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Dream of Angel – Discover 50+ Scenarios

Dream of Angel – Discover 50+ Scenarios

Updated on Jan 18, 2023 | Published on May 10, 2022

Reviewed by Dr. Nereida Gonzalez-Berrios, MD , Certified Psychiatrist

Dream of Angel - 50+ Scenarios and Their Meanings

Did angels come to your dreams? Since you are here looking for Dream of Angel meanings, most probably they did!

Angel dreams are often interpreted as good omens, an early indication of the incoming great fortune, or the oneness of the dreamer with God.

Any dream of an angel can be deciphered by revisiting the situations under which the angels appeared in your dreams. 

But before that let’s find out it’s general meaning – 

Dream of Angel - 50+ Scenarios and Their Meanings
Dream of Angel – 50+ Scenarios and Their Meanings

Angel Dream Meaning

Dream of an Angel symbolizes divine powers, prosperity, wealth, good luck, and a bright future. Often it represents spiritual growth and mental-emotional wellbeing.

Generally speaking, the dreams of angels represent the influence of divine powers on our life. It is believed that if you are seeing angels in your dreams, then this could very well mean good things are on their way to your life.

The dream of an angel symbolizes prosperity, good luck, and a bright future. So, the one who dreams such a dream, often experiences the benefits above in more than one way. 

Having the dream of an angel is synonymous with great fortune and wealth. An angel represents the bond between you and your religious beliefs. 

Often it shows that you are well connected with God and believe in his existence and influence in your life. This dream means that you will achieve great things in life because your God is happy with you.

However, there are such dreams which have different meanings. Like a fallen angel is often misinterpreted as a bad sign, but it is a good omen. 

You should not worry if you get a dream of this kind. Instead, you should try and find the meaning of this dream.

There are other interpretations of the angel dreams, but the meanings of those dreams heavily depend on how well those dreams are remembered by the person watching them.

This gives rise to some specific angel dream meanings discussed as follows. So, let’s get straight to the common angel dream scenarios –

Dream of Angel – 50+ Scenarios and Their Meanings

Angels symbolize purity, awakening, spiritual growth, inner journey, and so on. But what does a specific angel dream mean? 

Well, the dream interpretation of any dream of angels depends on its scenario and the context. The following examples of dreams can be considered to understand the meaning of some particular dreams of angels.

Here we go – 

1. Fallen Angel Dream Meaning

A dream of a fallen angel has multiple interpretations. More often it is considered a sign of lack of faith in God and being away from spirituality. 

However, the dream of a fallen angel must not be confused as a bad omen. It is a good sign because it prompts one to reflect upon their ideas and priorities in waking life. 

 On the other hand, this dream often means that you will start something new. Maybe till now you had a limited perspective about the world. The dream symbolizes the beginning of a new perspective too. 

2. Black Angel Wings Dream Meaning

An angel with black wings means that you have made a huge mistake that might affect your relationship with God.

Apart from spirituality, the dream might suggest that you might have some kind of negative emotions bottled up in you. 

Maybe you are guilty about something and your subconscious is trying to express it through your dream. 

3. Angel Wings Dream Meaning

To dream of angel wings means that you wish to soar as high as possible on the professional front. You are highly ambitious and want to achieve great things in your career.

Besides, the dream symbolizes your efforts and hardwork you put in realizing your dream. It’s a sign of self belief, optimism, talent, and will power that lets you achieve your goals. 

4. Dreaming of Angels Singing Meaning

Dream of angels singing symbolizes positive things in life, good fortune, prosperity, and spiritual growth. 

Often it is taken as a message that you should reconsider your life choices and become one with God to achieve inner peace. 

Besides, it can be a sign that though things are happy and relaxed, one needs to be careful and attentive in the path of their duties, 

5. Dream of a Smiling Angel

It is a very auspicious sign. Often the dream symbolizes good omens in life. It is believed that all your prayers would be heard soon. 

Besides, the dream of a smiling angel means that you will soon find true love. This dream also implies that your broken relationship will be fixed soon. 

However, you also need to try to amend your relationship if you really want it to work. 

6. Dream of an Angel Talking to You

The dream where the angel first initiated the conversation means that you are aware of your spirituality. 

Often it is a sign that you’ll be able to start new journeys in life soon. These can be your inner journey as well journey towards your worldly goals.

You need to remember the exact words of the angel in your dream. This dream possesses a message from your guardian angels. 

It may have secret messages which might help you lead through a situation.

Sometimes the dream can be a warning sign. Depending on what angels said, it might show that you need to be careful about your decisions in your waking life. 

7. Dream of a Single Angel

The dream of a single angel means that your faith has weakened, but your angels have not given up on you yet. 

Mostly it is a sign that you are feeling alone, depressed, and confused at this point of your time. 

However, take it as a sign that no matter what, goodness never leaves you. You might need to rise up again and embrace yourself with new hope and positivity.

8. Dream of Getting Warned by an Angel

If you have such a dream, you must pay attention to the thing the angel warns you about. This could be an early sign of any incoming trouble.

Mostly such a dream symbolizes bad luck. So you need to be very careful in each and every aspect of your life. At the same time, don’t overthink. 

You can be careful yet optimistic in life. This is the gospel of happiness. 

9. Dream of Being an Angel

The dream of being an angel symbolizes the state of ultimate peace and awakening. It shows that you will soon find the right path for you and you’ll be able to help others in leading a meaningful life. 

However, sometimes it means that you must pay attention to your friends, family, and partner. Another meaning of this dream can be your insecurity about your relationships. 

Maybe you are being forced to be a the pedestal in your relationship that is affecting your family bonding, 

10. Dream of an Angel Holding Your Hands

The dream of an angel holding your hands means that you are being guided by the guardian angel all the time. 

In other words, it shows that your morals and values are guiding your every decision in your waking life. 

Besides, it also symbolizes your urge to be guided. Maybe you are feeling confused and alone for quite some time. 

In this situation, it would be right to express your emotions to your loved ones. Who knows, angels might help through people around you. 

11. Dream of Being a Fallen Angel

Dreamt about being  a fallen angel? Well, it has multiple interpretations. 

In general, the dream of being a fallen angel means that you will soon be getting into a relationship. 

So it’s definitely a positive omen for you. And this relationship will last longer than expected and yield great results.

However, negatively it might mean that you are either feeling frustrated or wary of the spiritual concept. 

Maybe you aren’t able to grasp the meaning and true purpose of life. In that sense, you need some time to reflect upon your beliefs. 

12. Dream of Female Angels

Dream of Female Angels implies the beginning of a romantic relationship or repairing a relationship that was in jeopardy. The female angels are a symbol of love, beauty, and tranquility. 

So these dreams symbolize the awakening of some beautiful emotions in you. Maybe you are experiencing it now. 

Besides, the dream often denotes that you met someone special in your life recently. And this can be the beginning of your beautiful love life.  

13. Dream of Male Angels 

The appearance of a male angel in your dream signifies your vigor, rage, and strength – though in a positive manner. 

Mostly angels are very calm. Thus, their strength and powers are always about helping people. 

So the dream signifies that you need to utilize your strengths to help others and make this world a better place. 

14. Dream of You Telling Something to an Angel

Often the dream symbolizes your urge to express yourself to someone who can understand you and listen to you without any judgment. Maybe it is the time for you to share your emotions with your loved ones. 

Sometimes it’s a sign that you are feeling stuck in a problem and desperately looking for a solution. 

In that case, it’s okay to ask for help. Or, if you prefer, take some rest and reflect upon it. YOu might already have the answer.

15. Dreaming of Angels in the Sky

The dream of angels in the sky means that your angels are being watchful but from a distance. This could be because of some wrongful deed you have committed. 

Maybe your guilt is projecting in your dream, especially if you could feel the angels being distant from you.

Some other interpretations of the same dream mean that you are about to achieve great heights professionally and personally. 

This interpretation is accurate when you work hard on something and are tense about it.

16. Dream of an Angel Living in Your House

This dream is a good sign for you. It means that your home will be full of happiness and luxuries. You will live an unproblematic life with your partner, family, and friends if you have this dream.

Besides, sometimes it suggests that you will soon have a guest in your life. The person is going to influence you for good and would help you become a better person. 

17. Dream of an Angel Leaving Your House

This dream represents the angels’ resentment as you were dishonest to your religious vows. It means that the good times are about to end. 

And to make sure that this does not happen, you must rekindle your relationship with the almighty. 

Often it’s your own inner conflicts that get expression through this dream. Maybe you are about to do something which is against your morals. And it is making you feel guilty.

18. Dream of an Angel in a Church

This dream is a good omen for the dreamer. If you have a dream of this kind, you have a strong relationship with God. 

Your guardian angels keep an eye on you to make sure that you do not get involved in any wrongful deeds.

Apart from this, the dream of angels in church shows being in one’s comfort zone. 

Most probably you are in a very positive company and it is helping you in your intellectual, emotional, and spiritual journeys too. 

19. Dream of an Angel in Your School

This dream signifies the role of angels in your education. It means that your guardian angel is overlooking your education, and therefore it is highly unlikely for you to suffer any kind of problem in this regard. 

However, you must be honest with your studies to enjoy great results.

Sometimes it’s a sign of a great relationship with your teachers or friends at school. Maybe there’s someone who reminds you of an angel in real life. 

20. Dreaming of an Angel Flying Away

This dream means that your angels have been angry with you. They do not want to look upon you anymore. 

Thus, you must figure out what has upset them and rectify it. 

21. Dreaming of Being Surrounded by Angels

This dream implies that you are being guarded and protected by the combined strength of all of your angels.

22. Dreaming of a Group of Sad Angels

This means that you and your friends have collectively worked against the will of God. 

You see this dream because you wanted the things to work your way, but since they didn’t, you now hold a grudge against all the good things in your life. So you must not do so.

23. Dreaming of a Single Sad Angel

This dream implies that even after being pure, you hold some grievance against God. You are questioning your faith now and then, which has upset your guiding angel. 

So you must reinvigorate the relationship with your confidence to get to the right path.

24. Dreaming of Coming Across a Joyful Angel

This dream implies that you have done great work recently, which has made your angel happy. 

And this work could be an act of kindness, forgiveness, or worship. This dream is a good sign for you.

25. Dreaming of Angels Flying Above You

Angels flying above you means that your angel is trying to guard you against an incoming threat. You should start getting serious about how you behave around certain people to avoid any damage.

26. Dreaming of Angels Dressed in a Silver Gown

This dream means that you will be getting immense prosperity in the times to come.

27. Dreaming of Angels in Colorful Dress

This dream means that you are a joyful spirit. You have no remorse for what you have done. But it is advised that you keep a close eye on your actions.

28. Dreaming of Angels in White Dress

Dreaming of angels in white dresses is good news since you are pure. You have a sense of responsibility towards your spiritual enlightenment. 

And lastly, this dream means that your angels are happy with how you have been behaving lately.

29. When You Dream of More Than One Angels (3 Angels)

If the number of angels in your dreams exceeds one and equals three, then it means that you share a harmonious relationship with everyone around you. 

It means that you have a sense of completeness. You must preserve these things while you cherish the following rewards.

30. When You Dream of More Than Three Angels

This dream indicates that you have a great future lying ahead of you. It means that your angels are extremely protective and watchful. 

You must feel proud that you have this dream, as it strengthens your spirituality.

31. Angel Dressed in Black

An angel dressed in black means that you have upset the divine powers. It means that you have done something wrong. 

So it is time to contemplate your actions and correct them as soon as possible.

32. Seeing an Angel Crying

The angel crying in your dream means that you have upset your guardian angel. It could be because of the weakened relationship between you and your faith. 

You must work towards improving this relationship by visiting the nearest church.

33. An Angel Carrying a Sword

This dream means that you are a warrior spirit. You know how to fight your way out of any hardships. 

So you must persevere to find a solution to all the problems you have been facing while your guardian angel helps you out.

34. Flying With Other Angels

The dream of flying with other angels means that you have achieved a great sense of spirituality. You are in a great place mentally. 

So you must not stop yourself from getting in touch with God if you have such a dream.

35. Angels With Colorful Wings

This means that you are full of life, energy, and vigor. You are one soul which is full of joy. 

The dream tells you to live your life without any worries and focus on what you want to achieve in your life.

36. Angel With White Wings

This dream implies that you have been doing great things in your life. You have achieved peace and blessings from the divine powers. It also means you are on your way to attaining spiritual enlightenment.

37. When You Dream of an Angel With a Kid

This dream signifies that your angels are trying their best to preserve your purity by any means necessary. 

They are taking good care of your mental, physical and social well-being by indirectly influencing you to perform activities that are required to become a fully functional member of society.

38. Seeing a Calm Angel

This dream means that you are looking for inner peace. Your mental health is in a stable state. This, in turn, will help you achieve great things in life.

39. Seeing an Angry Angel

An Angry angel’s appearance in your dream means that you have done something wrong in the past. 

Some wrongful deed or sin has been committed by you which needs rectification. This is the time to ponder over your decisions and actions and be the man you are.

40. Seeing an Angel Holding a Book

Seeing an angel holding a book in your dream means that you will be having a great academic year. You will have better clarity of your goals and achieve great things on the way.

41. Seeing an Angel Holding Olive Branch

Olive branches are a symbol of peace and love. If an angel is holding an olive branch in your dreams, it means that despite the tough journey that lies ahead, you must go on. 

This dream asks the dreamer to inculcate the habit of sacrifice, love, and care.

42. Angel Carrying Food in Their Hands

If an angel carries food in their hands in your dreams, then it means that you need spiritual enlightenment. 

Your mind needs to get nourished spiritually. You will find yourself in a good position spiritually if you have understood what this dream means.

43. Bidding Goodbye to an Angel

This dream means that you have distanced yourself from God. This angel dream could be understood as a sign of your fractured bond with God due to an unfortunate event. 

You must not lose faith and move forward in life with your religious beliefs intact.

44. When You See an Angel of Death

The appearance of the angel of death in your dream means that tough times are about to come in your life. It also means that you face health issues that must be taken care of.

45. When You Dream of Gabriel

This dream is quite ambiguous. It often ends with Gabriel sending you a message. If you have a weak memory, then it is advised that you write the dream down as soon as you get up.

46. When You See a Golden Angel

This dream means that you will witness professional growth. However, you must be careful because there might be some looming threats that might hinder your progress. 

This dream is a good sign but comes with a warning.

47. Dreaming of a Guardian Angel

It means that your guardian angel is protecting you. Guardian angels are the watchful divine beings bestowed with the responsibility to protect you under any circumstances. 

This dream means they are standing with you even in the most adverse events.

48. Seeing Yourself Touch the Wings of an Angel in Your Dream

The dream of touching an angel’s wings means that you will get the biggest problem of your life solved. It also means that the mental stress bothering you will go away.

49. Dream of an Angel in a Cheese Factory

This dream implies that your guardian angels recognize your efforts to become a better version of yourself. 

It also means that they will reward you heavily for your good deeds. You must have patience and persevere through the tough times.

50. Dream of a Death Angel in a Broken Church

A death angel in a broken church is probably the last thing you want to see in your dream. It means that you are in great trouble since you have broken the bond with God. 

Rarely it shows that life-threatening incidents are looming upon you, and you have to be highly vigilant in the coming days.

51. Seeing Your Parents as Angels in Your Dream

Well, it’s most probably a good news! The dream holds great significance. 

It implies that you visualize your parents as divine figures and respect them greatly. You wish for their happiness, love, fulfillment, and peace.

52. Offering Fruits to an Angel in a Dream

Offering fruits to an angel in a dream means that you give credit for your successes to your guardians, mentors, and teachers. 

You find these people extremely helpful in achieving your goals. And thus, you wish to share your achievements with them.

This dream can also imply that you want to rectify a mistake made by you by bribing the higher authorities of any department.

53. Offering Prayers to an Angel in a Dream

Offering prayers to an angel is considered to be a good deed. It means that you are aware of the influence of religion and spirituality on your life.

You are grateful for everything you have, and this dream reminds you to express your gratitude.

54. Riding a Winged Horse With an Angel

Riding a winged horse with an angel symbolizes the incredible bond you share with your guardian angel. It implies that you are ready to explore the spiritual depths of your mind. 

You have lost control of your life to divine powers, and now you want to break free from the materialistic world.

What is an Angel Dream Meaning According to the Bible?

There are a lot of dream symbols in the Bible, and each of them has a different meaning. It is believed to be expression good omens. 

Besides, it symbolizes the bond between the human and God, as angels are considered the medium between mankind and the almighty.

Angels have a special place in the Bible, with each having played an essential role in multiple events. We have Gabriel, Michael, Raphael, and Jehudiel, some of the most important angels in the Bible, to name a few angels. 

Their occurrence in your dream implies that they have a strong influence on your life in the form of a guardian angel.

Besides, the appearance signifies that you are about to have good luck, wealth, and great fortune in your life. 

It also means that you are spiritually enlightened and have control over your relationship with God. It also means that your religious beliefs are in a strong position.

What is the Spiritual Meaning of a Dream of Angel?

The dreams of angels carry multiple meanings spiritually. More often than not, it is a good sign for you mentally and physically. 

So the spiritual implications of such dreams affect your waking life in more than one way. These dreams bring good luck, which helps boost your morale.

The dream reflects upon your relationship with your religion and how it has affected your peace of mind. It also means that you know how your actions affect your relationship with your guardian angels. 

Besides, it also helps you find out what is missing in your life to make it better. Spiritually, the angel dream meaning can vary depending on the mental state of the person. 

The interpretations also depend on the same for an individual. And hence the dreamer must collect their memories of it to get the most accurate interpretation.

Final Words

The dream about angels symbolizes how well you are connected with God with the help of your guardian angels. 

Angels can appear in your dreams in different ways. You can either see them flying or see them crying. It all depends on your mental and emotional state.

The interpretation of your dream closely depends upon how you feel about the idea of angels. If you see them as a source of purity, spiritual awakening, and a journey towards oneself, maybe they are already helping you in living a mindful life. 

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