The post-Covid times are anything but peaceful. From a worldwide mass health crisis during the pandemic, the world has now stepped into an unprecedented economic crisis where mass layoffs and recession has become the new normal.

Amidst such a tense scenario, where people are hugely concerned about their financial future, the team of ThePleasantDream tried to understand the impact of these volatile economic conditions on the psyche of people.

For this, the team analyzed the Google search data for the month of April and found some fascinating trends wherein searches for “dream of recession” and “losing job dream meaning” witnesses rise in April 2023.

Searches for ‘dream of recession’ in April witnesses a hike of 178%

A rise in “dream of recession” search queries

The above graph shows the search volume for the query ‘dream of recession‘ over a 12-month period worldwide. It’s clear from the graph that the search volume for ‘dream of recession’ saw a sudden exponential rise in the month of April.

The Google trends and Glimpse data also reveal a 178% rise in searches for the ‘dream of recession’ keyword compared to March 2023.

Searches for ‘losing job dream meaning’ witness a 505% rise

A massive rise in “losing job dream meaning” search queries

The Google and Glimpse graph shows an upward rise for the search query ‘losing job dream meaning.’

The worldwide data spread over a 12-month period shows an exponential rise in the search query for ‘losing job dream meaning’ in April 2023.

In March 2023, there were 1600 searches for ‘losing job dream meaning,’ In April, there was a 505% rise in this search query compared to March.

Expert’s opinion

Dr. Nereida Gonzalez-Berrios, MD, reviewer and certified psychiatrist of ThePleasantDream, commented, “If you dream about a recession, it represents a big financial crisis and its impact on you. It may also reflect your insecurities about something in real life.”

She further said, “Before you make any significant decisions, pay close attention to the dream interpretation. Maintain your positive outlook, and the problems will soon pass.

It challenges you to take risks and leave your comfort zone. If you planned something unique but have yet to work on it, this is your sign.”