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Did You Wake Up to a Dream about Killing Someone? Here’s What It Means [40+ Types]

Did You Wake Up to a Dream about Killing Someone? Here’s What It Means [40+ Types]

Updated on Nov 10, 2022 | Published on Mar 14, 2021

Reviewed by Dr. Nereida Gonzalez-Berrios, MD , Certified Psychiatrist

dream about killing someone

If you are here, reading this… I am sure you woke up to a dream about killing someone.

Don’t worry, you are not alone!

There are so many of us in the same boat… that is, dreams of killing someone are not as uncommon as you think.

Plus, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you will kill someone in the future.

So, what does it actually mean? Let’s find out!

But, before that here’s a…

Dreams about Killing Someone - 42 Scenarios & Their Meanings
Dreams about Killing Someone – 42 Scenarios & Their Meanings

Dream about Killing Someone – Scientific Research

There has been research in Germany to establish a connection between dreams about killing people and human psychology. A total of 400 people were taken as a sample basket and their dreams were observed.

This research showed how people who play aggressive games before sleeping have such dreams. Also, it was proved how raw human real emotions are portrayed often via such dreams.

What does it mean when you dream about killing someone? – 5 Possible Interpretations

When you find such scary dreams about murder or deadly action, it can be really strange and creepy. However, these dreams have been proven to hint towards some lifestyle attitudes and behaviors.

Don’t let such dreams worry you but take them as learning. When you take a step towards the lesson, you can always get rid of such horror dreams.

1. Fear of sudden change

It is said the change is the only constant yet it is the scariest thing. If you are unwilling to let go of your past and not appreciating your future perspective, a killing dream can manifest.

A killing dream can guide you towards a transformation and help you move on.

2. Feeling Confused or Lost

A dream about killing someone might be a direct objection to your moral stand. It can mean that you are confused between two sides of the coin.

These dreams can be a challenging point for you. The point where you have to choose between good and bad.

3. Loss of Power or Control  

Many such killing dreams render you powerless in your imagination. This probably means that you have lost authority in your waking hours as well.

Sometimes, it gives you a quick slap on the face to take back the reins of your horse in life.

4. Closure and Resolutions

A killing dream can be in good faith and optimism. It would mean that you have finally accepted a solution and found your true self.

It can clear out the clutter in your life and let your mind get rid of foul thoughts.

5. Repressed Anger, Hatred, or Jealousy

When you have a trigger in your daily life that brings back all repressed memories, a killing dream might occur.

It can portray your old anger or feeling of jealousy. Sometimes, you might meet your school bully or a teacher that used to hit you in class. These kinds of situations make you dream of some powerful move against those negative people.

42 Types of Dreams about Killing Someone

When your feelings or anger has gone out of control, your mind uses such dreams to give you a reality check.

Such dreams are known to be obvious indicators of personality, emotional outbursts, hidden questions, and past troubles. Interpret a dream about murder currently and you can easily find a solution for them.

1. Dreams about killing people you know

When you dream about killing someone you know, it might not always be a direct question on your relationship with them.

One meaning could be that you dislike this person and want to find a way to remove them from your life.

However, it could also mean that your subconscious mind is showing you an aspect of your own personality. This part of your personality is probably doing you more harm than good.

2. Dream about killing someone you don’t know (Dream about killing a stranger)

If you wake up to a dream about killing someone you don’t even recognize, it’s your subconscious indicating you to change an aspect of your personality.

Further, it also means that you need to particularly change or stop a behavior or habit that you have been doing in the past.

3. Dream about someone trying to kill me

This is a common dream when you feel uncomfortable or awkward with someone in your real life. If a person is abusing you or trying to use you for their own benefit, you’ll feel suffocative. This is the exact feeling that gets reflected in this dream.

Infact, if you have an argument with someone or feel hostility from someone, this dream shows the effect of the situation on your mental health.

4. Dream about killing a boss

Another dream which can easily have two impactful meanings. You are probably having a difficult time with your boss. It could mean disagreements or the desire to change jobs because of lack of structure in your team.

However, this dream also occurs even when people have healthy office environments. What it could mean is that your current job isn’t giving you the growth or happiness that you need. You wish to kill your current state of affairs and move on to something better.

5. Dream about killing a Loved One

You might have a dream about killing a family member or a close friend. These dreams are scary and deeply scarring. A dream about killing a loved one can mean only one thing.

You need to sort out your problems with them. It is either a past issue that has resurfaced, making you feel angry or upset. However, it could also hint towards a testing time in your friendship when you need to be there for your friend.

6. Dreams about killing someone accidentally

More so than a dream where you are the villain, this is one where you are the victim. Your own energy is getting reflected in this dream.

If you are being criticized in real life or being taunted, this dream occurs. You should spend time on yourself and self-introspect after this dream.

7. Dream about killing someone in self defense

This is a direct pointer towards a real-life crisis that you need to manage. The dream can be about someone entering your property or trying to hurt you.

A hint towards the invasion of your personal space, you are probably looking for a sense of safety and security. This dream means that you need to keep trying.

8. Dream about killing someone to protect family

This is a positive dream which shows your love for your family. It might be time of financial loss or personal hardship in your family. If you are dreaming about killing someone to protect your family, it means that you want to do something to help your family members.

It could also mean that one member in the family is struggling through a difficult phase, maybe your younger sibling. You are just ready to do anything to protect them.

9. Dream about killing someone and covering it up

In this dream, the point isn’t about who you kill. It is the act of covering up that creates a sense of mystery and raises eyebrows.

It could mean that you are hiding your feelings from that particular someone that you kill. However, it could also mean that you are desperately trying to control a situation that can put you into trouble.

10. Dream about killing someone and being caught

Being caught could simply mean that your lies or true emotions are coming out in real life. If there are people letting you down or putting you in the spot in your waking life, this dream shows it.

Being put in a situation of trial or guilt might also mean that you are emotionally being distant from your close ones.

11. Dream about killing someone and hiding the body

When you are in the act of hiding the body, your subconscious mind is in the act of shielding you from letting your emotions out. This dream means that you need to explore more, communicate more and try out new things.

Moreover, it also means that you seek closure for a past issue and keep trying to suppress your feelings about the incident.

12. Dream about killing your enemy

If you have a very strong dislike or hatred towards someone, you might dream about killing them. If someone is treating you wrongly or mentally torturing you, a dream about murder is common.

However, if you are enjoying killing them, it is time to delve into your emotions and maybe sort it out.

13. Dream about someone trying to kill me with a knife

Dreams of killing somebody with a knife implies that there’s a certain aspect of someone’s personality that you personally despise. The knife here represents a subjective symbolism that says that there might be hidden issues in a relationship.

The person you are killing can be someone you despise or a personality trait of your own self.

14. Dream about killing someone who was stalking you

If you are often being put into situations where you face an audience and you don’t like it, this can be a recurring dream.

However, if there is someone who is always behind your back for work and makes your feel suffocative, this dream occurs. It is probably time to tell people to back off and for you to take some time off for yourself.

15. Dream about killing a family member

This dream is a peak of negative emotions. Your anger and hatred towards a family member is reflected. Infact, you are not okay with your family intruding in your life or questioning your choices.

However, don’t let this dream control you. You are feeling uncomfortable in your real-life amongst your family members and it is time to take a step to solve that.

16. Dream about being told to kill someone

It is a clear indication of someone having external hold over your life. You are probably not thinking about yourself and more concerned about what others think.

Infact, if you are letting other people make your life decisions, this dream tells you to become independent. Moreover, it is a dream only so don’t let it trouble you much.

17. Dream about trying to escape after killing someone

If you are actually running away from your problems, this dream is a sign. It is possible that this dream is your mind’s way of asking for help and support. There might be pent up grief or issues that are bothering you. This vivid dream is your soul trying to crawl its way away from all of those.

18. Dream about watching a murder (Dream about someone murdering someone else)

When you watch a murder from a distance in your dream, it shows your window of hope to get rid of your dark emotions.

You are probably looking for some external party to help you fight the battle. It could also portray a personality trait of yours emerging and getting rid of a past negative trait.

19. Dream of seeing a killer

If your relationship or your career has suddenly come to a stop dramatically, you may dream of a killer. This killer shows you the end of your tenure in a phase of your life.

Sometimes, if you feel like you are getting lost amidst your life choices, you’ll feel like the killer is haunting you in the dream.

20. Dream about killing someone and burying the body

When you bury a body, it means that you let it all go. Killing someone in this dream signifies your past or a personality trait you want to get rid of.

The entire vision of burying the body is a step towards mental peace. It could also be someone you actually lost in real life and have finally found the energy to move on from.

21. Dream about killing a vampire

This dream often means that you are about to face success and fortune in your future. Killing a vampire is a choice of ending struggle in your life.

A vampire here signified old bad deeds that you have done. A killing stroke purifies the situation and guides you towards good deeds.

22. Dream about killing a snake

This dream is your demand for other people to accept you. It is a hope that people like your ideas and let you implement them.

It could mean your team at work or even your personal life. Infact, the snake shows how an external stakeholder can leave you standing still.

23. Dream about killing a Cat

Just like Hindu culture, seeing a cat is an indication of future dangers. Seeing a dream of killing a cat is a warning for you.

You need to be careful and stop surrounding yourself with harmful people. This could also mean that you need to start being choosy with whom you trust.

24. Dream about killing a Mouse

Killing a mouse in a dream is symbolic of your victory. This victory could be over evil harnessing within you. It could also be a victory in your career or marriage. A promotion at work, a piece of financial good news, or a lottery, could mean anything.

25. Dream about killing a rat

A dream about killing a rat is about getting rid of all the dirt in your life. It means to remove all obstacles that stop you from reaching your goal. Sometimes, it can also mean removing people from your life who are constantly eating your share of the pie.

26. Dream about killing a rabbit

Such a dream is always symbolic of loss and regret. You might lose out on money or that job promotion you wanted.

A dream about a rabbit being killed means that you need to keep your loved ones close. There might be an unforeseen moment and you might lose some of your favorite people.

27. Dream about killing a Spider

This dream means that you have the willpower to ignore all negative rumors about yourself. It means that you will succeed in life on your own knowledge and ability. Moreover, the size of the spider in this dream shows the amount of wisdom and fortune you’ll get in the near future.

28. Dream about killing a lion

A lion is indeed a strong animal who is the king of the jungle. If you see a dream about killing a lion, it means that it is you, who has dominance and control.

This could mean that you are taking on a leadership role or being admired in real life.

29. Dream about killing a tiger

A dream about killing a tiger is a bearer of revenue and harmony. Considered as a positive omen, it means you will soon be showered with blessings and love.

The tiger shows the end of any strong obstacle in your path and now you can walk the road to victory.

30. Dream about killing a wolf

If you are facing a challenge soon in your life, this dream means that you will be the winner. With enough effort and hard work, you can emerge on top in the future. A dream about killing a wolf brings forth positivity and good spirits to your life.

31. Dream about killing a bear

A dream about killing a bear in another good dream to have. It means that you will definitely achieve your dreams and fly high in life.

The dream is a way for your mind to get rid of any self-doubt. With a boost in your confidence, you can win over people easily!

32. Dream about killing a deer

Such a dream signifies fraud in your future. Dreaming about deer shows your sense to detect the people in your life who are cheating you. This dream means that you need to be on a lookout. There are people who want to dupe you and take advantage of you in your life.

33. Dream about killing a fox

If you dreamt of killing a fox, it is symbolization of manipulation or deception. It is also possible that you have a habit of lying to others or are prone to illegal activities.

Some dream interpreters also say that this dream can be indicative of losing a court case as your legal advisor wasn’t as competent.

34. Dream about killing an elephant

This dream is a call for you to prepare for. There might be a path of thorns ahead for you. You might have trouble in your family or face a setback in your career.

For anything and everything, you need to be ready for. This dream also tells you to be calm and composed, whatever the challenge might be.

35. Dream about killing a butterfly

Even though a butterfly is one of the cutest birds around, a dream about killing a butterfly shows troubles in your future.

The fact that someone or you managed to kill a butterfly in the dream proves the end of goodwill in your life. You need to look for solutions to your problems soon.

36. Dream about killing a cockroach

This dream shows the end of all harmful forces in your life. Your relation with your close ones will improve and you will have a professional boost.

A cockroach can pollute your mind and your life. A dream about killing it can only be good forces are finally finding a way to your soul.

37. Dreams about killing someone who is already dead

Even if someone has exited your life and this world, they can leave an impact on you. If someone has left a negative imprint on your mind and heart, you can still dream about them.

A dream about killing someone who is dead just shows past pain taking form. It means that you still feel anger towards them and need to try to move on from their control of your life.

38. Dream about killing abusive men

This dream is an extreme form of self-doubt and anxiety. If you’ve been abused before and want to get out of the trap, this dream occurs.

Sometimes, the man is a form of fear and depression. The dream is a fight to survive and to succeed. This dream often leads to hope and power in the dreamer in real life.

39. Dream about Killing a Bully

This dream tells you about your strength and willpower. If you are being bullied or overpowered in real life, this dream is a means to an end. It can be your inner bully who traumatizes you.

A bully who breaks your confidence and morale. This dream is a manifestation of your fight against your inner bully or an external bully.

40. Dream about killing your parents

You might be unconsciously mad at your parents and dream about killing them. This dream can portray your breaking relationship with them.

If you’ve been someone who has actually faced a toxic upbringing and planning to stay away from your parents, this dream shows your decision. It could also mean a negative build-up of anger in you which needs an outlet.

41. Dream about killing your children

You probably love your children and can’t live without them. However, sometimes, these dreams occur and scare you.

It is possible that you’ve had a huge fight with your teenage kid or they’ve done something horrific. Sometimes, if you’ve had a child too early or you miss your youth, this dream is a cry for it.

42. Dream about someone killing my baby

On one hand, it could mean that your life habits and the people in your life are harmful to your baby. This dream calls for a change in lifestyle for the benefit of your baby.

On the other hand, it could also mean that you noticed some wrong behavior of someone towards your child. In real life, you might not have processed it completely and it is showing again in your dream.

What does it mean when you keep dreaming about killing someone?

Whenever you face a problem in your life which stays unsolved for a very long time, they start manifesting in your dreams. A quarrel or your grief, a question or a choice, it all materializes in your dreams.

When you have a dream about killing someone, it is your mind’s projection of its inner calling. It could mean a solution or a plan of action. It could lead you to a goal or an observation. Always take such dreams in a stride and interpret their meaning before panicking.

Questions to ask yourself to interpret killing dreams correctly

You can always try to figure out these killing dreams on your own. It could help you find some balance and peace. Infact, you just need to ask a few questions to yourself and see how it goes!

1. Was it someone you know in the dream

If you know the person in your dream and what role they play in your life, it could help you know your real attitude towards them.

2. Was the dream a step to move on in life

If you are killing someone toxic or someone who has caused you pain, would get rid of them help you find closure or not.

3. Was the dream a conscious interpretation

If you are aware of your life turmoil and what is causing the dream, it can be easy to stop it from reappearing. However, if it is an inner evolution, you need to do some soul searching.

In the end, if your dreams are scaring you beyond your tolerance

Don’t Hesitate to Take Help!

Please always be sure that such dreams never mean that you need to take any such aggressive or violent action in life. These dreams are only meant to be indications and not reality.

Infact, if you ever feel like these dreams are controlling you or pushing you to harm anyone, seek professional help. Never harm yourself, your family or friends. Talking about it and consulting an expert can help you figure out the next step.

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