Screaming in dreams might be due to your pent-up anger and frustration, fears and vulnerability, health concerns, family discord, or even sleep paralysis.

Screaming in Dreams – Various Types & Their Interpretations
Screaming in Dreams – Various Types & Their Interpretations

What Does It Mean When You Scream in Dreams?

In reality, we scream when we can’t handle a situation while crying, fighting, or just letting off steam.

However, when we want to scream but can’t, that’s an added pressure. In fact, most screaming dreams make you feel uncomfortable unless you scream out of joy.

So, here are a few things that it may mean…

1. It’s symbolic of anger and frustration

2. You’re feeling helpless and afraid

3. It’s a sign of poor health

4. You might soon experience family conflict

5. It was because of sleep paralysis

Screaming in Dreams – Various Scenarios and Meanings

Depending on the identity of the screamer, their activity, and others’ response, the detailed dream interpretation of screaming dreams change. 

So, if you remember the small it-bits from your dream, plunge into the depths right away… 

Screaming out of fear

If you screamed in your dreams because you saw someone committing a crime, chasing you, or any other violent situation that made you feel threatened, it symbolizes your wish to escape.

In your real life, you’re in a sticky situation and want to escape or overcome it soon. The situation stresses you out and appears as such images in dreams.

Screaming at someone

This is a reflection of communication issues with the other person during conscious hours. You want to express yourself, but face some troubles which lead to misunderstandings.

Someone known screaming for help

If you only get the vision of someone familiar screaming in your dreams for help, then it’s not a good sign for your loved ones. 

The vision doesn’t guarantee that the same person will be in trouble. However, impending danger awaits some of your close ones. 

Feeling pain and screaming 

Dreaming about screaming because of pain is unexpectedly a good sign. 

Some people around you criticize you unnecessarily in everything you do. They make you feel less than and hurt your self-esteem. Soon, you’ll find a way to escape from them.

Someone screaming from afar

If you heard screaming in dreams from a distance, that’s an ill omen. In your waking life, someone will try to slander you. They’re envious of your achievements and success. 

Someone screaming to insult you 

The dream is symbolic of your bad relationship with someone in conscious hours. You can’t stand this person anymore and will try your best to stay away from them.

However, if they don’t let you take your space, communicate that you need it to collect your thoughts.

You’re screaming in dreams out of joy

Dreaming of screaming out of joy denotes your love for showing off your possessions. Whether it’s a material or a milestone achievement like graduating, getting a job, promotion, or an appraisal. 

Someone unknown screaming

If an unknown person screams in your dreams, this is a sign they want to catch your attention. Possibly, you never noticed them in reality and they’re frustrated about it. 

Someone screaming your name in dreams

If someone unknown screams out your name in a dream or you hear your name being screamed out, it’s a bad premonition. You might soon face a unfortunate situation in your life.

Screaming in dreams but nobody hears you

It suggests you feel overlooked in your conscious life. Everyone behaves as if you don’t exist and nobody asks or considers your opinions.

Someone screaming in your ear

If someone in the dream screams in your ear, that’s an emergency message from your subconscious mind. It says you’re negligent about your diet and lifestyle. 

The dream warns you to take care of yourself, have notorious meals, and exercise regularly. Otherwise, you might face serious health conditions.

Demonic screaming 

Dreams of hearing demonic screams reflect that your past still haunts you.  A trauma, fear, guilt, or pain from the past wounds you deeply.

Trying to suppress a scream 

If you’re screaming in dreams but also trying to suppress it, it’s indicative of your weak will to express yourself. 

Types of Different People Screaming in Dreams

Unknown child screaming

If they only screamed in the dream, you won’t accomplish your goals despite your method or actions. Try to modify your goals, otherwise, it’ll be a wasted effort.

Your child screaming for mothers

If you’re a mother, your child’s screams in your dreams illustrate they’re in danger right now. 

Your mother unhappily screaming

Dreams of your mother’s unhappily screaming says that you made a wrong decision in waking life.

Familiar woman screaming

To hear or see a familiar woman screaming in your dreams hints at your mental stability. Emotionally and psychologically, you’re on the edge and suffering silently. 

Dead screaming

In your dreams, seeing an unknown dead person scream implies you’ll hear some rumors about yourself so naturally it’ll be an emotional phase for you.

Your lover or child screaming and you can’t help

In reality, your love or your child will soon face a stressful situation. The dream conveys that if they don’t abide by the warning, they’ll soon fail in their endeavors.  

Other Dreams about Screaming & their Meanings

Screaming to stop rape

Screaming in dreams to stop being raped yourself or someone else implies you frantically desire to stop or resist a situation in your waking life. 

Screaming for help 

It shows you’ll have immense patience even in extreme situations. Your patience and persistence will help you deal with all troubles successfully. 

Running and screaming in dreams

It portends a shocking, unexpected, and unpleasant situation in your real life. Currently, you’re in a transition phase of your life and the future holds too many miseries for you.

Screaming in dreams miserably

In dream books, hearing someone else or yourself crying miserably in dreams infers you’ll soon receive dreadful news from a distant relative or a person you didn’t meet for a long time.

Crying and screaming 

It expresses you’re ready to let go of the bygones. You’re aware that you must step out of your safe haven and get more exposure to the real world.


Screaming in dreams isn’t always negative news. Instead, it may sometimes bring wealth, prosperity and also good luck. However, remember, the real interpretation depends on the inner details.