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Dreaming of Makeup – 38 Interpretations and Scenarios

Dreaming of Makeup – 38 Interpretations and Scenarios

Updated on Jan 02, 2023 | Published on Aug 19, 2022

Reviewed by Dr. Nereida Gonzalez-Berrios, MD , Certified Psychiatrist

Dreaming of Makeup - 38 Types and Their Interpretations

Dreaming of makeup is definitely a curious vision but it is equally interesting to unravel what the dream suggests. 

This dream can be interpreted as the need to conceal something from others and seeking validation.

If you wish to understand the meaning of your makeup dream, this article will help you interpret various scenarios and their symbolic meanings.

Dreaming of Makeup – General Interpretation

Dreams about makeup might signify your need to hide your flaws and show your best version to the others around you. You feel the need to seek validation from others and you may be putting other people’s needs ahead of your own.

Makeup is a tool that when applied suitably, makes an individual feel beautiful and attractive. It hides blemishes, dark patches and other flaws on the skin.

Similarly, the dream involving makeup has to do with the psyche of the dreamer. It might suggest that the dreamer is trying to hide their flaws from others and is seeking external validation.

Let us look at the what the dream symbolizes and why do you dream of makeup:

1. You are trying to promote your best features and characteristics out to the world.

2. You are trying to repair a broken relationship by forgiving someone who has wronged you.

3. You are being dishonest and trying to hide your true feelings to avoid feeling rejected.

4. If you dream of selling makeup, it means you need to take your mentor’s advice seriously.

5. If you dream of buying makeup, you will receive wealth.

6. Someone may misuse your trust in them in order to go ahead of you.

7. You are unable to express yourself appropriately where it matters.

8. There is a need to be careful around dishonest people.

9. You may be on the threshold of making a life-changing decision.

10. You may be looking for recognition by being creative and original.

Dream about Makeup – 38 Scenarios and Interpretations

Let us look at the various scenarios of dreaming about makeup and the ways in which they can be interpreted. Let’s start with various actions involving makeup.

1. Dream of putting on makeup

This symbolizes the need to feel better about yourself. You are looking at various ways to boost your self-esteem and give rest to your self-doubt. 

If you dream of spending a lot of time applying makeup, it means that you are putting in many efforts in a relationship. You are trying to repair a relationship or you are trying to forgive a person for their past mistakes.

In your dream, if you are not happy while putting on the makeup, that shows that you are happy with life as it is and do not want to make any major changes to it. 

2. Dreaming of badly applied makeup

Badly applied makeup in a dream suggests that you are not happy with the way you are and need transformation in life.

You want to change the way the world looks at you. You feel a need to make positive changes in your life and grow as a person.

3. Dream of too much makeup

This dream implies that you are being dishonest— either with yourself or with someone else. You are trying to hide your true self in order to avoid getting rejected or dejected.

This may also suggest that the people who seem close to you, might not be appropriate for you.

4. Dreaming of wearing makeup

 If you dream of wearing makeup, it symbolizes insight and intuition. You may feel more connected to yourself. 

Things are going well in relationships and with people close to you. This dream suggests positive emotions, power and fertility.

5. Dreaming of buying makeup

This dream means that you are doing well in life. It suggests that you will receive accolades for a job well-done. 

You are spending money on positive things, which will bring wealth and honor to you. 

6. Dreaming of selling makeup

This dream underlines the need for improvement in your work and it suggests that you need to take up advice and suggestions given to you by your mentors seriously.

7. Dreaming of stealing makeup

Dreaming of stealing makeup is a mirror to your own struggles and insecurities as a person.

It signifies that you are experiencing a lot of struggle in life and you need to be in control of your fate and not give up easily.

Stay away from people who don’t have your best interests in mind.

8. Dream about having difficulties in wearing makeup

 This dream indicates that someone will misuse your trust for their own advantage and will go ahead of you at work or with respect to familial standing. 

You may be feeling distressed or stuck in a difficult situation. 

9. Dream about cleaning makeup

 If you dream of cleaning or removing makeup, it shows your need to break free from something which is unpleasant in your life.

It shows your desire for adventure and of exploring new things. It may also mean that you are complicating simple issues and making them worse.

Dreams about makeup tools and essentials

Let’s explore a few scenarios involving various makeup tools and essentials.

10. Dreaming of lipstick

Dreaming of lipstick is related to love, passion and happiness. On the contrary, it can also suggest fraud and deceit.

If you dream of a dark-colored lipstick, it means that you are covering up something. 

It may also mean that you are not able to express yourself in the way you would have liked to.

If you dream of multicolored lipstick, it means that you are very emotional and may not be able to think rationally.

If you dream about lipstick and if you are a male, it might suggest difficulties in your life.

11. Dreaming about foundation

This dream means that you are trying your best and giving your hundred percent to something that you are very passionate about.

It suggests that you will find love and will be in a strong relationship. Those who are already in relationships can expect their bonds to become stronger.

12. Dream of compact powder

 If you dream of compact powder, you may be dealing with cunning people. 

It may also mean that you are in a confused state of mind due to conflicting advice you are getting about important issues in your life.

This dream also denotes warmth, comfort and pleasure. 

13. Dream about makeup tools

 If you dream of assorted makeup tools, it means that you’re already happy and successful in life, but you feel the need of moving ahead towards your life goals.

You need to make the most of the opportunities that are presented to you. You have more power and influence within you than you realize. 

14. Dream about makeup brush

This dream means that you have learned a lot from your past mistakes and failures. 

You are on the threshold of making an important decision that can change your life. You might be struggling from body image issues and need to work on accepting yourself the way you are.

15. Dream about makeup kit

This dream indicates the need to find balance in your life. You need to trust people more instead of pushing them away.

It may suggest unexpressed feelings such as fear, anger or resent.

You will be more creative and will cut out unnecessary elements from your life.

16. Dream of makeup bag or purse

Dreaming of a makeup bag or a purse represents luxury and class. You will focus on your growth and indulge in self-care and self-love.

There is a need to unveil your hidden potential by trying out new things. 

This dream symbolizes freedom. It may mean that you are finally free from some burden that you were carrying around for a long time.

17. Dream about blush   

This dream means that you are unable to hide your true feelings such as attraction, embarrassment or envy. 

It suggests the desire to look better and be more articulate in your thoughts and actions. 

18. Dream of eye makeup like mascara or eyeliner

 If you dream of very dark eye makeup, it shows that your point of view towards things may be flawed and that you need change in your perspective.

It is also a symbol of insincerity and that someone who is showing themselves as your true friend and well wisher, may not really have your best interests at heart.

19. Dream of fake eyelashes

 This dream suggests that you always look for other people’s approval and do not trust yourself. You need the validation of others to make yourself feel better.

It could also mean that you are naive and trust people easily, who end up using you for their own gain.

Dream of Makeup involving Various Persons

Let’s look at a few scenarios involving various persons in your makeup dream.

20. Dream of myself putting on makeup

 If you dream of yourself applying makeup on you, it might suggest that you are concealing your true feelings from others.

It suggests the need to accept yourself and be honest with yourself.

21. Dream of someone else putting makeup on me

 This dream indicates that you may not feel in charge of your own life. You may be feeling that others have more say than you do in various aspects of your life.

You need to be more vocal for your desires and needs. You might be feeling overburdened with responsibilities and overwhelmed with emotions.

22. Dreaming about me applying makeup on someone else

 If you dream that you are applying makeup on someone else, it suggests that you take care of others more than you take care of yourself. You put others first and end up neglecting yourself.

You need to indulge yourself and think about yourself for a change.

23. Dreaming about a man putting on makeup

 If you dream of a man who is putting on makeup, it suggests pain and longing for someone or something. 

You are feeling overwhelmed with troubles and challenges and you feel the need to handle everything on your own. 

You might be questioning your relationships, love and gender roles. You are dealing with some conflict within yourself and unable to express your true wishes and desires. 

24. Dreaming about the makeup artist

 This dream signifies that you will receive praise and acclaim for your work in the near future.

25. Dream about clown makeup

If you dream about clown makeup on yourself, it means that you are hiding your pain under a smiling facade. 

It could also mean that others are not taking you seriously and are ignoring you.

26. Dream about no makeup on yourself

 This dream indicates your wisdom and you don’t need any external tools to make yourself look perfect. You are already confident with yourself.

It suggests that you are introspecting and are in deep thought. It means that you are closer to achieving your goals.

Dreaming of Makeup on Different Facial Parts

Let’s take a look at the symbolic meanings of dreaming of makeup on various facial parts.

27. Dream of bold eye makeup

Dreaming of bold eye makeup suggests that you are looking for recognition and for people to notice you. It suggests your need to be inspiring and creative.

28. Dream of blush on cheeks

If you dream of blush applied on your cheeks, it indicates that the love of your life may not be true. They may be hiding something from you.

29. Dream of boldly colored lips

If you dream of bold colored lips such as red or maroon, it means that you need to address a problem in your love-life. It signifies a possibility of betrayal or jealousy in a committed relationship.

30. Dream of makeup on eyebrows and eyelashes

If you dream of makeup on eyebrows and eyelashes, it means that you are trying to impress someone really hard. You want them to notice you and get close to you.

31. Dream of foundation on the entire face

This dream means that you want to show your best self to others and want to put your best foot forward.

32.  Dreaming about neon eyeshadow

This dream suggests that there is a person in your life who means the most to you and you will go to any length for them.

You may be experiencing changes and facing new challenges in life.

33. Dreaming about dark eyeshadow

This dream indicates that you need to confront someone, be it an undesirable person or an undesirable aspect in your life. 

You need to adapt yourself and strive for the best in order to grow in life.

34. Dream of nude colored lips

This is a positive dream and it means that your relationship is about to get better.

It is time to relax with your partner and plan a vacation.

Miscellaneous Dreams about Makeup

35. Dreaming of a makeup salon

 If you dream of a makeup salon, it suggests peace, joy and harmony in life. You are happy and content with what you possess in life.

You will encounter good-natured and positive people in the near future.

36. Dream of makeup store

 This dream signifies the need to improve yourself. You are taking your time and efforts to make yourself a better person.

You need to make major changes in your life to make it more harmonious and pleasant.

37. Dream of multi-colored makeup

This dream is good news for all singles, who are waiting for a suitable partner. 

You will find a date to be interesting and a possible relationship is on the cards.

You will be surprised at all the qualities that people around you possess.

38. Dream of blue-colored makeup

 If you dream of blue-colored makeup, it means there are unwanted surprises coming your way.

On a positive note, your plans may work out and your relationships will flourish.

Spiritual Meaning of Makeup Dreams

Putting on makeup suggests that the dreamer is trying to conceal something and is not happy with what they already have.

They want the world to see something which is not true and may be hiding their true feelings.

Psychological Meaning of Makeup Dreams

This dream symbolizes your consciousness and your emotions. What others think about you is important to you.

You feel the need to be liked by others around you and want to please people. It may suggest the need to hide negative emotions under a positive facade. 

If you dream of removing makeup, it means that you have accepted yourself the way you are and have a desire to be true to yourself.

Concluding Thoughts

Makeup is a tool to make you feel beautiful. You need to accept yourself along with all the flaws in order to boost self-esteem.

We hope that these suggestions help you interpret your dream in a better way and you find a solution to your issues.

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