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Dream about A Blanket – 35 Types and Interpretations

Dream about A Blanket – 35 Types and Interpretations

Updated on Jan 17, 2023 | Published on Jul 26, 2022

Reviewed by Dr. Nereida Gonzalez-Berrios, MD , Certified Psychiatrist

Dreaming about A Blanket - 35 Types and Interpretations

Did you wake up from your dream about a blanket? Did you hug your actual blanket to feel secure?

Well, during the chilly weather, everyone loves to cuddle-up under the blankets for warmth but it can also be used to hide things.

In dream interpretations, blankets may suggest your desire to conceal something from the world. But is that the only dream meaning? Definitely not!

If you want to know more about blanket dream interpretations, then this think-piece is ready to help you!

Dream about a Blanket – General Interpretations

Dreaming about a blanket can symbolize protection and the love and warmth that you radiate. Or it can also symbolize that you feel comfortable even while dealing with tough situations.

Just like we love to stay under a blanket after a long and tiring day at work, your blanket dreams can be a form of shelter.

You want to hide from the world and recharge your emotional batteries. But to know more, let’s first read about some general interpretations.

1. You are a sympathetic and warm person

One of the most common interpretations of seeing blankets in your dreams is that you are just like a blanket to other people – you give love, comfort, and sympathy to the needy.

Your purity makes you a pillar of strength for many people.

2. You can face difficulties bravely

Another positive dream interpretation of a blanket is that you can face all your adversities with a brave face.

No matter how difficult or challenging something is, you can fight all of that with absolute confidence.

3. You are afraid of facing the world

One negative interpretation of dreaming about blankets is that you wish to stay away from the world and its affairs.

You’re afraid to face people, so you prefer hiding in your safe corner. You seek protection in a familiar environment.

4. You don’t show your true self

Constantly having blanket dreams represent your tendency to hide your real feelings and emotions from those around you.

You are an introvert and don’t like to reveal your thoughts. This might be a reason why people alienate you.

5. You feel defenseless

Lastly, blankets in the dream realm can also symbolize helplessness. Maybe an embarrassing situation happened to you and you don’t know how to tackle that.

So you feel defenseless and overwhelmed. Your state of mind is fragile and very unpredictable currently.

Dreaming about a blanket – 35 Types and Interpretations

Now that you have read the general interpretations, don’t you want to explore further? In dreams, a clean blanket predicts your success and good health, while a dirty blanket advises you to reconsider your decision.

If you’re curious about yours, let’s dive into the detailed interpretations to find that out!

1. Dream about an old blanket

Dreaming of an old blanket symbolizes anxiety and growing fears. You must relax and stop getting worried about every single thing in your life.

This dream also shows that you can’t trust those around you. Conversely, it signifies that you are too concerned about your appearance to the public.

2. Dream about a clean blanket

A clean blanket in dreams is a good sign because it foretells that you will successfully overcome all hurdles and obstacles in your path.

Since cleanliness also promotes good health, it means that you will avoid an illness in the near future. Good news is on the way, so be prepared.

3. Dream about a blanket near a fireplace

If you’re wrapping a blanket around you near a fireplace, it indicates you will easily surpass your friends and acquaintances when it comes to financial prosperity.

This way, you will soon occupy a high position in society.

4. Dream about a white blanket

In dreams, a white blanket is a symbol of emotional contact and support in your waking life.

It also indicates that you must make several changes in your life and be brave about handling your feelings. Even if the timing seems wrong, you must stick to your ground.

5. Dream about a dirty blanket

A dirty blanket in your dreams is a sign to reconsider your choices. Every choice comes with its own set of consequences, so be prepared to face them.

You are too subjective and don’t think things through. This dream also indicates a need for protection.

6. Dream about a baby blanket

A baby blanket signifies your desire to lead an independent life. You feel that everyone around you is too controlling and you wish to break free of your chains.

Alternatively, it also indicates that you are controlling someone else too much and you must let go.

7. Dream about torn blanket

A torn blanket in the dream realm is a warning sign. You are too ambitious but you hardly live up to your full potential.

If you continue down this path, you will face severe consequences, so think very carefully before you act.

8. Dream about spreading a blanket

Dreaming of spreading a blanket somewhere signifies any important advice or message from your subconscious mind.

It also means that a situation will get entirely out of your hands and you will lose your patience.

9. Dream about folded blanket

This is a negative sign from your inner mind because it tells you about your imperfections. You often act hastily without reviewing a situation from all angles.

You also don’t put faith in your abilities, which hinders your performance.

10. Dream about a pile of blankets

A pile of blankets symbolizes that you can regain hope in someone soon.

You probably had a disagreement with them which led you both to part ways and you lost faith in them. But you both will soon resolve this misunderstanding.

11. Dream about washing blankets

A dream of cleaning or washing a blanket shows that you are very kind-hearted. You always make sure to act respectfully and politely around your close ones.

This dream also indicates that you have an open mind and don’t judge people.

12. Dream about colored blanket

A colored or bright blanket in dreams suggests that you will receive the opportunity of completing several small projects in your company.

Even if you experience tough times, you can turn them into useful opportunities. Just maintain a positive attitude and everything will be sorted out.

13. Dream about blanket on the road

Seeing a blanket on a road indicates that you suffer from a lack of confidence. You also feel that you exposed yourself too much in front of others.

Alternatively, it also means that you judge yourself or someone else very harshly.

14. Dream about blanket on the bed

This dream is a great sign because your spiritual guide tells you that you can overcome any difficulty with ease.

However, you currently fear the future and are unsure of your abilities. Try to get rid of these negative thoughts. 

15. Dream about a lifesaving blanket

A lifesaving blanket is often used for victims of road accidents.

If you dream of this, it indicates good news that tough times won’t last forever and your fortune will definitely change for the better. Don’t lose hope and keep working hard.

16. Dream about being wrapped up in a blanket

This dream denotes that you have a major fear of the unknown. This prevents you from taking up challenges in your workplace.

It also indicates that you feel threatened or confused about some people in your life.

17. Dream about giving away a blanket

If you dream of giving away a blanket to someone, it signifies that you feel insecure and anxious in your waking life.

You must address the root cause of your negative emotions and eliminate them.

18. Dream about sitting on a blanket

Sitting on a blanket in your dreams indicates that you want to feel protected and emotionally secure. This can be physical, mental, or emotional protection.

You might wish for this from your family members or your significant other.

19. Dream about someone else giving a blanket

If someone else gives you a blanket in your dreams, it means that they feel the need to protect you from evil.

They wish the best for you and want you to succeed. If you feel emotionally exhausted now, let that person take care of you for a while.

20. Dream about gifting someone a blanket

This is an important sign from your inner mind to look out for your loved ones. Someone close to you might be experiencing a very tough time.

They want to approach you but can’t. So it’s up to you to figure out how to help and support them.

21. Dreaming of blanket and quilt together

Dreaming of a blanket with a quilt is an auspicious sign because you will have a strong body. You will be active physically but also be emotionally tender.

Comfort and serenity will prevail in your life and you will not suffer from any serious diseases.

22. Dream about buying blanket

This is also a good dream because it means that you will be empathetic and warm, just like a blanket. You’ll also be blessed with friendly neighbors and coworkers. Every time you fall, many people will hold your hand.

23. Dreaming about green blanket

If you dream about a green blanket, a close one suffering from a disease will soon get well. Alternatively, it also means that you will enter into a profitable business deal in your workplace.

24. Dream about pink blanket

This is a negative dream because it indicates your carelessness. You are too casual and laid-back, so you can’t make the most of your opportunities. Your spiritual guide tells you to be more serious.

25. Dream about hiding under a blanket

We hide under a blanket when we are afraid of something around us. In your waking life, your fears and insecurities are manifested in this dream.

You are afraid to venture out into the world and explore it. However, this also costs you a lot of good opportunities.

26. Dream about losing a blanket

Dreaming of losing a blanket or a lost blanket signifies limited independence. You want to do a lot of things in life but someone or something constantly obstructs you and you feel uneasy and disturbed.

27. Dream about a knitted blanket

If you dream of knitting a blanket or a knitted blanket, it means that things in your house will be peaceful.

You will enjoy good times with your significant other and there won’t be any quarrels between you both. This is an especially favorable sign for women.

28. Dream about sleeping with blanket

Sleeping with a blanket in real life can be very comfortable but in the dream realm, it indicates something bad.

Your inner spirit tells you that your plans for the future are mere fantasies and will not come true. This will also undermine your self-confidence.

29. Dream about covering legs with blanket

If you cover your legs using a blanket, it foretells trouble. The most unfortunate part is that the trouble will not be anything related to your own life.

Most probably, you will face hardships with your children and their daily lives.

30. Dream about golden blanket

The golden color is often a symbol of harmony and peace in the dream dictionary. If you see a golden blanket, it means that your life will be peaceful and filled with joy.

You will live in mutual understanding with your environment and understand your true self.

31. Dream about being homeless with only a blanket

Needless to say, this dream is a bad omen. You will face a lot of troubles soon and they will all make you doubt your self-confidence.

You might seek some kind of refuge in life by holding on to old memories, but you must get up and face your problems.

32. Dream about wrapping someone with blanket

This dream hints at a romantic prospect. Perhaps the person you helped out in the dream will propose to you soon and you will have a wonderful time together.

Even if you don’t know the person in your dreams, they will soon enter your waking life.

33. Dream of wrapping a blanket around an animal

This dream can be interpreted as both negative and positive. Someone you dearly love asked you not to speak with them.

Even though you really wish to talk and sort things out, you also want to respect their wishes. As a result, there is a distance between you both.

34. Dream about burning a blanket

If you dream of burning a blanket, it means that there will be problems between you and your spouse.

You both will constantly misunderstand each other to the point that things cannot be solved. Beware of this dream because it also hints at divorce. 

35. Dream about covering a sleeping person with a blanket

Dreaming of covering a sleeping person with a blanket shows that you deeply care for that person.

They might be much younger than you, which is why you accepted them under your wing. You wish to protect that person from all kinds of evil.

Spiritual meaning of dream about a blanket

Spiritually, blankets represent talismans and are considered to be a form of protection. Your spiritual guide looks after you and guides you on the right path.

Recurring dreams of blankets also means that you must remove self-doubt and trust in your spiritual guide to lead a better life.

Biblical meaning of dreaming about a blanket

Isiah, a prophet, said that beds that are too short and blankets that are too narrow can never provide a person with peaceful sleep. Similarly, someone who lost faith in God will not experience peace.

God wishes to wrap everyone with a blanket to keep them warm, but only the people who trust God will feel that warmth.

Psychological meaning of blanket in a dream

According to Freud’s dream book, blankets have a great psychological significance. It can mean that you are suffering from your partner’s cold and unfriendly nature.

Since human minds want to adapt to situations by coping with them positively, the blanket here represents psychological comfort.

Questions to ask yourself to interpret blanket dreams correctly

If you wish to interpret your dreams correctly, you must recollect as much as possible. While retaining subconscious memories can be difficult, here are a few questions to help you out.

1. How big or small was the blanket in your dreams?

2. What was the color of the blanket?

3. Do you dream of someone else holding or wrapping a blanket?

4. Did you see multiple blankets together?

5. Do you only look at a blanket in your dreams or interact with it, such as washing or burning it?

6. How often are you having these dreams?

7. How do you feel after having these dreams? Comfortable or uneasy?

8. What is the material of the blanket in your dreams?

9. Did you buy the blanket or knit it yourself in the dream?

10. What type of blanket do you dream of the most?

A word from ThePleasantDream

Even though dreaming of blankets can have different kinds of interpretations, you must understand that knowing the dream interpretation itself cannot solve all your life problems.

It merely helps you to understand how to tackle things. So take action and be the owner of your life.