Falling dreams are often listed as one of the common dreams. Therefore, a recent analysis conducted by ThePleasantDream observed a surge of 179% in “falling dream meaning” in the United States of America. 

The search volume was 2900 in November 2021 and has skyrocketed to 8100. Not just this, variations in falling dreams like “tooth falling”, “hair falling?” have also witnessed a upward graph in the Google Data Search in November 2022 compared to November 2021 in the United States of America.

Searches For ‘Falling Dreams’ See an Exponential Growth 

The Google Search Data analysis undertaken by ThePleasantDream reveals that searches for various ‘falling dreams’ exploded in November 2022 compared to November 2021. The team gathered the insights through Google Keywords Planner, Google Trends and Keywords Everywhere. 

Falling Dreams Statistics in US
Falling Dreams Statistics in US

What Are the Prominent Searches?

The insights were gathered to compare the search queries for November 2021 and November 2022, respectively in the US.

The most searched query in falling dreams is “hair falling out dream.” The volume of this query was 5400 in November 2021. However, it witnessed a leap by reaching 6600 in November 2022, which is a hike of 22%.

After comes the query which is the most daunting for an individual – “teeth falling out dream.” The query has definitely seen a dip, but it is still most searched under “falling dreams.” The search volume of this query was 90500 in November 2021, but now it is 74000 in November 2022. 

Blame it on the winters, but the “dreaming of snow falling” also witnessed a hike of 185%. The search volume was 170 in November 2021, but by November 2022, it had escalated to 320 by November 2022.

Following this search query is “dreams of falling from the sky,” with a 28% hike. The query, which started with a 70 search volume, is now 90 by November 2022. 

Next in line is probably for the lovebirds who might foresee “falling in love in a dream.” This query, too, witnessed a hike of 23%, wherein the volume search surged from 390 to 480.

Many people also searched for “dream about someone else losing limbs,” which witnessed a hike of 175% in search volume, going up from 40-110 in the US, and in the worldwide stats, it saw a 357% hike with search volume increasing from 70 to 320.

The query “dreams of falling off a building” also saw quite a leap of 27%, where the volume went up from 110 to 140 by November 2022.

Falling dreams related to nature have also skyrocketed. The first on the list is “dreaming of rain falling on you,” which has a 125% hike with search volume going from 40 to 90. The second in line is “dream about trees falling,” which saw a jump of 21%, with search volume going from 320 to 390.

Dreams That Witnessed a Dip in Searches

Most importantly, some falling dreams did witness a dip in their search volumes. The first is “falling elevator dream” which went down by 28%, where the search volume was 1000 in November 2021 but now stands at 720. 

“Falling off a cliff dream” also sunk by 23%, where the volume once was 1300, but it is now 1000. Furthermore, this query was followed by “dream of someone falling in a hole,” which dipped by 28%, where the search volume went down from 70 to 50. 

Last but not least, “falling down stairs dream” and “dream of house falling apart” did not see any noticeable change, yet people searched them.  

Experts Opinion

Dr. Nereida Gonzalez-Berrios, MD, reviewer and certified psychiatrist of ThePleasantDream commented, “Every dream we see has a symbolic meaning that aligns with our current events of the waking life, and falling dreams are no exception. Dreams about falling are common and reflect feelings of insufficiency, weakness, and insecurity.”

She further adds, “falling dreams may highlight your loss of control over certain situations. It also denotes missing something in life, further causing emotional distress and suffering. Your dream means that you are in a state of terror and anxiety. So, this dream could remind you to wake up, work hard, and resolve the repressed issues of your waking life & regain the lost control.”

The study was conducted by ThePleasantDream, one of the leading websites on dream interpretation. The team undertook the evaluation to monitor what people dream about when it comes to “falling dreams,” as it is one of the most common dreams.