Crying in a dream reflects the strong feelings you didn’t think even existed in the first place. They indicate how your subconscious mind is dealing with emotions.

However, that’s not the complete story. So, dig in to find out more!

Crying in a Dream – 60 Types & Its Interpretations
Crying in a Dream – Various Types & Its Interpretations

Crying Dream Meaning and Its Interpretations

Crying in a dream represents your unstable emotions due to ignored and repressed feelings, heartbreak, or your feelings of helplessness. Let’s know what else it implies!

Emotional Instability

It shows that your subconscious is aware of the emotional instability you experience. So, you must bring your emotions under control before taking any action. 

A Broken Heart

If you have recently broken up, you might get crying dreams. This is a way of getting your feelings out and it also tells you to express the feelings to move on and come in terms with reality.


This dream can also be a root cause of helplessness because you work with dedication towards it and yet receive failure. At such times, do not feel dejected.

Spiritual Meaning of Crying in a Dream

The spiritual meaning of crying in a dream relates directly to your feelings and emotions. It indicates an emotional outburst when you have held it for long. 

These emotions can be love, anger, sympathy, guilt, frustration, or anything that you couldn’t express due to some reason.

Crying Dreams with Various Loved Ones

A dream of your loved ones crying ought to leave you feeling bothered about their happiness and health. However, sometimes, these dreams highlight important areas of your life and not others’ welfare. 

So, let’s dig in to know more!

Your father or mother crying dream meaning

In dreams, seeing your 

  • Father cry: It denotes that something extraordinary will happen in your life. This will bring changes to your current lifestyle. Its impact largely depends on your attitude and situation. 
  • Seeing your mother cry: It suggests that your future is filled with depression and emptiness. Despite everything, you will also succeed since your mother is protecting you.

Son or Daughter Crying

In a dream to find your: 

  • son crying: your son is facing problems in real life. He is either facing pressure or is feeling limited in the barriers.
  • daughter crying: it reflects your frustration for the things you haven’t been able to do for her. Or the way you wanted to do things for her.

Wife or husband crying

It means you’ll face some challenges or failures in the near future. This can also lead to some misunderstandings. These challenges can originate from your professional or personal life. No matter what happens, it suggests you to stay positive. 

Other loved ones crying

If you see your other loved ones crying, there are also some different meanings behind them. So, if it’s your:

  • Friend: You can rely on your friend when in trouble. You must also reach out to them as your friend needs your support to progress in life.
  • Boyfriend: You’ll enter a new phase in your relationship but it’ll depend on your emotions in the dream. If you were depressed, the coming days won’t be great.

Dead person crying

If this person in your crying dream is dead, the message varies based on the dead person’s identity. So, if the crying dead person is:

  • Mother: You need to socialize and feel loved and cared for. If you’re single, the dream asks you to fall in love. If you’re taken, it’s a sign to explore your passion for each other.
  • Grandmother: This dream warns you of difficult times like family conflicts, financial and professional troubles, and troubles in relationships. It asks you to brace for the worst and strengthen your bonds.
  • Father: You lack self-love and let others walk all over you. It’s time to heal yourself from within.
  • Baby: You might face health issues or a tragic event. Or, you’re struggling to get over a past trauma or guilt.

Other Crying Dreams & their Interpretations

There are also other dreams where you, a stranger, or even your enemy cries. So, let’s find out what these different scenarios imply.

Crying due to death 

Death dreams do not indicate that you or your near ones are going to die. Rather, you’ll experience success in your current job. 

Cry loudly 

Dream dictionary says this is a symbol of positive situations happening in your life. You can receive a promotion. If others hear you crying in a dream, you are about to meet your soulmate.

Crying about someone leaving you

This dream is a warning of a depressing time. Your business might suffer loss or you can face personal issues with your partner. But you have to stay calm and not let any negative feelings bother you. 

Crying while you are happy

It indicates that you will experience sheer happiness within your family, lead a tension-free life, and will be successful in your career. 

Crying hysterically 

The dream reflects that you have no clue of handling the situation. The brain is signaling that it is in shock and cannot face the situation.

Spiritually, it says that you have a fear of losing someone important in your waking life.

Crying while wearing black garments

This dream denotes that your business or career is about to grow.

Crying because you miss someone

Such a dream asks you to pay attention to the positive aspects of your life. Or, it implies that a professional or private matter of your life demands attention. 

Crying while on bed in a dream

The dream indicates that you should stay away from toxic thoughts. Surround yourself with a positive environment and provide comfort to others.

Seeing others crying uncontrollably in a dream

The dream suggests a person’s love and compassion towards you. You will be blessed with abundant happiness with your near ones. 

Seeing a baby crying

This gives you the message that you also need the same comfort and love from others like given to the baby.

Crying based on your various identity

Depending on your gender, relationship status, health status in reality, dreams of crying have different meanings. For instance, if you’re:

  • Single: it signifies your poor luck in love life due to communication problems and fights
  • Woman: it depicts a happy and flourishing family with healthy husband and children
  • Patient: you’ll recover if you stay optimistic
  • Pregnant woman: let go of pregnancy stress by crying

Crying at the scene of dead body or at the funeral

It shows you’re missing someone or something from the past. Alternatively, it can be something that you need to work on to improve in your waking life. This will enhance your will to live.

You fake crying

You might be overwhelmed by some event in life, either happy or sad but you present the exact opposite emotion of it in front of others. 

Dreaming about crying and also waking up to crying

This dream scenario tells you that something in your life will disappoint you. You will experience some sort of discomfort in your waking life. 

Psychological Meaning

Human beings cry both during sorrow and joy. Some even cry when they are angry. Some psychologists say they signify grave issues. And you can’t deal with those for now. 

Alternatively, it says you suppress your cries in reality so it surfaces in your dreams

Biblical Interpretation

The biblical meaning of crying in a dream states that this is how people talk to the Holy Spirit called God. These dreams are linked with negative emotions like sadness, mourning, tragedy, depression, frustration, or anger too.

A word from ThePleasantDream

A dream about crying does not necessarily bring you ill fate. So, focus on your detailed dream interpretation instead of assuming the worst. The universe might have a surprise up their sleeve!

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