Have you ever had a dream about being kidnapped? Such dreams can scare and trouble you at night. If you are curious to find out what these dreams mean, I have done the hard work for you.

I have listed the general interpretations of being kidnapped dreams. Along with that, I have also noted down a few other dreams for you. Read along to find out the meaning of your kidnapping dream.

Dream About Being Kidnapped & Dreams About Kidnapping - 48 Types & Its Meanings
Dream About Being Kidnapped & Dreams About Kidnapping – 48 Types & Its Meanings

Dream about Being Kidnapped – General Interpretations

Dreams about being kidnapped can imply several things like loss of control, unwillingness to grow, or even insecurity in your romantic relationship.

Dreams are usually a reflection of your real-life worries, hidden feelings, and emotions. Interpreters reveal that dreams about being kidnapped are a sign that you are feeling sad, insecure, anxious, and scared.

There are various ways to interpret such dreams. To find out the accurate interpretation, you need to note down every minute detail of the dream.

However, before we dive deep with the types, let’s first find out about some general interpretations of dreams where you are kidnapped.

You feel manipulated

One of the key reasons why you get dreams about being kidnapped is that you are being manipulated in your waking life. You are influenced by someone and believe everything they say. Somebody has control over your life.

It also suggests that you have lost power over some things in your life that will also impact your future. The intensity of the events in the dream depends upon your current emotional baggage.

You have lost all control

Human beings love to demand control over things. In life, we never want to give the charge of our activities to someone else. However, the dream about being kidnapped implies that you have lost control of some aspects of your life.

It is a probability that you have some connection with the kidnapper in your dream. At this time, don’t allow your anxiety to drain you, instead make efforts to regain control.

You are feeling trapped

Dreams are connected to our emotions. So, this dream about being kidnapped also reveals the emotions that you have been hiding for so long. There’s a possibility that too many things are happening simultaneously in your real life. When you aren’t able to manage all of this together, you feel trapped.

If that’s the case, learn to define your priorities. Focus on one thing at a time. With every step, you’ll start feeling better.

You are not willing to grow

When you have this dream, it signifies that you do not have the desire or the willingness to grow. You want to run away from your responsibilities. You wish to live a carefree life. But that is not the ultimate solution. Life comes with certain responsibilities that everyone has to fulfill.

So, don’t be afraid of taking up responsibilities. Who knows, it can introduce you to a new chapter in your life.

You are seeking for relief

People having such dreams are undergoing anxiety and stress in their waking life. This dream about getting kidnapped is a sign that they need a break from it. They want to be taken away somewhere to attain peace. Hence, if you are experiencing this dream, it signifies you are seeking relief in real life.

 It can also be a sign that a big change is about to come in your life which will not be welcomed by you.

You are insecure about your romantic relationship

Dreams about being kidnapped are one of the common dreams. One interpretation of this dream is that you have insecurities about your love life.

You may not feel free in the relationship. You feel like the one you are going out with is not your perfect match. Alternately, you might be hesitating a lot while going out with somebody.

Such insecurities of your romantic relationship can make you vulnerable and make you more prone to such dreams.

Dream about Being Kidnapped – 27 Types & Interpretations

Every person dreams differently. The details of every dream are also different. Hence, we have gathered a list of the most common types of ‘dream about being kidnapped’. These types have their own specific details that will help you decode accurate interpretations.   

Other factors like personal emotional traumas, pressure, etc. can also play a huge impact on your dreams. However complicated this sounds, when you read these interpretations, we are sure, you’ll be clear.

1. Dream about being kidnapped

When you see you are being kidnapped in your dream, it means that you are afraid that someone will take charge of your life. You feel like you are losing your freedom. This makes you weak and vulnerable or keeps you under doubtful circumstances always. You may want to do some things in life but aren’t allowed to do so.

It can also mean that you have lost your focus and need to pay attention to your goals.

2. Dream about being kidnapped but not scared

Dreams about being kidnapped can be scary and horrifying. But if you don’t experience fear in this dream, it indicates that you will have a positive experience. This kidnapper in your dream is a symbol of good fortune.

According to some studies, shy people get such dreams on a usual basis. This is because they don’t share their feelings or problems with others. If you start socializing and communicating, you can avoid these dreams easily.

3. Dream about being kidnapped and tortured

Dream about being kidnapped and tortured illustrates that you have pain and distress in your mind. This is because you are trying to survive a situation you cannot control.

The kidnapping and torturing in your dream are associated with the overwhelming pain you experience in your real life. You may find it difficult to cope with such situations. These dreams are common after surviving an attack or losing a loved one.

4. Dream of being kidnapped by someone you know

To get kidnapped by someone you know is also a real-life possibility. There’s nothing strange these days to witness such cases.

This dream represents that you do not trust this person in your real life. You think they are too demanding. And you cannot comply with these demands and restrictions. Even if they exchange a genuine conversation with you, you will look for the selfish motives hidden behind the talk.

5. Dream about being blindfolded by the kidnapper

We blindfold somebody to take away their power of seeing things around them. When you see a blindfold in your dream, it indicates that you’re trying to understand yourself.

If you see the kidnapper putting a blindfold on you, it means someone is trying to cheat you. In the dream, if you are forced to wear the blindfold, it reveals that someone is hiding the truth from you in waking life. This can lead you to false perceptions.

6. Dream about multiple kidnappers kidnapping you

Are you scared by the gang of kidnappers in the dream? This is associated with a group of people or a group of characteristics.

At times in life, we want to change certain things. However, not everything is under our control. Hence, it is better to focus on our strengths and embrace our weaknesses.

If the gang of kidnappers is scaring you, it means that your energies are moving in the wrong direction. This means negative things are waiting for you.

7. Dream about being trapped or locked in a room by the kidnapper

To be locked in a room by the kidnapper in the dream is a direct connection of feeling imprisoned in your waking life. It is usually linked to your job or career. If you have been working too hard lately, you might find yourself trapped in it.

If you cannot get out of the room in the dream, this means the dream is related to work. In cases you are not a working individual yet, the dream is related to an aspect of your life where you feel trapped.

8. Dream of being kidnapped and being forced into a car

Consider this dream as a metaphor for hidden truths. If the kidnapper forces you into a car, this tells you that you have to release yourself from all the limitations. You need to escape from the things or people that control you.

If you see yourself being forced into a car boot like shown in movies, it is an indication that someone will take you on a journey. However, on this journey, you might not get the whole truth.

9. Dream of becoming friends with the kidnapper

You might have seen that the kidnapper and the victim become friends in some cases. Well, this can happen in your dream also. It is known as Stockholm syndrome. This means that you become friendly and comfortable with your kidnapper. You are codependent on them. This can happen if the kidnapping lasted for a very long time.

To become friends with a kidnapper shows that you feel trapped in your real life but you feel comfortable there.

10. Dream of being kidnapped by a stranger

This dream represents that you don’t care enough for yourself as you should. It indicates that you have the ability to take control of your life.

You might be experiencing this dream because an unknown aspect of your personality is trying to manipulate your behavior. This aspect has entered your subconscious mind and is influencing your life.

The pain related to being kidnapped by a stranger reveals how you respond to others. Sometimes, it also implies forgiving your mistakes and your perspective on humanity.

11. Dream about being kidnapped and running away

Feels like a hero, right? To manage to run away from the kidnapper can have different dream interpretations. It indicates that you have a problem in your real life that you are trying to escape from. And this escape from real life has been transferred to your dream.

It can also mean that you are going through some financial troubles. Alternatively, it means that you do not feel appreciated in your daily life.

12. Dreams about being kidnapped and escaping

This dream is symbolic in nature. It reveals that you are trying to escape an uncomfortable situation in your real life. Or it is indicating that you are trying to escape some problem that seems unending.

Conversely, this type of dream reflects your way of dealing with your problems. Managing the escape from the kidnapper suggests your hidden emotions. If you feel manipulated by someone in real life, then this is a common dream.

13. Dream of being held hostage

This dream is an indication that you are feeling trapped. Dreaming about being kidnapped and held hostage denotes that you don’t have your own liberty to do things. You are feeling forced to do certain things.

In reality, it is getting difficult for you to stand some relationships. This relationship can be with your partner or your friend.

However, if you see a ransom, it means that other people will turn to you for advice.

14. Dreams about being kidnapped multiple times

If you are getting kidnapped multiple times in your dreams, it signifies that there are different aspects of your life where you are feeling emotional. You can be worried or annoyed.

Another possibility that this dream signifies is betrayal. Interpreting your dreams correctly needs details. It can be that you are looking for a fresh start. Alternately, your relationship can be only one-sided. The fact that you see multiple kidnapping events denotes that you are overburdened in life.

15. Dream about aliens kidnapping you

Dream about aliens kidnapping you is biblically associated with how you deal with your control in life. It is about your own growth and lifestyle. At times, we live in our own internal fears and fantasies. These dreams are very common if you are worried about a career move, promotional growth, or family problem.

Being kidnapped by aliens denotes that you are trying to escape a personal problem. The aliens force you to face this situation whether you like it or not.

16. Dreams about attempted kidnapping

Dreams about attempted kidnapping signify that you are feeling out of control. Nobody likes to feel trapped or imprisoned in any situation in life. The good sign of this dream is that you realize you are losing control of things before it’s too late. 

Most dreams about attempted kidnaps are a sign of unexpected luck. They imply that things are moving ahead for the good. Negativity is being removed. Belief systems are changing. Such recurring dreams indicate you must take control of more things in your life.

17. Dream of your partner kidnapping you

When you see your partner kidnapping you in your dream, it is symbolic of the fact that you are feeling trapped in the relationship. It is not that this is going to be for a lifetime.

With your partner, you share your life, finances, property, children, responsibilities and duties. So, there are high chances of facing a few bumps during the course. When you feel miserable about your relationship, this can be a common dream. It implies that too many changes are taking place in your relationship.

18. Dream of someone trying to kidnap you

Dreams are important to reveal your emotions. When you dream of someone trying to kidnap you, it can be temptation and lust. There is a high possibility that you are falling for a sexy stranger. You might want to have physical relations with them.

Alternately, it can also mean that your physical needs are not being fulfilled in your current relationship. Before taking a step further, question yourself if you are happy and content with your current partner.

19. Dream of government kidnapping you

To see yourself getting kidnapped by strong organizations or powerful authorities like the government suggests that your freedom is being taken away. It is possible that you have been overworking lately which is why you feel trapped.

You feel like you have to follow every order and your body is no longer under your control. You think that you are sacrificing yourself for the government or some higher power’s benefits and fulfilling their agenda.

20. Dream of being kidnapped in the woods

You have seen many romantic scenes in the movies starting from being lost in the woods. This dream is no exception. When you dream of being kidnapped in the woods, it is a sign that you will be tempted for affairs while you are on a trip. It can be a business trip or a casual trip with friends.

Keep your emotions under control. As you are emotionally alone, you will try to seek comfort from whoever approaches you.

21. Dream of being kidnapped and placed in prison or basement

The location where you dream of being kidnapped or where you are kept after abduction also tells a lot about your dream. So, when you dream of being kidnapped and placed in a prison or basement (basically any underground holding cell), it is a sign that someone wants certain information from you.

The person will make your life miserable until you give him what he wants and agree to change your deep-down beliefs.

22. Dream of kidnappers asking for ransom

Here, ransom means giving away money to the person who has been kidnapped. This means that you are undergoing a financial loss as money is being given away.

 The same thing will happen to you in your waking life too i.e., financial loss. Nobody has to get kidnapped for that. But it shows that you will participate in poor contracts or will make failed financial decisions. Debt collectors will be surrounding you. Your peace will be disturbed until they get their money back.

23. Dream of being kidnapped for no reason

If you have been kidnapped in your dream for no justifiable reason, it is because your inner sense is asking you to put more effort into your dreams. The subconscious is signaling you to not settle for less. If you work harder, you are capable of achieving your dreams.

Make sure there are no reasons in your surroundings that can distract you from your goals. Work with dedication and take a leap towards success.

24. Dream of being kidnapped again after escaping

To see yourself being kidnapped again and again after escaping in the dream is passing you an important message. Be cautious to note every detail of the dream. It is indicating to you the probable reasons why you keep landing up to the same situation again and again.

You might want to get rid of a person in your life that is now suffocating you. But you might not have the willpower to remove them completely from your life. This is why you keep getting trapped repeatedly.

25. Dream of being kidnapped with no captor

When you have no captors in your dream and are still kidnapped, it denotes that escaping is within your reach. But the reason why you still stay kidnapped is that you don’t believe in your abilities. You lack the confidence and courage to face the situation. So, whenever you get such dreams, the first thing that you should do is to gather courage.

There can be instances when you need someone’s help to break the shackles. If that’s the case, reach out to your friends and family members for assistance.

26. Dream of being kidnapped on Friday night

Friday nights are considered happening as you look forward to the weekend. But if you dream of being kidnapped on a Friday night, this indicates that you are about to experience some family conflicts in the near future.

Be alert and watch out for anything that can lead to arguments. These conflicts shouldn’t mess up with your mental peace. Rather, try to solve the issues before they pop up to maintain the decorum of the family too.

27. Dream about being kidnapped by ex-boyfriend

If you dream about being kidnapped by your ex-boyfriend, it is a sign that you are still emotionally involved with him. Although you might have walked your paths away from each other, your hearts are still attached. At least, yours is!

If you want, talk to him and give a chance to your relationship again. If not, then try to keep yourself distracted from his thoughts. Keep yourself occupied in work. Make new friends.

Now that you have known the types of dreams where you see yourself getting kidnapped, it’s time to explore dreams where you are the kidnapper. What is the hidden agenda behind such kidnapping dreams?

Dreams about Kidnapping – General Interpretations

Kidnapping dreams mostly imply the dreamer’s vulnerability and insecurity. Other than that, it is also symbolic of struggle or obstacles in your real life.

To remind you, dreams are often interconnected with your emotions. Whatever you feel in your real life gets manifested in your dream by your subconscious. Given below is a list of emotions that can lead to kidnapping dreams.

You are out of control

Kidnapping means taking you away with the use of force against your will. If a kidnapper takes you to a place where you don’t want to go, you have very little control over this situation. You cannot control everything in life.

This problem is majorly found in newlywed couples while they try to fulfill the needs of different people. Controlling others is difficult so we instead give up self-control. This leaves us with nothing but regret in the future.

You are vulnerable

Nobody is perfect. We all have our own set of weaknesses and vulnerabilities. It is usual for us to be insecure about these weaknesses. But if you fear it too much, it can lead to problems.

It is common to feel to transform your weaknesses into strengths or how people like things to be. But things are not always under our control. Sometimes, it is good to take it as a sign and embrace your flaws. Once you embrace it, it can gradually turn into your strength.

You don’t feel secure or safe

All of us like to be surrounded by people with whom we feel safe and secure. However, there are things that make us lose this sense of security. It might be because a thief broke into your house or because you lost your home due to a natural incident. Maybe your car got stolen or your account got hacked.

All of these events are upsetting but not under our control. Life comes with its own set of challenges. You cannot escape every incidence

You are struggling in real life

Such dreams often occur when you are struggling or facing certain problems in your waking life. Some studies from dream psychology also state that these dreams are a result of traumatic experiences. Such a dream can be a short-lived description of visual images stored in your memory that is flashing back.

This is why you will always fear whatever comes your way. You will be filled with unpleasant thoughts and excessive emotions.

You need to change your perception

There are so many things in life that are just not in our control: business success, successful relationships, or even children. At this time, you just need to remember that the only thing you can control is your response.

See things as they are and remind yourself that circumstances cannot defeat you. Your perception has a lot to do with it. These kidnapping dreams and just a manifestation of your subconscious mind being helpless about the circumstances.

It’s time to regain control!

When you feel out of control, don’t sit idle. Take actions. Efforts always work. Think deeply about all the people who don’t support your goals. Focus on all the other factors that are standing on your path towards your goal. Remove those obstacles. Manage your time efficiently and prioritize things to follow your passion.

All of us have fears but with determination and courage, we can regain our control in our life.

Try to remove obstacles

To stick to one’s beliefs and ethics is important. When you fail at something, you lose control over things. That is why it is extremely important for us to watch out for any obstacles on our way.

If we do this, we can gain control over the obstacles prior to the problem and build a strong foundation. Avoid being lazy. Be active and keep yourself motivated to focus on important things in life.

Dreams about Kidnapping – 7 Types & its Interpretation

You are not always the victim; neither in real life nor in dreams. At times, you become the oppressor too. But why will you want to oppress somebody? Well, you can have your own reasons for this.

So, let’s now talk about the dreams where you are the kidnapper causing harm to others. With the description of these dreams, let us also interpret them with the help of the details we note.

The meaning of these dreams largely depends on who you kidnap.

28. Dream about you kidnapping someone

Ever imagined yourself as a kidnapper? If you dream about kidnapping someone, it means you want to dominate someone or you desire more power over someone. Such dreams are common if you feel powerless in a situation. It indicates you want to gain power.

If you are worrying that you may harm someone, seek help from a mental health professional. They can help you with these feelings.

29. Dream of kidnapping a baby

Babies are small, cute, vulnerable, and naive. So here, the baby is a symbol of your own weakness and insecurity. This means you need protection and care to stay healthy. Sometimes, it can mean that you ignore your own needs. You might feel uneasy about something new in your life. Because of this, you may be feeling helpless.

If you see someone kidnapping a baby, it means you are having fertility issues. For this, you will keep blaming yourself as if you aren’t sufficient for getting pregnant.

30. Dream of planning to kidnap someone

A dream of planning to kidnap someone signifies that you are unhappy with your social status. It also means that you lack communication skills. You also want to change your job.

Hence, rather than focusing on the ill dream, focus on your goals. Your ambitions will help you uplift your social position. Work on your interpersonal and communication skills. Follow your passion and it will work wonders for you.

31. Dream of taking part in kidnapping someone

When you dream of taking part in kidnapping someone, this means that you aren’t ready to take responsibility for your life. You are running away from all of it. You put over your responsibilities on someone else’s shoulder. This someone can be your family member or friend who is close to you.

Remember, every responsibility is an opportunity to grow yourself. And running away from it can be the most foolish thing you do in your life.

32. Dream of kidnapping someone you know

This dream is not a good one. When you dream of kidnapping someone you know or a celebrity you know in a dream, it indicates that you are jealous of them. The jealousy can be because of their lifestyle or the people they are with.

Your subconscious mind wants to take away this life from them. This is because you secretly want to live such a life.

To get rid of such dreams, don’t be jealous of someone else. Instead, work harder to earn such a life for yourself.

33. Dream of kidnapping a stranger

To dream of kidnapping a stranger suggests that you are soon going to take advantage of someone. You might use someone for your selfish purpose. You might build relations with someone because they can help you achieve your goal.

It can also be that you are forcing others to believe your views about the world. Alternately, you are asking others to keep silent on certain controversial issues.

34. Dream of keeping someone captive

The dream of keeping someone captive implies that you are holding onto something. It can be a person or a thing. Whatever it is, you need to let the person or thing, or relationship go.

Learn to go with the flow. Don’t try to force your opinions and views on others. Everyone has their own perspective. Keep your mind open and learn to accept every thought objectively. Give everyone a chance to speak.

It is not necessary that in the kidnapping dreams, you’ll either get kidnapped or play the role of a kidnapper. Kidnapping dreams have other possibilities too. So, if you haven’t found your type of dream in the lists given above; we still have got you covered.

Other Dreams about Kidnapping [14 Types]

Here is a list of possible dreams where you are neither the oppressor nor the victim and still have the kidnapping dreams. Check it out to know what it means when you witness some kidnapping or when your near ones get kidnapped.

35. Dream about seeing a kidnapper

When you see a kidnapper in your dream, it has several meanings. It can reflect your wish for liberation or a person who wants to capture your soul in your waking life.

To see a kidnapper in a dream can also suggest that you will decide to get married soon. This is specifically applicable for the women seeing kidnappers in the dreams.

So, depending on various details of your dreams, you will be able to look for the specific meaning that applies to your life.

36. Dream about someone else being kidnapped

To see someone else being kidnapped in a dream indicates that this person is going to be in a dangerous situation in the near future.

Also, there’s a possibility that you wish to have all the qualities of the kidnapped person in your real life. If you see a public person being kidnapped, this indicates that you want to express some complaint. And in case you dream of a child being kidnapped, it stands as a sign of unexpected luck.

37. Dream about your relative being kidnapped

To dream about your family member or relative being kidnapped reflects your fear of losing someone close to you. If not, any of your close people are in real danger.

It is advisable to talk to your family members and keep a check on your distant relatives too. Ask them if they’re in some trouble and if you can help them in any way.

38. Dream about your child being kidnapped

This dream is a sign that you are worried about your child’s future. If you see your child is kidnapped in your dream, you fear that you aren’t doing enough for your child. Or you have very little control over your child’s behavior.

Such dreams bring your insecurities as a parent to attention. You might feel you have been a horrible and unsupportive parent. You think that even other parents are judging you.

39. Dream of a ransom note

To dream of a ransom note in your dream, means you lack negotiation skills. This is particularly true if you work in human resources where you often have to negotiate for yourself or clients.

At times, you may feel that someone is trying to bribe you into something you don’t want to do. This person can be manipulating you for their own selfish needs. This dream can also be helpful to identify your insecurities.

40. Dream of a celebrity being kidnapped

If you dream of a celebrity being kidnapped, it means that there is something under your control. This is mentally affecting you. If some politician is kidnapped in your dream, there can be political unrest going on in some part of the country at that time.

If you dream of a movie star being kidnapped, it means that you aren’t in touch with someone close to you. Because of this, your life feels like a drama. To see a pop star being kidnapped suggests that you should focus on your communication skills.

41. Dreams about wife or girlfriend getting kidnapped

To dream about a wife or girlfriend getting kidnapped asks you to review your relationship with your partner. This can be because often we get too comfortable in the relationship that we take them for granted. Pay attention to them. Ignore the negative traits and focus on the positive aspects and how she is throwing light in your life.

Spiritually, review the relationship you share and make sure it is not a forceful, toxic relationship.

42. Dreams about your husband getting kidnapped

If you’re in a toxic relationship, this dream is not something that will put you in shock. But if you are happy in the relationship and you still get such a dream, then you have to be the caretaker here. Be more loving and caring towards him. Ask yourself if you’re really happy and if the relationship is worth the effort.

Another possibility is that you can be tempted by another man. This is why you are getting such a dream.

43. Dream of a woman getting kidnapped

If you’re someone looking for marriage proposals, your search is about to get over. If you were waiting to get married, your good time is finally here. This means the dream of a woman getting kidnapped is a clear sign that you are about to get married soon.

Your love life is about to settle and your romantic relationships will blossom. It is a sign that you are about to be trapped in a married relationship soon.

44. Dream of a kidnapped friend

Dream of a kidnapped friend is a sign of jealousy and domination. This dream is an indication of losing someone or your attention to others.

When you dream of kidnapping someone, your subconscious is demanding attention from others. If you’re a leader of any group and you get this dream, it means that you fear that your leadership is threatened.

So basically, you want attention and position in the eyes of others.

45. Dream about rescuing someone from kidnapping

Sounds like a heroic deed, indeed? If you are rescuing someone from kidnapping, this indicates that you are liberating yourself from the influence of others. You are regaining your power or winning the power struggle.

This dream has victory attached to it. It offers big clues and points out the areas of your life the dream is referring to. Pay attention to these details. It is also a sign that you are courageous to fight your oppressor.

46. Dream of fake kidnapping

Fake kidnapping or self-kidnapping in a dream refers to sabotaging your own livelihood. You are very busy focusing on your flaws. Instead of working on it, you are using your flaws as an excuse for your failure. Apart from this, you want to gain sympathy from others. How much ever you fake, your failures are your own creation.

Learn to embrace the flaws and be unique with them. Work towards your goals and stand on your own feet.

47. Dream of meeting a kidnapper

Meeting a kidnapper in your dream has a variety of meanings attached. The kidnapper reflects your feelings. This dream refers that you are longing for freedom and the kidnapper in your dream is pressurizing you in real life.

Another possibility is that you are planning to get married soon. The dream can be that the kidnapper is in the middle of the kidnapping process, very common among women.

48. Dream of kidnapper rejecting ransom

When you dream that the kidnapper has rejected your ransom. That means he is rejecting his business. This dream is a clear sign that your business is in danger. You are about to face financial challenges.

To avoid this, you should create the right balance. Ensure that all aspects of business are taken care of. Assign proper work to your employees based on their skills to avoid troubles.

What does it mean when my child dreams about being kidnapped?

There are a lot of bad news stories out in the media about a kidnapping that can cause a mental effect on your child. Hence, if your child has a dream about being kidnapped, it’s not irrational. All of us go through some anxieties that are brought out in different ways.

The best thing to do here is to reassure your son or daughter that such dreams are normal. There is nothing that is going to happen to them in reality. Buy a dream catcher for them. Talk about the dream. The more they share, the better they will feel. Make them feel that you are beside them no matter what happens. Win their trust.

Spiritual meaning of Kidnapping Dreams

Dreams about kidnapping are associated with worrisome feelings. You should let yourself go with the flow. Exercise your mind to keep it healthy. It is necessary to stay away from toxic and vulnerable feelings.

If you keep focusing on the negative aspects of your life, you wouldn’t be able to accomplish your goals. We all resist changes as human beings. But changes are inevitable.

Give yourself a break. Before others, be kind to yourself. Stop rushing. Embrace your inner feelings. Give yourself time to accept things. Feel the various emotions that come your way.

If you are going through an emotional storm, the dream is a sign of healing.

Biblical meaning of Kidnapping dreams

The bible has discussed kidnapping in the New Testament. It reveals that the kidnappers want to trap you in the dream. This in turn means the people are trying to put restrictions on you in real life.

In the bible, there are many instances where kidnapping and restrictions occur. For instance, we witnessed kidnapping in the arrest of Jesus.

Satan held people and asked for ransom through spiritual bondage to Satan. Therefore, Satan used sin as the spiritual ransom to liberate people. Biblically, these dreams mean that you should gain control of your life to set yourself free from any clutches.

Think about your current lifestyle. Forgive yourself and be kind to others. We all are here to sacrifice something but try to keep your freedom to yourself.

Questions to ask yourself to Interpret Kidnapping Dreams correctly

Dreams are linked to many emotions that we undergo in our daily life. This is why it is important to focus on every little detail to get an accurate interpretation of the dream. We have made a list of questions that you can ask yourself to know if you have interpreted the kidnapping dream correctly.

  1. How were you kidnapped in your dream?
  2. Did you try to resist the kidnapping in the dream?
  3. Could you escape the kidnapping in the dream?
  4. Who was the kidnapper?
  5. Who got kidnapped?
  6. Where were you kept after the kidnapping?
  7. Was there a single kidnapper or a gang of kidnappers?

Final Words!

At last, you can only guess what your dream says. But when you closely analyze the dream with every detail, you can find out the exact interpretation behind the dream of kidnapping. Don’t forget to consider if there are any past traumatic experiences that you experienced in your waking life.

If you have unsupportive parents, then such dreams about kidnapping are normal. Remember, oftentimes dreams are triggered due to our emotional baggage. The pain and negative reactions bring shape to these dreams. The key message of this dream is to uncover your hidden pains.