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Dream About Chocolate – A Complete Guide

Dream About Chocolate – A Complete Guide

Updated on Aug 09, 2022 | Published on Mar 31, 2022

Reviewed by Katina Tarver, MA (Mental Health and Wellness Counseling) , Life Coach

Dream About Chocolate - 46 Interesting Plots Along With Interpretations

It is common to dream about chocolate given how it is universally a favorite sweet. It is one of the most desired and consumed sweets on the planet. 

Dreams about chocolate are strongly associated with emotional attachment. It is symbolic of reward, joy, relaxation, or the beginning of some significant life event. 

The interpretations related to dreams about chocolate are quite universal and almost every culture has similar symbolism associated with this dream. 

Dream About Chocolate - 46 Interesting Plots Along With Interpretations
Dream About Chocolate – 46 Interesting Plots Along With Interpretations

Dream about Chocolate – General Meaning and Interpretation

Dreaming of chocolate is symbolic of unexpected circumstances, swayed by sinful temptation, craving for love and attention, lack of self-confidence, stressful period and rewards and fortunes.

1. Unexpected Events

Chocolate in dreams is symbolic of unexpected circumstances that have the capacity to change the course of one’s life. 

You will have an important role in the upcoming events. This role and these events will shape the course of your life ahead. 

There might be uneasiness and apprehensiveness regarding the sudden change. 

However, things will turn out to be favorable, making you happy and satisfied with how things turned out. You will be in a better place with a bright future ahead.  

2. Temptation

Such a dream is a sign that you have been distracted from your morals. You have been swayed by sinful temptations from your surroundings. 

Your moral character and your determination will be tested. You will be put in situations where you will have to fight your temptation for materialistic things and success. 

It might also be a warning sign that you have indulged in destructive habits. These habits are taking you away from the path of morality and righteousness. 

You have wasted too much in greed for more power and lusting after success. In other words, you need to come out of this world of sinful temptation and start doing right by yourself. 

You need to do this before you lose out on others’ respect. 

3. Love and Romance

Dreaming about chocolate is a sign that you have developed romantic feelings for someone. It means you want to take the next step forward in the relationship. 

If the dreamer is single, such a dream is symbolic of your desire to have someone special in your life. You are now craving the love and attention which you have been missing out on. 

In other words, you are yearning for a relationship that provides you with a sense of warmth and security. You want an assurance that you are not alone in life. 

You want to know that there is someone you can rely on during the darker times.  

4. Lack of Self Confidence

Sometimes, such a dream can carry a bad omen or negative connotation. This dream is a symbol of a lack of self-confidence and self-assurance. 

You settle for very less because of your self-doubt. 

You tend to undermine yourself and your abilities. Your mentality is such that you think you are never good enough and worthy of the things happening to you. 

This dream is a reminder that you need to start embracing self-acceptance and self-love.  

5. Stressful Period

You are currently experiencing a stressful period in your life and this has left you feeling anxious and worried. 

You are always stressed out and trying to find a way out of these problems surrounding your life.   

In addition, you are currently surrounded by problems that are stressing you out. You are feeling vulnerable and weak for not being able to handle yourself during such a stressful and pressuring situation. 

In other words, You now long to share your misery with someone else.  

You are seeking a warm and supportive person to help you deal with the stressful and pressurizing situation. Lastly, you long for someone to hold you during vulnerable times. 

6. Reward and Fortunes

This interpretation has a positive connotation. It is a sign that your efforts and struggle will pay off and a rewarding period is headed your way. 

Your hard work and efforts will be acknowledged and appreciated in both your personal and professional life. 

Such a dream is also symbolic of wealth and fortune. You will become financially stable with your monetary situation taking a turn for the better. 

1. Dream about buying Chocolate

This dream is an ominous omen. It is a sign that you will be down with some illness or chronic disease in the future. 

You will experience issues with mental health. You will have severe mood swings along with episodes of depression and anxiety. This will affect your professional life as well as create problems in your personal life.    

Therefore you need to be wary of your surroundings so as to not catch any diseases. Additionally, you should try to stay away from situations that can potentially trigger your anxiety and depression. 

Such a dream could also mean you will participate in something important. You are trying to be financially stable enough to join this event. 

2. Dream of Selling Chocolate

When you dream of selling chocolate, it is symbolic of concealed feelings for someone. These feelings can be positive or negative. 

You probably do not want to admit these emotions to yourself but your subconscious is cautioning you to express these feelings. 

3. Dreaming of Eating Chocolate 

This dream is a positive sign. It suggests that you will overcome the challenges that are headed your way. You will come out of the difficult situation like a champion. 

The work you have put in as well as your efforts will bear results that are favorable in nature. You will be able to put the different pieces of your life together. 

Your hard work and determination will help you enjoy a stable and secure future. 

You will see yourself in a respectable position in society after you overcome the hurdles and the difficulties with a fierce and determined attitude. Success will soon be yours if you are focused enough. 

4. Dream about Receiving Chocolate from Someone

If you dream about receiving a chocolate bar from someone it is a sign that you will receive immense help and support from this person. 

The person in your dream is kind-hearted and does not exhibit arrogance towards others. They are instead ready to offer help and support whenever someone is in need of it. 

Receiving chocolate from this person is a sign that their generosity and kindness are directed towards you. You are at the receiving end of it. 

You will see yourself relying on them to help you get out of tricky and difficult situations. 

5. Dream about Making Chocolate

If you dream of making chocolates, it is a sign that you have undertaken a project. This project will bring about a lot of positive changes in your life. 

You will successfully complete the tasks given to you or the ones you were in charge of. This will boost your self-confidence. 

Additionally, you will receive recognition in your field which will increase your chances of getting promoted.  

6. Dream of Stealing Chocolates

Dreaming of stealing chocolates is a sign of betrayal or affair in your love life or married life. You may be the one indulging. You desire to feel more excitement in love. 

However, your flirtatious behavior might fetch you in trouble. You are warned. 

7. Dream of Melting Chocolate

Dreaming of melting the chocolate to put into another dish or if you wish to mold it is a symbol of transformation and adaptation.

You will transform or adapt aptly to some changes that are heading your way. 

8. Dream about Giving Chocolate

If you dream of giving chocolate as a gift, it is a sign of renewed vigor or robustness in the relationship with the person who you are giving the chocolate. 

If you are giving the chocolate to an unknown stranger, then it means that you will soon meet your soulmate and start a new relationship. 

9. Dreaming of Sharing Chocolate

When you dream of sharing chocolate with others, it suggests that you are working on a project that will bring about a lot of positive changes. 

These changes will be reflected in your life as well as others’ lives. 

You may be preparing for a party to bring friends and relatives together. 

10. Dream of Drinking Hot Chocolate

This dream of drinking hot chocolate has a positive connotation. It is a reflection that you feel secured, protected, and safe in your current relationship. 

You have a strong bond with your partner. This makes you feel loved and wanted. 

There is a sense of assurance in knowing that you have continuous support by your side. This person, your partner, will help and guide you, providing you support during the difficult times too. 

11. Dream of Chocolate Candies

Dreaming of eating or buying chocolate candies carried a positive omen. This dream is symbolic of success and growth related to your business.

You will have a stronger relationship with your business partner.

Additionally, your investments will bring results such as success and reputation for your company. 

If you are an employee, this dream is a sign that you will get a lot of opportunities to display your abilities.

This will help you get ahead in your career and give you the boost you have been looking for. 

You need to keep your eyes open. You need to use the chances and opportunities that you get to build connections for yourself. This will help you get closer to success.

12. Dream about Chocolate Cake

Dreaming of chocolate cake or chocolate pie foretells some sort of sexual or sensual attraction. It is a sign that there may be a little bit of work required before you achieve fulfilled intimacy in your relationship.  

13. Dreaming of Chocolate Chips

If you dream of chocolate chips it is symbolic of greediness in your waking life. 

14. Dream about Chocolate Chip Cookies

If the cookie has a reasonable amount of chocolate chips in the dream, it is a reflection of you being too greedy. You are particularly selfish and greedy towards others. 

15. Dream about Chocolate Donut

Dreaming of a chocolate-covered donut is a sign that someone is trying to guide you when you are feeling lost. Someone you know is trying to influence and lure. 

This dream suggests that this person will be successful in influencing and luring you as you are currently lost. You are at a lost place yourself which makes it easier for another person to influence you. 

16. Dreaming About Chocolate Covered Fruits

A dream where you eat or make chocolate-covered fruits like bananas or strawberries is a sign that your love life needs extra spicing up. 

This dream suggests that you look for sensual opportunities that will lead to more pleasure. 

17. Dream about Perfectly Wrapped Chocolate Candy or Bar

Dreaming of a chocolate candy like the Hershey Kisses suggests you are popular among the opposite sex. 

However, a dream of a perfectly wrapped chocolate candy or bar suggests that there is more than what meets the eye after the initial sweetness. 

You must consider paying more attention to your loved ones. You must pay attention to their hidden talents and virtues.

Post some digging and experimenting, you will realize that you love them even more. 

18. Dream about Chocolate Ice-Cream

When you dream about chocolate ice cream, it is symbolic of happiness, joy, and peace. This happiness and peace have arrived after a period of turbulence and hardships.  

19. Dream about Melted Chocolate Ice-Cream

If you dream about melted chocolate ice cream, it is a bad sign. It may be that you feel disappointed or let down by your support group in your time of need. 

20. Dreaming of Chocolate Egg

Dreaming of hollow chocolate eggs is a sign that you feel underappreciated after a recent success or after a successful project. 

21. Dreaming about Chocolate Bunny

Dreaming of chocolate bunnies is often related to some sort of festival, specifically Easter.

However, the dream suggests that you need to view events and your life with a more happy and festive perspective. 

22. Dream about a Chocolate Milkshake or Chocolate Milk

If you dream of milk chocolate or having a chocolate milkshake, it is a sign that you need special attention from a friend, loved one, or partner.

It would be helpful if you received more than the basic nourishment. 

23. Dream of Chocolate Syrup

The dream interpretation of this depends on how you use the syrup. 

If you use the chocolate syrup to smother items to get the chocolate flavor, then it is a sign that you are forcing the feeling of love and intimacy on a relationship that is no longer there. 

However, if the syrup is being used to enhance the flavor, then it is a sign that you are ready to take the relationship to the next level.

24. Dream about Cocoa Powder

This dream is a sign that there’s some bitterness that is preventing you from enjoying and relaxing to the fullest. 

Someone or something is making you unhappy. You must isolate the problem to stop the bitterness from invading your own personal freedom and fulfillment. 

Dreaming about Chocolate – Places

25. Dream about Chocolate Shop or Market

To dream of being in a chocolate shop or market looking to buy chocolate represents that your mind is preparing to buy something expensive for your loved one. 

This dream can also signal that a wedding proposal, a special anniversary, or a Valentine’s may be nearing. 

26. Dream about Chocolate Lab or Factory

In the dream, if you were touring a chocolate lab or a factory, then it is a sign that you are ready to dig deeper into your feelings about love. 

You feel curious as to why you felt love towards certain individuals in your life. 

It may also be a sign that you are ready to try your hand at love again after a previous failed relationship with an ex. 

Dream of Chocolate – Types of Chocolate

27. Dream about Dark Chocolate

Dreaming about dark chocolate that is difficult to bite and one that is bitter is a sign that you will have upcoming house repairs. 

Certain parts of the house may have been broken partly due to wear and tear and partly due to lack of maintenance. 

28. Dream about White Chocolate

You are selling yourself short if you see white chocolate in your dreams. This dream is a sign that you do not feel valued or others do not see your value.

It may be that you have had to dull down in order to blend in. 

29. Dreaming about Stale or Spoiled Chocolate

Dream of stale or spoiled chocolate represents your disappointment in your love life with your partner.

You may feel neglected by your partner or they are unable to meet your intimate needs. 

30. Dream of Vegan Chocolate

You want to feel different from the rest of the people if you dream of vegan chocolates. Perhaps this desire is out of necessity or a choice.

It is a sign that you want your relationship to feel unique and special. Lastly, such a dream is symbolic of a desire for a healthier love life.

31. Dream of Sour Chocolate

Dreaming of sour or strange chocolate is a sign that you might have a bad experience, a great love disappointment, or a health problem.

Ensure you love yourself first before you give up on your relationship.   

Meaning of Chocolate in Dreams – Other Interpretation

32. Dream of Burning Yourself with Hot Chocolate

It is considered to be a good sign if you burn yourself when drinking hot chocolate or if you spill it over yourself. 

In addition, it could be a sign that you are going to meet your significant other. It could also mean a passionate encounter with someone. 

33. Dream of Making Chocolates 

If you had a dream about making chocolates, it could be symbolic of your creativity. Perhaps you are interested in making something handmade or you are artistically talented. 

In some cases, this dream could indicate that you want to be the center of attention or you want others to be envious of your talents and abilities. 

Lastly, this dream could also mean you are working on a project that is going to be beneficial to you. 

34. Dream of Enjoying Eating Chocolate

If you dreamed of enjoying eating chocolates, then this is not a good sign. It could be an indication that unpleasant things are about to happen in your life. 

Some people might disrespect you and you might be feeling sad and disappointed. 

It is natural to feel sad and disappointed when someone you look up to treats you in the exact opposite manner. 

35. Dream about Someone Else Eating Chocolate

Dreaming of someone else eating chocolate is a sign that you are waiting for someone special. 

However, in addition to having or wanting someone special, you will let this person stand in the way of your happiness. 

36. Dream of Not Liking the Taste of Neatly Packaged Chocolate

This dream is not a good sign. It means that you are annoyed and disappointed because of something specific. It is possible that you didn’t expect it. 

How much you are disappointed depends on how disgusted you were by the chocolate. 

Lastly, this dream could mean that you are being deceived or betrayed by someone you trust or care a lot about. 

37. Dream of Licking a Melted Chocolate

This dream of licking melted chocolate reveals your desire to be intimate with someone.

38. Dream of Not being Able to Reach the Chocolate

This dream has a neutral sign. You are not going to experience anything good or bad in the near future. 

39. Dreaming of Unwrapped Chocolate that you Resisted

Seeing unwrapped chocolate is a good sign. It is a symbol of determination and the ability to exercise self-control. 

This dream is a sign that you will go after your goals and succeed tremendously. 

40. Dream of Wrapped Chocolate that you Resisted Opening

This dream is a sign that you will encounter some hurdles while trying to achieve your goals. You will be successful in the end but it will be more effort than required.

41. Dream of Eating a lot of Chocolates

Such a dream is not a good sign. It is symbolic of overindulgence. Maybe you are working too much or resting too much. Maybe you have too many responsibilities or none at all.

That is a message from your subconscious to find a balance and do not exaggerate any aspect too much.   

42. Dream of Refusing to Take Chocolate from Someone

You are holding yourself back and have self-imposed barriers. This dream is therefore not a good sign.  

If you dream of turning down chocolate, then you are not allowing yourself to have what you want from your life. In other words, the only thing holding you back is you. 

43. Dream of Eating a Very Sweet Chocolate

This dream is a good sign as it means good things will happen in your life. It is symbolic of happiness and satisfaction. 

44. Dream of Eating an Excess amount of Chocolate

This dream of eating excess chocolate is symbolic of over-indulgence. It is good to give yourself a break every now and then but you cannot ignore your responsibilities. 

The break you take should be brief and occasional enough to allow you to have enough time for work and social life. 

45. Dream about Chocolate All Over your Body

Dreaming about chocolate all over your body is a sign that your romantic and sensual side is exciting. This dream is also related to your romantic life. 

If you are single, you desire to have a relationship. If you are in a relationship, it is full of passion and sensuality.  

46. Dream about Expensive Chocolate

Regardless of the brand, when you dream of expensive chocolate, it is symbolic of ambition. Your mind is trying to warn you that the time has come to make a good investment. 

Biblical Meaning of Chocolate in Dream

To dream of eating chocolates, Biblically, symbolizes an act of love, happiness, connection, surprises, and relaxation.

In addition, dreaming of chocolate symbolizes an affinity or desire to eat sweets

Chocolate Dream – Islamic Meaning and Interpretation

Firstly, dreaming of chocolate means you will give in abundance to those who rely on you. 

Secondly, such a dream means you need to give yourself a prize or give a gift to yourself.  Thirdly, it is symbolic of great well-being and success.

Psychological Meaning and Interpretation of Chocolate Dreams 

From a psychological perspective, chocolate in a dream has a soothing effect. It is emotionally comforting. 

1. Dream of Eating or Being Given Chocolate

If you dream of eating or being given chocolate, then it is a sign that you are in need of such soothing. 

2. Dream of Giving the Chocolate to Someone Else

When you dream of giving the chocolate to someone else, you are capable of soothing hurt and distress. 

Concluding Thoughts

In a positive context, dreams about chocolate could be related to your emotional condition where you desire to feel loved, protected, and secured. It could also be related to rewards and fortunes.  

The negative connotation of such a dream reflects you being drawn towards temptation or a difficult time which can be overcome with a determined mindset. 

However, it is also important to look at the context of the dream. Therefore, make note of the details in the dream and use them to derive accurate interpretations. 

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