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A Dream About Broken Fingers – 26 Types & Meanings

A Dream About Broken Fingers – 26 Types & Meanings

Updated on Jan 19, 2023 | Published on Nov 05, 2022

Reviewed by Katina Tarver, MA (Mental Health and Wellness Counseling) , Life Coach

A Dream About Broken Fingers 26 Types & Meanings

Undoubtedly you would be disturbed about what may happen to you if you dream about broken fingers. Questions such as ‘Will there be an accident?’ will definitely cross your mind. 

We cannot entirely rule out the possibility of an accident. But in most cases, the dream hint at something much more devastating. 

A Dream About Broken Fingers - 26 Types & Meanings
A Dream About Broken Fingers – 26 Types & Meanings

What Does A Dream About Broken Fingers Signify?

A dream about broken fingers symbolizes a loss of power and control. At other times, it can also emphasize the need to reconnect with reality. Also, broken fingers can stand for challenges you are currently facing in one of your relationships. 

Generally, a dream about broken fingers symbolizes losing control, power, and authority over something or someone in your waking life. 

Chances are, you have lost control or are about to, concerning a matter. If you find this meaning relatable, your spirit guides convey a message through the dream – not to give up and take back the authority you lost. 

Broken fingers also indicate you do not have a strong grip over something. In other words, you find it hard to hold on to something for long. 

For instance, let’s say you are a spendthrift who spends your entire paycheck the moment you get it. In that case, broken fingers show you have no control over your expenses. 

Also, such a dream represent minor obstacles that will probably arise in the foreseeable future. 

From another approach, a broken finger is also a sign that you have lost touch with reality. 

Perhaps you simply can no longer connect with any of your people. However hard you try, you can not find common ground between you and them. Maybe you feel like a stranger to your own family

And not to forget self-destruction. You may have been ruining yourself directly or indirectly if a broken finger appears in your dream. This can refer to comparing yourself with others constantly, putting yourself down, indulging in toxic habits, procrastinating, etc. 

The interpretation of the dream will differ depending on which finger was broken. For instance, as a ring finger generally represents commitment and romance, a broken ring finger could signify setbacks in those aspects of your life. 

Whatever the scenario may be, it’s crucial to recall the context, and the more detailed it is, the more accurate the interpretation of your dream will be. 

A Dream of Broken Fingers – 26 Scenarios And Their Interpretations

Check out some of the most common broken fingers dream scenarios to understand the meaning of your dream better. 

1. A broken small finger in your dream

In the dream world, the pinky or the small finger has a close association with intuition, intellect,  wealth, and prosperity. 

From that perspective, a broken pinky implies a lack of clarity in your waking life. 

Furthermore, considering the finger’s closeness with wealth, your dream may be a harbinger of financial challenges. 

2. To dream of a broken ring or fourth finger

Have you ever wondered why engagement or wedding rings are worn on the fourth finger of the left hand?

Different cultures across the globe believe a vein, popularly called the Vena Amoris connects the fourth finger to the heart, the organ considered the emotional center of the body.

Therefore, the fourth finger is considered a symbol of love, commitment, creativity, and beauty.

Then, it’s as clear as daylight that a broken ring finger could signify problems in your relationships.

3. A dream about a broken middle finger

As the middle finger usually represents one’s sense of self, a broken middle finger possibly hints at issues regarding your identity, reputation, and status in society.

Negatively, broken middle fingers suggest your recklessness in your waking life. 

4. Dreaming of a broken index finger

A broken index finger generally means you feel lost, directionless, miserable, and helpless. 

In the worse case, it can symbolize your loss of will, motivation, and drive to live. 

The above interpretation stems from the belief that the index finger shares a close connection with direction, authority, and willpower in the spiritual realm. 

5. A dream about a broken thumb

As the thumb is usually symbolic of judgment and responsibility, a broken thumb indicates difficulty coming to a decision about a crucial matter. 

Also, it can mean you feel like a powerless outsider in your own life. 

6. To dream about breaking your own fingers

According to the plot, you are in a self-destructive mode. By the word ‘self-destruction’, we do not necessarily mean drinking yourself to death or something along those lines. 

You might be overworking, pushing yourself beyond your capabilities, sabotaging your health, etc. Or you might be constantly devaluing yourself and your abilities. 

Such dreams also tend to happen if you have intentionally or otherwise allowed someone to drag you away from the correct life path. 

7. Breaking someone else’s fingers in a dream

You need to be careful of who you meet and deal with as there’s a possibility of you getting scammed by a con artist. 

An entirely different approach to the scenario emphasizes the need to stand up for yourself. Don’t let others take your kindness for granted. 

8. Someone breaking your fingers in a dream

Most likely, you have given up your power and authority over your own life. Instead of doing what you believe is right, you have let others dictate how you should proceed further. If your reality resonates with the interpretation, ask yourself once again. 

‘Is it your life or someone else’s life you are living?’

Negatively, someone breaking your fingers symbolize your helplessness in a particular situation. 

9. Dreaming of broken finger bones

Chances are, you are not too sure about how your future will turn out as you sense a huge gap between what you presently are and what you aspire to be. 

For some dreamers, broken finger bones may symbolize a creative block. 

10. To dream of your broken finger bleeding

A bleeding broken finger is an ill omen. Trouble and misfortune await you in abundance. You might lose people close to you, your business might hit a slump and suffer losses, and your relationship might turn sour and ultimately lead to a separation. 

11. To see your parent’s broken finger in a dream

Most likely, you have either ignored or overlooked a crucial area of your life if you experience the above scenario. 

On the other hand, if you are still unclear about what you want to be in the waking world, note that the subconscious urges you to give serious thought to the purpose of your life so you can work towards realizing it. 

12. Dreaming about a friend’s broken fingers

Something may happen in the foreseeable future that will likely be a threat to your friendship. If both of you do not proceed with caution, you might end up destroying your bond. 

Contrarily, to see a friend’s broken fingers can mean one of your close ones needs help desperately. 

13. To dream of your partner’s broken fingers

A broken finger on your partner’s hand can be your guide trying to awaken you to his or her lack of commitment towards you, and a potential betrayal. 

From the financial point of view, the scenario could be warning your partner through you to pay attention to his or her activities. Anything reckless will probably lead to a series of unforeseen obstacles. 

14. Seeing a stranger’s broken fingers in a dream

The dream is a reminder not to let others decide for you. Whether they believe in your potential or not, if you think you can do it, proceed!

Because at the end of the day, if you put your heart and soul into something and work hard, nothing can stop you from achieving it. 

15. To dream of broken fingers healing quickly

A broken finger that heals quickly signifies good fortune on the horizon. Even if you are in a bad shape and believe your situation can’t get any worse, the scenario encourages you to hang on as your life will brighten up sooner than you realize. 

16. A broken finger in the dreams of a woman

Through the dream, your subconscious urges you to be mentally, emotionally, and financially prepared for unpleasant events. 

17. A pregnant woman dreaming of a broken finger

For a pregnant woman, a broken finger could be the subconscious urging the dreamer to follow her intuition. 

18. A woman dreaming of her husband’s broken finger

The relationship between you and your spouse will strengthen according to the scenario. 

19. A broken finger in the dream of a girl

Most likely, the dreamer is trying to stay away from a particular situation or matter if she sees a broken finger in a dream. 

20. A broken finger in the dream vision of an aged man

If an aged man dreams of broken fingers, the scenario stands for numerous opportunities coming his way. 

21. A young man dreaming of a broken finger

For a young man, the presence of a broken finger or fingers in a dream indicates he is not being sincere in his relationships. 

In certain cases, it can even be a sign that he is deceiving himself. 

22. A man dreaming about a broken finger

For a man, a broken finger is an ill omen. Someone who has been supporting or helping you for quite a long time will pull off and that will eventually lead to a standstill concerning your professional life. 

23. A single person dreaming of broken fingers

For single individuals, broken fingers symbolize luck in love and misfortune in financial aspects. 

24. A broken finger in the dream of a businessperson

Most likely, your business will hit a slump if you see a broken finger. Expect financial losses – perhaps on large scale. 

25. A person with a white-collar job dreaming of a broken finger

Some of your mistakes might cost you your present job. If that does happen, the incident will put you at a disadvantage and it would be extremely difficult for you to land a decent job. 

However, depending on your real-life circumstances, the scenario may also indicate wealth and prosperity. 

26. A student dreaming of broken fingers

A broken finger has two different interpretations for a student. Based on what you are presently going through, it can either be a sign of excellent academic performance or separation from a close friend. 

Spiritual Dream Meaning Of Broken Fingers

On a spiritual level, a broken finger stands for your inability to control some areas of your life. 

Dreaming About Broken Fingers – A Biblical Meaning

From the Biblical perspective, a broken finger shows you are having trouble navigating through life. 

Perhaps you are surrounded by issues from all sides, and you feel blocked, in whatever you decide to do. 

Needless to say, it would be a tough fight between you and fate. But when you feel like giving up, remember that God put you through those challenges because He believes you have the potential to overcome them. 

Psychological Dream Meaning Of A Broken Finger

Psychologically, a broken finger relates to a loss of control over your life, decisions, and actions. 

In that case, note that the message is probably for you to start standing up for yourself and live according to your terms. 

Closing Thoughts

As you have seen, a dream about broken fingers has more to do with negativity and less with pleasant happenings. 

But does that mean the future looks bleak and hopeless? Well, how your future turns out depends much on your belief and actions. 

If you pay attention to the messages your spirit guides are relaying and do what is expected of you, your future may change for the better and the purpose of the dream fulfilled. 

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