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Chandrani Mukherjee

Chandrani is a former psychologist and teacher by profession. She is a postgraduate in Applied psychology focusing on clinical and health domains. With a deep… Read More

Surabhi Nathani

A hustler, admirer, and chaser, Surabhi always yearned to explore the realm of dreams. Therefore, she delved into psychology during academics to develop a keen… Read More

Mayengbam Tommy

Since late childhood, Mayengbam has been intrigued by dreams. A dream interpreter who has been fascinated by dreams and their subconscious and deep-rooted psychological meanings… Read More

Rashi Modi

Rashi Modi is a self-taught dream expert and analyst, she has been interpreting dreams for three years now. She is also a mental health counselor… Read More

Lavanya A

Lavanya combines her love for writing and psychology through her blogs. She is a psychology teacher in school and is currently pursuing her masters in… Read More

Subhojit Chakraborty

Subhojit, with over four years of experience, is passionate about putting his thoughts into words, and this commitment has led him to unravel the intricacies… Read More