A dream about killing someone signifies deep facts about your waking life like disappointment, fear, and much more. Plus, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you will kill someone in the future. 

So, let’s find it all out!

Dreams about Killing Someone - Various Scenarios & Their Meanings
Dreams about Killing Someone – Various Scenarios & Their Meanings

Does Your Dream about Killing Someone Signify You’re a Murderer?

Dreams about murder or deadly action have been proven to hint towards some lifestyle attitudes and behaviors. So, let’s learn what it means in detail.

Fear of sudden change

If you are unwilling to let go of your past and not appreciating your future perspective, a killing dream can manifest. For you, change is the only constant yet it is the scariest thing.

Feeling Confused or Lost

A dream about killing someone might mean that you are confused between two options – good and bad. It refers to a challenging point for you.

Loss of Power or Control  

Many such killing dreams render you powerless in your imagination. This probably means that you have lost authority in your waking hours as well.

Closure and Resolutions

A killing dream can mean that you have finally accepted a solution and found your true self. It can clear out the clutter in your life and let your mind get rid of foul thoughts.

Repressed Anger, Hatred, or Jealousy

When you have a trigger in your daily life that brings back all repressed memories, a killing dream might occur. It portrays your old anger or feeling of jealousy. 

Killing Someone Dreams with Follow-up Actions

Did your dream continue even after the killing? Depending on what happened next, here are some interpretations.

Killing someone and covering it up

This dream means that you are hiding your feelings from that particular someone that you kill. Or, you are desperately trying to control a situation that can put you into trouble.

Killing someone and being caught

If there are people letting you down or putting you in the spot in your waking life, this dream shows it. It might also mean that you are emotionally being distant from your close ones.

Killing someone and hiding the body in dreams 

This dream means that you need to explore more, communicate more and try out new things.

Moreover, it also means that you seek closure for a past issue and keep trying to suppress your feelings about the incident.

Trying to escape after killing someone

If you are actually running away from your problems, this dream is a sign. It is your mind’s way of asking for help and support.

There might be pent up grief or issues that are bothering you. This vivid dream is your soul trying to crawl its way away from all of those.

Killing someone and burying the body dream meaning

This dream signifies your past or a personality trait you want to get rid of. It could also be someone you actually lost in real life and have finally found the energy to move on from.

Dreams about Killing with Different Unintentional Reasons 

Human beings have different reasons behind killing another of the same kind. Yes, some might do it intentionally. But if you didn’t intend it in the dream, they have different interpretations like these…

Killing someone accidentally

If you are being criticized in real life or being taunted, this dream occurs. Spend time on yourself and self-introspect.

Killing someone in self defense

This is a direct pointer towards a real-life crisis that you need to manage. Someone is trying to invade your personal space. You are probably looking for a sense of safety and security. 

Killing someone to protect family

This is a positive dream which shows you want to do something to help your family members through their struggles. It might be a time of financial loss or personal hardship in your family. 

Killing Someone in Dreams based on the Killed Being

Whether the one getting killed in dreams is familiar or a stranger or they are a loved one or someone you hate, everything conveys something different. So, let’s know about them all here.

Killing loved ones

If you dream of killing your parents today but dreamt of killing your baby weeks back, both have different meanings. For instance, if you killed your:

  • Parents: You might be unconsciously mad at your parents. This dream can portray your breaking relationship with them. Stay away from them if you had a toxic upbringing.
  • Children: Possibly, you’ve had a huge fight with your teenager or they’ve done something horrific. Sometimes, this dream shows your regrets for having kids too early.
  • Baby: It could mean that your life habits and the people in your life are harmful to your baby. 
  • Family member: Your anger and hatred towards a family member is reflected.

Killing antagonistic characters

If you already have bitter feelings for the other person in the dream, this also highlights different things about your life. For instance, if your were killing:

  • Your enemy: You have a very strong dislike or hatred towards someone. Or, you feel someone treats you wrongly or mentally tortures you. But if you enjoyed killing them, sort out your emotions for them.
  • Your stalker: You are often put into public situations and you don’t like it.Or, someone always breathes down your neck and makes you feel suffocated. Demand space and take time off for yourself.
  • Vampire: It often means that you are about to face success and fortune in your future. A killing stroke purifies the situation and guides you towards good deeds.

Killing animals or insects

If different living beings get killed in your dreams, they reflect varied parts of your life. So, if you kill 

  • Snake: This dream is your demand for other people to accept you, your ideas, and your effort. 
  • Cat: You need to be careful and stop surrounding yourself with harmful people. This could also mean that you need to start being choosy with whom you trust.
  • Lion: It means that you have dominance and control. You are taking on a leadership role or being admired in real life.
  • Tiger: This shows you will soon be showered with blessings, love, and be victorious after the end of any strong obstacle in your path.
  • Bear: It means that you will definitely achieve your goals and fly high in life. But you must first get rid of any self-doubt. 
  • Elephant: This dream warns you about a path of thorns ahead. You might have trouble in your family or face a setback in your career, so prepare yourself.
  • Spider: This dream means that you have the willpower to ignore all negative rumors about you. You will succeed in life on your own knowledge and ability. Moreover, the size of the spider shows the amount of wisdom and fortune you’ll gain.
  • Butterfly: The dream proves the end of goodwill in your life. You need to look for solutions to your problems soon.

Psychological Connection of Dream about Killing Someone 

There has been research in Germany to establish a connection between dreams about killing people and human psychology. A total of 400 people were taken as a sample basket and their dreams were observed.

This research showed how people who play aggressive games before sleeping have such dreams. Also, it was proved how raw human real emotions are portrayed often via such dreams.