A study conducted by ThePleasantDream of Google search data has revealed that searches for “losing dreaming” have witnessed exorbitant growth of 816% in the United States as of November 2022. The worldwide stats also witnessed a growth of 179%.

This year was no less than a whirlwind because of the happenings like – Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, many losing jobs, and worst hit inflation. That could probably be why people must have had these dreams. Not just this, many dreamt of various scenarios too.

Expansive Searches For ‘Losing Dreaming’

The Google Search data analysis undertaken by ThePleasantDream reveals that searches for ‘losing dreaming’ exploded exponentially over the year and have been steadily growing. 

The team compared the stats of November 2021 and November 2022, wherein many people from the United States of America are seeking information on “losing dreaming.” 

The search volume was 720 in November 2021, which went up to 6600 in the US for November 2022. Besides, the worldwide stats show a rise from 2900 to 8100. 

It’s not about the “losing dreaming” alone, but many are searching various related scenarios. 

Losing Dreaming Statistics in USA
Losing Dreaming Statistics in USA

What Are the Prominent Searches and Who Is Making These?

The team gained insights through Google Keywords Planner, Google Trends and Keywords Everywhere to map the average monthly search volume for keywords related to the dreaming process and dream interpretations across the most populated places in the US. 

The data collected compares the search query of November 2021 and November 2022, respectively.

Amid this, the most searched and popular query was “dream about losing weight.” The search volume of this query was a mere 90 in November 2021 in the US. However, it has gone up to 5400, a surge of 5900%. The worldwide search has gone from 210 to 9900, which is 4614%.

The second most popular query that grabbed the maximum search volume is “losing head hair in dream,” with a hike of 6340%. The search volume in the US was 50 in November 2021 and escalated to 320 by November 2022, and worldwide, the hike was 284%, wherein the search volume went from 260 to 1000.

It doesn’t end here because the query that followed was – “losing job dream meaning,” with 180% growth as the search volume went from 50 to 140 in the US. Interestingly, the worldwide stats also show a 190% surge, with search volume going from 110 to 320.   

Next came the query – “losing teeth dream meaning,” where the query had a hike of 125% wherein the volume search surged from 2400 to 5400 in the US. The worldwide stats also seem interesting as it went from 6600 to 14800, which is 124%.

Many people also searched for “dream about someone else losing limbs,” which witnessed a hike of 175% in search volume, going up from 40-110 in the US, and in the worldwide stats, it saw a 357% hike with search volume increasing from 70 to 320.

The query “dream about losing a purse then finding it” also witnessed quite a leap of 133%. The search was 30 and jumped to 70 in the US, and on the worldwide front, the spring was 240%, with volume ranging from 50 to 170.

Then comes one of the scariest scenarios, which is frightening in real life, and that is “dreaming of losing control of a car and crashing.” There has been a 100% hike in the query, with the volume going from 70 to 140. Besides, worldwide stats observed a 52% hike, with search volume going from 170 to 260.

Probably, owing to the recession, people also searched for “dream of losing money” which witnessed a leap of 23%, with search volume going from 260 to 320. The worldwide stats also saw a jump of 13%, with search volume going from 880 to 1000.

Losing Dreaming Statistics Worldwide
Losing Dreaming Statistics Worldwide

The other search queries that did not see substantial growth were – “dream of losing handbag” and “dream of losing diamond from my ring,” yet people searched them.  

Apart from this, the areas in the US where the “losing dreaming” had more takers was California, followed by Texas, Florida & New York. 

Expert Opinion

Dr. Nereida Gonzalez-Berrios, MD, reviewer and certified psychiatrist of ThePleasantDream commented, “many dream experts believe that dreams are a way to help our brains process all our thoughts and the events we had in the day. They also represent our unconscious feelings, enhance our creativity, or reflect our real life.” 

She adds, “losing dreams could also occur if such instances are happening in the dreamer’s waking life. For example, owing to the recession, they fear losing money, or probably due to war, they dream of people losing their lives. So, all this boils down to the events happening in waking life. Probably they are trying to seek solutions through their dreams.”

The study was conducted by ThePleasantDream, one of the leading websites on dream interpretation. This review was administered to monitor what people dream about when it comes to “losing.”