Dream about being kidnapped are often interconnected with your emotions. Whatever you feel in your real life gets manifested in your dream by your subconscious.

Probably the subconscious scenario keeps you awake at night. However, the kidnapping won’t happen in reality and is only symbolic of something deeper. So, let’s find out what it implies here…

Dream About Being Kidnapped & Dreams About Kidnapping - 48 Types & Its Meanings
Dream About Being Kidnapped – Various Types & Its Meanings

What Does Your Dream about Being Kidnapped Mean? Is It Always Bad?

Dreams about being kidnapped can imply several things like loss of control, unwillingness to grow, or even insecurity in your romantic relationship.

Being kidnapped dreams are usually a reflection of your real-life worries, hidden feelings, and emotions. Interpreters reveal that they are a sign that you are feeling sad, insecure, anxious, and scared.

So, let’s get a closer look at it here…

You feel manipulated

One of the key reasons why you get dreams about being kidnapped is that you are being influenced by someone and believe everything they say. Somebody has control over your life.

You have lost all control

Human beings love to demand control over things. However, you have lost control of some aspects of your life and are anxious about it.

You are feeling trapped

It reveals the emotions that you have been hiding for so long. Probably, you feel trapped because you can’t manage all of your life happenings together.

You are vulnerable

The dream asks you to embrace your flaws and it can gradually turn into your strength. If you fret over them too much, it can lead to problems.

Spiritual Meaning of Kidnapping Dreams

Spiritually, these dreams are associated with worrisome feelings. You should let yourself go with the flow. Exercise your mind to keep it healthy and stay away from toxic and vulnerable feelings.

If you keep focusing on the negative aspects of your life, you wouldn’t be able to accomplish your goals. 

Dream about Being Kidnapped with Various Victims

In dreams, the one being kidnapped might be you, your child, partner, or anyone else. Let’s see what each of these scenarios imply.

You being kidnapped

It means that you are afraid that someone will take charge of your life. You feel like you are losing your freedom. This makes you weak and vulnerable or keeps you under doubtful circumstances always.

It can also mean that you have lost your focus and need to pay attention to your goals.

Your child being kidnapped

This dream is a sign that you are worried about your child’s future. You fear that you aren’t doing enough for your child. Or you have very little control over your child’s behavior.

You might feel you have been a horrible and unsupportive parent. You think that even other parents are judging you.

Your wife or girlfriend getting kidnapped

This dream asks you to review your relationship with your partner. This can be because often we get too comfortable in the relationship that we take them for granted. 

Pay attention to them. Ignore the negative traits and focus on the positive aspects and how she is throwing light in your life.

Your husband getting kidnapped

If you’re in a toxic relationship, this dream is not something that will put you in shock. But if you are happy in the relationship and you still get such a dream, then you have to be the caretaker here. 

Be more loving and caring towards him. Ask yourself if you’re really happy and if the relationship is worth the effort.

Another possibility is that you can be tempted by another man. This is why you are getting such a dream.

Your other family members being kidnapped

It reflects your fear of losing someone close to you. If not, any of your close people are in real danger.

You must talk to your family members and keep a check on your distant relatives too. Ask them if they’re in some trouble and if you can help them in any way.

Friend being kidnapped in a dream

Your dream is a sign of jealousy and domination. You’re about to lose someone or your attention to others. If you’re a leader of any group and you get this dream, it means that you fear that your leadership is threatened.

Woman getting kidnapped

This is a clear sign that you are about to get married soon. If you’re looking for marriage proposals, your search is about to get over. If you were waiting to get married, your good time is finally here. 

Being Kidnapped Dreams with Different Kidnappers

Depending on the kidnapper’s identity in your dream, the dream interpretation varies like these…

Being kidnapped by a stranger

This dream represents that you don’t care enough for yourself as you should. It indicates an unknown aspect of your personality is trying to manipulate your behavior. 

Being kidnapped by ex-boyfriend

It is a sign that you are still emotionally involved with him. Although you might have walked your paths away from each other, your hearts are still attached. At least, yours is!

Being kidnapped by someone you know

This dream represents that you do not trust this person in your real life. Even if they exchange a genuine conversation with you, you will look for the selfish motives hidden behind the talk.

You kidnapping someone dream meaning

It means you want to dominate someone, you desire more power over someone, or you want to gain power. Such dreams are common if you feel powerless in a situation.

Other Common Dreams of Being Kidnapped

There are also other dreams of this theme where either you or someone else is the kidnapper or the kidnapped. Let’s understand what they mean here…

Dream of being kidnapped and tortured

It illustrates that you’re distressed and overwhelmed in your mind while trying to survive an uncontrollable situation. These dreams are common after surviving an attack or losing a loved one.

Becoming friends or lovers with the kidnapper and experiencing Stockholm syndrome 

Such dreams mean that you feel trapped in your real life but you feel comfortable there.

Being kidnapped and escaping

This dream reveals that you are trying to escape an uncomfortable situation or a never-ending problem in your real life. Or, you feel manipulated by someone in real life.

Kidnappers and ransom

In this dream, if the kidnapper 

  • Asks for ransom: you’ll face a financial loss in your waking life from poor contracts or will make poor financial decisions. 
  • Rejected your ransom: your business is in danger. You are about to face financial challenges. It’s time to ensure that all aspects of business are taken care of. 

Being blindfolded by the kidnapper

In this dream scenario, if you  

  • Didn’t struggle: it means someone is trying to cheat you. 
  • Struggled and they forced: it reveals that someone is hiding the truth from you in waking life. This can lead you to false perceptions.

Being kidnapped in the woods

It is a sign that you will be tempted by affairs while you are on a business trip or a casual trip with friends. Keep your emotions under control and avoid hooking up with random people.

Dreams about being kidnapped for no reason

Your inner sense asks you to put more effort into your desires. It asks you to not entertain any distraction in your surroundings. 

You or someone else kidnapping a baby

If the perpetrator is 

  • You: You need protection and care to stay healthy as you ignore your own needs. 
  • Someone else: It means you are having fertility issues and keep blaming yourself.

Rescuing someone from kidnapping

This indicates that you are liberating yourself from the influence of others. You are regaining your power or winning the power struggle.

This dream offers big clues and points out the important areas of your life. Pay attention to these details. It is also a sign that you are courageous to fight your oppressor.

Biblical Interpretation

Biblically, these dreams mean that you should gain control of your life to set yourself free from any clutches.

A word from ThePleasantDream

Remember, being kidnapped dreams are triggered due to our emotional baggage. The pain and negative reactions bring shape to these dreams. The key message of this dream is to uncover your hidden pains and work on them!