Unless you recently read anything related to UFO (Unidentified Flying Objects), seeing a UFO in dream will leave you asking yourself several questions upon waking.

From what the dream means to why it chose you of all the people out there! That’s exactly what we are going to discuss in this article.

UFO In Dream - Plots and Their Interpretations
UFO In Dream – Plots and Their Interpretations

What Does It Mean To Dream Of UFOs?

This dream commonly stands for your journey into the unknown. It can also happen if you find yourself in a perplexing situation. Negatively, UFOs can signify the sense of alienation you feel in the waking world.  

A UFO in a dream can be interpreted in several different ways. For you, it may symbolize a thought, situation, or emotion you find quite mysterious and for others, it may indicate a sense of alienation in the waking life. 

However, in a general sense, dreams featuring UFO denote a journey into an unknown or unexplored path. And your ability to navigate through the unfamiliar route. 

Hereby, let’s look at some general interpretations 

  • A flashback of something frightening or surprising

It means you experienced something similarly intriguing or even frightening in the recent past.

And just as we cannot make head and tail of UFOs and aliens, it’s likely that you cannot comprehend the particular event however hard you try. 

  • Fear of the unknown

This can be a sign of your curious mind – that ponders over what is real and what is not and also a fear of the uncertain. 

  • A sense of alienation

Aliens and UFOs are foreign to Earthlings and nobody knows exactly where they originate from. 

So, it’s possible that you feel out of place and distant from your people if you are having such dreams. 

  • Change of environment

It can signify a change of environment in the waking world. 

Perhaps you got accepted into a better company with a much more handsome package. Or it may also stand for a change in your residential area. 

  • Someone is controlling you

A dream vision wherein you see an unidentified flying object implies another person has encroached into your life.

From the looks of it, that person is influencing several aspects of your life, without letting you catch on. 

  • An aspect about yourself that is kept hidden from you

This dream is hinting at something about yourself that you are probably not aware of – an aspect of yourself that is present in the unconscious, unbeknownst to you. 

  • Self-discovery

You may have this dream if you learned something brilliant about some aspects of your life through a fated experience or encounter. 

  • False rumors and unreliable information

When you see these types of out of the planet objects in your dream, it is possible that haters are circulating lies about you. 

Spiritual Meaning Of UFO In Dream

From the spiritual point of view, having such a dream stands for your aspiration to find your life’s purpose. 

The dream is also associated with massive success, especially on the professional front. 

Psychological Interpretation 

According to psychology, a UFO in a dream implies you feel extremely uncomfortable about something unfamiliar that’s happening in your life. 

Top UFO Dream Scenarios & Their Meanings

We have gathered tens of UFO dream scenarios for your convenience. These will more or less help you get to the bottom of your dream. 

Dreaming about a UFO 

Generally, a UFO in a dream stands for your journey into the unknown. However, depending on the details of your dream, the plot may also represent your creative side. 

The negative side of this particular dream is that you are too impatient and are in a rush. 

A UFO in the sky

For this particular scenario, you need to recall the emotions you experienced in the dream first as the key to your dream lies there. 

If you felt calm and relaxed while witnessing the UFO in the sky, the plot emphasizes the need to explore newer ideas and perspectives.

On the contrary, if you feel confused, scared, or anxious, you can interpret the dream as a harbinger of a depressing life phase. 

A flying UFO hovering near or above you

The plot indicates an encounter with an interesting individual.

Chances are, the meeting will mark the beginning of a rewarding companionship or even a full-blown romance. 

Alternatively, as per the Summer Dream Book, the above scenario symbolizes a miraculous event. Perhaps something you had neither imagined nor anticipated would happen.

Getting terrified while watching a UFO

As per the dream, you will soon have problems trying to comprehend a particular matter and how to respond to it. 

A UFO falling

This is generally your higher self encouraging you to rule out and get rid of anything that has been hindering your growth. 

Say toxic habits or narrow-minded peers who always have something negative to say about whatever you do. 

UFO crash 

This is your higher self letting you know that the complications you are presently undergoing are preparing you for something better. 

Most likely, your patience and perseverance will be tested. However, you need to stick through the adversities because the hard days will pay off soon.

A UFO crash site

This is a harbinger of a series of unpleasant and unfortunate happenings coming your way. 

Needless to say, you will have a hard time coping with the events. But your dream advises you to keep your chin up and stay hopeful. 

A UFO landing

It is a sign of a significant change for the better. It can happen in any area of your life – personal, professional, romantic, you name it!

This dream can also carry another meaning.

Whether you saw it land on your rooftop or at a park or inside a shopping arcade, the plot says you are working towards a goal, not because you are deeply passionate about it but for the fancy outcome. 

A UFO landing near you

This is a good sign. It shows that you will be able to overcome each of your problems. 

Seeing aliens inside a UFO

It hints at the humiliation or indifference your close ones are facing. 

Communicating with an alien

The dream indicates others are spreading malicious rumors about you. 

An alien attack

This means you need to work on yourself – skills, self-esteem, etc. 

According to the plot, you do not live by your principles. Instead, you tend to give in to others’ opinions and advice, often letting yourself get swayed or even manipulated. 

A UFO and aliens abducting you

It means you are undergoing a process of self-introspection. 

This may also signify your wearied state as you struggle to cope with your real-life problems.

There’s an indication that you wish to abandon everything, the good and the bad, and run off to a place away from your problems. 

Getting inside a UFO

It means your recklessness will cause misunderstandings between you and the people in your surroundings. 

To see yourself flying in a UFO 

This shows you have spaced out and have lost touch with reality. 

You may also dream of flying in a UFO if you have revealed too much about yourself and your personal life to untrustworthy people. 

Alternatively, this is your subconscious warning you to stay faithful to your partner if you do not want to turn your domestic harmony upside down. 

Various Types of UFO Making An Appearance in Dreams

A triangular UFO attacking humans 

The above plot hints at a conflict. Most likely, you’d play the role of the mediator or the peacemaker. 

A white UFO

This means that you need to be aware of the goings-on in your workplace as the plot hints at potential trouble. 

 A golden UFO 

In the dream world, a golden UFO symbolizes success and prosperity. 

A silver UFO

In this context, the spaceship symbolizes communication and introspectiveness. It denotes you will need to think several times to make a critical decision. 

From another point of view, the dream emphasizes the need to get rid of toxic people and negative emotions from your life. 

A metal UFO

This is a sign of justice in your waking life. 

UFO Dreams According To Carl Jung

According to the theories of Carl Jung, the Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, dreams that feature a UFO can be considered religious. 

He compares the appearance of the mysterious object to the emergence of Christ. 


Unquestionably, these dreams will leave you feeling disturbed and uneasy. But you have to remember that no dream happened to scare or confuse you.

Rather, you’ll see that they happened to help you tackle problems or to warn you of something by drawing your attention to an important matter your conscious mind has failed to notice.

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