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Fat Dreams - 40 Types & Their Interpretations

A Fat Dream Doesn’t Always Imply Weight Concerns. Find Out What It Really Means!

Are you searching for fat dream meanings? Maybe you saw yourself getting fat in your dream and it got you worried about your health.  You may be thinking that even though you…

Dream of Window - 36 Types, Warning Signs and Ways To Reflect

Dream of Window: 36 Types, Warning Signs and Ways To Reflect

Window dream meaning represents our mentality and our outlook on certain areas of life. It is a depiction of how we think about things and what we envision happening in our lives. …

Dreaming of Poop 117 Types of Dream & Their Interpretations

Were You Dreaming of Poop? You Can’t Be Luckier!

Disgusting as it is, dreaming of poop is one of the most common dream events. Various analysts and dream books associate poop or fecal matter with riches and coming into unanticipated wealth. …