Dream of Angel are often interpreted as good omens, an early indication of the incoming great fortune, or the oneness of the dreamer with God.

Any dream of an angel can be deciphered by revisiting the situations under which the angels appeared in your dreams. 

But before that let’s find out it’s general meaning – 

Dream of Angel - 50+ Scenarios and Their Meanings
Dream of Angel – Various Scenarios and Their Meanings

A General Dream Interpretation of Angel

Dream of an Angel symbolizes divine powers, prosperity, wealth, good luck, and a bright future. Often it represents spiritual growth and mental-emotional wellbeing.

Generally speaking, the dreams of angels represent the influence of divine powers on our life. It is believed that if you are seeing angels in your dreams, then this could very well mean good things are on their way to your life.

The dream of an angel symbolizes prosperity, good luck, and a bright future. So, the one who dreams such a dream, often experiences the benefits above in more than one way. 

Often it shows that you are well connected with God and believe in his existence and influence in your life. This dream means that you will achieve great things in life because your God is happy with you.

Let’s get straight to the common angel dream scenarios –

Dream of Angel – Common Scenarios and Their Meanings

Angels symbolize purity, awakening, spiritual growth, inner journey, and so on. But what does a specific angel dream mean? 

Here we go – 

Fallen Angel Dream Meaning

A dream of a fallen angel has multiple interpretations. More often it is considered a sign of lack of faith in God and being away from spirituality. 

However, the dream of a fallen angel must not be confused as a bad omen. It is a good sign because it prompts one to reflect upon their ideas and priorities in waking life. 

On the other hand, this often means that you will start something new. Maybe till now you had a limited perspective about the world. The dream symbolizes the beginning of a new perspective too. 

Angel Wings Dream Meaning

To dream of angel wings means that you wish to soar as high as possible on the professional front. You are highly ambitious and want to achieve great things in your career.

Besides, the dream symbolizes your efforts and hardwork you put in realizing your dream. It’s a sign of self belief, optimism, talent, and will power that lets you achieve your goals. 

Dream of Angels Singing

Dream of angels singing symbolizes positive things in life, good fortune, prosperity, and spiritual growth. 

Often it is taken as a message that you should reconsider your life choices and become one with God to achieve inner peace. 

Besides, it can be a sign that though things are happy and relaxed, one needs to be careful and attentive in the path of their duties, 

A Smiling Angel

It is a very auspicious sign. Often the dream symbolizes good omens in life. It is believed that all your prayers would be heard soon. 

Besides, the dream of a smiling angel means that you will soon find true love. This dream also implies that your broken relationship will be fixed soon. 

However, you also need to try to amend your relationship if you really want it to work. 

An Angel Talking to You

The dream where the angel first initiated the conversation means that you are aware of your spirituality. 

Often it is a sign that you’ll be able to start new journeys in life soon. These can be your inner journey as well journey towards your worldly goals.

You need to remember the exact words of the angel in your dream. This possesses a message from your guardian angels. 

Being an Angel

The dream of being an angel symbolizes the state of ultimate peace and awakening. It shows that you will soon find the right path for you and you’ll be able to help others in leading a meaningful life. 

However, sometimes it means that you must pay attention to your friends, family, and partner. Another meaning of this can be your insecurity about your relationships

Angels in the Sky

The dream of angels in the sky means that your angels are being watchful but from a distance. This could be because of some wrongful deed you have committed. 

Angels With Colorful Wings

This means that you are full of life, energy, and vigor. You are one soul which is full of joy. 

The dream tells you to live your life without any worries and focus on what you want to achieve in your life.

Seeing a Calm Angel

This dream means that you are looking for inner peace. Your mental health is in a stable state. This, in turn, will help you achieve great things in life.

Seeing an Angry Angel

It means that you have done something wrong in the past. 

Some wrongful deed or sin has been committed by you which needs rectification. This is the time to ponder over your decisions and actions and be the man you are.

When You Dream of Gabriel

This is quite ambiguous. It often ends with Gabriel sending you a message. If you have a weak memory, then it is advised that you write the dream down as soon as you get up.

When You See a Golden Angel

This dream means that you will witness professional growth. However, you must be careful because there might be some looming threats that might hinder your progress. 

Dreaming of a Guardian Angel

It means that your guardian angel is protecting you. Guardian angels are the watchful divine beings bestowed with the responsibility to protect you under any circumstances. 

What is the Spiritual Meaning of a Dream of Angel?

Spiritually, the dreams bring good luck, which helps boost your morale.

The dream reflects upon your relationship with your religion and how it has affected your peace of mind. It also means that you know how your actions affect your relationship with your guardian angels. 

Besides, it also helps you find out what is missing in your life to make it better. Spiritually, the angel dream meaning can vary depending on the mental state of the person. 

A word from ThePleasantDream

The dream about angels symbolizes how well you are connected with God with the help of your guardian angels. 

Angels can appear in your dreams in different ways. You can either see them flying or see them crying. It all depends on your mental and emotional state. 

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