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Dream About Vampires - 57 Dream Plots & It's Meanings

Dream About Vampires: 57 Bone-Chilling Scenarios

Given your presence on this page, we’ll assume you had a dream about vampires last night or the night before.  Vampires are nocturnal, blood-sucking creatures that feed on human blood. They are…

Lotus Dream - 30 Types and Their Interpretations

Dream of Lotus – 30 Types and Their Interpretations

Usually, people assume a dream of a lotus or rather any flower is a positive symbol. However, fate might not always have great plans for everyone. So, I believe it’s important to…

Dreams about Ghosts - 105 Dream Plots & Its Meanings

Dreams About Ghosts: 105 Plots (You Must Take Note Of)

If you have had dreams about ghosts, you know well that they are spooky and blood-curdling. But if those are all you are aware of, let us tell you that ghost dreams…