The dream about being blind may symbolize people are ready to help you. Alternatively, it may show the presence of opportunists around you. 

These dreams can highlight where you’re going wrong and what you need to change about yourself.

Dream about Being Blind - Various Types & Their Interpretations
Dream about Being Blind – Various Types & Their Interpretations

Are Blind Dreams Good Symbols?

A blind dream can be a positive or a negative omen in your life. So you must find its meaning before anything goes wrong in your waking life.

Blind trust – Your blind dreams might imply that you believe in others too easily.

No trust in self – Some blindness dreams suggest you have great hidden talents but nobody is born perfect.  

Lose something or someone – A blind dream symbolizes the loss of a favorite possession or person. It doesn’t necessarily indicate death, a parting is also a loss.

Overconfidence – Dreams about blindness might resemble your nasty attitude towards others.

Space – Few blindness dreams denote you believe in sacrificing your passions and dreams to help your loved ones’ life progress.

Spiritual Meaning of Blindness in Dreams

Blindness in your dreams indicates a spiritual confusion about the absolute truth.

Perhaps, you misinterpreted some sign in your life and went astray. It is possible to choose the wrong path in your life when someone or something wasn’t clear to you.

Through blindness dreams, your subconscious asks you to stop and return to the starting point. You must restart this journey in the opposite direction.

Common Being Blind Dreams & Meanings

Different dreams require different solutions and you will find everything here, so now let’s quickly hop into different dream interpretations…

Going blind in one eye

The dream implies that you need to be aware of the intentions of dishonest people in your waking life. Unfortunately, many people around you look down on you and are hurting you behind your back. 

Going blind

This implies that you will face some consequences in your romantic life because of your carelessness.

Your partner might be introverted or shy so despite loving you so much, he/she won’t be able to express their real feelings properly.

Going blind while driving

The dream is a symbolism of yearning for independence in reality. But independence comes with responsibilities, and you are a little confused about this.

Blind in the left eye

It suggests that you possess great creativity but you shy away from showing your talents. You always doubt your capabilities and that adversely harms your potential.

You need to be confident about the budding thoughts in your mind because they can help you progress in life. 

Suddenly becoming blind

It means that you are ignoring the bigger picture in front of you. You are so absorbed in handling the little details of your life that you are overlooking reality.

Blindly undertaking tasks might take you astray in your waking life.

Being blind and assisted

It is a symbolism of involving yourself in something bad. You are either associating yourself with dishonest people, following a dishonest life yourself, or are showing interest in addiction.

It also shows that your loved ones want you to leave this lifestyle but you don’t want to entertain such thoughts. 

Leading a blind man

It indicates that a close one will need your help in the future about something risky.

You will gladly do your best but things might not turn out the way you want them to. Possibly, you aren’t the right person to help him/her in this situation.

Other Blindness Dreams

Not being able to open eyes

The dream interpretation is suggestive of something going amiss in your real life.

Blurry vision in dreams

It symbolizes that you are either not giving enough credit to something or someone, or you might have some wrong perception about something in your waking life.

Color blind

It is symbolic of your insight and gut feelings regarding a matter. But you don’t feel comfortable talking about your concerns to anyone so they are reflecting on your dreams.

Being blinded by light

If you are mean to the helpless, this dream warns you against it. This can also symbolize that you can stay calm during chaotic situations and you inspire others with your attitude towards life.

One-eyed man 

Your dream implies you are keeping secrets about past mistakes from your close ones. You regret what you did and now the regrets are hurting your conscience.

One-eyed woman 

The dream resembles stress and overflowing negativity in your waking life. You value external image and others’ perception of you more than anything else.

Blind school

It resembles your concealed talents. Your current situation demotivates you and you doubt yourself for that. This dream reminds you of your endless skills to overcome the situation.

Seeing Different Blind People Dreams

  • Blind man: It is a symbolism of great fortune as long as you’re wise.  
  • Blind woman: This is indicative of jealous people spreading false rumors about you.
  • Blind boy: It is reassurance from your subconscious about your capabilities.
  • Blind girl: Your dream symbolizes your unwavering mind and calmness during troubling situations.
  • Blind mother: Your dream means that no difficulties can waver your willpower.

Biblical Dream Interpretation

Biblically, blindness in dreams implies you are completely blind to anyone approaching you with a smile.

You cannot differentiate a good person from a bad one so there are more opportunists around you. It expresses how you are open to any attacks from evil people.

A word from ThePleasantDream

Some blind dreams can bring good news while others not so much. Take the negative dreams sportingly because you’re getting a second chance at life.

You can prevent something awful from happening, so start working towards that beautiful future you’ve always dreamt of!

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