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Dream of Waterfall: 78 Types and Their Meanings

Dream of Waterfall: 78 Types and Their Meanings

Updated on Aug 01, 2022 | Published on Jul 27, 2021

Reviewed by Dr. Nereida Gonzalez-Berrios, MD , Certified Psychiatrist

Dream of Waterfall - 78 Types and Their Meanings

Waterfall is a pleasant view to everyone’s eyes, and the dream of waterfall symbolizes a strong meaning. Not a lot of people dreamt about waterfalls, but if you see this then your dream is a bit of a bizarre thing. 

The waterfall dream meaning is specific as water is one of the elements of nature. The flow of waterfall foretells the process of purifying and regular flow of life and energy, the importance of letting go of things. 

Let’s deep dive into the waterfall dream interpretations.

Dream of Waterfall - 78 Types and Their Meanings
Dream of Waterfall – 78 Types and Their Meanings

Waterfall Dream Meaning – General Interpretations

Dream of waterfall signifies negative emotions to let go and bring positivity in your life. It also symbolizes spiritual power, wisdom, abundance, goals, good relationships and a lot of wealth.

When you see a waterfall in your dream, it represents blocked emotions to let go and your emotions might seem enormous. Waterfall is a beautiful vision therefore it foretells beauty, goal, desire and grace in one’s waking life. 

Being a spiritual and vast symbol it holds diverse dream symbols with distinct perspectives. The meaning evolves with the situation of life, feeling, wants and other aspects. So let’s explore deeper into the multiple meanings of waterfall in your dream. 

1. Power and grace

The pleasing flow of water signifies great friends and good luck will be favorable to you soon. One of the luckiest people can have this dream that tells about upcoming success and grace in your life.

You will experience great happiness with the success of your career in the near future. Your desires will get fulfilled and life will be filled with lots of positivity, wealth, good relationships and goals. It says your desires will be accomplished soon.

2. Energy

Waterfall in the dream represents electromagnetic energy that helps to nourish and heal. The continuous flow of water represents releasing emotions and expressions in a healthy manner. 

This indicates the events and situations built in a healthy and enjoyable manner. The event can mean the emotions and feelings to let go.

3. Abundance

Dreams about water flowing in a large amount without stopping represent the continuous flow of components that are renewed. Whether it’s wealth, health or love, you will achieve it in bulk. 

Your everyday life is cheerful and non repeating in healthy situations. It tells the rumor that you will be spread or you might be invited to a fun place. Also, you’ll have a regular stream of wealth. 

4. Emotions

Being a positive dream meaning, it signifies letting go of negative emotions or psychological issues. Simple vision of a waterfall in a dream makes a person feel fresh and energetic.

When the waterfall is too powerful and has a strong flow, it represents an emotional and unconscious drive that is difficult to cope with. Your emotions are strong therefore put some effort into cleansing. 

5. Spiritual rebirth

Dreaming of a waterfall suggests that there are some degree of spiritual guides around you, you only need to look to make use of it. 

This is a symbol that connects with our spirit and washes away negative emotions and feelings. It acts as a spiritual cleansing process that helps to remove all negative feelings from your mind, body and soul. 

The dream tells about letting go of the past and connecting with the future, thereby rebirth or renewal of spirit takes place.

6. Happiness and wisdom

Waterfall dreams signify great happiness through the understanding of life because of extreme wealth and plenty of good friends. The happy vision of the waterfall tells that happiness is on your way.

Along with positive emotions you will also have a balanced state of mind so that you get more out of it. Inner healing and solution for unconscious mind will be with you.

7. Sign of good fortune

Waterfall is a symbol of good fortune in dreams. It says that you will secure the wildest desire and fortune will be favorable to the progress of your life.

You will get success in terms of goals and desires while doing good for your career.

Dream about waterfall – 78 Scenarios and Their Meanings

Have you dreamt about a waterfall recently and wondered what it means? Is the dream trying to symbolize your emotions and current state of mind and how are you reacting to various situations of life?

Therefore, in this section we will understand some common meanings of waterfall and their interpretation related to real life situations. So, let’s have a look.

1. Dream of a beautiful waterfall

Seeing a beautiful waterfall in your dream is a good sign that suggests cleansing and removing bad habits and problems from your life. 

If you have such desires and habits that are destroying your life then you can control them now and good luck will be with you soon.

2. Dream of being above a waterfall

If you see a dream of being above a waterfall then it’s a positive omen. You are at the highest of mental and spiritual emotional states. 

3. Dream of being behind a waterfall

This is one of the rarest dreams that a person can see, behind a waterfall has some secrets and mysteries. If you see this dream you should be honored.

You will find the real purpose of your life and will experience wisdom as well. 

4. Dream of visiting a waterfall near you

This dream of waterfall symbolizes your goal and desires in life. You should be very focused on your ambitions. 

In this journey, you might encounter some obstacles that you have to overcome and keep going since your goals are most important. 

5. Big waterfall dream meaning

To see a big waterfall in your dream means that you will get the chance to secure your wildest desire. 

It also foretells both success and failure by accepting big potential losses and letting them go. The success will happen at the end which seems beyond your imagination in the beginning.

6. Dream of standing under waterfall

If you see yourself standing under a waterfall in a dream, then it foretells that some unexpected events in your life are directly related to you. 

Unexpected events can happen in your life that you have to manage without affecting relatability.

7. Dream of looking at waterfall from distance

Dreaming about looking at a waterfall means unexpected events happening around your life that are not related to you, you are only an observer of it. This will not affect your well going life situation. You will get into a terrible situation.

8. Dream of enjoying standing under a waterfall

Dream of a waterfall in which you are standing represents good events in your life that will cause benefits in the near future. This not only benefits the dreamer but also people around them.

9. Clear waterfall dream meaning

If you see clear water in your dream, it signifies good omen. You will have good luck in your personal and professional life. Try to meet the goals and work hard from your side.

10. Dream of looking at waterfall with others

Having this dream indicates that people are talking about you behind your back a lot. They might be saying good or bad behind you, not in front of you.

11. Taking water from waterfall dream meaning

Dreaming about taking water from a waterfall is considered a bad sign since it is an addition to the existing problem. If you have concerns in your life then this dream can be a bad omen.

12. Powerful waterfall dream meaning

Powerful waterfall or strong wave of water represents big changes that can happen in your life. These changes will be in good terms that means something good and interesting will occur in one’s life. 

13. Gentle waterfall dream meaning

If you see the dream of gentle waterfall then it signifies you will lead a happy, peaceful and comfortable life ahead. You will achieve much more than today in terms of wealth, relationship, luxuries and health. 

14. Hot waterfall dream meaning

Dream about a hot waterfall denotes a romantic and intimate relationship with your partner. Your love life will become more enjoyable and peaceful while living with your life partner. 

15. Dream of waterfall in thick fog

This dream tells you that your dreamland desire will come true soon. Hard desire, wish, dream and want will happen once you work hard towards your goals.

16. Exploring waterfall dream meaning

To explore a waterfall in a dream denotes good luck related to wealth. You will have this dream when you will achieve the desired wealth that fulfills your dreams.

17. Getting wet under a waterfall dream meaning

If you are a businessman and see this dream then it means you will enjoy fast growth in personal wealth. 

18. Strong pressure of waterfall dream meaning

Seeing this dream means a bad omen. It implies sorrow and agony in one’s waking life. This dream is a warning for the coming grief that you have to manage. 

19. Dream of dirty waterfall

Seeing a dirty waterfall in your dream represents trapped and controlled emotions. The flow of waterfall represents letting the feelings flow so that we remain fit mentally and physically. 

Continuous flow of feelings removes pain and revenge.

20. Dream of rushing waterfall

A waterfall with a great force containing a massive amount of water is a symbol of opposite feelings. You are not able to solve the concerns and are confused. The most difficult part is understanding the feelings and working accordingly.  

21. Dream of dry waterfall

Having this dream symbolizes the feeling that is stuck and not flowing correctly. Our emotions should have a constant flow and not get dried. Remove useless and unnecessary things from your life and do not grow hatred. 

22. Dream of diving into a waterfall

Seeing this dream symbolizes purification and renewal in your life. Your life will change for the better. You will get some guidance towards renewal and rejuvenation. Therefore, keep going and everything will work correctly.

23. Dream of bathing in a waterfall

Dreaming of bathing under a waterfall symbolizes cleansing and renewal of spirit. You are on the right path and keep continuing, good luck will come to you soon. 

24. Dream of falling from a waterfall

This dream shows that you are frightened of everything which is new and unknown happening in your life. 

However, you should accept it just because you don’t try to change something or try new things until it won’t work out or affects you wrongly. 

25. Dream of choppy waterfall

Having this dream symbolizes emotional confusion. Let go of the feelings that seem good first but end up affecting you wrongly. You can seek spiritual help and support representing the faith. 

26. Dream of waterfalls and sea

This dream is a representation of stress, family life, connection with others considered as family. If the waterfall is choppy then it means disputes among family members. 

Try to find problems and avoid stress as family is the only thing we have.

On the other hand, the water of the sea and waterfalls symbolizes peace and balance in family relationships if it’s calm. There is an understanding in communication and you are well attached with others.

27. Small waterfall dream meaning

Seeing a small waterfall in a dream symbolizes short-term goals and struggles. It means short-term desire and regular attempts at your endeavours. You should let go of the small failures that stop you, so go ahead and improve yourself.

28. Frozen waterfall dream meaning

This dream reflects that you’re suspended in grief. You are not letting go of the feelings and disappointments that you have experienced. Try to free yourself from the pain with the support of others in your life.

29. Falling over off waterfall dream meaning

Dream of falling over a waterfall represents that negative emotions and feelings are overrunning your life. Let go of these feelings and emotions. Try to renew your life by holding or removing negativity inside you. 

If you were too happy while falling symbolizes that you should control your life otherwise someone else will do that. And if you were frightened while falling then this dream reflects the real worries. 

Do not worry about the events that have not taken place yet or contain no negative effects.

30. Jumping off waterfall dream meaning

If you’re jumping off from a waterfall, it symbolizes giving up and surrendering in the phase of obstacles. Moreover, you are completely giving up and not returning back.

31. Climbing next to waterfall dream meaning

If you dream about climbing over a wall next to a waterfall, it tells that you are challenging your weakness in order to make yourself self-sufficient and strong. This change will be favorable to your progress. 

However, this ride will be full of hard decisions but go ahead.

32. Swimming in waterfall dream meaning

Seeing this dream suggests that you will take the throne for projects or work opportunities by others. However, if you swim with full waves then it’s a good sign and will get an advantage from it. 

While swimming against the wave means you will have a lot of hurdles and challenges from getting benefits.

33. Touring and seeing waterfall dream meaning

Visiting a waterfall symbolizes your goal and desires. Seeing a waterfall without a close encounter reflects that you are not taking aggressive steps in completing the goals. You might get objectives without pursuing them.

34. Dream of waterfall fountain

Dreaming about waterfall fountain design symbolizes that you should let go of small disappointments and negative feelings. These minor emotions are not a big deal and are of their own making.

35. Dream about being bottom of waterfall

Being at the bottom of the waterfall suggests that you are emotionally overwhelmed. You might face difficulties tackling feelings. Perhaps you are in contact with your past relationships that make you feel emotionally hurt daily.

36. Dream about drinking water from waterfall

If you see drinking water from a waterfall dream, it symbolizes cleansing old thoughts and a fresh start to your life. Welcome new beginnings and letting go of past belongings.

37. Pure waterfall dream meaning

If you dream about this, it might symbolize that you will be invited to an event or holiday soon and this will become a memorable moment in your life.

38. Dream of waterfall with stormy dark water

Dream about stormy dark water signifies the harbinger of difficulties in the future that your destiny sends you. This dream is your potential to overcome these difficulties and you will be able to manage as well as have spiritual harmony.

39. Dream about passing through the waterfall

This is a rarest dream and this shows some challenges in person that you have experienced. If you pass through the other side of a waterfall, not going through it but starting from its side means that you are torn between your two sides.

40. Magnificent waterfall dream meaning

If you see a dream of a magnificent waterfall that frightened you in a dream, this can be a sign that you are often exaggerating the meaning of some events. 

41. Enjoy seeing waterfall dream meaning

This dream indicates that you are too careless in real life. You should pay more attention to your life events and you’re on the edge of carelessness.

42. Too much happiness seeing a waterfall in dream

If you were too happy while seeing the waterfall in dream then it can be a warning. You will make a mistake in future and there will be no one to blame for this except you.

43. Hearing waterfall dream meaning

If you are not seeing but hearing the waterfall in dream means that you will soon get some astonishing news about you or the people connected with you.

44. Dream of waterfall destroying buildings

Dreaming about a waterfall destroying buildings is a warning. It warms if tension will not be eliminated soon and it can trigger depression and anxiety. Therefore, avoid stress and bring a solution for this. 

45. Dream of waterfall washes away

If waterfall washes you away then it means your good reputation will be destroyed by others be it your colleagues or office members. 

46. Dream of jumping into the waterfall

This dream symbolizes that you will invest in a risky and scam business soon therefore be careful while investing.

47. Pushed into a waterfall dream meaning

If you get pushed by someone in a waterfall in your dreams then it means someone wishes you evil and tries to hurt and harm you in all possible ways. 

48. See a painting with waterfall dream meaning

Having a dream about seeing a waterfall with painting denotes that you will experience meditation for life, events and destiny. If the water is clean it brings favorable changes while muddy water signals a loss.

49. Dream of waterfall carrying stones

If you see a waterfall carrying different particles such as stones, flowers, plants and twigs, it symbolizes that you will meet new people in your life who help you in financial position.

50. Admiring a waterfall dream meaning

If you see and admire a waterfall in a dream then it means get ready for the execution of a cherished desire. Emotional discharge will happen and all the worries will be washed away by waterfall.

However, if you are lonely during the waterfall in dream it indicates that you are detached from reality in real life.

51. Dream of dangerous waterfall

If you are close to the imminent danger of water then it means the problem is bigger. The closer you get to it, the bigger the danger. 

If a waterfall seems too dangerous, this symbolizes that you should control your negative emotions otherwise you will get in trouble. 

52. Dream of climbing a waterfall

Having a dream about climbing a waterfall symbolizes that you will obtain success in the near future. It brings your attention to these aspects of life. 

53. Dream of going over a waterfall

If you see this dream then it symbolizes that you’re going through a dramatic shift in your belief and outlooks. This will give you new direction and push into a new problem that you haven’t considered yet.

54. Dream of someone close to you fall over waterfall

Dream about a person so close to you falling into the waterfall symbolizes you both lost the connection. If you are into a relationship then it denotes the end of the relationship between two, if you don’t fix the relationship. 

55. Strangers go over the waterfall dream meaning

This dream signifies that you are not where you want to be. Perhaps the way you are thinking is not better than others. You should challenge yourself. Otherwise others will leave you behind.

56. Traveling over a waterfall dream meaning

Seeing a dream of traveling over a waterfall in something can be both a good and bad omen. Going over water in a boat or something usually found on water suggests that you will do your best to overcome any obstacle. 

However, if you’re traveling in something unique like a bed then it tells you about a few things in your life that are not in your control and causing problems. This grabs your attention to have some control over it.

57. Tarzaning over a waterfall dream meaning

The dream of Tarzan across a waterfall or jumping from rock to rock denotes that you have come to a crossroads in your journey. You might not be sure of what project to continue and you are fighting yourself by making wrong decisions.

58. Rescued someone from waterfall dream meaning 

If you dream of saving someone from a waterfall before they fall. The edge of the waterfall can be a negative sign. Things are not in your control and quickly moving therefore you are frightened of falling at the edge.

59. Dream of someone rescued you from waterfall

This dream is a symbol of distractions that are blurring the image of a bigger picture every day. You are around unnecessary things but small visions are also important along with big one. You warn yourself from facing big problems.

60. Dream of being thirsty looking at waterfall

Seeing a waterfall and becoming thirsty indicates promising opportunities in your vanity. But you are not currently utilizing these resources. You should tap these resources so that you will benefit from them in the future.

61. Dream of washing by a waterfall 

Dream about washing your hands or arms in the pool of waterfall below signifies love and admiration is shown by someone to you in reality. This person will be with you for a long time, such as your best friend or life partner.

62. Hiding behind a waterfall dream meaning

If you dream about hiding behind the waterfall as a curtain reveals your shy and hesitant character. You are too shy to get involved in new groups and meet new people. This can lead to misunderstanding among others.

63. Dream of staring at waterfall

Dreaming about staring at the fallen beauty of a waterfall is a symbol of negativity in real life. It indicated horror and shock from unexpected events or unknown possibilities. 

64. Dream of waterfalls and boyfriend

Having a dream about observing a waterfall has negative impacts on life. The negativity can be getting into a fight with your boyfriend. You and he are creating discord and involving others in your life.

65. Pregnant woman dream of waterfall

If a pregnant woman sees this dream vision then it means the baby inside the belly is completely healthy. The woman should take care of her baby and wait for the birth.

66. Patient dream of waterfall

If an ill person sees a waterfall dream then it means that the dreamer will get well soon and will become stronger and healthier than the barrier.

67. Student dream of waterfall

If a student sees the dream of a waterfall it indicates that academic performance will improve rapidly. Dreamers will be praised by elders and admired by students.

68. Dream about riding a waterfall

This dream represents your will, motivation and drive to complete the goals. Some aspect of your character is somehow familiar and something should emerge or reveal.

69. Dream about making a waterfall

Seeing this dream vision tells your connection or relation to others. You might be hunting for a solution and someone has influence on you. This dream is a clue for direction since you are a distinctive person.

70. Dream about sliding down a waterfall

This dream signifies your fear of negative aspects of their actions. Trust your gut feeling and manipulate the situation. A part of yourself is not rightly expressed and something is missing within you.

71. Dream about rainbow waterfall

Seeing a rainbow waterfall represents how you are expressing your feelings and creativity. It refers to your caring nature and you might think of having lots of time. 

You are putting past relationships and issues behind you and satisfied with how things are going.

72. Dream of noise of waterfall

When you see the dream of the noise of falling water, it indicates that you will hear big news soon. It will be a pleasant dream and will affect you personally.

73. Dream of power of waterfall

Dreaming about the power and strength of a waterfall signifies the ability to control yourself in any situation in reality. These abilities will prevent us from making mistakes and making the right decisions.

74. Attraction towards waterfall dream meaning

This dream symbolizes pleasant and cheerful hobbies of your life. After getting into the happy moments don’t forget deeds. Keep controlling otherwise it will cost you.

75. Dream of unpleasant person near waterfall

Seeing an unpleasant person means you are not able to control the meeting with that person. Prepare for the event since it can be an excellent opportunity to solve your issues. 

76. Dream about irritated seeing waterfall

Seeing this dream means your agitated nature, be careful with these emotions. Paying attention is important so that it won’t harm you later. This indicates time for you that needs to be free.

77. Dream of accompanied in the waterfall

This dream represents that you have a lot of feelings for others and it’s time to express them. This is the right time and nothing can be better to get out your feelings for others.

78. Getting hurt with waterfall dream meaning

This dream is a signal of negative feelings that can cause so much harm. Therefore, it’s the time to protect everything and have more positive feelings. 

Biblical meaning of a waterfall in a dream

A pleasing, beautiful and magical sight, the waterfall is spiritual according to the bible. It represents a powerful and out of control happening of uncertainty, negative emotions and hindrance in your waking life. 

A lot of concerns and uncertain situations will be confronted by you at once. If you see a red waterfall in your dream then it means uncertain and powerful obstacles that might make you feel dangerous, mean and intentional.

Religious symbolism of dream about waterfall

Different religions have interpreted different meanings depending on the dreamer’s unique exposure in the waking life. Waterfall has fast water that means letting go of negative emotions and lead life in a positive manner. 

Let’s understand the meaning of the waterfall dream in different cultures.

1. Dream interpretation of waterfall in Islamic 

In Islam, dream of waterfall interprets unexpected events and feelings that are so strong snd beyond your control. Distance from waterfall represents how close you are to the events while height of the waterfall symbolizes strength of events. 

Islamic scholars and dream interpreters signify that dreams of waterfalls imply that your wishes and desires will come true.

2. Hinduism waterfall dream interpretations

According to Hinduism, waterfall dreams have both positive and negative meanings. On the positive side, it symbolizes descent of god, light, abundance and consciousness. 

Ganga river falls down from heaven like a waterfall and also it flows down from the head of shiva. 

Hindu scholars compare the sound of the waterfall with the sound of breath in the body. Waterfall is natural suffering of nature to Shiva present in the water streams and rivers as numerous Shivling(stone). 

According to the Puranas, the beauty and majesty of the waterfall serve the bath to the celestial beings. Therefore it has healing and purifying qualities. 

Waterfall denotes flow of energy, life, consciousness and breath from one body to another or one person to another. 

Spiritual meaning of waterfall in dream 

Waterfall dreams are spiritually essential. In this, the dream tells dreamers to release negative energies from their life. You should let go of the things that stop you from achieving big in your life. 

Waterfall dreams signify nourishing your soul and be at peace with your inner being. 

You are able to solve the worries of life when you understand it thoroughly. It guides you where you are going wrong and you should accept the challenges which are higher in future. 

Waterfall dreams give you a clear picture of what to do to progress your life. In order to exactly interpret its dream meaning, you need to know how this dream relates to you in waking life. 

Waterfall dream meaning – The good and the ugly

Waterfall dreams can have a negative meaning as well as a positive symbol. 

The good side of dreams about waterfall are:

  • Cleansing and rejuvenation
  • Letting go
  • Destroying negative emotions
  • Lots of wealth and success
  • Purification
  • Spiritual brightness
  • Abundance
  • Challenge yourself and go ahead

The bad side of dreams about waterfall are:

  • Fear
  • Destruction
  • Loss
  • Failure
  • Sorrow and shock
  • End of relationship
  • Blurring of thoughts
  • Sadness

Question to ask yourself from analyzing waterfall dream meaning

Dream of a waterfall depends on the flow of water, amount of water, height of waterfall, emotional elements linked with it and events in your waking life. 

It is important to ask yourself a few questions before interpreting the exact meaning of such dreams.

The questions asked by dream interpreters are-

1. How do you feel while dreaming? Were you sad, happy, admired or afraid?

2. How often do you see the dream?

3. Are you able to relate and identify dream meaning with your waking life?

4. Was the water clean or dirty?

5. How was the flow of water? Was it slow, speedy or stormy?

6. Was the waterfall peaceful or frightening?

7. Did you see any garbage, stones or particles in the waterfall?

8. Were you only seeing the waterfall or doing any activity?

9. What was the height of the waterfall? Was it big or small?

Try to remember the dream, connect the dots and interpret the meanings correctly. 

Feelings during and after dream of waterfall

You may experience some sort of feeling while dreaming about a waterfall. These after and during feelings help to interpret dream meanings in different ways.

1. Feeling arrogant, frightened, daring, or cowardly.

2. Feeling cheerful, happy, pleasurable, and positive.

3. Feeling brave, calm, introverted and washed out.

4. Feeling sinking, enclosed, positive, floating and relaxed. 

Wrapping up

The movement and flow of water help to interpret the dream meanings, therefore keep them to account. Some waterfalls can be small watery little amounts of water while some can be big with high flow of water.

How you can relate the meaning of the dream in your life will give you a clear clue about its symbolism. Dangerous waterfalls will guide you to take risks so that you can reach the goal at the next level. 

This majestic dream guides you to accept the challenge and let go of the negative feelings and emotions from your waking life.

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