Everything happens for a reason. Nothing is coincidental. So, when the change strikes, embrace it and make the most of it. 

Having said that, to see a UFO landing can also carry another meaning.

Whether you saw it land on your rooftop or at a park or inside a shopping arcade, the plot says you are working towards a goal, not because you are deeply passionate about it but for the fancy outcome. 

For instance, say you are pursuing an engineering degree because you think engineers are cool!

In case you have been up to these types of foolishness, your higher self wants you to dwell on the true meaning of happiness and reflect on what you have been doing so far. 

Yet another interpretation is that you’ll soon have guests over whose company will enlighten you. 

Dreaming of seeing a UFO landing also implies you need to uncover and explore newer aspects of your life. 

Negatively, Vanga associates the dream with a loss of faith in yourself and your abilities. 

However, according to the theories of Miller, the dream event of a UFO landing usually happens prior to a miraculous event – the pleasantness of which will almost sweep you off your feet. 

18. To dream of a UFO landing near you

A UFO landing close to you in a dream is a good sign. It shows that you will be able to overcome each of your problems. 

19. Trying to get in touch with a UFO in a dream

Sometimes, you may dream of yourself trying to draw the attention of a UFO, say flashing lights at it to communicate with it.

Such a dream implies there are numerous messages or information about yourself or others coming your way. Without a doubt, they will initially make you extremely happy and excited for the future. 

However, in due time, the thrill will fade away and you will realize that the information isn’t worth fussing over. 

20. To dream of seeing aliens inside a UFO

Seeing aliens inside a UFO hints at the humiliation or indifference your close ones are facing. 

21. A dream about aliens getting out of a UFO 

If you dream of aliens getting off a UFO, the plot indicates you would soon have guests over at your place. 

22. A dream of communicating with an alien

In case you dream of communicating with an alien which comes in a UFO, the dream indicates others are spreading malicious rumors about you. 

23. Dreaming of aliens taking you after a UFO land on your courtyard

To dream of the above scenario indicates you feel tempted to deceive your business partner.

Before you take a single step towards whatever is tempting you, you need to remind yourself that trust once broken can never be repaired. 

Do not let your momentary desire to do something sabotage the relationship you have built with your partner. There won’t be any turning back once you break his or her trust. 

24. Dreaming about aliens in your house

Here, the aliens may stand for people or situations that have invaded your domestic bliss. Furthermore, the scenario shows your desire to lead a quiet life without other people intervening every now and then. 

On the other hand, some experts are of the opinion that aliens in your house are a harbinger of unpleasant news concerning your family. 

25. Dreaming about an alien attack

To dream of an alien attack means you need to work on yourself – skills, self-esteem, etc. 

According to the plot, you do not live by your principles. Instead, you tend to give in to others’ opinions and advice, often letting yourself get swayed or even manipulated. 

26. Dreaming of a UFO and aliens abducting you

To dream of aliens abducting you means you are undergoing a process of self-introspection. 

Dreaming of aliens abducting you may also signify your wearied state as you struggle to cope with your real-life problems.

There’s an indication that you wish to abandon everything, the good and the bad, and run off to a place away from your problems. 

Negatively, aliens abducting you in your dream can be your subconscious giving you a heads-up about someone, probably an ill-wisher lurking around to sabotage you.

On a similar note, it’s possible that a close one will try to impose his or her ideas or opinions on you. 

27. To dream of aliens from a UFO making attempts to communicate after kidnapping you

You need to be on your guard if you dream of the above plot. 

According to the dream, your haters have begun to spread rumors and lies about you. Stay on your toes, hold back your emotions and refrain from doing anything that will make their work easier. 

28. UFO invasion dream meaning

Generally, a UFO invading Earth is a sign of complications. 

Nevertheless, the dream may have a positive or negative outcome depending on which party was triumphant.

If earthlings win over the UFO, it means you will successfully get through each of the obstacles. However, if it was the other way around, getting past the complications wouldn’t be easy. 

According to Miller, the dream is a sign of good luck and success.

29. A UFO attacking people in a dream

To dream of a UFO attacking people is directly associated with problems at your workplace. 

30. To dream of a UFO kidnapping you

According to the dream, there’s a possibility that you will soon be tempted to cheat on your partner. The dream advises you not to give in to momentary pleasures.

31. Dreaming of a UFO invading the house of someone who has passed away

If a UFO invades the house of a person who recently expired in the real world, it reflects your feelings concerning that particular death. 

Probably, you feel as if that individual was snatched away from you abruptly. 

32. Dreaming about getting inside a UFO

If you dream of getting inside a UFO, it means your recklessness will cause misunderstandings between you and the people in your surroundings. 

33. A dream about aliens welcoming you inside a UFO

If you dream of aliens welcoming you inside a UFO, it means you have chosen the wrong path to put yourself in the limelight. 

For instance, let’s say you are the master bully in your institute with numerous minions following you and obeying each of your commands. 

34. To see yourself flying in a UFO in a dream

Dreaming about seeing yourself flying in a UFO shows you have spaced out and have lost touch with reality. 

You may also dream of flying in a UFO if you have revealed too much about yourself and your personal life to untrustworthy people. 

Take this dream as an opportunity to ask yourself, ‘Was it necessary?’ ‘Did informing them about yourself change anything?’ 

Alternatively, seeing yourself flying in a UFO is your subconscious warning you to stay faithful to your partner if you do not want to turn your domestic harmony upside down. 

35. Dreaming about traveling through space in a UFO

The interpretation of this particular dream entirely depends on your relationship status. 

For those who are married, engaged, or in a relationship, the dream portends a separation between you and your partner.

The reason behind the breakup will undoubtedly be you cheating on your partner or vice versa.

The dream bodes well for those who are presently single, especially women. Most likely, the dream announces the beginning of a passionate romance that will ultimately lead to marriage. 

36. Riding a UFO in a dream

First, ask yourself if you find your present life monotonous and devoid of adventure. 

If your answer is yes, riding a UFO in a dream reflects your desire to get away from your boring life. You crave fun, the extraordinary, and the adventurous. 

Since you long for a little fun, enough to dream of it, it is a good idea to step out of the monotony and engage in something enthralling. 

Take a vacation, go on a solo trip, meet people, etc. 

37. Dreaming of UFO crashing with you inside it

The dream warns you to be careful about the crucial decisions you would be compelled to make in the near future. Because those particular decisions will determine the stability or instability of your future. 

38. Making a UFO in a dream

If you dream of designing and making a spaceship, it possibly means some sort of tremendous change is on the horizon. 

Whether it indicates a transformation for the better or worse depends on how you respond to the dream. 

39. Dreaming about being an alien

Being an alien in a dream is associated with new problems that are approaching you. No doubt, they won’t be anything huge.

Nonetheless, it would be wise of you to resolve them as soon as possible before they evolve into ugly situations. 

40. To dream of seeing yourself as an alien inside a UFO

Seeing yourself as an alien inside a spaceship denotes the loss of a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. 

41. Seeing a UFO and a hurricane together in a dream

In case the UFO in your dream is accompanied by a hurricane, the chances of you traveling to a far-off distant land is more than high. 

42. Dreaming of a UFO and the end of the world

To dream of the end of the world and see a UFO in the same plot implies you are frustrated.

You desire to make significant changes to your overall life. You envision a better future for yourself and your family but you can’t see yourself getting anywhere close to it. 

On that note, the dream can be your higher self urging you to think of different ways to accomplish your dreams, while defending yourself and your loved ones from potential harm. 

43. To dream of a square/ hexagonal/ triangular UFO ( anything other than a circular one)

The dream announces the coming of a problem, something you must overcome if you want to see progress and development. 

44. A triangular UFO attacking humans in a dream

The above plot hints at a conflict. Most likely, you’d play the role of the mediator or the peacemaker. 

45. To dream of a white UFO

If you see a white UFO in your dream, you need to be aware of the goings-on in your workplace as the plot hints at potential trouble. 

46. A golden UFO in a dream

In the dream world, a golden UFO symbolizes success and prosperity. 

47. Dreaming of a silver UFO

In this context, the spaceship symbolizes communication and introspectiveness. So, having a dream about a silver UFO denotes you will need to think twice, thrice, or even several times to make a critical decision. 

From another point of view, a silver UFO emphasizes the need to get rid of toxic people and negative emotions from your life. 

48. To see a red UFO in a dream

A red UFO in the dream world is a sign of possible danger. 

49. Dreaming of a metal UFO

A UFO made of metals is a sign of justice in your waking life. 

UFO Dreams: Different Dreamers

50. A girl dreaming about having sexual contact with an alien

As per the plot, she is likely to wed an interesting character with numerous skill sets. 

51. A single person dreaming of a UFO in the sky

If you are presently single and dream of a UFO passing you by or hovering anywhere around you, the dream announces the coming of a romantic adventure. 

For a single woman, the dream indicates that her future husband would be a caring person. 

52. A single woman dreaming of a UFO landing near her

A UFO landing near a single woman in a dream shows she will soon get married to a respectable person. 

Psychological Interpretation Of A Dream About UFO

According to psychology, a UFO in a dream implies you feel extremely uncomfortable about something unfamiliar that’s happening in your life. 

Spiritual Meaning Of UFO In Dream

From the spiritual point of view, dreaming of a UFO stands for your aspiration to find your life’s purpose. 

The dream is also associated with massive success, especially on the professional front. 

UFO Dreams According To The Persians

As per the Persian dream dictionary, seeing a UFO or UFOs in a dream visualization signifies the need to get yourself out of a situation that seems to be going nowhere. 

UFO Dreams According To Carl Jung

According to the theories of Carl Jung, the Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, dreams that feature a UFO can be considered religious. 

He compares the appearance of the mysterious object to the emergence of Christ. 

Who Often Dream Of UFOs?

These types of dreams usually appear in the sleep state of people who are pursuing development and success in the professional domain. 

Also, people who take ayahuasca tend to have recurrent dreams of UFOs. 

Why Did You Dream of UFOs?

Here we are! The number one question dreamers ask after encountering a UFO dream. The reasons listed below may or may not apply to you. Even if they don’t, understand that we have covered only a handful of the reasons. 

So, in case you don’t relate to any of them, don’t hesitate to explore why a UFO showed up in your dream by taking reference from the points hinted at in the rest of the article. 

  1. You have watched a film or read something related to UFOs recently. In that case, you can ignore the dream as it is merely a replay of your recent activities. 
  2. You have found yourself caught amidst a puzzling situation or event.
  3. UFOs may mean you feel distant and out of place in your own circle. 
  4. Contrary to your belief, you are surrounded by ill-wishers. 
  5. Your goals and aspirations are not realistic. 
  6. There are a series of unfortunate events coming your way.
  7. In some instances, UFO dreams denote guests paying you a visit soon. 
  8. You need to pay closer attention to the spiritual aspects of your life.
  9. You need to get rid of roadblocks.
  10. Others are spreading nasty gossip about you.
  11. If you feel tempted to cheat on a close one or acquaintance, your dream warns you not to. 


Unquestionably, UFO in dreams will leave you feeling disturbed and uneasy. But you have to remember that no dream happened to scare or confuse you.

If you delve deep and look closely, you’ll see that they happened to help you tackle problems or to warn you of something by drawing your attention to an important matter your conscious mind has failed to notice.

If you get dreams robots then check its meaning here.