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Dream about Eggplant – 30+ Types & Their Interpretations

Dream about Eggplant – 30+ Types & Their Interpretations

Updated on Jan 12, 2023 | Published on Aug 03, 2022

Reviewed by Dr. Nereida Gonzalez-Berrios, MD , Certified Psychiatrist

Dream about Eggplant – 30+ Types & their interpretations

Never mistake a dream about eggplant for something as trivial as your hunger/hatred for the vegetable.

Instead, these dreams come to you with lots of meaningful messages related to your life. It might even predict peaceful days or stressful phases.

But don’t worry… as long as you are determined to make correct choices, nothing can harm you… especially with this think-piece filled with all the possible dream meanings.

So, carry on the quest to find yours…

Dream about Eggplants – General Interpretations

Dream about an eggplant predicts new opportunities, ups and downs of life, pregnancy, separation, and financial crisis.

An eggplant dream is not a common one, and neither are its messages. The veggie might have a special significance (either good or bad) in your life. But the dream world doesn’t imply any of them.

So, to get a quick idea about the possible meanings of your eggplant dream, go through the list right below!

1. The dream hints at the advent of new opportunities.

2. Your dreams will get fulfilled.

3. The dream is a sign for you to know your worth.

4. Your relationship is facing ups and downs.

5. You will part ways with your partner.

6. You will soon become pregnant.

7. Your life will see a rapid change.

8. You will face some financial crisis but it will be temporary.

9. A conflict will rise in the distribution of property.

10. You will spend quality time with your family.

Dreaming of Eggplant – 30+ Types & their interpretations

While dreaming of cooking an eggplant represents your work life, the dream of eating an eggplant symbolizes your success.

I am sure these two closely similar dreams with such distinct dream interpretations trapped your interest, after all, success and work life are so important to us.

However, apart from these, eggplant dreams can reveal so many interesting things. So, let’s quickly decode your dream from here…

1. Dream of eating eggplant

Dream of eating an eggplant showcases immense success in your personal and professional life.

While earning fame and working hard towards your goals, you might forget your relationship with yourself and your close ones. Never let pride overpower your simplicity.

2. Dream about cooking an eggplant

The dream suggests how well you prioritize your work life. Your laser focus towards work, hard work, goal-oriented nature, and outstanding performance will help you achieve great heights. You will easily fulfill your desires.

3. Dream about chopping an eggplant

Dream of chopping an eggplant is similar to chopping off the obstacles that hinder your career or personal life. You balance your life well.

Share your feelings and thoughts with your loved ones if you ever feel burdened or pressurized.

4. Dream about buying an eggplant

The dream of buying eggplants has two contrary meanings. One says that you will flaunt your wealth wherever you go.

Second says that you will be successful but you will have to pay a heavy price for it. You might need to detach from yourself or your loved ones.

5. Dream about selling an eggplant

The dream of selling an eggplant warns you against some close relatives. They will come to you only to take advantage of your wealth.

Don’t expect them to stay with you forever, because they will leave you as soon as their needs are fulfilled.

6. Dream of a giant eggplant

Dreaming about giant eggplants signifies good fortune. Positive changes and great development await you in your waking life.

You will hear good news from all spheres of life whether it is a career, personal, or family matter. You’ll flourish and enjoy an abundant life ahead.

7. Dream about rotten eggplants

Dreaming about rotten eggplants suggests the rotten intimate life you live presently. Your relationship is on a toss.

The dream warns you to look into your personal life. Understand the situation and work on it to avoid an abrupt separation.

8. Dream about growing eggplants

Dreaming about growing eggplants in a field or a garden predicts the pleasant events of your waking life.

You will hear good news regarding your promotion in your work. You will be showered with gifts from your loved ones.

9. Dream about harvesting eggplants

The dream of harvesting eggplant alarms you to reap your labor and hard work so that it’s ready for another harvest.

You will receive tremendous benefits from your work which will fill your life with joy and happiness.

10. Dream about eggplant meals

Dreaming about cooked eggplant or eggplant meals symbolizes the desirable changes you will bring to your life.

Your leisurely hobby will become a source of income in your future life. Your life will soon change for the better.

11. Dream of watering eggplants

Watering eggplants in the dream foretells a great opportunity.

Spending ample amounts of time with your loved ones will bring immense satisfaction and happiness to you.

You might have a fun-filled family gathering or vacation and meet some familiar faces.

12. Dream about green eggplants

Green represents tranquility and joy. If you dream of a green eggplant, it suggests you will receive good news.

The news will have a great influence on your actions. Don’t resist the change and live life to the fullest!

13. Dream of seeing an eggplant tree

Seeing an eggplant tree in dreams hints at unexpected turns, new opportunities, and rewards in your professional life.

The gains will help you stabilize your monetary standing and will bring immense joy and satisfaction.

14. Dream of black eggplant

The black color represents terror and trepidation. So if you see a black eggplant in the dream, it means you will encounter problematic situations, misunderstandings, misfortune, and sorrow.

Only your bravery and courage can get you out of this situation.

15. Dream of getting eggplant

Getting eggplant in the dream signifies that someone in your inner circle is pregnant. Despite your relationship with that person, the news will bring immense happiness to you.

16. Dream about a sack of eggplant

For a single person, the dream of a sack of eggplant says that you will find true love.

For a person in a relationship, the dream tells that the bond will become unbreakable with each passing day. Your relationship will face some adventures.

17. Dream about a man treating you with eggplant

A man treating you with eggplant in the dream hints at getting pregnant. So, get the required tests done and you might just see good news coming your way.

18. Dream of a man eating eggplant

A man eating eggplant in the dream hints at you being a father of a boy.

19. Dream of eggplant in the salad

Eggplant salads in the dream tell you that you want some kind of support from your close people. You will even ask them for it, but it’s unsure whether they will show up or not.

20. Dream of collecting eggplants

Collecting eggplants in the dream represents growth in your start-up business. It will surprise you and bring great pleasure.

21. Dream of eggplant for a married man

For a married man, the dream indicates a separation in your relationship. Conversely, it means you will be engaged in some kind of property dispute in the presence of the judiciary.

22. Dream about receiving eggplant as a gift

Receiving eggplant as a gift in the dream means you will soon hear news of pregnancy from your inner circle.

23. Dream about frozen eggplant

Frozen eggplant in the dream tells you about the temporary downfall in your financial earnings. But very soon you will remember about the money you’ve saved, which will help you to stand again.

24. Dream of frying eggplant

Frying eggplant in your dreams says that you may experience sudden discomforts while walking on the right path. You need to hold on to your beliefs at that time.

25. Dream about picking eggplant

Picking eggplant hints at the different aspects of life and how you try to pull yourself together. Keep moving and searching for the truth.

You will face difficulties but eventually, everything will fall into the right place.

26. Dream of storing eggplants in jars or containers

Storing eggplants in the dream says how you will face life changes and how it will affect your perspective.

27. Dream of a single eggplant

Single eggplant in the dream indicates you’ll finally find your ultimate motive in life. After which you will keep moving in the right direction and work hard to make things possible.

28. Dream of several eggplants

Several eggplants in your dreams depict your uncertainty and inability to choose the primary aim of your life.

It also symbolizes the sorrow and grief surrounding you as you can’t choose the best for you.

29. Dream of unripe eggplant

Unripe eggplant denotes your ongoing relationship. Your partner’s immaturity will lead to the doom of your relationship. It will be the most distressing moment of your life.

30. Dream of overripe eggplant

Dreaming of the overripe eggplants signifies separation in the relationship. You both realized that there’s no future in this, so you both will try to move on.

31. Dream of eggplants falling from the sky

Eggplants falling from the sky tell you that new opportunities will knock at your door.

However, if you fail to catch the eggplant, the dream asks you to pay attention to your decision-making skills. You must work hard to make the best use of an opportunity.

Spiritual meaning of eggplant dreams

Dreaming of eggplants in the spiritual world welcomes new opportunities, self-development, and spiritual progress. You will soon be rewarded for your hard work.

You possess a special spiritual attraction and a very unique way of connecting to your surroundings. An unexpected source will come to your rescue in your time of need.

Questions to ask yourself to interpret eggplant dreams correctly

If retaining the details of the dream is not your cup of tea, it won’t be easy to find your dream type and its interpretation.

So, take the help of these questions that can squeeze your memory and help you reflect on your dream!

1. What were you doing with the eggplant in the dream?

2. Was it big or small?

3. Was it ripe, unripe, or overripe?

4. Did you find any familiar faces in the dream?

5. Did you experience something unnatural?

6. What was your emotional state in the dream and after waking up?

7. How many eggplants were there?

8. Are you single or committed?

9. Was the eggplant rotten in the dream?

10. How often do you see such a dream?

A word from ThePleasantDream

Whether your detailed dream interpretations of eggplant offered you sweet or salty messages… never ignore the gravity of the alarming interpretations.

Take thoughtful actions and you will safely cross every hurdle of life and be the winner!

Similarly, if you find positive interpretations of your dream, don’t take things for granted. You must encourage yourself to stay the hard-working and honest person that you are.