Dreaming about lice is a sign of something very strong in your life. Since lice are hard to get rid of, these represent situations, emotions, or people who have acquired your life strongly.

These dreams can tell a lot about your future, and thus you better pay attention to them.  

Dream about Lice - Different Scenarios and Their Interpretations
Dream about Lice – Different Scenarios and Their Interpretations

What Does It Mean to Dream About Lice?

Lice dreams are mostly a bad sign in your life. It suggests you must act fast to get rid of difficult circumstances that you are facing during your waking hours. Though sometimes it can represent good luck.

No matter how small they are, lice are the absolute synonyms of a nightmare. Lice are irritating tiny creatures that feed on human blood.

Human beings are prone to head lice, body lice, and pubic lice. Among these three lice, head lice are the most common ones. And this shows a lot about its symbolism.

Lice dreams can have several interpretations. As lice are disgusting creatures, these often represent trouble. Perhaps, you are bothered by something in your real life and you are unable to find a solution to the problem.

Often lice represent enemies or people who do not deserve your trust. According to the dream god’s book, these indicate you must stay alert or else someone might take advantage of you.

Sometimes, it might warn you of other people’s invasions. For example, there are people out there who are trying to manipulate or bring problems to your life.

So, it’s time you understand the wrong intentions of these people and start believing in yourself. 

These can also put a risk to your social position. It symbolizes that you cannot do anything in your real life. Therefore, the dream is suggesting that all is not well in your life. 

Although these are usually a symbol of bad fortune, sometimes these dreams can also bring good news.

This means either you will get a lot of benefits during the waking hours, or you will have a good relationship in the future.

Dream about Lice – Common Scenarios & Meaning

As it has been stated earlier, this can be a sign of good and bad omens. Often, it indicates a lack of personal hygiene. So, what does it mean for you? 

Let’s take a look at different scenarios and interpret them accordingly – 

Dreaming of Head Lice

Generally, head lice in dream is a good sign. It indicates financial prosperity and that you will earn a lot of money soon.

Such dreams can also suggest that you will receive unexpected financing from someone you are not expecting from.

Alternatively, these reflect pending conversations. Unresolved issues, arguments, and toxic relationships in real life can be a reason behind such dreams.

Dream About Having Lice

This can reflect personal problems in your real life. Perhaps, someone in your life who is very close to you has disappointed you lately and you can’t forgive them. 

Alternatively, it means you want someone in your life who will not deceive you.

Lice on Forehead

This is a very common dream, It means bad luck. For example, you might get into a confrontation with your enemies in the future.

Contrarily, it can be an omen for good luck. Perhaps, you will start your own business or get job offers, and many people will like you.

Dreaming of Killing Head Lice

Sounds cruel? Or, maybe not. Well, it means your hard work will finally pay off in real life. These dreams represent your financial stability and that it’s time for you to enjoy this stable period of your life. 

Alternatively, this dream might also suggest that you should get back to your loved ones and experience beautiful moments together.

Lice in Someone’s Hair

It means you will become successful because of the presence of someone in your life. Such dreams also denote positive energies and will bring back lost stability in your life.

Alternatively, it can also be interpreted negatively. Perhaps, your enemy or someone close to you will try to harm you.

Do not ignore this dream and try to identify people who are a threat to your or your work in real life.

Dream of Small Amounts of Lice

It can indicate, you will have to confront some tough decisions in your life. Preferably, seek advice from someone before doing something or be ready to face great difficulties coming your way. 

Giant/Huge Lice

Dream of giant lice chasing you indicates your career will suffer. This dream suggests your economic life is at risk and that someone will take away your current position at work.

Stay alert and ensure you give the best in your work.

On the other hand, it means it’s time you take care of your health and develop good habits in your life.

Dream of Large Amounts of Lice

When you see large amounts of lice in your dream, it means you might find yourself in dangerous situations in real life. Sometimes, trivial problems can also ruin your life if you let them accumulate.

Thus, if you are having these dreams then you must keep your temperaments in check and eliminate these problems from your life as soon as possible.

Dream of Body Lice

If you have a dream where you find lice all over your body, it is a bad omen. It can suggest that death is near, or you will suffer from serious health issues.

Alternatively, lice all over your body can suggest you will behave rudely with someone which will ruin your relationship with that person.

A Dead Lice

If you are dreaming about dead lice on another person’s head, then it means negative energies will move away from your life.

In the coming days, you must create a boundary around yourself. Start taking action to control the bad situations in your life.

Dream of Having A Head Full of Lice

It suggests desperation and problems in your life have made you a bad person. It means you will not hesitate to take out your hatred or anger on your surroundings. 

Combing Lice Out of Your Hair

This is a good sign. It suggests you can resolve certain issues in your life. By solving these issues, you will find peace and relaxation in your life.

Dreams about Inability to Locate Lice

When in your dreams you know that you have lice in your body or hair but are unable to locate it, then it is a serious concern. Generally, this kind of dream indicates the commencement of a miserable period in your life. 

Dreams About Lice in A Bed

It means your family is hiding something from you. Perhaps, they are lying because they want you to act or behave differently in your life. 

Dream of Taking Off Lice Slowly

When you find yourself taking off lice slowly in your dreams, it means you are very patient in real life even though your enemies are trying to harm your relationship with others.

In the future, they will try to provoke you so that other people start thinking differently about you. 

Dream of Someone Else Capturing Lice on Your Head

This dream indicates that you should seek advice from your friends and family before starting anything new. Once you get a better understanding of things you learn from others, you will make good progress in your life. 

Itchy Lice

Itchy lice signify nonconformity in your life. If you are having an itchy dream then it means you are aware of some problem in your life and will take action to overcome it. 

Dream of Head Lice Falling

It means it’s time for you to leave certain things behind. Get rid of people who have hurt you before and start your life afresh. 

Dream of A Single Louse

So, did you dream about this? Then it’s time to be careful. You might come across many temptations in the coming days but don’t give in to them. 

On the contrary, a dream of a single louse can also state that you have gained a lot of confidence and courage. 

Capturing Lice

Have you had this dream? Well, it’s a good sign. This dream suggests that you are clear about your goals. You have a clear idea about the state of some things and the people in your mind. 

Dream about Lice in Your Pubic Area

These symbolize your primal instincts or natural senses. Perhaps, in real life your talents are abilities are going unnoticed. So, the dream is acting as a reminder for you to start over again. 

Dream About Lice of Various Colors

Lighter-Colored Lice – It means you will be facing investment-related problems in the coming days. Unexpected losses might occur if you decide to invest in any further projects. 

Darker Color Lice – It is a symbol of good fortune. Perhaps, your business will start making profits, or your efforts at the workplace will get noticed. 

Dream About A Green-Colored Lice – It portends your anxiety and that you must learn to control it. This dream warns you about some upcoming conflicting situations that you are scared of.

Dream About A Yellow-Colored Lice – Yellow-colored lice mean your worries, negative feelings, and past issues will get better with time. This dream is asking you to stay patient because the dark phase of your life will go away soon.

Brown-Colored Lice – Brown is the natural color of your lice and predicts your life will be full of natural problems. The dream warns you not to allow problems to destroy your life and things will improve once you start fighting for your goals.

Red-Colored Lice – Red-colored lice suggest your days are about to get bitter. You will be faced with problems that will drive you mad.

White-Colored Lice – White-colored lice can suggest the arrival of something unpredictable in your life. However, this dream is a pleasant sign. Perhaps, you will get a job offer or win a lottery. 

Biblical Meaning of Lice in a Dream

According to the Bible, it can be an indicator of good fortune. It means they are a symbol of prosperity and success.

For example, if a louse makes an appearance on a white shirt, it means a project you are working on for a very long time will achieve good results. 

Additionally, lice infestations in a dream indicate some obstructions or a feeling of being ‘trapped’ in real life.  

Either way, these warn you about the possible consequences that you must evade in your real life. 


So have woke up scratching your head? Don’t worry because dreams about lice are quite normal. But also, it hold quite a significant meaning in your dreams.

Lice dreams warn you that your body and mind are related and are acting in different ways to arouse your emotions. So take a moment. Look at the things going around you. And listen to your inner whispers.