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Dreaming of Worms – 141 Dream Plots & their Meanings

Dreaming of Worms – 141 Dream Plots & their Meanings

Updated on Jun 20, 2022 | Published on Sep 25, 2021

Reviewed by Dr. Nereida Gonzalez-Berrios, MD , Certified Psychiatrist

Dreaming Of Worms - 141 Dream Plots & their Meanings

If you have been dreaming of worms and are dead curious about the meaning, you have come to the right place. 

Worms are a common dream theme. At some point in your life, you’ll wake up feeling disgusted, itchy, and longing for a warm bath. 

Dream scenarios associated with Worms generally have negative connotations. However, let’s not forget the fact that they contribute to the ecosystem in their ways. 

Dreaming Of Worms - 141 Dream Plots & their Meanings
Dreaming Of Worms – 141 Dream Plots & their Meanings

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Worms?

Generally, a dream about worms signifies problems and deceitful people trying to take advantage of you in the name of companionship. But then again, they may also foretell a transition, a switch from poverty to prosperity, or vice versa.

Almost instantly, dreamers across the planet associate dream about worms with negativity. If that’s what you did too, we do not blame you!

In the dream world, worms usually relate to upcoming problems, which could be anything, from oppression to conflicts with others to health issues. Worm dreams may also hint at the presence of false friends hovering around you. 

If you can recall the lessons of your biology class, worms are at the bottom of the food chain. They are usually the prey of small birds like sparrows and pigeons. From that perspective, dreams about worms could mean you are not confident and think lowly of yourself. 

If you were disgusted with the creature in your dream plot, it is a clear indication that you need to work on yourself, on your self-esteem. 

Let us remind you here that interpretations vary depending on the dream details – species, color, shape, size, emotions you experienced in the dream, and not to forget, your real-life situations. 

Creepy as they are, worms are natural recyclers. Not only are they important but they are crucial for keeping the soil fertile. From that viewpoint, worms in the dream world symbolize rejuvenation, transformation, and success. 

In fact, some psychologists agree that big, fat worms in dreams symbolize wealth and fortune.

Usually, you need to do a little digging to find worms in the soil since they are deep inside and not on the surface. Accordingly, your dream plot may mean you conceal your genuine side under a disguise. 

For instance, say you feel pathetic inside, but you usually do not show it to other people. 

According to Tsvetkov, the psychotherapist, worms in the dream world stand for wicked thoughts and vile temptations. If this resonates, your dream plot could be warning you to stay away from such thoughts unless you want to get into trouble and repent later. 

Positively, the creature also indicates you will receive help from people you least expect. If your star favors you, an amazing person will show up in your life. 

It is also important to note how your culture perceives these spineless beings. While most connect the creature to negative people and problems, others believe worms represent vile temptations haunting you.

So, you must leave no stones unturned while interpreting your scenario. 

Now that we’re done with the general meaning let’s look at what worm dreams symbolize. 

Worm Dream Meaning: Dream Symbols

Listed below are some of the most common symbols of worm dreams. 

1. Inferiority Complex

As lowly and vulnerable as these wriggly creatures are, a dream about worms may mean you think poorly of yourself. 

Do you think everyone around you is better off than you? Do you often feel sorry towards your family and loved ones and feel unworthy of their love? 

2. An Underlying Issue

Often, dreams about worms stand for an issue you have failed to detect. Though aware of something bothering you and hindering your progress, you are not sure what it is. 

3. Envy

You are surrounded by creepy people who call themselves your friends when all they wish for is your degradation. These people are dead jealous of your achievements and your life. There’s a strong likelihood that they entered your circle to rot you. 

If you think this resonates, take your dream as a warning to break away from those you believe befriended you with malicious intentions. 

4. Deceit

The appearance of the creature could mean someone is not honest with you. 

Or maybe it is you putting on different masks. 

5. Base Thoughts

Dreaming about worms implies that you entertain base thoughts and are overpowered by evil temptations. 

6. Shame and Guilt

Some people dream of these slimy beings when they are repentant of the vicious deeds they have committed in the past. 

7. Disclosure

A revelation could be the primary theme of your worm dream if you have done something disgraceful. In such cases, the scenario warns you to be emotionally prepared because you will soon get busted as your scandalous deeds go out in the open. 

8. Sickness

Often, worms hint at an underlying illness or a disease you will soon be diagnosed with. This is especially true if the worm appeared on a particular part of your body in your dream plot. 

For instance, a woman developed retinitis or the inflammation of the retina a few days after she dreamed of a slimy worm crawling on her eyelids. 

9. The need to be expressive

If you notice, creatures such as earthworms are not found on the surface of the soil. You need to dig deeper if you want to use them as baits for fishing. 

Similarly, the worms stand for repressed ideas you need to bring to the surface. Just as the worms from the depths of the soil help you catch fish, your repressed ideas may serve as the ticket to your growth. 

10. Renewal

Worms also symbolize renewal, regeneration, and transformation. 

Dreaming of Worms – 141 Scenarios And Their Meanings

Bearing in mind the different types of worms and species classed under each type, there are thousands of worm-related dream scenarios. 

However, we have filtered some of the most common spectacles experienced by dreamers across the planet. Yours may or may not be on the list. Even if it’s not, the article will help you figure out how to approach your scenario for interpretation. 

1. Dreaming of seeing worms

Generally, worms in the dream world have a negative connotation. They either stand for problems or envious people around you. 

If the second possibility resonates with your present life, the scenario warns you to watch those people closely because there’s a strong likelihood that they will try to harm you. 

If you saw worms without any other additional details, such a dream might be revealing your real-life situation and the emotional state you’re in. 

Are you putting on a smile and acting as if everything is alright when in truth, you are not?

2. Watching a worm in a dream

Sometimes, you may dream of yourself watching the movements of a worm intently. Such a scenario has a negative connotation and shows that you think lowly of yourself. It is also possible to dream of the same if you believe someone is much inferior to you.  

3. A single worm in a dream

A single worm is one of the most common worm-dream scenarios. Depending on your real-life circumstances, you can interpret it in various ways.

How do you perceive yourself? If you were to rate yourself from 1 to 10, how much would you give? If you think of yourself as a failure and unworthy of the love and affection you are getting from others, the creature symbolizes you.  

From another point of view, the scenario indicates you are in a difficult situation presently. 

Other interpreters agree that a single worm in a dream vision stands for unexpected help and support from friends or strangers. Around the time you dream of this plot, if any stranger pops up with an opportunity, make sure to grab it. Chances are, that person will help you attain your goals.  

4. Dreaming of several worms

It’s an ill omen to see an abundance of worms in a dream. Likely, the creatures stand for toxic people around you. It may also mean someone or a group of people are plotting something against you. 

Ask yourself if you have done something terrible to someone in the past? If the answer is yes, the scenario implies you would soon reap the rewards of your wicked actions.

Worms And Food In Dreams

5. Dreaming of worms in food

In waking life, worms are usually found in decaying or rotten food items, not in fresh and clean foods. In that regard, the dream hints at an aspect of your life that has seriously gone wrong to the point of decay.

Take, for instance, an abusive partner making your life a living hell. 

Dreaming of the presence of a worm or worms in food also reveals that someone at work is jealous of your achievements and position. Most likely, he or she is not skillful enough to defeat you in a fairway. So, that person might, out of spite, try to ruin you through corrupted means. 

The scenario may also reflect your unhealthy lifestyle and food habits. Perhaps you drink more than you should and are into intoxicants. 

On the other hand, the dream may stand for your skepticism towards someone you recently encountered.  

6. A dream of looking for worms in food and finding them

Based on the plot, you feel troubled and restless in some areas of your life but you are unable to pinpoint what caused them and how to resolve them.

7. A dream of looking for worms in food but not finding them

The plot shows you are exaggerating and creating a scene over nothing. 

For instance, you might be suspecting yourself to have caught some deadly disease just because you cough a few times. 

8. Dreaming of worms on a plate

Worms on a plate stand for your arrogance and disregard for others. 

In all probability, the dream is a warning sign to fix your ways and attitude before others start leaving your side one after the other. 

9. A dream about chewing or biting worms 

To begin with, dreaming of the scenario shows that you have been a hypocrite to a certain someone. Possibly, you have hurt a person who has done nothing wrong to you. 

The worms may be a sign that you must seek an apology from that individual. 

10. Eating worms in a dream

Generally, eating worms in a dream signifies your unhealthy eating habits that will eventually impact your health.

Such a scenario is also closely related to one of your relationships. Maybe it’s not going as smoothly as you want it to. Perhaps the dream is advising you to work on it if you don’t want it to get worse. 

According to the Assyrian dream book, if you dream of eating worms you will likely succeed in one or some of your projects. You will earn admiration and respect from those around you. 

Moreover, you might even win the hearts of your rivals and turn their scorn for you into respect and trust.

11. A dream about others eating worms

If you dream of others eating worms, it shows that you will unintentionally or intentionally hurt others, most probably a loved one, through your words and actions. 

12. Worms in fruits in a dream

Fruits symbolize sexuality in the dream world. If the above spectacle appeared in your dream, chances are, something is not alright with your sexuality or intimate life. 

The scenario could also be a warning from your subconscious mind about problems related to your partner. 

13. A dream about worms in a basket of fruits

If you are a business person, you would be able to generate good revenue in a short period of time. 

14. Dreaming of a worm in an apple

The scenario shows that you are an upright person. According to the plot, you live by the principles and ethics you believe in, even though that means putting yourself in trouble. 

In some cases, the presence of a worm in an apple may also signify prosperity. 

15. A dream about a worm in bread

Think about what’s been going on in your life. 

In all likelihood, your thoughts are infested with vile temptations. Well, that’s what the scenario reflects. 

16. Dreaming of seeing a worm in a mushroom

If you dreamt of seeing a worm in a mushroom, your subconscious warns you to be careful of weather changes, lest you fall sick. 

17. Dreaming about a worm eating something

Though you need to recall what exactly the creature was eating in your dream scenario, it generally means your conscience is nibbling and disturbing you for something you said or did. 

18. A piece of meat eaten by worms in a dream

Likely you have some problems at present, and the plot indicates you will overcome them. 

However, note that the process wouldn’t be easy, and you would need to invest a good amount of time and hard work. 

There’s also a possibility of you or a closed one catching a disease. 

19. Dreaming of seeing vegetables eaten by worms

Contrary to the previous scenario, you will be able to overcome your obstacles easily.

20. A dream about a fish eaten by worms

To dream of the above scenario means you may go through a hard time soon. You might be falsely charged for something you didn’t do. Perhaps you will become an outcast overnight.  

Your first response would be to clear off your name. But your subconscious advises you against it as there would be little to no effect. Just keep in mind that no lie stays hidden forever. 

Sooner or later, the truth and your innocence will come to the light, and you will be able to restore your integrity. 

21. A dream of seeing a fruit eaten by worms

A fruit eaten by worms denotes that something is off around you. If you don’t find out what it is and resolve it on time, you will have to face a much bigger problem. 

On the other hand, the scenario questions your personality and your past actions. If you have done anything vile and corrupted, the dream shows your actions will be out in the open soon. 

22. Dreaming of food turning into worms

To begin with, the fact that you had this dream shows you have unhealthy eating habits, and you have realized that you are risking your health and life by pursuing your addiction. 

However, you are in a fix! 

Though you want to give up the habits, you are unsure if you can carry on without them. 

23. Cooking worms in a dream

The dreamscape denotes growth and development, possibly regarding career and professional life. No doubt, it wouldn’t be an easy route, and you’ll come across various pitfalls, but your persistence will ultimately lead you to success. 

24. Dreaming about eating worms and vomiting them

Based on the dream spectacle, you are forced to do something you find disgusting. 

25. Throwing up worms without eating them in a dream

According to the dream, you will have an unpleasant encounter with a person you cannot tolerate. Most likely, the circumstance will compel you to spit out everything you feel about him or her directly to his or her face. 

There’s another interpretation of this dream. 

For a long time, many obstacles (represented by the worms) have stood in your way hindering your progress. But since you vomited them, it is a sure sign that you have successfully uprooted those problems. 

Going forward, your life will no longer be the same. Expect good luck and pleasant happenings!

26. A dream about others vomiting worms

If you dream of someone vomiting wriggly worms, it is a sign that something is seriously wrong with your body, and you must make an appointment to see your doctor as soon as possible. 

27. Dreaming of a worm-infested tree

The dream shows you will have financial losses soon. 

Dreams About Worms On Your Body

28. Dreaming about feeling relaxed even though a worm was crawling on your body

The dream scenario warns you not to let others play with your emotions. 

According to the plot, you’ve been an easy-going person, letting others say and do whatever they want with you. 

Now, it’s time you put a stop to that. 

29. Seeing a worm crawl in a dream

If you see a worm crawling in a dream, it shows that you don’t trust the people around you. Because of your skepticism towards them, you do not let them control any part of your life and decisions. 

30. Dream about worms in body

According to Miller, worms in your body signify negative habits and traits that prevent you from achieving success or from being the person you aspire to be. Gluttony and inferiority complex, to mention a few. And the bigger the slimy beings are, the more critical are your habits. 

In some cases, the scenario may signify regrets of letting opportunities slip through. 

31. A dream about feeling worms inside your body and spitting them out

In this case, the worms symbolize a partner you want to break free from. 

32. Dreaming about worms in your head

According to the plot, an issue is getting on your nerves, which could be anything, from work to finance. 

33. A dream about worms in hair

To dream about worms crawling around in your locks means negative thoughts and ideas are getting the better of your decisions. 

Before those evil thoughts crush you, try to figure out why you are thinking (or behaving in such a manner). 

Is it peer pressure, a toxic partner, or fear for someone or something?

34. Dreaming about worms in your eyes

If you dream about worms in your eyes, it shows that you saw something you aren’t supposed to. 

It need not be something negative, though it might be. 

The scenario may also mean you are a pessimistic person and always tends to perceive life, people, and situations from the dark side. 

35. Dream of worms in mouth

According to the plot, you have said something hurtful to someone. You might have done it unintentionally because the worms indicate you regret and feel sorry towards that person. 

36. Dreaming about worms crawling out of your mouth

If the above scenario is what you saw in your dream, recall how the creatures crawl out. If the movement was in slow-motion, the plot signifies a change – for the better!

37. A dream about worms crawling on your face

Your dream indicates you are highly materialistic. Almost always, you judge connections and situations based on the material benefit they will fetch you. 

38. Worms on your hand in a dream

Several dream interpreters agree that this plot indicates progress in career and life in general if the worm wriggles around. 

However, if the creature wriggles but struggles to move ahead, the scenario probably symbolizes stagnation in some areas of your life. 

39. A dream about seeing giant worms on your hand

Brace yourself to hear unpleasant news and experience bad days, especially regarding your business or professional life. 

40. A dream about worms inside your skin

In this case, the creature stands for negative thoughts, feelings, and events from the past you have managed to keep hidden. 

Ask yourself a question here, why did you dream of this scenario all of a sudden? 

Unquestionably, some situation has stirred those feelings and events you have concealed, coercing them to come out in the open, and you feel restless about what might happen the next instant. 

41. Dreaming about worms in your private areas

If you dream of the above scenario, it may be an indication that someone is taking advantage of your kindness towards him or her.

42. Worms crawling around in your private areas in a dream

Likely, the scenario signifies infertility and possible miscarriages, in case you are pregnant around the time you saw the dream. 

The scenario is also applicable if your partner is expecting to give birth soon. 

43. Dreaming about a worm crawling on your body

The dream reflects your desire to achieve your goals and prosper. However, the dream indicates the need for you to analyze your aims as they are beyond your potential and capabilities at present. 

Though it’s good to dream big, you must ensure that they are realistic and achievable. 

44. Dreaming about worms crawling all over your body

In all likelihood, you will get yourself in endless trouble one after the other. Your subconscious suggests you look into your so-called well-wishers around you. Chances are, they have laid out baits to trap you.  

The worms may also represent fears and uncertainties depending upon the dream details. 

On the other hand, the scenario also indicates people taking advantage of your kindness.

45. Dreaming of worms under your skin on your face

Based on the plot, you pay too much unnecessary attention to how others think of you. 

46. Worms inching along the length of your body in a dream

The scenario reflects your longings to be successful. 

However, just as a worm can’t stretch along the length of your body, the scenario indicates it would either be impossible or extremely tough to attain your goals.

Since you dream of the scenario, you should take this opportunity to figure out the reason. 

Are your goals too far-fetched, or maybe you don’t work hard enough? 

47. A dream about brushing worms off from your body

In this scenario, the worms stand for material possessions and riches. 

Since you brushed off the worms from your body, the plot implies that you are not a materialistic person. You dislike accumulating properties and have no room for riches. 

For you, life is more about people, love, relationships, not extravagant collectibles. 

48. Dreaming about worms on someone else’s body

There’s a possibility that a closed one is in deep trouble if you saw the above scenario in your dream. 

49. Dreaming Of Worms Crawling Out/ Pulling Out Worms

In real life, worms are also present in overripe fruits and vegetables. 

From that point of view, they are also symbolic of maturity and success. 

Since the plot shows the wriggly beings coming out of your body, emotions and incidents you have repressed for a long time will likely be disclosed. 

Here, note that repression is not always associated with negativity. It could also be that you are too much of an introvert to share your wins with others. 

Whether the emotions are positive or negative, the part of the body from which the creatures crawl out decides. 

50. Pulling out fat worms from your body in a dream

The scenario symbolizes your poor concentration skills and inability to stay focused on a task. Now, those may be a few reasons why you often fail to meet your goals. 

Don’t you think so? 

51. A dream pulling worm out of head

Worms inside your head in a dream stand for an issue that has been troubling you for quite a long time. Since the scenario shows you pulling them out from your head, it means you will successfully overcome it.  

52. Dreaming of pulling worms out of your hair

Finally, you have succeeded in releasing the negative feelings and emotions you harbor for someone or some people. 

53. Dreaming of pulling worms out of your ear

In all likelihood, you have not had a peaceful life for quite some time. Something has always bothered you – be it your own fears or something else. According to the plot, you will get rid of the factors that have been giving you anxiety. 

54. Worms coming out of your eyes in a dream

The dream shows that you need to let go of your repressed thoughts and emotions, especially negative ones if you wish to be at peace. 

On the other hand, it may mean your perspectives would get affected by such thoughts and feelings.

55. Dreaming about pulling out worms from your nose

Because of something you said or did, your life is presently in shambles. And the scenario indicates you are trying to restore the reputation and trust you lost. 

56. Dreaming about worms coming out from your teeth

In the near future, something might happen that will jeopardize your life and relationship with others. If it does happen, note that your life will not be the same again. 

Be careful about who you let into your inner cycle, who you trust, and share your secrets and plans with. Chances are, your decision-making skills will play a vital role in your possible downfall. 

57. A dream about worms coming out of your mouth

Be careful of what you talk about! Likely, enemies are hovering around you looking for loopholes. Your subconscious advises you to stop sharing your ideas and plans with others, especially people you know very little about. 

You also need to look out for blabbermouths who will misinterpret and twist your words. On the flip side, it could also be you spreading false rumors about others. In that case, your subconscious warns you to put an end to the drama. 

On the other hand, the scenario could also be associated with food poisoning. 

58. A dream about worms coming out of your heart

If you dream about worms coming out of your heart, you will likely get into a problem with your partner. Based on the plot, the issue would be something related to trust and understanding. 

59. Worms coming out of your stomach in a dream

An event will allow you to express repressed feelings and emotions. It could be anything – from what you detest about someone to declaring your admiration for your crush. 

60. Dreaming about worms coming out of your skin

The scenario has several interpretations following your present circumstances in real life. You might run into an old friend or a former lover who will try to rekindle the relationship. 

The scenario also means you are a difficult person and most people often fail to understand you. 

According to some dream analysts, worms coming out of your skin shows that you are not a materialistic person. You live by the saying, ‘Simple living, high thinking’.

61. White worms coming out of your skin in a dream

In the first place, part of the scenario reflects your craving for a lavish life. However, you have no plans to work hard to afford such a lifestyle. 

Instead, you wish to acquire wealth and luxury the shorter way, by mooching off or clinging on to a filthy-rich partner. 

Eventually, through your talks, behaviors, and actions your close ones have caught on to how you are trying to climb the ladder of life and the scenario reflects their worries over your decision. 

62. Pulling out long, slimy worms from under your skin in a dream

Haters have been talking behind your back, making up rumors about you. According to the dream, this has been going on for a pretty long time. 

Up until now, you might have managed to escape from their evil schemes somehow or the other, but this time, there’s a high chance you’ll bear the brunt of their fabricated stories. 

63. A dream about worms crawling out from your hand

The dream reflects your dissatisfaction with yourself. Possibly you have said or done something shameful. And now you feel haunted by guilt and remorse. 

64. A dream about a worm(s) coming out from your ankle

If you dream about pulling worms out from your body, it means certain incidences will strengthen your dislike for extravagances. 

65. Dreaming of worms crawling out of your feet

According to the plot, your own actions have hindered or even sabotaged your life path.

66. Dreaming about someone dumping a bag of worms on your body

The person in question will most likely make life difficult for you. 

67. Pulling out a tapeworm from your body in a dream

In this scenario, the tapeworm stands for a domineering person who has been bossing you around for quite some time. Since you pulled the worm out from your body, it means you will be able to free yourself from the clutches of that person. 

68. Squeezing worms out of your body in a dream

The plot foretells a major transformation in your life.

69. Worms coming out of someone else’s mouth or nose in a dream

The day you had looked forward to has finally come! You will be able to seek revenge on the person who had hurt you earlier. You will finally get an opportunity to show that person how it feels to be betrayed. 

After months and even years, you will be able to give back the same pain and suffering to the person who hurt you. 

But your dream raises a question here. 

What will you get by seeking revenge? 

70. Dreaming about a worm growing exponentially inside a trash bag

The worm stands for an issue that’s evolving at a rapid pace. Since the growth happens inside a garbage bag, the scenario indicates you will prevent it from getting out of control despite its speedy enlargement. 

71. Dreaming about digging worms from the soil to use them as baits for fishing

Regardless of the gender of the dreamer, the scenario portends happy and romantic days ahead. Of course, the interpretation applies only if you felt good and looked forward to catching lots of fish in the dream. 

72. Dreaming about collecting and packing worms

Life has definitely not been easy for you. At every turn of events, you meet troubles, disappointments, and betrayals. And the dream indicates you have had enough! You are done with life surprising you with problems every once in a while. 

Your pathetic predicament has compelled you to find out what makes your life so miserable. And you are finally prepared to release each and everything that has given you nothing but worries and anxieties, even though that means detaching yourself from your family.

73. Dreaming about sweeping off worms from your house

You are trying your utmost to undo the sinful acts you have committed in the past. 

74. A dream about worms coming towards you

Most likely, the creatures symbolized people who are approaching you for their interest. 

75. Dreaming about a worm coming towards and getting on your body

The worm stands for a person you are presently dealing with. It could be a work partner you have teamed up with for a few days or weeks. The scenario further indicates your hatred for that person. 

76. An earthworm attacking you in a dream

Without a doubt, someone has fallen for your charm. Up until now, you might not have noticed anything, but soon that is going to change. 

That person will no longer keep his or her feelings for you hidden. 

77. Dreaming about a worm attacking you

A dream about a worm or worms attacking you portends financial losses. 

78. A dream about worms tying your feet

According to the scenario, you have been too dependent on others. If that prolongs, you’ll eventually realize that you have denied yourself opportunities for growth, and by the time you get back to your senses, it might be too late to undo your life. 

79. A dream about worms feeding on you

Based on the plot, you are in an unhealthy relationship where one party constantly mooches off the other. It doesn’t always have to be a romantic relationship, though it could be. 

Figure out who’s living off you – a roommate who never contributed anything or a colleague who always avoids paying for lunch. 

80. Worms feeding off other people in a dream

Likely, if you saw worms feeding on someone in a dream, it shows that that particular person is in danger. Recall the scenario and try to remember if the person is someone you know in the waking world. 

To be on the safe side, try to inquire into the lives of your friends and family without making it obvious. 

81. Dreaming about a worm bothering someone else 

Someone in your life has fallen prey to a ploy. He or she is being taken advantage of, as indicated in the scenario. 

Worms At Different Places In A Dream

82. A dream about taking a stroll and finding several worms on the way

The plot indicates your path ahead would be infested with obstacles. 

83. Worms crawling in the soil in a dream

The scenario portends abundance and fortune in the foreseeable future.

84. Dreaming about worms crawling on the grass

The scenario signifies unpleasant situations cropping up between you and other people you deal with on a daily basis. Their sudden change of attitude and behavior will disturb you. 

Before the matter gets worse, your dream suggests you talk it out with the person or people in question. 

85. Dreaming about seeing worms in the house

To dream about worms in the house shows you have pushed your family to the backseat while trying to cater to other insignificant activities and people who do not deserve your time. 

86. A dream about worms on the floor

Here, the floor symbolizes balance and stability. So, if you saw a worm simply lying or crawling on the floor, be prepared for disputes and conflicts between you and others, especially family members. 

The point is something is creeping around, making you feel troubled in relationships that are supposed to comfort you. 

87. Dreaming about worms twisted into a ball lying on the floor

The dream is a harbinger of a scandal. You may or may not get directly entangled with it. Regardless of that, your subconscious warns you to watch your words and actions. 

88. Dreaming about worms on the wall

The scenario stands for problems because of poor planning and management on your part.

89. Worms on your bed in a dream

Chances are, you have been heartbroken in the past, and the incident has compelled you to be careful while seeking your significant other. 

Finding worms on your bed in your dream also stands for problems in your romantic relationship. Most likely, an intrusive third party will come in out of nowhere and pose threats creating havoc between you and your partner. 

90. Dreaming about white worms on your bed

If you see white worms on your bed in a dream, the plot is associated with your love relationships. 

But the interpretation differs according to your relationship status. 

If you are single but considering getting into a relationship, take the dream as a warning. Chances are, that person is not what he or she has shown to you. 

Alternatively, if you are in a relationship presently, the dream shows your partner most likely does not value you as much as you do him or her. 

91. Worms in the toilet in a dream

Dreaming of seeing worms in a toilet implies you harbor negative and hateful feelings for others. 

92. A dream about defecating worms

Very soon, you’ll be able to release yourself from the negative energies hovering around you. This is indeed an auspicious dream portending harmonious and stress-free days ahead!

93. Dreams about seeing worms in poop

Usually, poop signifies unexpected wealth and fortune in the dream world. In this plot, since you saw worms in stool, it means there are a few barriers preventing you from where you want to be in life. 

Nevertheless, different dream analysts have differing opinions. According to some of them, the interpretation differs depending on your present situation. 

If you have a stable life with a steady source of income, your situation will definitely get better with time. On the flip side, if you are doing poorly, expect conflicts and disputes to crop up shortly. Again, we would like to remind you that the scenario happened not to discourage you but to ensure you are emotionally and mentally prepared for the dark days ahead! 

94. Dreaming about worms crawling on poop

Soon, you will get an amazing opportunity to proceed forward in life. In fact, you would even get skeptical of it as the offer would be something too good to be true. 

95. Dreaming about seeing worms in the garbage

Generally, a dream about seeing worms in the garbage shows you give much too much importance to unworthy things such as negative comments from haters and unsolicited advice that do not align with your life visions.

The dream stresses the need to get rid of these negativities as they will do you little or no good. 

Alternatively, the scenario may signify that you feel overwhelmed by pending tasks and responsibilities. 

96. Dreaming about putting worms in hooks

You will reap benefits from other people’s problems. 

But do not jump to conclusions yet! It doesn’t mean you will put others in difficult situations for your interests. 

If you are observative and know how to analyze situations well, you’ll learn heaps from the mistakes of your competitors. That will eventually save you from making the same mistakes yourself. 

97. Using a worm as fish bait in a dream

Broadly speaking, the scenario stands for achieving goals. 

If you dream of catching fish by hooking worms to the bait, it means you will be able to outsmart your competitors.

98. Dreaming about worms digging a passage in the soil

The dream signifies a journey to a distant land you might soon take. Most likely, it would be related to your professional life. 

Furthermore, the scenario denotes that if you stay true to your goals and work hard around this time, you will get the rewards you deserve. 

99. Expelling worms in a dream

The scenario warns you to be cautious of people in your circle. Unquestionably, a few vermins are amongst your loved ones, looking for an opportunity to hurt you. 

100. Dreaming about stepping on a worm

The scenario warns you to fix your arrogant attitude and behavior. Otherwise, you would soon be losing people you treasure. 

101. A dream about stepping on worms to death

In this scenario, the worms symbolize vicious thoughts you need to release to go forward in your life. 

102. Killing worms in a dream

According to the plot, something has been bothering your peace and conscience for quite some time but you are unable to figure out what exactly it is. 

103. Dreaming about someone else killing worms

Unfortunately, you would have to cancel the trip you have been looking forward to. 

104. Killing worms with salt in a dream

In the foreseeable future, you would come across a person who insists that you connect with him or her on a deeper level, or become his or her lover to be precise. Most probably, that person will give you a hard time with his or her requests or demands, if we can call them that! 

Using salt indicates you would have to be calm and tolerant with that person. Refrain from using harsh words and ruthless actions, for your own good. 

You have to approach the matter calmly and talk that person out of his or her fanciful thinking and show that you have no such feelings for him or her.  

105. Dead worms in a dream

Without a doubt, troublesome times are ahead, and the scenario warns you to brace yourself for what’s to come. If you are waiting for a response from someone about your health, work, or perhaps your partner, you will soon receive negative news. 

On the contrary, some dream experts believe the scenario stands for the beginning of your happy days. 

106. Dreaming that you were a worm

To dream that you are a worm in a dream could mean you possess habits and traits that others find annoying. 

Worms And Other Creatures In A Dream

107. A dream about worms and lice

Here, the blood-sucking lice symbolize parasitic friends and acquaintances who are clinging to you for their interests. 

These creatures are usually difficult to get rid of. Once infested, they will lay eggs and live on and on. Often the best remedy to eliminate them is to chop off the hair completely. 

From that point of view, the dream may be advising you to break off your relationships with soul-sucking ‘friends’ who approached you with malicious interests. 

108. Dreaming about worms and ants

Apparently, you are an easy-go-lucky fellow. You do not take life seriously, and regardless of the intensity of a problem, you always leave it for the penultimate moment. 

Your dream reminds you to start fixing such bad habits as they will eventually make you lose out on opportunities. 

109. Flies and worms in a dream

If you see flies and worms in the same dream scenario, it means you have allowed others to come into your life and create problems. Apparently, the dream shows that most of your problems occur because of other people. 

This possibly happened because you allowed yourself to be the dumping ground for others’ issues because of which you eventually got yourself entangled in their mess. 

110. A dream about worms and rats

It is an ill omen to see worms and rats in a single dream scenario. You will likely get betrayed by the person who’s dearer to you than your own life. 

Now, let’s look at this plot from the bright side. For some reason, you’re lucky that you saw this coming before the terrible event actually takes place in reality. Likely, your dream is prepping your mind to be more understanding and receptive about what is heading your way. 

110. A dream about worms and birds

According to the dream, you are capable of making logical and reliable decisions. That side of you will eventually convince your people to rely on you regarding important matters.  

111. Dreaming about worms in cats

While some dream books relate the scenario to others using you according to their whims, some interpreters agree that it symbolizes spiritual enlightenment. 

You might undergo a change shortly after you have this dream. Perhaps your calling would become clearer to you. 

112. A dream about a dog having worms

The dream scenario of a dog having worms shows there are a few barriers you need to overcome to attain your dream goals. Presumably, the dream happened to encourage you not to give up because you have the potential to achieve success if you set your mind to it. 

Different Types Of Worms In A Dream

113. Silkworms in dreams

To see silkworms in dreams is a good sign. The creature usually stands for the strong, healthy bonds you share with others. These are the people who will stand with you through thick and thin. 

The plot may be encouraging you to nurture the relationships you share with them. Because they will leave your side the moment you start taking them for granted.

Healthy-looking silkworms also symbolize a change in your finances. Perhaps you will get a job offer with handsome pay. On the other hand, dead silkworms are an ill omen. If that’s what you dreamt of, get ready to meet misfortunes. 

114. Earthworm in dream

In the dream world, the creature stands for annoyance, quarrels, and conflicts. 

115. A dream about intestinal worms

The scenario symbolizes an underlying disease, especially ones related to the digestive system. 

116. Fecal worms in dreams

The plot portends financial difficulties and losses. It may also stand for an underlying illness. 

117. A dream about frozen worms

If you dream about frozen worms, you have let your past experiences and problems turn you into a relatively different person.

118. Dreaming of giant worms

To dream of giant worms portends a huge problem that will befall you in the foreseeable future. Likely, the issue is directly or indirectly related to fake well-wishers.  

119. A dream about a worm larger than a man

The scenario reflects the dreamer’s inferiority complex.

120. Fat worms in a dream

If fat worms surface in your dream at any point in your life, it is a sign that you’ll get betrayed by someone you trust. 

121. Dreaming about short worms

Based on the plot, you would be able to reach your desired destination without much effort. 

122. Seeing small worms in dreams

In the dream world, small worms symbolize problems that are at the initial stages. However, just as a baby worm rapidly grows into an adult, your existing problems will soon get bigger and more complicated. 

Here, your subconscious warns you to figure out the problems your dream hints at and mend them before your life gets submerged in a sea of complications. 

123. Pet worms in dreams

The scenario indicates it’s an auspicious time to start new ventures and execute ideas that have been at the back of your mind for a long time. 

124. Dreaming about hairy worms

Usually, hairy worms appear in the dream state when something extremely bad is coming towards you. For your information, these creatures are claimed to be poisonous. But one good thing here is that these creatures walk or crawl slowly. 

Coming back to the dream scenario, whatever misfortune coming towards you will take time. Therefore, now is your chance to sort out ways to prevent or lessen the damage that is about to fall on you. 

Worm Dream Meaning: Different Color

125. Dreaming about green worms

Green worms in dreams are a negative sign. A person you encountered recently will likely disappoint you. 

Keep a sharp lookout on your financial dealings as well as the dream also signifies financial losses. 

126. A dream about blue worms

The dream shows you are being fake. You are concealing who you really are. 

Wait! That does not necessarily mean you are twisted or two-faced. Deep down, you are in pain and breaking apart. However, you have put on a disguise ensuring you appear happy to others.

127. Dreaming about red worms 

They usually stand for the barriers you have managed to pass through. 

128. Dreaming about yellow worms

As per the color, you are a materialistic person. Likely, all you care about is how to make more money and make your lifestyle more lavish. Though making money to live a good life isn’t bad, it is not advisable to pursue financial and material wealth while ignoring friends, family, and close ones. 

After all, money will not help you buy everything you need to live a fulfilled life, such as love and relationships. 

129. A dream about a fat yellow worm 

The scenario portends profitable days ahead. If you have any contracts and deals to sign, make sure you do so because any business dealings around this time will bring in huge gains. 

Negatively, yellow worms indicate people are envious of you. 

130. Dreaming about pink worms

To begin with, the appearance of pink-colored worms indicates someone is clinging to you disguised as a friend or a well-wisher. Up to this point, you might have trusted that person with your life. 

But you need to know that he or she means harm. As soon as he or she spots a loophole, you are likely doomed. 

If the meaning resonates with your current life, do not feel sorry to kick that person off from your life. However, you must be very careful lest you end up hurting someone who earnestly cares about you. 

Okay! Then how should you find out the real motives behind those people around you? Well, your subconscious left it to you. It might be time you put your intuition to use. 

131. Black worms in dreams

It is considered an ill omen if black worms pop up in your dream state. You might be feeling depressed and toying around with self-destructive ideas. 

Before you take any action to sabotage yourself, you need to remember that life is not a bed of roses – neither for you nor for the rest of humanity. 

Everyone goes through struggles every once in a while and those who managed to crush and overcome those struggles are usually winners in life. If you look closely enough, you will notice that there are people around whose situations are way more pathetic than yours. 

Having said that, black dreams in the dream world may simply stand for changes in some areas of your life. 

132. White worms dream meaning

To interpret this plot, you have to recall the type of worm present in the scenario. If you saw maggot-like worms, the dream could be hinting at some part of your life that is deteriorating or falling apart. 

On the other hand, if you saw a white worm evolving into a colorful butterfly, the dream stands for a beautiful change that is about to happen in your life. 

According to some dream books, white worms are a sign that you will soon prosper. 

133. Dreaming of several white worms

Simply put, you have the worst opinion about yourself if you see several white worms in a dream vision. You absolutely detest yourself, as per the plot.

134. Dreaming of little white worms

According to the dream, there are some deceitful activities going around and the plot indicates you are well aware of them. 

Note that the worms here are small, which means the activities are still in their initial stages, fragile and feeble. 

Now, if you ask, ‘Then what, how are they related to my life?’, your subconscious is insisting you nip them in the bud while they are still vulnerable. 

Dreaming About Worms: Different Dreamers

135. A young woman dreaming of pulling worms out from her body

If you are a woman, unmarried, and seeing someone presently, the dream reflects your desire to break up with your current partner. 

Before you do that, reassess your thoughts and feelings and find out if that is what you really want. 

136. A woman dreaming about worms inside her body

If you are a woman and saw the scenario, you will either get involved in a serious and compassionate relationship (if you are single at the moment) or you will get pregnant soon. 

137. A woman dreaming about crushing a worm

Soon, you will receive unwelcome attention from a person you have no intention to connect with. 

138. An unmarried person dreaming of a worm crawling around in his or her private areas

Because of something you did in the earlier part of your life, you will probably have trouble getting married. Your ill-wishers have noted your past actions and are using that to ensure you have a miserable life, going forward. 

139. A jealous partner dreaming about pulling worms from the body

First, let’s get a question out of the way.

Do you constantly feel that your partner is cheating on you? 

If your answer to the above question is yes, rest assured. Fortunately and contrary to your beliefs, your partner is not cheating on you. Each of your suspicions sprang from your own insecure feelings, and your partner’s fidelity has nothing to do with it. 

140. A man dreaming about worms

If you are a man and saw worms in your dream, you will likely get betrayed by a closed one. 

141. A single person dreaming about worms coming out of his or her hands

In case a single person saw the scenario in his or her dream, it symbolizes low self-esteem when it comes to relationships. You refrain from making the first move and asking people out because you feel you are not worthy enough. 

Dreams About Worms: Good Or Bad?

In a broad sense, seeing such creepy, slimy creatures in the sleep state is a negative sign. 

Usually, worms are present in rotten or decaying food items. Therefore, the scenario could represent an aspect of your life that is deteriorating. Perhaps your career is regressing or your feelings for your partner fading away. 

Despite the filthiness of these creatures, we must not ignore their contribution to the ecosystem. Often called Nature’s Natural Recycler, these creatures regenerate the nutrients in the soil and help in maintaining fertility. 

Hence, in some instances, worms in the dream worm represent restoration and transformation. 

Also, depending on the dream details and your present real-life situations, some worm-related dreams portend success and prosperity. 

Psychological Meaning Of Dreaming About Worms

Worms are one of the most feeble and vulnerable creatures on the face of the Earth. Considering their vulnerability, a worm dream may mean you feel helpless and defenseless in a particular situation. 

Spiritual Meaning Of Dreaming About Worms

Spiritually, worm dreams could signify a restoration or a healing process. If you saw the creatures making their way out of your body, it is generally a sign that you are intentionally or unintentionally releasing negative energies and toxic people as well as habits from your life. 

According to the theory of Carl Jung, worms in dreams spiritually symbolize the inner fears and anxieties of the dreamer that prevents him or her from pursuing his or her passions. 

Do remember that these are just general meanings. For an in-depth interpretation of your dream, you need to study each aspect of your life and see how they align with the dream. 

Biblical Meaning Of Worms In Dreams

‘But I am a worm and not a man,

A reproach of men and despised by the people’ ~ Psalm 22:6

‘Whatever crawls on its belly, and whatever walks on all fours, whatever has many feet, in respect to every swarming thing that swarms on the earth, you shall not eat them, for they are detestable’ ~ Leviticus 11:42

In the Bible, worms appeared in 24 different instances, and in each of them, they are associated with negativity. 

Worm Dream Meaning In Hinduism

As per Hinduism, dreams related to worms signifies a reversal of fortune. If you are doing well, you might get into troublesome times. Conversely, if you think your current situation is as pathetic as it can be, you might see a magical twist. 

However, do not get your hopes up yet! Remember, you need to study the dream from various perspectives. 

Worm Dream Meaning In The Arabian Tradition

Terrible days are ahead, and your dream warns you to be on your guard as anything might happen anytime. 

Instead of getting discouraged and unmotivated, pull up your sleeves and fight through. According to the plot, as soon as this upcoming period of ill lucks ends, your life and fortune will take a turn – for the better!

Worms In Dreams: 5 Dream Examples 

1. A woman dreamt of someone putting worms on her vagina.

Here, the dream could mean any of the following- 

  1. The other person has a powerful influence over the dreamer and is trying to manipulate her. In all possibilities, that person does not approve of the dreamer’s relationships and is trying to split her and her partner apart. 
  2. The woman’s detest for physical intimacy. She might be a person who believes it’s lowly to get indulged in physical relationships with others. 
  3. The dream may also indicate that she is being used. 

2. A woman dreamt of a shellfish with worms in it

In waking life, she was diagnosed with hepatitis after eating unhygienic shellfish.

3. A school girl dreamt of her best friend dumping worms all over her body

In real life, the friend interrupted the dreamer when she tried to talk to a boy. Evidently, the scenario stands for her annoyance at her friend. 

4. A woman dreamt of a worm inside her nose. She pulled it out, but a part of it remained inside.

In real life, she was regularly abused by her partner, who thinks that he is treating her fairly well. 

5. In a dream, a woman was offered a drink with worms in it. 

In waking life, her husband left her. Though she considered filing a divorce, she was afraid that her husband would be getting much of her property. 

Who Often Dream Of Worms?

Though anyone can dream of spineless creatures at any point in their life, they usually appear in the dreams of small children and pregnant women. 

Possible Reasons Why You Dream Of Worms

Though the possibilities are endless, we have listed some of the most common reasons why you dream of worms. 

  1. You saw one in your garden or plants.
  2. Either you are intolerant of the creatures or are strangely attracted to them. 
  3. Such dreams are common if you think lowly of yourself and always settle for the less instead of striving for the best. 
  4. You give too much importance to how others perceive you. 
  5. Either you are manipulating someone, or someone is doing the same to you. 
  6. There are a lot of negative feelings and emotions within you, and you need to release them if you want to proceed in your life. 
  7. You need to take better care of your health. 
  8. A part of your life is stagnating. 
  9. You are about to get betrayed. 

Find Out The Answers To These Questions Before You Interpret Your Worm Dream

Often, we forget the dream details a few hours after waking up. But for an interpretation to be on point, it’s crucial to recall as many tiny details as possible. The more you remember, the more specific your interpretation can get. And, of course, the easier the process would be. 

It would be hard to remember all of it once. What you can do is keep a dream journal and note down anything, the minute it flashes through your mind. When you believe you have enough resources, sit down and unravel the mystery. 

  1. How many worms were present in the dream?
  2. Where did you see them?
  3. On which part of your body did you see them?
  4. What do they look like? Were they long, short, thick or thin? Note their color too.
  5. What were they doing in the dream?
  6. Did they move? In case they did, how was the speed?
  7. Did they wriggle but failed to move ahead? Or were they dead?
  8. Do they look aggressive or relaxed?
  9. How close were you to them?
  10. How did the entire scenario make you feel?

Wrapping Up

And that brings you to the web post about dreaming of worms. Like we said at the beginning of the article, we have only listed a fraction of the dream scenarios associated with the creature. 

If in case your dream plot is nowhere in the article, note down the dream details. Consider your situation, connect the dots just as you have read in the article, and soon you’ll have the answer to your dream. 

Sometimes, you might come across a centipede in your dream. Wondering what it means? Find all about it in this article!