Seeing a crow in dream can always give the dreamer negative vibes because, in real life, they are the symbols of death and bad news.

But it is unfair to build this assumption because they have might have different relevance in the dreaming world. Therefore, we will tell you all about this intelligent bird’s dreams in this detailed article.

Crow in Dream - Detailed Guide of Good & Bad Interpretations
Crow in Dream – Detailed Guide of Good & Bad Interpretations

Crow Dream Meaning – General Interpretation

Crow in dreams represents death, life changes & intellect. You may see them when you are facing the death of someone you love. You may even be trying to optimize your own intellectual ability.  

Crow in dream does actually have both negative and positive associations. However, the most appropriate way to analyze any dream is to understand the context behind it and how it makes you feel.

Keeping in mind your current life events, read on to understand why you are dreaming about crows. Listing some common interpretations. 

  • Death Culturally, many people look at crows as a symbol of death. If you have loved ones who are ill, or you fear losing someone to death, you may have these types of dreams. 
  • Life Changes Death is also a positive sign in itself. Dreams of a single crow flying high or dreams of a crow when you are expecting a huge life change are positively interpreted as a symbol of change.
  • Intelligence – When you are dreaming of a single crow or a flock of them freely flying, it suggests intelligence. It is usually a warning sign from your subconscious to trust yourself and your own intuition a little more. 

Unwinding Various Dream Scenarios Related to Crows 

This section explores different types of dreams about crows and how to interpret them based on your current emotional and real-life situations. 

Black crow in dream 

Among all crows in dreams, black is most common. In real life too, black crows are the most commonly seen type of crows.

Simply put- black crows represent misfortune or bad news. Like the color, it means darkness, disintegration of light, being surrounded by problems or difficulties. 

Dreams of crow over your house 

This dream is an omen of bad news lurking over you. If you are anticipating bad news, for example health reports that are concerning, you may experience dreams about a crow flying over your house. 

Crows being a known signal of death in dreams, this could also mean the death or fear of death of someone who lives in that house. 

Dream of crow in house 

Dreams about crows inside your home actually hold a deep symbolic meaning. Homes are a symbol of our soul and inner self, as it is where we find most comfort. 

So, such dreams could mean you have to look deep within yourself; to find a dark, repressed or very private part of you. More often than not, this is a subconscious reminder to undergo a deep personal change to find peace. 

Dream about a group of crows 

A group of crows in your dream can mean that you are trying to hide behind a group of people. You could also dream about a group of crows if you tend to be easily influenced by others. 

It suggests that you believe they are smarter than you and you tend to follow/hide behind them. This could be a cue to believe in your own intellect, trust your intuition and not ignore your needs 

Besides, if a flock of crows flying around is considered a bad omen. It means that you may be receiving bad news, like the death of someone you know. It is a symbolic representation of being invited to a funeral. 

Spiritual meaning of dreams about crows

Spiritually, crows are symbols of life-death, change and transformation. All these ideas are connected to each other. We have to figure out what our inner self is trying to tell us through the crow. 

Sometimes it is telling us to trust ourselves, sometimes it is telling us to do better. Mostly it is telling us a life transformation (either good or bad) is coming. It is warning us to accept the change, both negative and positive. 

Crows are also a symbol for darkness. Their physical appearance along with their behavior traits give them a dark background in the spiritual world. However, accepting the darkness within us is also an important part of life. 

This self-acceptance leads to higher wisdom, being at peace with yourself and utilizing our entire mind and body to make better decisions for ourselves. 

Various activities of crow targeted towards you 

Sometimes, the crow will be undertaking some actions towards you in the dreams. Let’s decipher some of the common ones.  

Crow circling over someone/thing in dreams

This dream has a simple meaning- you are making a final decision or know the final step you want to take in that relationship/aspect of life. 

Crow sitting on your shoulder in dreams 

This dream is a good reminder that crows are a symbol of intellect in dreams. It also means an employee or someone you have hired has pleased you with their intelligence. It is a good sign because it may influence your own future decisions. 

Crow standing next to you in dream 

Interestingly, this dream is neither a bad sign nor a good sign. It is more of a reminder that you are not making a decision or being firm. 

Crow biting your hand 

This dream has multiple interpretations. 

One of them is a sign of pent-up anger and a feeling of frustration. You may also encounter this dream if you are under a lot of pressure, and can see yourself achieve big things, but somehow something is holding you back. 

Crows chasing you 

This is generally taken as a negative sign. If you are currently involved in a crime or an act that deserves punishment; the crow in your dream is an indication of fear. The fear could be about having to pay the price for the wrongdoing, or simply put- karma. 

Crow attack in dream 

This dream could indicate a monetary loss you may incur, or may lose money to a wrong investment. It could also mean you’re afraid that a partner or someone you trust with your finances may be plotting against you.

Crow in hand 

This dream is related to the crows’ intellectual symbolism. If you have personal or professional issues, you may have doubts of whether you can handle the problem. It is a representation of fear. 

Dreaming about various fatalities of the crow 

Sometimes, in the dream, a crow would appear in a bad state. Let’s check out some of the common fatalities of the crow. 

Dreams about a wounded crow 

This dream is a sign of trouble. The trouble coming your way could be in a relationship, or family. Most often, dreamers see a wounded crow when they are having a fight or huge difference of opinion with their partner. 

Killing a crow in your dream  

This dream is a representation of your personal victory. If you have enemies or rivals that you are fighting against (literally or internally), then this dream means you were able to win in your fight against your mighty enemies. 

This could be a signal to believe that you can do it; you can win. 

Catching a crow in dream 

This dream has a positive meaning; especially for your gut feeling. Besides, it means trusting your intuition and being able to avoid a dangerous situation because of it. 

Seeing a dead crow in dream

Dreaming of a dead crow can possibly be interpreted as a positive or good sign as well.

Dead crows symbolize death; however, it can also be the death of something that was causing you pain. Dead crow in your dream represents hardships or difficulties coming to an end. 

Big life changes also mean the death of something old. Context is key.

Dreams about crows making a screeching sound 

This dream is considered to be a bad sign- representing the news of someone’s death. Also, the particular sound is as if the crow is crying means the announcement of death. 

Seeing various objects and characteristics of a crow

Not just a crow, but if you see any object related to him, it could tell much about your waking life. So let’s look at some of these objects and their relevance.

Crow’s nests

This dream suggests helping someone who is not worthy of your help. You may even be forced to help but they clearly don’t deserve your kindness or help. Sometimes it also represents relationship issues. 

Feeding a crow  

This is a particularly nice dream about crows, because of its promising meaning. It means that you are opening up to new prospects and ideas. 

Crows have a mystical, often dark image, so feeding them can mean you are mentally opening up to something unknown.

Speaking crow 

This dream is a good omen; they mean that you are about to inherit fortune. Another interpretation is that a project you may have worked on is about to result in monetary benefits. 

Crow in the nest 

Crows in dreams are generally seen attacking, being attacked or dead/dying. However, if the crow in your dream is in its nest- the meaning is rebirth. Either a baby or a new idea/aspect of life may be born in your home. 

Any form of life/idea taking birth in your home is a good omen. 

Tree full of crows 

Such a dream is interpreted as an invitation to a gathering with friends/family. If you love being in the company of others, this is a very good sign for you. 

Friendly crow 

Such dreams where crows are friendly and act as your companions are a spiritual indication of you accepting all parts of yourself- both light and dark. 

They also indicate you are trusting your intellect, using it in decision making and are confident about who you are and your core values. 

It is also an omen of good news probably coming your way. 

Biblical Dream Meaning of Crows 

The bible mentions the symbolism behind dreams about ravens, not crows, however they belong to the same family and hence are often confused for the same. 

However, dreams about crows (ravens) are considered a bad omen. These dreams often bring the announcement of death or bad health/illness.

It is a symbol of fear, temptation to do something bad, bad news, death, and fears of upcoming troubles or pain.  

Wrap up 

Though crow is considered as one of the most intellectual birds, its appearance in the real and dream world can give goosebumps. However, with this article, we have presented both positive and negative connotations.

But amid this, the most important aspect to remember is current life context, fears, pain points and the feelings that are present in your waking life. Because that will help you better to interpret your dreams!

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