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Dream of Bed - 50 Scenarios & Their Interpretations

Dream of Bed – What does It Mean to You?

Are you curious to find out a bed dream meaning? Well, a dream of a bed is one of the most commonly experienced dream types. This type of dream symbolizes plenty of…

Dreams of Tidal Wave - 32 Dream Scenarios & Their Meanings

Tidal Wave Dream: 32 Scenarios And Their Meanings

Key Takeaways Most likely, a tidal wave dream is a sign that something great is on the horizon. The scenario can also be your subconscious urging you to release your repressed emotions…

Dreaming about Clowns - 101 Scenarios & Their Meanings

Dreaming of Clowns: 101 Interesting Plots

Have you ever had a dreaming about a clown? In a bad way, clown dream meaning represents silliness and embarrassment. If you are at a circus or a performance, though, the actions…