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Dream of Washing Hair – What Does It Mean to You?

Dream of Washing Hair – What Does It Mean to You?

Updated on Jan 13, 2023 | Published on May 10, 2022

Reviewed by Dr. Nereida Gonzalez-Berrios, MD , Certified Psychiatrist

Dream of Washing Hair - 70 Plots & Their Interpretations

What if you had to start your day with a dream of washing hair?

Well, the dream of washing hair is quite interesting. Though a common chorus we all do, seldom we give a thought to it. So, it reasonably seems a bit weird to have it in your dream.

Are you wondering why you got this dream? What could this dream mean to you? Is it going to be a good hair day or a bad hair day? 

Let’s find out in this article, what your dream about washing hair interprets. Here we go!

Dream of Washing Hair - 70 Plots & Their Interpretations
Dream of Washing Hair – 70 Plots & Their Interpretations

Washing Hair Dream Meaning

Dream of Washing Hair is considered a symbol of strength and radiance, cleansing one’s thought process and inner self to get rid of toxicity and negativity. It shows one’s efforts to rise above harming emotions like insecurities, guilt, jealousy, fear, anger, etc. Sometimes, it’s a sign of one’s desires, admiration of beauty, the efforts one puts in trying to grow as a person.

The act of washing hair symbolizes purifying or cleansing oneself. 

Often the dream philosophically signifies the act of cleansing one’s thought process and inner self to get rid of toxicity and negativity. This includes getting rid of one’s own insecurities, guilt, jealousy, fear, anger, etc. 

Besides, the dream signifies being aware of and consciously taking actions towards bringing a positive change in one’s appearance, thought process, and overall life. 

It can be an expression of one’s desires, admiration of beauty, the efforts one puts in trying to grow as a person, the inner journey, etc.

The positive side of such dreams is that it means everything around is going to change for good, and all the negative energy will pass away with the process of washing your hair. 

On the contrary, it could be a warning sign about a certain illness or any blunders committed by you. And yes this warning is to make you proactively solve any such issues concerning your health or otherwise. 

So take it as a sign to act accordingly based on your intuitions. Figure out what exactly your dream could mean with these details: washing hair dream scenarios. 

Let’s dig deeper! 

Dream of Washing Hair – 70 Plots & Their Interpretations

Washing hair in your dream interprets various situations in your life. We have already seen what these dreams represent. 

Let’s also see what it means depending on whose hair you are washing, what you are washing your hair within your dream. Here we go –

1. Washing Someone Else’s Hair in a Dream

Washing someone else’s hair in your dream symbolizes that you will prevent them from making any mistakes and act as a guard to protect them from any pits they might fall into. 

If the person is close to you, it might be a sign that you need to take the position of a guide and mentor for the person. They need your empathy and support to solve their issues and grow up as a person. 

However, if you don’t feel good about the dream, it means that you are feeling burdened by the responsibilities you are forced to carry in your waking life. 

Maybe, in order to help them get rid of negativity, somehow you are getting affected by it. 

In any situation, it is important to be patient. Try to be mindful about your inner feelings. And make decisions based on your intuitions. 

2. Washing a Stranger’s Hair

When you dream of washing a stranger’s hair, it could mean you will have some conflicts with a stranger. Though it would be a minute conflict which will result in helping them grow as a person. 

Sometimes, it shows that you will be able to connect with someone on a personal level. It will help both of you in growing emotionally. 

3. Washing Your Sisters Hair

Washing your sister’s hair could mean that your sister needs your help and you need to help her. Don’t take it as an obligation or a responsibility. Maybe it is an opportunity for you two to come closer to you and bond better. 

4. Washing Your Spouse’s Hair

Washing your husband/wife’s hair could mean that you are going to make new friends. And these friends are going to be a part of your life and help you in every way to lead a healthy and happy life.

5. Dream of Someone Washing My Hair

If you dreamt of someone washing your hair then you are all set to attend a party or it could also mean that a memorable journey is foreseen in your cards.  

6. Dream of Washing Dirty Hair

Washing dirty hair in your dream is a reflection of your outlook on life. You will start seeing your waking life with a new dimension, letting go of all the negatives in your past. 

Washing away all the dirt from your hair promises payment for a normal life. So as you see the water becoming clear after washing the dirt away, you can look forward to new ventures, new jobs, and new beginnings. 

When you dream about washing dirty hair, you should feel confident, conquest-driven, and vital. In some aspects of your life or during important phases, you need to be more determined.

You are receiving power and authority. This dream represents potential, heartiness, and longevity. Expect surprises.

7. Dream of Washing Hair in Shower

Washing your hair in a shower symbolizes the arrival of good things and the removal of negative energy along with the flowing water.

All your problems will be solved and you will be recognized at your workplace for your services and get great rewards too. 

8. Dream of Washing Hair with Shampoo

Shampooing hair symbolizes the removal of dirt and impurities. In the same context, a dream of washing your hair with shampoo gives you a hint that you need to let go of any unwanted thoughts and think clearly to make the right decisions. 

Sometimes our thinking slows down due to various reasons like stress and anxiety. Hence, shampooing in a dream indicates that you need to keep your head clear of thoughts.

9. Dream of Washing Long Hair

Dreams of washing long hair usually mean happiness and success.

It also means abundance and means the coming days are filled with some golden opportunities and you will be celebrating your success with your family and friends.

10. Dream of Washing Short Hair

Dreams of washing short hair can mean that you will leave the past behind and move on with a positive attitude.

It also means that you will understand the difference between right and wrong and make the right decisions without any emotional blockage. 

11. Dream of Washing Blond Hair

Dreams of washing blond or white hair symbolize that your illness or ailments will be reversed soon and your overall health will improve and you will become fit and fine again. 

12. Dream of Washing Your Hair with Dirty Water

Dreaming of washing your hair with dirty water means that there are few problems foreseen in the coming days.

Most of the time such dreams are meant to caution you and to be vigilant of any mishaps that could occur. 

At the end of the day, dreams are also a reflection of your state of mind, so do not worry about the outcomes and take the message to be cautious. 

13. Dream of Washing after Cutting Your Hair

Any dreams that are related to haircuts could mean new beginnings. Cutting your own hair means that you are getting ready to let go of your past and move ahead. 

14. Man Dreams of Washing Hair 

When a man dreams of washing his hair, it could mean that all the turmoil in his personal and professional life is going to be resolved soon and new beginnings are foreseen. 

15. Women Dreams of Washing Hair  

When a woman dreams of washing her hair, it means that she is getting all the attention from the opposite sex and she is very much happy about this. 

It also indicates that she needs to take good care of her appearance and glow like a star to become more attractive. 

16. Pregnant Woman Washing Her Hair

When a pregnant woman dreams about washing her hair, it means that she is all set to give birth to her child.

It also shows that she is fearless and has a positive attitude towards delivering her child without any trouble.

17. Sick Person Dreams of Washing Hair

When a sick person dreams of washing his hair, it means that they are going to be free from their sufferings soon.

It also means that they will recover completely and get a new lease of life, which will make them a happier person altogether. 

18. Students Dream of Washing Hair

When students get such dreams, then it is good news for them. This dream of washing hair suggests that they are going to study hard and get good grades in their exams. 

Such a dream of students washing their hair represents a drastic improvement in their academic efforts which is going to make them achieve amazing outcomes and make their parents proud of their achievements.   

19. Person Who Owns a Business Dreams of Washing Hair

When a person who owns a business dreams of washing his hair, it means that his financial problems will be resolved soon.

All his locked funds will be free and he will make very good profits in the coming years. 

20. Dream of Hair Falling while Washing 

Hair falls while washing dreams are very common and are also a reflection of too much stress in your life. These dreams do not mean that you will start losing your hair in real life.

Such dreams are often treated as a representation of a strong unwanted desire within you that you want to get rid of. 

21. Dream about Washing Hair With Soap

Those who dream about washing their hair are predicted to make big changes in their lives, get rid of all things unnecessary and develop professionally.

This type of dream of washing hair with soap could also be a warning about mistakes, intrigues, or illness.

22. Washing Your Hair With Vinegar

Dreaming that you wash your hair with vinegar suggests that you should not ignore the symptoms you feel for a while.

You can only make the situation worse by self-diagnosing and self-medicating in magazines and on the Internet. Talking to a professional is necessary to help you.

23. Washing Someone’s Hair

Dreaming about washing someone’s hair represents the smaller details of your life and how you deal with them.

Be optimistic and ambitious about the future. A dream is a sign of the supernatural and the spiritual realm. This is causing you to feel emotionally torn.

24. Dream of Washing Hair in Public

Dreaming about washing your hair in public is indicative of inactivity and idleness in your life. Before you achieve success and success, you will face many obstacles.

You must undergo some spiritual cleansing. This dream represents permanence and longevity. It is time to move on to the next phase.

25. Dream about Washing Dirty Hair

A dream about washing dirty hair suggests that you are harboring a lot of negative emotions in your mind. You need to work on it to embrace positivity in your waking life. 

26. Dream about Washing Hair in a Bath-House

This is not a favorable sign: someone in your family will get seriously ill if you wash your hair in the bathhouse.

It is a sign of gossip spread by your ill-wishers if your hair is unwashed with dirty water running through it when you try to put it in order.  

27. Dream about Washing Long Hair

A dream of washing long hair signifies you will soon be filled with energy. In addition, you can use this to symbolize getting a gift from a friend or someone close to you.

It may also suggest that you will revise your views shortly.  

28. Washing Blonde Hair 

It is a common dream to wash blonde hair in order to eradicate an ailment or medical condition. You should be pleasantly surprised when your health improves soon, according to this dream.

29. Washing your Husband’s Hair

It suggests that you will make friends with strangers and achieve your goals, according to a French dream analyst. The symbolism here is not to create illegitimate relationships or to gain access to new friends who will change your life path.

30. Dream about Washing Short Hair

It represents a fresh start. Quite simply, you’ll forget about your past and make significant changes to your life.

Be in control of your emotions, so you can make the right decisions in sensitive situations and enjoy your new path in life.

31. Washing Your Hair With Clean and Warm Water

The dream represents the removal of unwanted and useless things that guide you in the right direction and help you place your thoughts in order.

In addition to receiving positive news and feeling positive emotions, warm and clean water can also be a sign for soon-to-arrive good news.

32. Dream about Washing Child’s Hair

If you wash a child’s hair in your dream, it means that you are in an environment where you will be able to spend unforgettable moments with them.

You can play with children in the park or a kindergarten, or a friend or neighbor might ask you to watch their child for a few hours.

Washing your child’s hair means that you are going to clear all the misunderstandings with your child and have happy days together in the future. 

33. Dream about Washing Brown Hair

When you see this dream, if you have sorrow or problems in life, all your sadness will disappear very soon, and life will show its beauty to you.

There will soon be something that will solve your problem, even if you are depressed. This type of dream is more common than others associated with washing colored hair.

34. Washing White Hair

The dream represents peace and prosperity in old age, and therefore, is a positive sign. A person in your elder years will provide you with grace, compassion, and comfort, making your life more enjoyable.

35. Washing Hair of a Familiar Dead Person

When you find yourself washing the hair of a familiar dead person, it’s a sign that strange things are going to happen at work.

Things like these can negatively impact your social standing. The good news is that you will advance in your career regardless of whether you knew the deceased.

36. Washing Hair with Negative Sensation

While washing their hair, people sometimes dream they experience pain and discomfort. When they wake up, the same thing will happen, and their lives will be full of challenges and obstacles that they will try to overcome, but ultimately fail to do so.

You are also washing your weak, dull, and cut hair, which means something will bother you, and the changes won’t go well.

37. Washing Your Hair with Cold Water

If you have this dream, you will be upset with unpleasant news or impressed by a big problem. Avoid people and places that might bother you.

38. Dream about Someone Brushing Hair

When you dream of someone brushing their hair, this is a hint for your quest for knowledge and information. Your mind is focused on the negative aspects of your life.

Change the way you think about an issue. The dream represents both an improvement in your financial situation and the general betterment of your life. Maybe you should adopt certain qualities.

39. Dream about Someone Cutting Hair

Dreaming of having your hair cut suggests anxieties and concerns over your self-image. There is too much focus on the big picture that you fail to pay attention to the details.

It is difficult to believe that you can achieve your goals. The dream is, unfortunately, lacking in individuality, emotions, and feelings.

40. Dream about Someone Plaiting Your Hair

Dreaming that someone plaits my hair indicates your desire to be your own boss and make your own decisions. It feels lonely, overshadowed, and underappreciated. You want to be different and stand out.

In your dream, you anticipate betrayal, disharmony, misfortune, and even death. In your dream, you are uncertain about your feelings.

41. Dream about hair scalp

Dreaming about your scalp is an indication of your feminine and delicate nature. Despite some obstacles, you remain unfazed. You have a positive outlook.

It is comfort, familiarity, and ease that you dream of. You refuse to see things from any other perspective.

42. Dream about itchy scalp

When you dream about an itchy scalp, it’s a sign that something is amiss. You are torn between your feelings and your values. Think carefully about your next move.

In this dream, you are representing your conscious identity or your state of health. What you have learned in the past needs to be adapted and incorporated into the present.

43. Washing and Dyeing Hair

If you dream about washing and dyeing your hair, it may be time to make a change. Try something new each day.

Dyeing strands of hair in your dream indicates that you will get to know a person who will be dear to you. Having your hair bleached in your dream predicts happiness.  

44. Washing a Dead man’s hair

If you are washing a dead man’s hair it could mean that you will face some sudden health issues and need to be cautious about your food habits and focus on working towards your fitness. 

45. Washing Your Boyfriend’s Hair

The dream shows your love for your partner. It shows that you are trying to come close to them and making them a better person with your efforts. 

46. Washing Your Girlfriend’s Hair

It suggests that you are trying to help your partner become a better person. Often it is a sign that you are helping her in gaining self esteem in herself and to love herself more.

47. Washing Frizzy Hair

The dream suggests that you need to be extra careful in doing your current job in hand.It might require more effort on your part. However it is important to do the task well. 

48. Washing Curly Hair

It shows that you might be having a bit of confusion and uncertainty in your life.

While you are trying to connect the dots and bring a solution, it is crucial to know that every person and situation is different. So look at the things from an empathetic perspective.

49. Washing Straight Hair

It shows that you are doing something that seems very easy for you. Maybe you are enjoying your job. Or, your relationship is going very smoothly now. 

50. Washing Lice Hair

It suggests that you need to identify some people who are trying to take advantage. They are trying to harm you for their selfish reasons and maybe you are completely unaware about it. 

Often the enemies are very close to you. So be careful and try to protect yourself  from those who are sucking your energy and resources. 

51. Washing Dandruff Hair

The dream shows that you care constantly getting worried because of toxicity around you. Though you are desperately trying to get rid of it, it isn’t working.

Maybe you need to find the right direction for your efforts to work in your waking life. 

52. Dream of Washing Oily Hair

It shows that you are having a lot of worries and stress about something in your waking life. It is an expression of your inner wish to get rid of those thoughts that are affecting you for the worse. 

Often it shows that you are under a lot of pressure because of something that you can easily solve. Look at it. You have the power to get past it.

53. Washing Dry Hair 

Washing usually removes oil and dirt from hair. It shows that whatever you do has a side effect too.

Maybe it shows that while you are trying to get rid of toxicity in your life, you might have to leave some things and people who are dear to you. But the choice is yours to make in the end.

54. Washing Hair with Someone Else’s Shampoo 

The dream shows that, maybe, you are trying to take advantage of your connections with powerful people. To do that, you are getting rid of your past mistakes with the help of those who have power in their hands,

However, you need to reevaluate your priorities in life now. Maybe your inner self is trying to tell you to take the responsibility of your actions. 

55. Washing Fake Hair 

A dream of washing fake hair suggests that you are wasting your time, resources, and efforts in doing things that don’t worth much.

Maybe you are trying to fake a persona because of social pressure and it is taking a lot of your energy. 

56. Washing Hair in Your Bathroom 

It shows that you need some solitude time to work on your thought process and inner conflicts. It’s an expression of your personal space.

You have your own comfort zone and you are trying to reflect on your emotions within that sphere. 

The sign is mostly positive. It is a call for your inner journey.

57. Washing Hair at Salon

The dream of washing hair at a salon symbolizes that you are craving materialistic things in life.

Besides, it can be a sign that you want things that can help you gain power and wealth to live your desired lifestyle. 

58. Washing Hair at Public Bathroom 

Did you dream of washing your hair in a public bathroom? It shows your social situation. Maybe you are forced to show your insecurities in public because of certain situations. 

59. Washing Hair at Someone’s Place 

The dream of washing hair at someone else’s place symbolizes your need to rely on others. Maybe you need to depend on others sometimes. It’s okay to share your vulnerabilities. 

Besides, it can be a sign of being vulnerable in front of someone. And opening up your personal space with others. 

60. Washing Hair with Conditioner 

A dream of conditioning your hair shows pampering yourself. It shows that you might need to take some time off. Have fun. Take care of yourself. 

Besides, it symbolizes that you need to make an extra effort for your mental and emotional wellbeing. Nothing is more important than taking care of your health now. 

61. Washing Hair with a Luxury Shampoo 

Did you wash your hair with a premium quality shampoo in your dream? It shows your inner desires for pleasure and luxury.

Maybe you are someone who likes simple pleasures of life. It shows that you will soon get the opportunity to live the life you always wanted to lead. 

62. Washing Hair Only with Water 

A dream of washing hair only with water often suggests lack of resources and luxury. If you felt good in the dream then it shows that you are happy with raw simple things in life.

On the other hand, if you couldn’t clean your hair well only with water then it shows that you are disappointed in your current situation. 

63. Dry Shampooing Hair 

A dream of dry shampooing your hair signifies your creativity, resourcefulness, and ideas. Maybe you are someone full of hacks and shorter i\routes to reach your goal. 

In other words you are the one who believes in smart work rather than hard work. 

64. Washing Already Clean Hair

 If you had a dream of washing already clean hair, it shows that you are doing more than needed for your professional and personal life.

You are putting so much effort into everything that often you are simply wasting your efforts in overdoing it.

65. Repeatedly Washing Hair 

Often a dream of repeatedly washing your hair is a sign of your inner guilt. Maybe you did something in the past that is still haunting you.

And you are trying to get past those negative feelings and grief. 

66. Washing Hair with Little Water 

The dream symbolizes lack of resources in your waking life. However, at the same time, it shows your ability to turn negative situations into positive opportunities and new possibilities. 

67. Washing Hair for a Special Occasion 

A dream about washing hair on a special occasion like, maybe getting ready for a party or something like that is a good sign. It symbolizes good luck and new beginnings in your waking life. 

68. Washing a Pet’s Hair

A dream about washing a pet’s hair symbolizes affection in your waking life. It shows that you’ll be able to spend some quality time with someone close to your heart. 

69. Washing Hair while Bathing

A dream of washing hair while bathing symbolizes good things in life. It is a sign of good co-incidences. Most probably it is a sign to work on your ideas and dreams. It will help you harbor good fruits of your hard work. 

70. Dream about Someone Else Shampooing your Hair

Often, the dream suggests that you might need other’s help to have clarity of your thought process. 

Sometimes, the sight of someone shampooing your own hair indicates that you can have an enjoyable trip ahead, but only if you can keep the true purposes of this trip a secret from your family and friends.

Or, washing someone else’s hair with shampoo, it means that you’ll hear good news and spend time with your friends.

Every dream has an interpretation and people from different cultures and religions have their share of beliefs and opinions about these dreams. 

Let us see how the cultural difference has an impact on such dream interpretations.  

Spiritual Meaning of Washing Hair in Dreams

Hair plays a very vital role in the appearance of a person. And hence it is considered a symbol of strength and radiance.

Dreaming about washing your hair could mean washing away some of the unwanted things, negative energy, and unpleasant circumstances out of your life. 

Spiritually, a dream of washing hair signifies getting rid of negativity in one’s life. It is about cleansing one’s inner self to be able to embrace the true pure soul.

Besides, it symbolizes the idea of new beginnings, helping others to grow as a person, identifying our real selves, rising above the materialistic views, the inner journey of a person towards spirituality, etc. 

Dream of Washing Hair According to Christianity

Christians believe that such dreams have positive implications. According to their beliefs, such dreams bring about positive changes in their lives and also pave the way to new beginnings and remove all the problems faced by them now. 

Dream of Washing Hair According to Islam

According to their holy book Quran, dreaming of washing your hair is a warning sign for you to avoid any sins which will make you regret your actions later.

If you are washing someone else’s hair in your dream, it means that you are going to prevent that person from committing any mistakes. 

Dream of Washing Hair According to Hinduism

People who practice Hinduism believe that the dream of washing hair brings them luck. It represents a symbol of new beginnings and a prosperous life ahead.

Final Words

Generally, dreaming about washing one’s hair symbolizes relief from hardships and difficulties that make life difficult for the dreamer.

You should be satisfied if you have had the same dream, because you will soon discover a suitable solution to any problems you have, and your mind will be in order.

Nevertheless, there are exceptions, and not all hair washing dreams are favorable.

For an accurate interpretation of a dream, you might need to pay attention to factors such as your feelings as you wash your hair, the type of water, the person washing hair, the condition of the hair, hair washing products, etc. By studying these factors, we can come up with the correct interpretation. 

More than anything else, try to embrace the positive aspects of the interpretation. So, did you figure out the meaning of your dream?