Key Takeaways

  • Dreaming of nails may signify good or bad depending on the condition, color, and the type.
  • While some scenarios indicate low self-esteem, others may stand for financial setbacks such as your business going bankrupt.
  • Acrylic nails are often a reflection of your pretentious personality.
  • If you visited a nail salon lately or had something to do with nails in the recent past, your dream carries no deep meaning.

If you have been dreaming of nails, the first thing you need to ask is whether you had anything to do with nails lately. Perhaps you touched up your fingernails with a file the day before.

If nothing as such had happened, you need to recall what exactly you dreamed of. 

Were the nails natural or fake? 

How long or short was it? 

Was it beautifully done or neglected?

What exactly happened in the dream? etc.

All these are extremely important to get to the bottom of your dream meaning. In this article, we have gathered some of the most common scenarios around nails.

Make sure you go through them. You’ll be amazed by the messages your subconscious is trying to send you through your dream!

Dreaming of Nails - 150 Plots And Their Interpretations
Dreaming of Nails – 150 Plots And Their Interpretations

Dreaming of Nails – General Meaning

While dreaming of nails is a sign of low self-esteem for some, it can indicate losses and misery for others. At other times, nails are a reflection of your pretentious nature which will eventually drive you to doom. 

Nails can signify anything under the sun. And that is not surprising, considering the types, length, color, condition, nail tools, and so on. 

While some are a forewarning of a terrible event, others indicate leisure, travel, and fortune. 

Therefore, it’s vital to take into consideration each of the minute details as one tiny detail can flip the meaning of the dream from good to bad or vice versa. 

Dream about Nails – Dream Symbols

Some of the dream symbols associated with nails include –

1. You need to work hard

Fingernails in a dream are often your subconscious trying to tell you that nothing comes free in this world.

If you want to be successful, you have to put in the work, you may have to pull several all-nighters because nobody is going to do those things for you.

Whether you succeed or fail is determined by how sincere you are towards your goals. 

2. Sexual adventures

It’s crucial to consider your cultural associations with nails as they too play a role in decoding your dream. 

According to the Italian dream book, nails in the dream world are a phallic symbol. Therefore, nails usually portend a sexual experience, regardless of the gender of the dreamer. 

That said, you need to remember that your dream details and the emotions you experience in the dream are as important as the cultural associations. 

Dream about Fingernails – 120 Plots And Their Interpretations

1. To see a nail in a dream

Generally, nails indicate a potential separation from a close one. Nevertheless, make sure you check out the scenarios listed below as the meanings may differ depending on the dream details. 

2. Toenails in a dream

Chances are, you have been asked to or are compelled to do something you absolutely detest if you see a toenail(s) in a dream.

However, the sad truth is, that you won’t be able to run away from that particular situation or responsibility. 

3. Seeing your own toenails in a dream

Seeing your own toenails may point to a drastic change you would have to go through in the upcoming days. 

4. To dream of seeing a little toenail without the nail plate

If you see no nail plate on the little toenail, one of your relationships with a close one may turn sour.

5. To dream of having short fingernails

Short fingernails tend to show up in dreams prior to a period of melancholy and sadness. 

Alternatively, short nails imply anything done in haste will not bring you satisfactory results. 

6. Having long fingernails in a dream

Your subconscious advises you to stay away from conflicts if you dream about having long fingernails. 

Positively, long fingernails also stand for a good profit from your ventures in the foreseeable future. 

7. Dreaming of nicely-shaped long nails 

The above plot symbolizes respect and recognition. 

8. Dreaming of unnaturally long fingernails

Unnaturally long nails in a dream signify a setback in your finances. However, your dream also hints at support from your dear ones. So, you need not worry much.

Nonetheless, you can use your upcoming financially challenging days as a lesson to be careful with your expenses. 

Contrarily, other experts relate such a plot with good days awaiting you. 

Several dream books also relate unnaturally long nails with your wicked and merciless nature. 

9. Recurring dreams of unnaturally long fingernails

If you dream of unnaturally long fingernails repeatedly, the plot says a positive transformation is on the horizon. 

10. To dream of having long toenails

Long toenails in a dream signify physically tiring work that will fetch quite a decent income. 

11. Ingrown toenails in a dream

Ingrown toenails in dreams are a good sign implying your hard work will pay off. 

Negatively, these types of dreams may be a reflection of the internal struggle you are presently battling.

12. Dreaming about removing ingrown nails

If you dream of removing ingrown nails, you will take up the complicated path over the easy one. 

13. A dream about long and dirty nails

Long and dirty nails imply you do not trust your partner at all. You may have your reasons but your dream wants you to reevaluate your decision of having no faith in him or her. 

Because the dream indicates the whole thing about your partner not deserving your trust has nothing to do with his or her actions but more with your imagination and wild assumptions. 

14. Fake or acrylic nails in a dream

Wearing fake or acrylic nails reflects your insincerity and pretentious personality. Perhaps you are reaching out to your friends and close ones, checking into them, and asking about their welfare. 

However, the downside of this dream states you are not being sincere. And there is an ulterior motive behind your actions. 

On the other hand, fake nails denote someone is banking on you for help. It may have to do with money but not necessarily. That person may simply be counting on you for emotional support.

Fake nails may also mean someone is spreading fake information about you. 

15. Dreaming of flaky nails

Flaky nails symbolize trouble you brought upon yourself. 

16. Dreaming of broken nails

Your dream says you must not overestimate your capability. Learn to take responsibilities only for those you can handle. 

If you fail to live up to your words, that will cost you the trust people have in you. 

Broken nails are also an ill omen foreshadowing dark days. On that note, your higher self wants to remind you that life is nothing but a wheel. Someday you are happy and on other days, you blame your luck and fate. 

Your dream wants you to prepare yourself mentally for the dark phase of life that’s heading toward you. Accept it for it is a part of life while reminding yourself that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. 

17. Dreaming about broken toenails

Broken toenails are an ill omen. If you have started anything new lately, say a venture, expect it to hit a slump. 

18. Dreaming about ugly and broken toenails

The dream says you feel utterly ashamed of a close one, most probably, an immediate family member. 

In all likelihood, he or she did something to disgrace your reputation or your family’s. 

19. Seeing weak toenails in a dream

Weak toenails in dreams are an ill omen signifying conflicts within the domestic environment. 

20. Dreaming of unhealthy-looking nails

The dream hints at an underlying disease developing in you or a close one. 

Also, it can stand for possible conflicts and disputes within your family. 

21. Dreaming of rotten nails

Rotten nails signify a loss of reputation. 

22. Dreaming of a torn nail

If you dream of a nail that is a bit torn, it is your higher self urging you to take better care of your health.

23. To dream that your nails fell off

Here, the nail that fell off represents relatives that bring you more harm than good. The plot says you will finally be able to detach yourself from them. 

24. Dreaming of a dirty nail

However close you are to your so-called friends and acquaintances, do not share all your personal information with them.  

There may come a time when they will be tempted to use all that information against you.

Daily nails also indicate you do not trust your partner. 

25. A dream of nail polish

Nail polish in dreams reflects your desire to live a fulfilling life without lacking anything.

If you think this meaning is not for you, you may need to introspect and question yourself again because often, this is something your subconscious desires. 

26. Dreaming about choosing nail polish

Choosing nail polish signifies unnecessary expenses. 

27. To dream of buying nail polish

You may soon be invited to a grand event if you dream of buying nail polish.

Financially, buying nail polish implies unforeseen expenses that will burn a hole in your pocket. 

28. Dreaming about buying beautiful nail polish

If you dream of purchasing beautiful nail polish, you are likely to go on a fun trip with your dear ones. 

29. Dreaming of dark nail polish

Broadly, dark-colored nail polish in a dream indicates obstacles arising out of nowhere hindering your path towards success.

30. Dreaming of bright colored nail polish

Bright nail polish stands for happiness in your personal life. 

31. Dreaming about transparent nail polish

Possibly, you will have a hard time communicating with your relatives and making them understand your point regarding a particular matter.

32. Dreaming of white nail polish

Generally, white nail polish symbolizes the resolution of conflicts.

33. Dreaming of black nail polish

Black nail paint stands for the negative thoughts you are entertaining in your mind.

Take this dream as a wake-up call and try to get rid of those negativities before they wreak havoc on your mental state. 

Black nail polish also implies misfortune. 

34. Dreaming of burgundy nail polish

Burgundy nail polish is an auspicious sign signifying growth and development in terms of your professional life.

35. Dreaming of cherry-colored nail polish

Most likely, workers and employers can expect an increase in their salary if they see cherry-colored nail polish in their dreams.

36. Dreaming of dark blue nail polish

Usually, dark blue nail polish denotes a low-paying job.

37. A dream about blue nail polish

According to the dream, you have been worrying yourself about nothing concerning the health and welfare of a relative. 

Blue nail polish is also associated with traveling. 

38. Green nail polish in a dream

If you dream of green nail polish you may receive unforeseen profit from an unexpected source.

39. Dreaming about red nail polish

Red nail polish symbolizes passionate relationships. 

40. Dreaming of orange nail polish

If you dream of orange nail polish while working on a project, the scenario symbolizes the successful completion of the particular project.

41. Yellow nail polish in a dream

Yellow nail polish symbolizes a short-term separation from a loved one. 

Maybe you will be compelled to take a business trip leaving your family behind. 

42. A dream of paying extra attention to someone else’s nails

If you dream of staring or paying extra attention to someone else’s nails, it means there are numerous people envious of your life and achievements.

According to the dream, these are people you know little or nothing about.

43. Dreaming about scratching someone or something with your fingernails

Here, the scenario stands for your rebellious personality. You often tend to act according to your whims and fancies, despite warnings from others, often making things more complicated. 

If you dream of scratching another person with your nails, it also stands for the appearance of haters. That said, stay on your toes and keep yourselves away from trouble to be on the safe side.

44. To dream of painting nails

Painting nails is a sign of success and prosperity. 

On the other hand, painting nails with polish may be your higher self urging you to be more attentive to the spiritual aspects of your life as well.

45. To dream of painting toenails

Painting toenails in a dream is often associated with travels. 

46. To dream of painting only one nail

Painting only one nail is a harbinger of problems and unpleasant situations due to the intervention of other people in your life and affairs.

47. To dream of painting your nails with pink polish

The dream portends a romantic and passionate evening with your partner.

48. Dreaming about painted nails

If you are undergoing a problem around the time you dream of painted nails, the scenario is a sign that the solution you come up with will be rather unique and unthought of. 

49. Dreaming about changing nail paint from one color to another

Changing nail paint from one color to another signifies your creativity. 

50. Dreaming that your nail polish was chipped

If you dream of the above plot, you need to remember that perfectionism is a myth. Nobody and nothing in this world are perfect. 

So, if you are waiting for that ‘perfect’ opportunity or ‘perfect’ time to start something, your dream wants you to act now. Because the perfect whatever you are looking forward to will likely never come. 

51. Dreaming that your nail polish was smeared

If you dream of your nail polish getting smeared, it means you are being too hasty about something. 

52. A dream about taking off nail paint

You may soon form an alliance with a dishonest person if you dream of removing nail polish from your nails. 

53. Removing nail polish from long nails in a dream

The above scenario symbolizes poverty. 

54. To dream that you hate wearing nail paint

If you hate wearing nail paint in your dream, it means you easily tend to get annoyed by other people. 

55. A dream of biting nails

The plot promises an unexpected gift in the upcoming days or weeks. 

Negatively, biting nails symbolizes your disappointment towards someone you have been generous and sympathetic to.

If this resonates, your dream warns you not to give in to that person anymore as it will drag you into more trouble. 

For instance, you may have been financially supporting a relative only to figure out much later that he or she has been gambling away from money. 

56. To dream of watching your nails break

We usually don’t stay still and watch our nails break but anything and everything is possible in the dream world. 

If you had a similar dream experience, it means success. But you need to put in the effort and be patient to reap the fruits of your hard work. 

57. To dream of breaking nails deliberately

According to the plot, you have chosen or are choosing a difficult life path.

58. Seeing someone else’s nails breaking in a dream

The dream denotes difficulties in communication. For reasons unique to you and your circumstances, you will find it quite hard to get through your opinions to the other side and vice versa. 

59. Dreaming of breaking a nail and cutting the rest

Likely, you will soon get insulted by your partner.

60. A dream of cutting nails

Chances are, you have lots of pending tasks that need to be completed in a limited period of time.

Another approach to the dream implies you are super conscious of your looks and appearance. 

Cutting your nails is also interpreted as a harbinger of downfall and bankruptcy. 

61. To dream of cutting unnaturally long nails

Cutting off extremely long nails portends misunderstandings and conflicts. 

62. Dreaming of cutting nails and removing the dirt under them

The plot is a sign that whatever decision you make around this time will turn out to be rewarding. 

63. Dreaming of cutting someone else’s nails

Cutting another person’s nails implies you would sometimes have to yield to actions/ activities that go against your wishes. 

For example, let’s say you work for an organization. There would be numerous rules and regulations you find disagreeable. However, if that job is your lifeline, you would need to abide by their rules. 

64. Dreaming about cutting another person’s toenails

Cutting another person’s toenails is interpreted as getting engaged in tedious work in exchange for a small sum.

Here, the dream encourages you not to undervalue yourself. 

65. Cutting your grandmother’s nails in a dream

You need to pay closer attention to the health of your family members, especially the elderly ones as the dream portends sickness. 

66. Dreaming of cutting your mother’s nails

If you dream of cutting your mother’s nails you will soon engage in a rather awkward conversation with your mother or parents. 

67. Cutting your wife’s nails in a dream

For a man to dream of cutting his wife’s nails indicates a change of residence. 

68. Cutting your daughter’s nails in a dream

The above scenario indicates you often have trouble communicating with children or people of generations younger than yours. 

69. Dreaming about cutting a relative’s nails

Interestingly, the scenario has nothing to do with a relative or any other person for that matter. 

The dream is solely about you. As per the dream, you will soon open your own business. 

70. Dreaming of cutting a male friend’s nails

Most likely, you will soon spend a significant sum of money to buy something if you cut a male friend’s nails in a dream.

71. Cutting a man’s nails in a dream

You are likely to move to a distant land if you dream about cutting a man’s nails. 

72. Dreaming about cutting a girl’s nails

According to the plot, you will soon come up with a way to earn extra income. 

73. Cutting a child’s nails in a dream

The scenario is a reflection of your caring and compassionate nature. 

On the other hand, cutting a child’s nails also implies you will soon get extremely busy with household chores.

74. A dream of cutting a boy’s nails

Cutting a boy’s nails in a dream foretells a reunion with friends you have lost touch with. 

75. A dream of cutting a cat’s nails/ claws

Cutting a cat’s nails portends a meet-up with a close friend. 

76. To dream of cutting rotten nails

Soon, you may be compelled to communicate with a person who you think is deceitful. 

77. Cutting sharp nails in a dream

Cutting sharp nails implies your hard work will pay off soon. 

78. Dream of cutting long and beautiful nails

The dream signifies problems and disappointment in the waking world. 

79. To dream of cutting a painted nail

For workers and employers, cutting a painted nail is a harbinger of a bonus payment. 

80. Cutting white nails in a dream

Cutting white nails symbolizes a reunion with a person you deeply care for or used to care for. 

81. Dreaming about cutting yellow nails

You may soon develop a toxic habit if you dream of cutting yellow nails

82. Dreaming of cutting the entire nails leaving nothing behind

If you dream of the above, you may soon commit an action that will eventually cost you a loved one’s trust. 

83. A dream of cutting nails with a knife

Cutting nails with a knife is your subconscious warning you against making any rash decisions. 

84. Cutting your nails in public in a dream

You need to differentiate between what is okay to be shared with other people and what is not. You may think everyone who acts nice to you is your well-wisher but oftentimes, that is exactly the opposite. 

85. To dream of another person cutting his or her toenails

If you see another person cutting his or her toenails, the plot means you will soon find someone who is willing to put in hard work in your stead.

86. Dreaming of watching another person cut his or her nails

In life you will come across several situations you cannot control, however hard you try. So, when you find yourself in such a situation, you must learn to accept your powerlessness. 

Instead of being adamant and trying to have your way, your subconscious wants you to look at the matter from another perspective. Who knows you might be able to use your powerlessness to your advantage. 

87. Dreaming of nails tearing off

If your nails tear off, the plot foreshadows a period of sorrow. 

88. Dreaming of pulling out nails

Pulling out nails is an ill omen, especially for people who are into their own businesses. According to the dream, your venture is likely to hit a slump in the foreseeable future. 

89. To dream of removing nails

Your dream warns you to be extremely cautious, especially at your workplace as the chances of you getting injured while at work are extremely high. 

90. Dreaming about removing the extended nail

If you remove the extended nail from your fingers or toes, the scenario says you will soon discover a huge secret. 

91. Dreaming of nails falling off

Often, nails falling off symbolizes dirty or unpleasant work for a meager amount of money.

92. To dream of a toenail falling off

In your dream, if the nail on your big toe or the great toe fell off, the scenario denotes you will finally be able to get rid of a person you dislike. 

93. To see another person’s nails falling off

Dreaming of seeing another person’s nails fall off is related to communication problems. 

94. Dreaming about losing your nails

Chances are, you will soon cut off ties with someone because his or her presence in your life has become too toxic for your mental wellbeing.

95. Dreaming of losing a toenail

According to the dream book of Nostradamus, if you lose a toenail in your dream, the plot hints at an illness that will befall either you or a close one in the foreseeable future. 

At other times, losing a toenail reflects your disappointment or rage towards a close one. 

96. Dreaming about your fingernails hurting you

In the foreseeable future, you may get deeply hurt after getting into a nasty argument with a loved one.

As you see in the dream, it’s not someone else’s fingernails but your own that hurt you. So, it’s possible that the root cause of the dispute would be you. 

97. Dreaming about polishing fingernails

Polishing fingernails stand for your subconscious desire to rise above your current status and be a part of the elite class. 

On the other hand, the dream may symbolize good health. 

98. Neglected hands with cracked or exfoliated nails

The plot symbolizes humiliation and shame.

99. Dreaming of well-groomed hands and nails

Hands and fingernails that are well-groomed symbolize domestic love, peace, and harmony. 

100. To dream of beautifully manicured nails 

Beautifully manicured nails symbolize good luck. 

101. To dream of neat and well-groomed toenails

Well-groomed toenails symbolize good health. 

102. Dreaming of well-groomed hands and red nails

Here, the scenario symbolizes reconciliation with friends, family, and loved ones. 

103. Dreaming of red nails

Red nails stand for reconciliation. Most likely, you will forgive a person who hurt you badly in the past. 

Since red also stands for passion, there’s also a possibility of you getting tempted to cheat on your partner. 

104. A dream about using a nail file

If you dream of using a nail file, it means you are willing to go slow and solve your problems one after the other without rushing in.

While this approach will help you understand and tackle your problems more strategically, your dream also wants you to be aware of the risks of taking this route.

Sometimes, if you wait too long to fix an issue, it may lead to a bigger problem. 

Alternatively, using a nail file shows you are ready to let go of situations that do not serve you anymore. 

105. Dreaming about a nail clipper

A nail clipper denotes it’s high time you let go of something that’s holding you back from progressing. It could be a person, situation, or merely memories from the past. 

106. A woman dreaming of manicuring her own nails

For a woman to dream of the above indicates going on a shopping spree. 

107. Dreaming about getting a manicure or pedicure at a nail salon

According to the dream, you are content with your current job, relationships, and overall ways of living. 

108. To dream about interacting with a nail technician

Interacting with a nail technician symbolizes the intimate relationship you share with a close one, not necessarily a partner.

109. Dreaming about being a manicurist or a pedicurist 

If you dream about being a manicurist or a pedicurist, it means you tend to put others first before yourself. 

110. Dreaming of nail amputation

You will be able to get rid of an annoying individual if you dream of a nail amputation. 

111. Eating a nail in a dream

You tend to overthink and worry over nothing if you dream of eating nails in a dream.

112. A woman dreaming of painting her nails

According to the dream books of Miller, a woman painting her nails in her dream reflects her wishes to have a beautiful life. 

113. A young woman dreaming of wearing red nail paint

For a young woman, wearing red nail paint stands for the temptation to give in to passion and sexual activities. 

114. An unmarried woman dreaming of beautifully manicured nails

If an unmarried woman sees beautifully manicured nails in a dream, she is likely to receive a proposal from her partner soon.

115. A married woman dreaming of wearing red nail polish

If you are a married woman and dream of wearing red nail polish, the plot possibly stands for your resistance to temptation. 

116. Well-manicured nails for a married woman

For a married woman, well-manicured nails symbolize domestic harmony, love, and peace. 

117. A pregnant woman dreaming of cutting nails

Cutting nails symbolizes easy childbirth for a pregnant woman. 

118. A man dreaming of wearing nail polish on his toenails

For a man to dream of having his toes polished indicates cowardice. 

119. A man dreaming of wearing transparent nail polish

For a male dreamer, wearing transparent nail polish on his toes is actually a good sign. It means he has the potential to tackle complicated situations well. 

120. A man dreaming of cutting his nails

According to the plot, you would have none but yourself to rely on in times of trouble. 

Dream of Wall Nails – 30 Dream Scenarios And Their Meanings

121. Dreaming of a wall nail

A wall nail shows you will be able to help a close one get out of a problematic situation. 

122. To dream of seeing more than one wall nails

Seeing two or more wall nails indicates your friends will come to your rescue during times of trouble. 

123. To dream of seeing a person carry a nail

If you see another person carry a nail, it is your subconscious warning you of someone who is criticizing you behind your back. 

124. To dream of hammering nails onto something

If you dream of hammering nails onto something, it means you will finally be able to resolve a complicated issue.

125. Dreaming of using a nail to connect two things

The meaning of this scenario depends on the two materials. 

If you dream of joining two similar objects, say two different pieces of wood, the scenario denotes a union of mutual agreement. 

On the contrary, if you dream of connecting two completely different materials say a plank of wood and a piece of cloth, the plot symbolizes a forced union. 

For example, your family may compel you to marry someone you don’t love just so your family business can expand.

126. Dreaming about driving a nail on a piece of wood

If you dream of driving a wall nail into a piece of wood, the scenario portends a happy, fulfilling life with your partner.  

127. Dreaming about using a nail to join two planks of wood

The plot symbolizes mutual understanding and harmony both in your personal and professional life. 

128. Driving a nail on the wall in a dream

Most likely, you have gotten yourself involved with toxic people that will eventually drive you to doom if you dream of the above scenario. 

Having said that, do not lose heart yet and remind yourself to stay optimistic. Meanwhile, if you believe you are in bad company, learn to maintain a distance from those people for your own good.

129. Dreaming about driving a nail on a steel floor

You may dig into something if you drive a nail on a steel floor in a dream vision. Undoubtedly, it will be a challenging phase as you try to get to the bottom of it.

But if you are sincere, your higher self advises you to hang in there as your efforts will pay off eventually. 

130. To dream of getting hurt while driving a wall nail onto something

Chances are, you are going through some ups and downs if you dream of the above scenario. 

And the dream further tells you that you will try your utmost to divert yourself from the sadness of your present predicament.

Perhaps you will go out and meet people or maybe you will immerse deep in your work, giving yourself no chance to dwell on your sadness. 

131. A wall nail on your head in a dream

If you dream of a wall nail on your head, you are heading towards a difficult phase of life. You will soon face a complicated matter and it will probably turn your life upside down.

132. A wall nail in the eye in a dream

The scenario hints at a serious health problem.

133. Dreaming of a nail in your mouth

You need to be careful with how you communicate and speak. Else, you may end up saying something you’re not supposed to. 

134. Dreaming of a wall nail on your hands or feet

If the dream happens, there’s a possibility that your friends or family will put you in a spot. 

135. To dream of pulling nails off with a plier

Pulling nails off with a plier symbolizes withdrawal. The dream says you stepped into something only to realize later that it’s not for you. Therefore, you are backing off and withdrawing yourself from it.

Maybe you got into a relationship only to realize that you are not emotionally or mentally prepared for commitments. 

136. Dreaming about hanging a picture on a wall nail

Hanging a picture on a wall nail in a dream portends a period of leisure and relaxation. 

137. Hanging from the ears in a dream

Sometimes, you may see yourself hanging with wall nails on your ears. Or you may dream of doing the same to another person.  

Regardless of who did that to whom the scenario implies something you had considered to be a failure will work out miraculously. 

138. Finding a wall nail in a dream

Likely, you and a close one will fall out due to a misunderstanding if you find a wall nail in your dream.

139. To dream of seeing cracks on a wall after you drive a nail into it

According to the plot, you will make peace with someone you have fallen out with. 

140. To dream of picking nails off the floor

As you know, picking up nails, especially small ones, from the floor is a hard yet insignificant task. 

So, the dream may mean you are presently engaged in hard labor for a tiny compensation. 

Furthermore, there’s also a probability that somebody is deliberately trying to make your life harder. 

141. Dreaming about collecting wall nails

Collecting nails symbolizes deceit. You have or are about to deceive your people with a lie. But your dream wants you to know that a lie breeds another lie.

And if you keep on continuing you will sooner or later find yourself caught in a pathetic mess. 

If you have already deceived your close ones regarding a matter, see if you can come clean before it’s too late. On the other hand, if you are trying to cook a lie, your subconscious wants you to think again. 

142. To dream of stepping on a nail

Stepping on a nail is a harbinger of trouble coming your way. 

Shortly, you may find yourself entangled in a mess just because you happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. 

For instance, let’s say you happen to be at a bank during a daytime robbery. Though you have nothing to do with the incident, you may become one of the prime suspects just because you were present in the bank at the wrong time. 

143. To dream of someone playing with a nail

If you dream of someone playing with a nail, you may in the upcoming days feel low and nostalgic as the memories of a deceased loved one flashback.

144. Dreaming about swallowing a nail

According to the dream you have a habit of exaggerating your problems. 

145. Buying a nail in a dream

Buying a nail is a good sign, especially if you are not in the best of health condition around the time the dream happened. 

It means all or at least, most of your health problems will soon vanish. 

146. Selling a nail in a dream

There’s a possibility that you will be able to make a huge positive impact on others through your speech or actions. 

147. To see a bed of nails in a dream

Dreaming of a bed of nails may mean heartbreak after being misunderstood by a loved one. 

148. Seeing a tiny wall nail in a dream

Chances are, you will stumble into a good amount of money if you dream of a small nail. Here, we don’t mean you will find a bundle of cash on the street or something similar.

But you may soon get a handsome profit out of your business or someone may return the amount he or she owes you.

149. Dreaming of a rusty nail

A rusty nail symbolizes trouble. 

150. To dream of a rusty nail pricking on your foot

According to the dream, you are intuitive enough to sense fake people and fake friendships from afar. 

Biblical Meaning Of Nails In A Dream

From the Biblical perspective, fingernails are your higher self encouraging you to be sincere and persistent. Because whatever you are investing your time and energy into will soon pay off.  

Dream about Nails – Real Dream Examples

1. A woman dreamed of wearing fake nails as she had no natural nails

In waking life, the woman had no self-esteem and her confidence level was as low as low can be. 

2. A woman dreamed of slicing her fingernails

In waking life, she had zero self-confidence and was not in the least proud of herself. 


So, as we mentioned earlier, dreaming of nails can stand for anything. Sometimes they are associated with health and welfare and at other times, they are closely related to your professional life, career, and finance. Not to forget separation and reconciliation in some instances. 

Regardless of which aspect of your life your dream points to, you need to remember that every dream happens for a reason.

And in this context, unless you have been to a nail salon or someplace similar lately, you need to delve deep into your dream as well as real-life happenings and sort out the message behind your dream.

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