Dreaming about bananas is symbolic of happiness, sexual desire, need for attention, missing your partner, failure, attitude towards others, unpleasant encounters, and a change in your perspective. 

Dream about Banana - 53 Interesting Sequences & Their Interpretations
Dream about Banana – Interesting Sequences & Their Interpretations

General Interpretation of Dream About Banana

They have a significant part of our diet and are also a vital part of our breakfast. While a dream about banana is not common, it does carry exciting symbolism. 

It is believed that when you are dreaming about bananas, it is followed by pleasant sensory experiences. It induces a positive effect on the dreamer. 

  • Happiness – The general interpretation deduces that you are happy and satisfied in life. To elaborate, it is a sign of happiness, both physically and emotionally. 
  • Sexual Desire – This interpretation is drawn from Sigmund Freud’s idea that the shape of the banana resembles the male genital. It is symbolic of sexual desire. 
  • Attention – It is bound to bother you if you do not receive time, effort, and attention from your significant other.
  • Missing or Desiring Your Romantic Partner – It is a sign that you are either missing or desiring your romantic partner.
  • Failure – Such a dream can mean that you are going to experience failure in your life. You are going to fail repeatedly despite putting in your best effort each time. 
  • Attitude Towards Others – It is symbolic of your attitude towards others. You can seem overly affectionate with those close to you. 
  • Change Your Perspective – This is an indication that the path you have been on, aiming for your goals, is dull, boring, and lifeless. This might urge you to give up as it is not worth the effort you put in.

Spiritual Meaning of Bananas in a Dream 

The spiritual meaning of a dream about a banana is related to your sexual life.

If you are frequently dreaming about this fruit, the banana, then it means that you are experiencing sexual frustration.  

On the other hand, spiritually this dream could mean that someone is about to enter your life but will be the cause of the disturbance in your life. You are feeling removed from your own life.

Biblical Interpretation

Biblically, dreaming about bananas is symbolic of fertility, sensuality, and sex life. Additionally, it also refers to financial stability and a comfortable job. 

In addition to being competent and attaining business success, it also means that you are surrounded by good people who you can trust and enjoy your life with. 

Dream about Banana – Various Types and Interpretations

Dream about Rotten Banana

This indicates that you will have a difficult time with the boss. This will end up taking a lot of your time and energy. 

You need to ensure that the job given to you comes out perfectly. Therefore,  you can bag the raise or promotion that comes with it. 

Dream about Eating a Banana

This dream is one of the most common dreams to occur. Additionally, it carried a negative connotation. 

A dream of eating bananas refers to your fertility issues or your dissatisfied sex life in general. Secondly, a dream like this can also signify that you will be involved in the unnecessary drama around you. 

Dream of Peeling Bananas

This suggests that the dreamer has strong masculine energy. It is an indication that you have a tough outer appearance. 

You are independent and robust. Often, you prefer not to rely on others especially to help you out in tough situations. In addition, people respect you for your bold personality. 

Dream about Green Bananas

It is symbolic of balance. According to the dream lore, it means that you are going to benefit from your interactions with other people. 

A dream about green bananas is also symbolic of prosperous times. You will be blessed with investments and finances. 

Dream about Banana Pudding

It is a sign that opposite ends of your personality are blending. You need to look at your past and learn from it. Your current life is in need of some joy, relaxation, and amusement. 

On the other hand, this dream is symbolic of your influences and how they are guiding you through life.

Dream about Carrying Bananas

This is an indication that you or someone you know will have a sexual encounter. 

Such a dream speaks of the possibility of a fulfilling and satisfying romantic relationship in the near future. This relationship will make you feel alive and excited as it brings you a lot of pleasure. 

Dream about Unripe Banana

This dream is a warning. You need to be careful as to who you interact with. This vigilance and need to be cautious is related to those who have a sexual interest in you. 

You can be vigilant by making sure you don’t have to make any compromises. In other words, this might have negative consequences. 

Dreaming of a Ripe Banana

It is an indication that your work life is going really well. It is also representative of the recognition you have in your work environment. 

This position you are currently in is the fruit and reward of all your hard work and dedication. Your professionalism is the source of inspiration for many of your coworkers too.

Dreaming of Overripe Banana

Dreaming of overripe bananas is a sign related to your health. You need to pay more attention to your health and be careful of the kind of food you are consuming. 

If you have gained weight and it bothers you, do not worry. You will be able to lose weight by eating some nutritious food and keeping the sugary and greasy foods in check. 

Growing Bananas 

It may be an indication from your subconscious that you are tired and exhausted. This tiredness and exhaustion is a result of some tough times you have been through. 

Banana Tree with Bananas

Dreaming about bananas growing on a plant is a negative sign. It is an indication that you are going to be tired, drained, and exhausted in the future. You will be exhausted physically and emotionally. 

Cooked Bananas

A dream where you see cooked bananas is a sign that you are emotionally content. This is despite not having accomplished your goals. 

It is a reminder that you have great potential. You must not fear to exhibit this side of great potential to those around you. 

Fried Banana

It is symbolic of perseverance. You need to continue working even though you have not seen the results yet. It is a sign to be patient and that all your effort to achieve your goals will not be in vain. 

Raw Bananas

It is a reflection of the difficulty you face to make wise and good decisions by yourself. 

Therefore, this dream is a reminder to think twice before making certain decisions. You can also seek other people’s advice before finalizing your decision. 

Banana Plantation

Such a dream of plantation is indicative of your desire to voice your inner thoughts and concerns. 

Additionally, this is a sign to be cautious of those around you. You possess good strategizing abilities in terms of how to handle and deal with life in general. 

Banana Leaf

Dreaming of a banana leaf is a sign that your goals related to your romantic relationship are still in their early stages. 

You might come across obstacles that will make you change the course of the current situation and you might have to bring about small changes. 

Banana Juice

It is a sign that you desire to establish a relationship. Additionally, you wish to run a business and develop it with your friends. 

This is also signifying that there is some psychological pressure on your body. This pressure is creating a biological need that might need some attention. 

Banana Cake

If you dream of a banana cake, it is a sign that you are yearning for forbidden fruit and you are tempted to do something about it. 

However, it is advised that you think twice before you make a move. This is again based on the context of the dream. 

Chocolate Banana 

Dreaming of chocolate bananas is symbolic of happiness with respect to love. The following period of your life will be filled with some sweet moments of love

Banana Split

This dream of a banana split is symbolic of your urge to exit or escape your current life. You are longing to leave or escape to go elsewhere. This place could be a metaphorical one. 

In other words, you could desire to change your career or switch your perspective. 

Mashing Bananas

It is a sign of sexual frustration. It means that you need a change soon. 

Bestowing Bananas

It means that you fear attachment. Due to this fear, you are not allowing your romantic partner all the way in. 

Banana Smoothie 

It is essentially dependent on the other fruits or other aspects of the drink. 

The banana in the smoothie stands for the sexual part of the whole picture. To interpret it, it should be mixed with the other aspects. 

Banana Flower

This banana flower dream is symbolic of female sexuality. It means that you desire or crave physical intimacy. 

Concluding Thoughts

A banana dream meaning is a reflection of your physical and emotional state. Along with this, it also gives the warning sign regarding the possible obstacles you will encounter in your life. 

The advice presented is, a sharp resolution and a sound mind will help you overcome these obstacles easily and successfully. 

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