If you have been dreaming of worms and are dead curious about the meaning, you have come to the right place. 

Worms are a common dream theme and furthermore their dream scenarios generally have negative connotations. However, let’s not forget the fact that they contribute to the ecosystem in their ways. 

Dreaming Of Worms - Dream Plots & their Meanings
Dreaming Of Worms – Dream Plots & their Meanings

Dreaming of Worms – What Does It Mean?

Generally, a dream about worms signifies problems and deceitful people trying to take advantage of you in the name of companionship. But then again, they may also foretell a transition, a switch from poverty to prosperity, or vice versa.

Almost instantly, dreamers across the planet associate dream about worms with negativity. If that’s what you did too, we do not blame you!

In the dream world, worms usually relate to upcoming problems, which could be anything, from oppression to conflicts with others to health issues. Worm dreams may also hint at the presence of false friends hovering around you. 

Now let’s look at what worm dreams symbolize. 

Inferiority Complex

As lowly and vulnerable as these wriggly creatures are, a dream about worms may mean you think poorly of yourself. 

An Underlying Issue

Often, these dreams stand for an issue you have failed to detect. Though aware of something bothering you and hindering your progress, you are not sure what it is. 


You are surrounded by creepy people who call themselves your friends when all they wish for is your degradation. These people are dead jealous of your achievements and your life. 

If you think this resonates, take your dream as a warning to break away from those you believe befriended you with malicious intentions. 


The appearance of the creature could mean someone is not honest with you or maybe it is you putting on different masks. 

Base Thoughts

It implies that you entertain base thoughts and are overpowered by evil temptations. 

Shame and Guilt

Some people dream of these slimy beings when they are repentant of the vicious deeds they have committed in the past. 


A revelation could be the primary theme of this dream if you have done something disgraceful. In such cases, the scenario warns you to be emotionally prepared because you will soon get busted as your scandalous deeds go out in the open. 


Often, worms hint at an underlying illness or a disease you will soon be diagnosed with. This is especially true if the worm appeared on a particular part of your body in your dream plot. 

The need to be expressive

Worms stand for repressed ideas you need to bring to the surface. Just as the worms from the depths of the soil help you catch fish, your repressed ideas may serve as the ticket to your growth. 


Worms also symbolize renewal, regeneration, and transformation. 

Spiritual Meaning Of Dreaming About Worms

Spiritually, worm dreams could signify a restoration or a healing process.

If you saw the creatures making their way out of your body, it is generally a sign that you are intentionally or unintentionally releasing negative energies and toxic people as well as habits from your life. 

According to the theory of Carl Jung, worms in dreams spiritually symbolize the inner fears and anxieties of the dreamer that prevents him or her from pursuing his or her passions. 

Decoding Various Dream Scenarios of Worms And Their Meanings

We have filtered some of the most common spectacles experienced by dreamers across the planet. 

Dreaming of worms in food

In waking life, worms are usually found in decaying or rotten food items, not in fresh and clean foods. In that regard, the dream hints at an aspect of your life that has seriously gone wrong to the point of decay.

It also reveals that someone at work is jealous of your achievements and position. 

The scenario may also reflect your unhealthy lifestyle and food habits. On the other hand, the dream may stand for your skepticism towards someone you recently encountered.  

Eating worms in a dream

Generally, it signifies your unhealthy eating habits that will eventually impact your health.

Such a scenario is also closely related to one of your relationships. Perhaps the dream is advising you to work on it if you don’t want it to get worse. 

Alternatively, you will likely succeed in one or some of your projects. You will earn admiration and respect from those around you. 

Moreover, you might even win the hearts of your rivals and turn their scorn for you into respect and trust.

Worms in fruits

Fruits symbolize sexuality in the dream world. If the above spectacle appeared in your dream, chances are, something is not alright with your sexuality or intimate life. 

The scenario could also be a warning from your subconscious mind about problems related to your partner. 

Worms on the floor

Here, the floor symbolizes balance and stability. So, if you see a worm simply lying or crawling on the floor, be prepared for disputes and conflicts between you and others, especially family members. 

Seeing worms in the house

It shows you have pushed your family to the backseat while trying to cater to other insignificant activities and people who do not deserve your time. 

Worms in the toilet

It implies you harbor negative and hateful feelings for others. 

Killing worms in a dream

According to the plot, something has been bothering your peace and conscience for quite some time but you are unable to figure out what exactly it is. 

Pulling out a tapeworm from your body

In this scenario, the tapeworm stands for a domineering person who has been bossing you around for quite some time. Since you pulled the worm out from your body, it means you will be able to free yourself from the clutches of that person. 

Worms On Your Various Body Parts

Worms in body

It signifies negative habits and traits that prevent you from achieving success or from being the person you aspire to be. 

Besides, the bigger the slimy beings are, the more critical are your habits. In some cases, the scenario may signify regrets of letting opportunities slip through. 

Worms in hair

It means negative thoughts and ideas are getting the better of your decisions. 

Worms in your eyes

It shows that you saw something you aren’t supposed to. It need not be something negative, though it might be. 

The scenario may also mean you are a pessimistic person and always tends to perceive life, people, and situations from the dark side. 

Worms in mouth

According to the plot, you have said something hurtful to someone. You might have done it unintentionally because the worms indicate you regret and feel sorry towards that person. 

Worms coming out of your skin

The scenario has several interpretations following your present circumstances in real life. You might run into an old friend or a former lover who will try to rekindle the relationship

The scenario also means you are a difficult person and most people often fail to understand you. 

Lastly, it shows that you are not a materialistic person. You live by the saying, ‘Simple living, high thinking.’

Pulling out worms from your nose

Because of something you said or did, your life is presently in shambles. And the scenario indicates you are trying to restore the reputation and trust you lost. 

Defecating worms

Very soon, you’ll be able to release yourself from the negative energies hovering around you. This is indeed an auspicious dream portending harmonious and stress-free days ahead!

Seeing worms in poop

Usually, poop signifies unexpected wealth and fortune in the dream world. In this plot, since you saw worms in stool, it means there are a few barriers preventing you from where you want to be in life. 

Nevertheless, the interpretation differs depending on your present situation. 

If you have a stable life with a steady source of income, your situation will definitely get better with time. On the flip side, if you are doing poorly, expect conflicts and disputes to crop up shortly. 

Again, we would like to remind you that the scenario happened not to discourage you but to ensure you are emotionally and mentally prepared for the dark days ahead! 

Different Types of Worms Appearing in the Dreamscape

Dead worms

Without a doubt, troublesome times are ahead, and the scenario warns you to brace yourself for what’s to come. 

If you are waiting for a response from someone about your health, work, or perhaps your partner, you will soon receive negative news. 

On the contrary, the scenario stands for the beginning of your happy days.

Giant worms

It portends a huge problem that will befall you in the foreseeable future. Likely, the issue is directly or indirectly related to fake well-wishers.  

Black worms

It is considered an ill omen as you might be feeling depressed and toying around with self-destructive ideas. 

Also, they may simply stand for changes in some areas of your life. 

White worms

To interpret this plot, you have to recall the type of worm present in the scenario. If you saw maggot-like worms, the dream could be hinting at some part of your life that is deteriorating or falling apart. 

On the other hand, if you saw a white worm evolving into a colorful butterfly, the dream stands for a beautiful change that is about to happen in your life. 

Also, they are a sign that you will soon prosper. 

Psychological Meaning Of Dreaming About Worms

Worms are one of the most feeble and vulnerable creatures on the face of the Earth. Considering their vulnerability, a worm dream may mean you feel helpless and defenseless in a particular situation. 

Biblical Meaning 

In the Bible, worms are associated with negativity. 

Who Often Dream Of Worms?

Though anyone can dream of spineless creatures at any point in their life, they usually appear in the dreams of small children and pregnant women. 

Wrapping Up

Dreaming of worms carries both – negative and positive connotations. However, in case your dream plot is nowhere in the article, note down the dream details. 

Consider your situation, connect the dots just as you have read in the article, and soon you’ll have the answer to your dream. 

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