If you have been dreaming of nails, the first thing you need to ask is whether you had anything to do with nails lately. Perhaps you touched up your fingernails with a file the day before.

If nothing as such had happened, you need to recall what exactly you dreamed of. All these are extremely important to get to the bottom of your dream meaning. 

Dreaming of Nails - Various Plots And Their Interpretations
Dreaming of Nails – Various Plots And Their Interpretations

General Meaning of Dreaming of Nails

This is a sign of low self-esteem for some. Also, it can indicate losses and misery for others. At other times, nails are a reflection of your pretentious nature which will eventually drive you to doom. 

Nails can signify anything under the sun. And that is not surprising, considering the types, length, color, condition, nail tools, and so on. 

While some are a forewarning of a terrible event, others indicate leisure, travel, and fortune. 

However, some of the dream symbols associated with nails include –

  • You need to work hard

These dreams are often your subconscious trying to tell you that nothing comes free in this world.

If you want to be successful, you have to put in the work, you may have to pull several all-nighters because nobody is going to do those things for you.

Whether you succeed or fail is determined by how sincere you are towards your goals. 

  • Sexual adventures

It’s crucial to consider your cultural associations with nails as they too play a role in decoding your dream. 

Nails in the dream world are a phallic symbol. Therefore, nails usually portend a sexual experience, regardless of the gender of the dreamer. 

Spiritual Meaning Of Nails In A Dream

From the spiritual perspective, fingernails are your higher self encouraging you to be sincere and persistent. Because whatever you are investing your time and energy into will soon pay off.  

What Are The Various Dreams about Nails & Their Interpretations?

To see a nail in dreams

Generally, nails indicate a potential separation from a close one.

Nevertheless, make sure you check out the scenarios listed below as the meanings may differ depending on the dream details. 

Dreaming of toenails 

Chances are, you have been asked to or are compelled to do something you absolutely detest if you see this dream.

However, the sad truth is, that you won’t be able to run away from that particular situation or responsibility. 

Having short fingernails

They tend to show up prior to a period of melancholy and sadness

Alternatively, short nails imply anything done in haste will not bring you satisfactory results. 

Having long fingernails 

Your subconscious advises you to stay away from conflicts if you have this dream.

Positively, they also stand for a good profit from your ventures in the foreseeable future. 

Nicely-shaped long nails 

The above plot symbolizes respect and recognition. 

Ingrown toenails

These are a good sign implying your hard work will pay off. 

Negatively, these types of dreams may be a reflection of the internal struggle you are presently battling.

Broken nails

The dream says you must not overestimate your capability. Learn to take responsibilities only for those you can handle. 

They are also an ill omen foreshadowing dark days.

On that note, your higher self wants to remind you that life is nothing but a wheel. Someday you are happy and on other days, you blame your luck and fate. 

A dirty nail

However close you are to your so-called friends and acquaintances, do not share all your personal information with them.  

There may come a time when they will be tempted to use all that information against you.

Dirty nails also indicate you do not trust your partner. 

Fake or acrylic nails

It reflects your insincerity and pretentious personality. Perhaps you are reaching out to your friends and close ones, checking into them, and asking about their welfare. 

However, the downside of this dream states you are not being sincere. And there is an ulterior motive behind your actions. 

On the other hand, it denotes someone is banking on you for help. 

Lastly, it may also mean someone is spreading fake information about you. 

Nail polish

Nail polish in dreams reflects your desire to live a fulfilling life without lacking anything.

If you think this meaning is not for you, you may need to introspect and question yourself again because often, this is something your subconscious desires. 

Red nails

It symbolizes passionate relationships

Painting nails

This is a sign of success and prosperity. 

On the other hand, painting nails with polish may be your higher self urging you to be more attentive to the spiritual aspects of your life as well.

Biting nails

The plot promises an unexpected gift in the upcoming days or weeks. 

Negatively, it symbolizes your disappointment towards someone you have been generous and sympathetic to.

If this resonates, your dream warns you not to give in to that person anymore as it will drag you into more trouble. 

Breaking nails deliberately

According to the plot, you have chosen or are choosing a difficult life path.

Cutting nails

Chances are, you have lots of pending tasks that need to be completed in a limited period of time.

Another approach to the dream implies you are super conscious of your looks and appearance. 

Cutting nails and removing the dirt under them

The plot is a sign that whatever decision you make around this time will turn out to be rewarding. 

Pulling out nails

This is an ill omen, especially for people who are into their own businesses. According to the dream, your venture is likely to hit a slump in the foreseeable future. 

Nails falling off

It symbolizes dirty or unpleasant work for a meager amount of money.

Rotten nails

Rotten nails signify a loss of reputation. 

Well-groomed hands and nails

Hands and fingernails that are well-groomed symbolize domestic love, peace, and harmony. 

Using a nail file

It means you are willing to go slow and solve your problems one after the other without rushing in. While this approach will help you understand and tackle your problems more. 

A wall nail

This shows you will be able to help a close one get out of a problematic situation. 

Biblical Meaning

From the Biblical perspective, fingernails are your higher self encouraging you to be sincere and persistent. Because whatever you are investing your time and energy into will soon pay off.  


Dreams of nails can stand for anything.

Sometimes they are associated with health and welfare and at other times, they are closely related to your professional life, career, and finance. 

Regardless of which aspect of your life your dream points to, you need to remember that every dream happens for a reason.

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