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Dream About Banana – 53 Interpretations

Dream About Banana – 53 Interpretations

Updated on Sep 01, 2022 | Published on Mar 22, 2022

Reviewed by Dr. Nereida Gonzalez-Berrios, MD , Certified Psychiatrist

Dream about Banana - 53 Interesting Sequences & Their Interpretations

In general, bananas are a nutritious fruit with a compelling taste.

They have a significant part of our diet and are also a vital part of our breakfast. While a dream about banana is not common, it does carry exciting symbolism. 

It is believed that when you are dreaming about bananas, it is followed by pleasant sensory experiences. It induces a positive effect on the dreamer. 

Dream about Banana - 53 Interesting Sequences & Their Interpretations
Dream about Banana – 53 Interesting Sequences & Their Interpretations

Dream About Banana – General Meaning and Interpretation

Dreaming about bananas is symbolic of happiness, sexual desire, need for attention, missing your partner, failure, attitude towards others, unpleasant encounters, and a change in your perspective. 

1. Happiness

When you get a dream of bananas, the general interpretation deduces that you are happy and satisfied in life. To elaborate, it is a sign of happiness, both physically and emotionally. 

This happiness stems from being financially stable and living a life that others are jealous about. You have a safe and secure job, a happy family, and you are emotionally satisfied. 

These things make you feel grateful and express gratitude for what you have.  

2. Sexual Desire

This interpretation is drawn from Sigmund Freud’s idea that the shape of the banana resembles the male genital. It is symbolic of sexual desire. 

Additionally, it can also refer to the strong sexual desire you feel towards your partner.  

3. Attention

It is bound to bother you if you do not receive time, effort, and attention from your significant other.

Dream about a banana is symbolic of this lack of attention or reduced attention from your partner. 

4. Missing or Desiring Your Romantic Partner

When you dream about bananas, it is a sign that you are either missing or desiring your romantic partner.

You want to spend more time with them and feel like you are not doing that enough already. 

5. Failure

In some cases, this dream related to bananas can carry a negative connotation. Such a dream can mean that you are going to experience failure in your life. 

You are going to fail repeatedly despite putting in your best effort each time. 

However, a banana dream is a sign not to be disheartened. Rather, it is just for you to understand that it is not meant to be this time. 

This dream is a lesson that you need to know when to work hard and when you need to let go. However, your efforts are not in vain. Your hard work will be compensated in some other form. 

6. Attitude Towards Others

As the title suggests, this dream of a banana is symbolic of your attitude towards others. You can seem overly affectionate with those close to you. 

In contrast, you can also come off as a rude person because you are closed off.  

This dream is a reminder to find a balance between the two extremes. Therefore, you need to analyze your behavior and find stability or middle ground with your attitude. 

Lastly, a dream like this is a sign that your attitude might cause problems in your professional life. Therefore, you need to be cautious. 

7. Unpleasant Encounters

Such a dream is a sign that you will have an unpleasant encounter in your life. However, these encounters will not be of any interest to you. 

You may come across people who will add to the stress and anxiety. You will be annoyed by these people but you cannot do anything about this. 

8. Blast From the Past

A dream about bananas is a sign that someone specific from the past will make a re-entry into your life.

This person will be annoying and will get on your nerves. Your life is about to enter into a tough time. 

Therefore, you need to be prepared for these tumultuous times. 

9. Laziness and Unproductive 

Dreaming about bananas is symbolic of laziness and unproductiveness in your attitude. 

This dream is a reminder that currently, you have adopted an unhealthy lifestyle that is making you procrastinate and be unproductive. 

Laziness and procrastination naturally occur if you are a perfectionist or if you are anxious about the task at hand. 

You are advised to seek professional help or introspect as to why you are engaging in this behavior. 

10. Change Your Perspective

This dream is an indication that the path you have been on, aiming for your goals, is dull, boring, and lifeless. This might urge you to give up as it is not worth the effort you put in. 

However, this dream is a sign that you need to change your perspective or your outlook rather than give up. You need to continue your hard work even if it does not bear fruitful rewards for a while 

Banana Dream Meaning and Other Interpretations

1. Dream about Rotten Banana

This is considered to carry a negative connotation. You will be roped into a job obligation. This obligation will end up being challenging for you. 

Such a dream of a rotten banana indicates that you will have a difficult time with the boss. This will end up taking a lot of your time and energy. 

You need to ensure that the job given to you comes out perfectly. Therefore,  you can bag the raise or promotion that comes with it. 

Holding, eating, or seeing a rotten banana in your dream is a sign that you are consuming the negativity around you. 

Willingly or forcefully, you will indulge in certain activities that are potentially harmful to you. 

2. Dream about Eating a Banana

This dream is one of the most common dreams to occur. Additionally, it carried a negative connotation. 

A dream of eating bananas refers to your fertility issues or your dissatisfied sex life in general. Secondly, a dream like this can also signify that you will be involved in the unnecessary drama around you. 

When you dream of eating such a fruit, it is also a sign that you have some deficiency in your system or points towards your declining health. Therefore, you need to get it checked out soon. 

3. Female dreaming About Eating Banana

A female dreaming about eating bananas is a sign that she will have feelings for a person. You crave attention from this person but they do not seem to notice you. 

A dream like this is a sign that you will think about the things you want from life. You will also have to go through a lot to succeed including putting behind some old animosity against a person. 

This dream is also a sign that you want to express yourself to others. You want them to know how you feel and express the emotions you have towards them. 

This might lead to a big reveal as they will express similar feelings towards you. They have been hiding these feelings because they feared your reaction. 

4. Dream about Someone Else Eating a Banana

This dream is a sign that you will attract someone close to you. 

If you do not know the person eating the banana, it indicates your desire to fall in love and to be loved by a soulmate. 

It is a sign from your subconscious that you now desire a romantic partner after not having one for a long period of time. You think it is time to settle down. 

5. Dream about Eating a Ripe Banana

When you dream about eating a ripe banana, it is a sign that your timing is on point. You have picked up something at the right time. 

It is about to become something big. You will enjoy the benefit of this thing that you have picked up.  

6. Dream of Peeling Bananas

Regardless of gender, this dream suggests that the dreamer has strong masculine energy. It is an indication that you have a tough outer appearance. 

Others find you intimidating, especially when they meet you for the first time. 

You are independent and robust. Often, you prefer not to rely on others especially to help you out in tough situations. In addition, people respect you for your bold personality. 

However, if you are a female, it is advised to let out your feminine side once in a while. This is particularly applicable when seeking support from the opposite gender.  

7. Dream of Banana Peels

This dream of banana peels is a warning sign. It is a sign that certain complications may arise as you move towards your expectations and goals. 

In other words, this dream is a reminder to stay away from evil energies as they will only cause harm. They will only be troublesome. 

8. Dream about a Bunch of bananas

This dream of a bunch of bananas is considered to be a positive one. It is an indication that you might meet your potential romantic partner soon. 

To add to this, you might form new relationships and acquaintances that will be fruitful for you. These new relationships and acquaintances will bring you happiness and joy. 

If you are already in a committed relationship, this dream is a sign that you will be happy and will experience joy. 

Professionally, this dream is related to new possibilities and opportunities. These new possibilities and opportunities will be beneficial for your career. 

9. Dream about Green Bananas

Dreaming about green bananas is symbolic of balance. According to the dream lore, it means that you are going to benefit from your interactions with other people. 

You might gain some valuable advice regarding a project, which will turn out to be a blessing in disguise. 

A dream about green bananas is also symbolic of prosperous times. You will be blessed with investments and finances. 

10. Dream about Banana Pudding

Dreaming about banana pudding is a sign that opposite ends of your personality are blending. You need to look at your past and learn from it.

Your current life is in need of some joy, relaxation, and amusement. 

On the other hand, this dream is symbolic of your influences and how they are guiding you through life. Someone or something is influencing you to use your mind to its fullest potential and move forward in life. 

11. Dream about Selling Bananas

If you dream of selling bananas, then it is a sign of unwanted dealings related to business. This will take you time and your money and will not be fruitful at all. 

If you are employed, you will be assigned a job that will be meaningless, and dissatisfying. However, you will be forced to take up the responsibility for it. It will not lead to any benefit promotion or money-wise. 

However, even if you are tempted to let go of the task, it is essential for your professional growth. Despite the difficulty of the task, it will bear its fruits in the future. 

12. Dream about Carrying Bananas

This dream of carrying bananas is an indication that you or someone you know will have a sexual encounter. 

Such a dream speaks of the possibility of a fulfilling and satisfying romantic relationship in the near future. This relationship will make you feel alive and excited as it brings you a lot of pleasure. 

Lastly, this dream could be a sign that you are going to receive an unexpected and surprise gift. This surprise will be delightful and good. 

13. Dreaming of Buying Bananas

When you dream of buying bananas, it is considered to be an ominous sign. 

Currently, things are not looking right for you and this dream predicts threatening and unwanted situations heading your way. Therefore, you need to be cautious of your actions. 

14. Dreaming of Buying Bananas in a Market

Such a specific dream, where you buy the bananas in the market, is a sign that you need to be careful of those around you. They are not genuine people and friends. 

This dream is a warning for those surrounding you and your need to be vigilant and cautious. 

15. Dream about Unripe Banana

This dream is a warning. You need to be careful as to who you interact with. This vigilance and need to be cautious is related to those who have a sexual interest in you. 

You can be vigilant by making sure you don’t have to make any compromises. In other words, this might have negative consequences. 

16. Dreaming of a Ripe Banana

Such a dream is an indication that your work life is going really well. It is also representative of the recognition you have in your work environment. 

This position you are currently in is the fruit and reward of all your hard work and dedication. Your professionalism is the source of inspiration for many of your coworkers too.

17. Dreaming of Overripe Banana

Dreaming of overripe bananas is a sign related to your health. You need to pay more attention to your health and be careful of the kind of food you are consuming. 

Essentially, you need to start consuming more nutritious food. 

If you have gained weight and it bothers you, do not worry. You will be able to lose weight by eating some nutritious food and keeping the sugary and greasy foods in check. 

18. Dream about Looking at Bananas

If you are looking at bananas in your dream, it is a sign that your perception is about to change. 

Since bananas, in general, refer to your sexual pleasure, looking at bananas in your dream is related to you looking for a new relationship. 

In other words, you are contemplating if you want to move forward with your love life.

19. Dream of Growing Bananas 

Such a dream may be an indication from your subconscious that you are tired and exhausted. This tiredness and exhaustion is a result of some tough times you have been through. 

One possibility is bad communication with your partner has led you to this situation. 

In contrast, this exhaustion can be a result of the effort you have been putting into a project or your job. 

This dream is a sign that this state will not help you make the right decisions and it is bad for you in the long run. You need to make more time for yourself and your needs. 

20. Dream of Someone Else Growing Bananas

If you dream that someone else is growing bananas, then it is a sign that your friend or acquaintance will require your assistance and advice. 

Due to your lack of experience in the help they require, you will not know how to help them. 

However, you will have a strong desire to help them out. Therefore, you will think hard and give them some honest, friendly advice. 

The good thing that comes out of this experience is that you will realize that they trust you and think of you as a reliable friend. 

21. Dream about Banana Tree with Bananas

Dreaming about bananas growing on a plant is a negative sign. It is an indication that you are going to be tired, drained, and exhausted in the future. You will be exhausted physically and emotionally. 

This tiredness and exhaustion stem primarily from a one-sided relationship. Here, you invested all your energy while getting nothing in return. 

You will soon feel dissatisfied and displeased by this person. This will lead you to eventually give up on this person and relationship. 

22. Dream about Ripping Banana from the Plant

When you dream about ripping a banana from the plant, it is symbolic of your dominating nature. You have a controlling nature and do not take others’ opinions on anything.

This behavior is getting annoying for those around you and they are starting to resent you for it. 

If you want the people who you care about to stay in your life, then you need to think about this behavior and stop being too pushy. 

23. Dream about Cooked Bananas

A dream where you see cooked bananas is a sign that you are emotionally content. This is despite not having accomplished your goals. 

It is a reminder that you have great potential. You must not fear to exhibit this side of great potential to those around you. 

24. Dream of Fried Banana

When you dream of fried bananas, it is symbolic of perseverance. You need to continue working even though you have not seen the results yet. 

This dream is a sign to be patient and that all your effort to achieve your goals will not be in vain. 

You need to keep up the hard work so that you can begin to notice the efforts of your demands in your life. 

25. Dreaming of Harvesting Bananas

This dream is a good sign. Dreaming of harvesting bananas is a sign that you will achieve and accomplish your dreams and goals. You will soon lead a comfortable life. 

Therefore, the hard work you have put in so far will be appreciated and rewarded. 

26. Dream about Raw Bananas

When you dream about raw bananas, it is a reflection of the difficulty you face to make wise and good decisions by yourself. 

Therefore, this dream is a reminder to think twice before making certain decisions. You can also seek other people’s advice before finalizing your decision. 

In other words, this acts as a precaution against making bad or wrong decisions. 

27. Dream of Banana Plantation

Such a dream of plantation is indicative of your desire to voice your inner thoughts and concerns. 

Additionally, this dream is a sign to be cautious of those around you. You possess good strategizing abilities in terms of how to handle and deal with life in general. 

However, those around you are waiting for you to fail. 

28. Dream of Banana Leaf

Dreaming of a banana leaf is a sign that your goals related to your romantic relationship are still in their early stages. 

You might come across obstacles that will make you change the course of the current situation and you might have to bring about small changes. 

However, you need not worry as these changes are for your own good and will not be detrimental. 

29. Dream of Seeing Lots of Bananas

A dream of seeing a group of bananas is a sign that this is the perfect time in your current life. There is a lot of positive energy around you. 

As a result, your financial life will reap the benefits of this positive energy. 

30. Dream of Banana Juice

When you dream specifically of banana juice, it is a sign that you desire to establish a relationship. Additionally, you wish to run a business and develop it with your friends. 

This dream of banana juice is also signifying that there is some psychological pressure on your body. This pressure is creating a biological need that might need some attention. 

Ensure that it does not harm you in any way. 

31. Dreaming of Giving Someone a Banana

If you dream of giving someone a banana, it is an indication that you need to reassess and reevaluate your goals and interests. 

There will be certain people who do not contribute to your life in any way. 

This dream is a reminder to set new priorities and analyze your goals and interests accordingly.

32. Dream of Picking a Banana

Such a dream is said to be quite uncommon. It is symbolic of successful and healthy sexual life in the near future. 

33. Dream of Banana Cake

If you dream of a banana cake, it is a sign that you are yearning for forbidden fruit and you are tempted to do something about it. 

However, it is advised that you think twice before you make a move. This is again based on the context of the dream. 

34. Dream of Chocolate Banana 

Dreaming of chocolate bananas is symbolic of happiness with respect to love. The following period of your life will be filled with some sweet moments of love. 

35. Dream of Banana Split

This dream of a banana split is symbolic of your urge to exit or escape your current life. You are longing to leave or escape to go elsewhere. This place could be a metaphorical one. 

In other words, you could desire to change your career or switch your perspective. 

It could also mean that you want to move to a new physical location so that you no longer have to deal with something specific. You’re leaving these things behind. 

If this is not applicable, then this dream could mean you’re going to treat yourself to something decadent and delicious. 

It may be that you have been working hard on a project. However, you can treat yourself to something for all the hard work. 

36. Dream of Mashing Bananas

A dream where you are mashing the bananas is a sign of sexual frustration. It means that you need a change soon. 

37. Dream of Bestowing Bananas

A dream where you are bestowing bananas means that you fear attachment. Due to this fear, you are not allowing your romantic partner all the way in. 

You keep to yourself a lot and involve feelings only when you find it necessary. 

Therefore, it is getting exhausting for your partner. They fear your apathetic stance but love you too much to leave you because of this one thing.  

39. Dream of Receiving Bananas from Someone You Know

This dream is an indication that you want to be more than friends with this person. You want more from your relationship with this person. 

If you dreamed of receiving bananas from your partner, it is a sign that you truly love them and fear losing them. 

39. Dream of Getting Bananas from a Stranger

This dream of getting bananas from a stranger is a sign that you desire a new partner. It can also mean that you wish to get involved in an exciting sexual affair. 

40. Dream of Banana with Another Fruit

Such a dream is an indication that you will not receive enough attention from your romantic partner. This will cause you stress and anxiety thereby disrupting your relationship a little. 

41. Dream about Banana and Alcohol

Dreaming about bananas and alcohol is an odd combination. Separately, alcohol stands for easy solving or handling of problems. Simultaneously, the banana is symbolic of sexuality. 

Therefore, a dream with the two together is symbolic of a sexual problem being recognized but not dealt with or handled. This is because the dreamer tries to ignore it. 

In other words, it is advised that the problem be consciously dealt with. 

42. Dream about Banana Smoothie 

Dreaming of a banana smoothie is essentially dependent on the other fruits or other aspects of the drink. 

The banana in the smoothie stands for the sexual part of the whole picture. To interpret it, it should be mixed with the other aspects. 

An example is, with a work colleague who you connect with professionally, you would also find them sexually interesting if you dream of a banana smoothie.

43. Dream of Banana Flower

This banana flower dream is symbolic of female sexuality. It means that you desire or crave physical intimacy. 

Spiritual Meaning of Bananas in a Dream 

The spiritual meaning of a dream about a banana is related to your sexual life.

If you are frequently dreaming about this fruit, the banana, then it means that you are experiencing sexual frustration.  

Additionally, it also means that you are currently living with someone who cannot meet your sexual urges. 

In other words, you feel disappointed and want to leave your partner. This disappointment is primarily about your emotional relationship. You will only be happy and feel joy when this person leaves your life. 

On the other hand, spiritually this dream could mean that someone is about to enter your life but will be the cause of the disturbance in your life. You are feeling removed from your own life.

Biblical Meaning of Banana in Dream   

Biblically, dreaming about bananas is symbolic of fertility, sensuality, and sex life. Additionally, it also refers to financial stability and a comfortable job. 

This job is filled with problem-solving ideas, that is, you are competent at your job. 

In addition to being competent and attaining business success, it also means that you are surrounded by good people who you can trust and enjoy your life with. 

These include your friends and family essentially. 

Islamic Meaning and Interpretation of Banana Dreams

Dreaming about bananas in Islam has multiple meanings and interpretations. 

In Islam, a banana in a dream is symbolic of money, savings, a fetus, a man in the grave, a prisoner in jail, a closed book, any news from the past, or inner knowledge. 

Additionally, it is also clothing, love, tenderness, a generous man, a monotheist, or it could refer to a person of good conduct. 

The different interpretations based on the context are discussed below:

Dream of Banana Tree

Such a dream denotes a rich, pious and polite person. It is considered to be one of the noblest trees.  

Dream of Seeing Banana

This dream is considered to be a good omen. Though the color yellow symbolizes disease, an exception was made by ancient Arabs for the bananas. 

It is considered to be a good dream even if the bananas are not ripe or if they taste sour. 

Dream of Eating Bananas

The interpretation for this changes based on who is the dreamer. If it is a worldly person, then they will reap the benefits and their desires will be fulfilled. 

If they are a religious person, this dream is symbolic of stronger faith. 

Additionally, if a sick person is eating the banana in the dream, it is symbolic of the sickness or the illness aggravating. 

Psychological Perspective of Dreaming about Banana

According to Sigmund Freud, the shape of the banana is representative of the male penis. Additionally, it also refers to the influence the men in your life have on your life. 

Therefore, that is why when the man gives a woman a banana in the dream, it is symbolic of the man’s desire to have sexual intercourse with the woman. 

On the other hand, if you are a man and you see a woman giving you a banana, it symbolizes that she is rejecting the suggestion of sexual intercourse. 

Concluding Thoughts

A banana dream meaning is a reflection of your physical and emotional state. Along with this, it also gives the warning sign regarding the possible obstacles you will encounter in your life. 

The advice presented is, a sharp resolution and a sound mind will help you overcome these obstacles easily and successfully. 

While dreaming about bananas has varying and multiple interpretations, the right one will depend on the situation in your waking life.