A dream about stealing can be shocking and make you question how your morals are placed. It is directly tied to your self-worth. However, it is not always so straightforward.  

Several factors influence the interpretation of stealing dreams. Details such as the object being stolen, the person committing the larceny, the victim, and the place of theft affect dream interpretation in varying degrees. Therefore, it may be negative or positive.

Dream about Stealing – 63 Scenarios and Their Meanings
Dream about Stealing – 63 Scenarios and Their Meanings

Dream about Stealing – General Interpretation

Dreams about stealing could reflect resentment, entitlement, or a desire for effortless gains. It might also represent feeling disrespected, exploited, or defied. Sometimes, it indicates success.

Stealing is immoral and unethical in waking life. In fantasy, it is not always bad. Depending on your current circumstances, it might also indicate wealth and success. Read on to know more about the general interpretations of this dream.

1. A Sense of Indignation or Resentment

Dreaming of stealing from someone could reveal a sense of resentment you harbor for the person in real life. If you feel they did wrong by you, think about how you can communicate this to them.

Concealing your true emotions only goes so far. It might start spilling over to other areas of your life, which will only affect you further. 

2. “Finders Keepers, Losers Weepers” Mindset

This famous idiom translates to wanting something that does not belong to you, but you feel entitled to it anyway.

If you are craving something that is beyond your affordability in waking life, a dream about stealing must be interpreted idiomatically. Unsurprisingly, it is a bad sign.

3. Freeriding

Dreams about stealing could reveal that you want things handed to you on a platter. You may have a desire to get things the easy way, without putting in any effort.  

As the famous idiom goes, “You can’t have the cake and eat it too.” So, try to motivate yourself in small ways to work. In time, you will realize that the satisfaction that comes from working for the things you want is unparalleled. 

4. Defiance

Have you felt defied of late? If someone working for you is acting insubordinately or a relative who falls below you in the familial hierarchy is acting against your wishes, that explains this dream.

It shows that you feel upset that your authority has been taken from you. You may want to act on this deprivation but do so carefully so as not to overwhelm yourself even more.

Alternatively, this dream is attempting to tell you that you have taken advantage of people who did not give in to your wishes. It could be at work or home. Pay attention to the nature of your professional and familial relationships.

5. Success

If you have just undertaken an important task, a dream where you successfully steal from someone is a positive sign. You must interpret this dream as one of mission accomplishment instead of looking at it in literal terms.

It is common for people to assume that a dream about stealing is bad in and of itself. However, our dreams do not equal our everyday happenings. Keep this in mind before you start engaging in any negative self-talk.

6. Feeling Disrespected

In general, if you were on the receiving end of the theft in your dream, it means that you feel betrayed in real life. You think someone you trust is attempting to steal your respect. 

You may want to be wary of your surroundings, including the people whom you are usually around. Take note of how they are treating you and how it makes you feel. 

Additionally, you may feel people in your life do not respect you. This feeling negatively impacts your self-esteem, and consequently, your behaviors. It is best to work on this at the earliest so that it does not start affecting your daily life.

7. Feeling Exploited or Taken for Granted

Do you feel that someone “took you for a ride” in real life? Have you felt that someone close to you has not taken you seriously? Did you feel you did not receive the respect you deserve? Such feelings could trigger dreams where this person steals from you.

Take your time to interpret these dreams in relation to your waking life. Consider being more cautious of your surroundings and reassessing your personal and professional relationships.

Stealing Dream Meaning – 63 Scenarios and Their Meanings

Dreams about stealing may involve different scenarios. The perpetrator may be you or someone else. On the other hand, you may be the victim of the act in your dream, or you may simply be witnessing theft.

1. Dream of stealing money

Dreams are peculiar in that they may not always represent things for what they are. For instance, dreaming of finding money may seem great but its interpretation is one of bad omen.

On the other hand, although seemingly bad, stealing money in your dream is a good sign. Despite engaging in an illegal act, it is interpreted differently.

It represents spiritual growth and movement in the right direction. Moreover, you have adequate control over your life, especially your spiritual health. You also have a good sense of self-worth.

2. Dream of someone stealing from you

One of the interpretations of this dream involves an identity or existential crisis. You may be questioning who you are, your values, role in society, beliefs, and purpose in life. An unfulfilled passion or a loss could also stir up such dreams.

Alternatively, this dream symbolizes heartbreak. It could also reveal your feelings toward someone whom you think betrayed you. Did anybody double-cross you or do something unjust and get away with it?

3. Dreams about someone stealing and getting caught

As frightening as it is to dream about getting caught stealing, it is often a good sign. You are determined and on a journey to find the right values. It shows your willingness to learn, your love, and how trustworthy you are.

Additionally, it shows that you are passionate about your relationships. This dream reveals your desire to be with someone supportive of your adventurous endeavors.

On a professional front, this dream represents your confidence, selflessness, and unwavering reliability. However, be wary as people may exploit these traits.

4. Dream about stealing a car

Dreams about stealing a car represent your current waking life. There is a sense of dissatisfaction in your life, predominantly in financial areas.

You have a desire to improve yourself and make changes in your life for the greater good.

Feelings of unfulfillment will urge you to take the “driver’s seat” and go in the direction you deem right.

5. Dream about stealing jewelry

If you stole jewelry in your dream, it means that you are envious. This sort of jealousy has the potential to damage your interpersonal relationships. Be cautious of whom you spill the beans to.

6. Dreaming of someone stealing jewelry

This dream is a sign that you need to be cautious of your surroundings. You are either on your path to success or already accomplished your aspirations. Someone is jealous and wishes to bring you down. Stay vigilant.

7. Dream about someone stealing my purse

Someone stealing your purse in your dream represents your unfulfilled or unaccomplished dreams and aspirations.

This dream acts as a reality check. It will drive you to reflect on your life and figure out your place in this world.

It also indicates inauthenticity among the people around you. Someone is preventing you from moving forward. They are making false promises or attempting to deceive you, awaiting your downfall.

On the flip side, this dream is a good sign. It tells you that you will recover money that has been lost.

8. Dream about someone stealing your money

Dreams about someone stealing money from you may reflect your real-life situations.

It may suggest that you are feeling betrayed. You may feel you are on the receiving end of unfair treatment.

Alternatively, someone is possibly taking credit for your hard work or you feel you are not getting what you deserve. 

Seeing someone stealing money in your dreams also signifies loss, heartbreak, and confusion in real life.

Finally, this dream might simply be asking you to reassess your financial health. Are you thinking of some major expenditure but are unsure? If yes, pause and ask yourself if it is a necessary one.

9. Dream about stealing food

Although dreaming about food is usually a good sign, dreaming about stealing food is a whole new deal. According to historical dream symbolism, dreaming of stealing food signifies setbacks.

This dream symbolizes a sense of insecurity. It might reveal that you are feeling less than the people around you, that they have something you do not have or wish to possess. This lack of confidence pervades your professional and personal life.  

Dreaming about stealing food from someone also represents a desire for love and affection. Has anybody told you that you have been acting clingy or dependent lately?

With that said, dream interpretation also depends on the specific food that you steal. Some of them are outlined below.

  1. Stealing eggs in your dream represents unfinished business. Something you started recently turned boring for you.
  2. If you dreamed of stealing bread, it signifies deprivation and destruction. It has an undertone of the financial crisis, wherein you may also be spending a lot of money unnecessarily.
  3. If you stole fish in your dream, the interpretation indicates an inability to stay silent. It also symbolizes interpersonal problems.
  4. Dreaming of stealing cheese denotes hesitance in connecting with someone.
  5. Dreaming of fruits and vegetables is typically a good sign. Some of the dream symbols include financial profits, luck, and helping someone.
  6. Stealing nuts in your dream is also a positive sign, as it represents good fortune. This dream urges you to take risks as they will pay off.

10. Dreaming of other people stealing food

This dream symbolizes your making peace with something terrible that someone did to you. You are considering forgiving them so you can move forward instead of dwelling on negativity.

Dreaming about someone stealing food from you also signifies a sense of exploitation. You feel you are being taken advantage of with respect to your money, power, or magnanimity. 

11. Shoplifting dream

Dreams about shoplifting usually symbolize a sense of lack of privacy. You expect great things from yourself but feel that your space is threatened.

To shoplift successfully requires precision, as a lack of it would result in severe punishment. Therefore, dreaming of the same signifies a feeling of being in the spotlight. It could indicate vulnerability.

12. Stealing from your parents dream meaning

Have you ever stolen from your parents in your waking life? If yes, this act may be resurfacing subconsciously. It is common for children to commit this mistake and most of them learn from it.

According to dream symbolism, stealing from both parents reveals that some things remain unsaid from your end. You may have done this to not hurt them. 

Alternatively, it could indicate that your parents are not saying something to spare your feelings.

Occasionally, this dream is predictive in that it is warning you of a problem. This hurdle may be due to someone close to you. You could consider settling problems before they escalate.

13. Dream about parents stealing from you

This dream represents symbols of familial issues. Conflicts between parents and their children are common.

You may be feeling neglected, or like you have failed them, or even like you have been taken for granted.

If your father was stealing from you in your dream, it shows that you are hurting. You think people do not take your feelings into account before acting.

If your mother stole from you in your dream, it indicates the re-emergence of an unpleasant happening from your past. Alternatively, only the emotions from the said event are resurfacing.

14. Partner stealing from you in your dream meaning

Your partner stealing from you could stir up unpleasant emotions, even if it is just a dream.

You not only expect your partner not to betray you but you also trust them with your life. This dream is reflective of something unsettling you have been feeling in your romantic relationship.

It could indicate a problem of any nature—minor or major. Nevertheless, consider bringing it up with your partner rather than stewing over what went wrong.

By talking about it, you can understand their side of things and come to terms with it.

However, suppose you talk to them and understand that there is no basis for why you have been feeling this way. Then, this dream symbolizes your anxiety regarding your future with them.

Whatever the case may be, you must let your partner know how you are feeling. This way, you could get through it together.

15. Children stealing from you in your dream

A dream where your children are stealing from you is bound to worry you. However, do not look at it at face value.

Has something been up with your children? Are they going through something or have you been feeling like they are? If yes, check on them. You may be right.

If everything is indeed okay, it would put your mind at ease. So, ring them up anyway!

Besides that, this dream may point toward somebody else close to you who would do well with your help. Someone you care deeply about might be suffering but has not reached out.

16. Dream interpretation of the identity of the one who stole from you

The identity of the person committing the theft is a crucial detail both in waking life and for dream interpretation.

As outlined above, the interpretation changes based on who steals from you, from your parents, to your partner.

In every case, you need to address the underlying emotional issues. With that said, be mindful of your way of communicating your feelings and adapt accordingly.

17. Dream in which someone steals groceries from you 

If someone stole groceries from you in your dream, it is usually a good sign and symbolizes wealth. Your hard work is bound to pay off, be it on the professional or personal front.

Keep your mind and eyes open for new opportunities, specifically at work. Moreover, this dream is also suggestive of your relationships getting stronger and more meaningful.

18. Someone stealing your job in your dream

Unsurprisingly, this is neither a pleasant dream nor a good sign as per dream symbolism. It is typically associated with your career.

Someone may be watching you closely, waiting for you to slip up just so they can climb the success ladder.

Be wary of your colleagues, especially if someone has been behaving strangely of late. If you have been doing well at work, this dream may indicate jealousy on the part of your colleagues.

Sometimes, it could mean that somebody you know is attempting to damage your reputation. It is better to be safe than sorry, so consider being a bit cautious.

Such dreams also point toward uncertainty. Maybe you have been considering doing something risky, such as requesting a promotion or raise.

19. Colleague stealing your job position dream

Dreaming of your colleague taking your job position away from you is a note of caution. Somebody at work may be jealous of your progress and growth.

Be wary of people around you, particularly those that you think have a reasonable motive to put you down. Think twice before sharing information that can be used against you.

All in all, protect your reputation as someone wants to replace you or steal your promotion.

20. Dreaming of someone stealing your watch

You feel that time is slipping through your hands like grains of sand. So much to do and so little time, which is making you feel alarmed, unhappy, and deeply sad.

On the other hand, this dream signals a new project, which is taking all your time and other resources. You want to spend more time on yourself but are struggling to do it.

21. Dreaming of stealing a watch from someone else

This dream indicates that your occupational reputation is on the line. Someone close to you is attempting to pull you down or hinder your growth.

You wish to cut ties with people who are not good for you.   

22. Dreaming of someone stealing gold from you

Surprisingly, this dream is a good sign. You may be wondering how you are, in fact, dreaming about being robbed of something valuable.

Shift your focus from the act itself and pay attention to the fact that you possess gold. It indicates wealth and prosperity.

As this dream centers around fortune, it is a sign for you to execute your plans.

23. Someone stealing your partner in your dream

This dream indicates feelings of anxiety you are experiencing with respect to your relationship. It is natural for dreams like this to elicit difficult emotions upon awakening.

Your relationship may be going great at the outset. However, you may have some unresolved issue, which is creeping its way into your relationship.

A previous heartbreak, which you did not fully deal with could be a problem. Or, you may have shown your vulnerable side to them recently and you are worried about what they would do with it.

Nonetheless, try to have a conversation with your partner regarding your insecurities. Besides that, attempt to enjoy your present with your partner.

24. Someone stealing your bag in your dream

This dream is suggestive of being in a dilemma. It is urging you to stay prudent while considering your options. One wrong move could jeopardize your future.

Consider seeking the opinions of those you trust. Remember that there is no shame in seeking help.

25. Stealing gold in your dream

The interpretation of a dream about you stealing gold is done closely in relation to your waking life. Whether it is a good or bad sign depends on how accurately it represents your life situation. 

This dream is a positive sign when it reveals that you are on the right track. It predominantly denotes spiritual, financial, and intellectual growth. Additionally, it represents magnanimity, love, and kindness.

On the flip side, it refers to greed. You are hurting someone in this self-indulgent process. Whether you care for them or not, consider being more mindful of your actions.

26. Stealing a book dream meaning

There are quite a few interpretations for this dream.

Firstly, it refers to an inability to live by the book. Restrictions do not sit well with you and you feel a sense of uncontrollability. This dream is testimony to your desire to take back charge of your life.

Additionally, it indicates feeling like someone is imposing their beliefs on you. They are stubborn, so you feel your only option is to reassure yourself that you are right in your convictions.

Thirdly, this dream symbolizes a need to control. You love it when people look up to and admire you. Along those lines, this dream also signifies paying attention to detail.

Dreams about stealing books also show that you are about to discover something useful. The method of acquiring such knowledge is unpredictable and might involve risks.

Finally, dreaming of stealing a book signals your love for an adrenaline rush. The thrill of engaging in an illicit act without getting caught lures you.

27. Witnessing a robbery in your dream

Witnessing robberies is frightening, and it is no better in a dream. According to dream symbolism, it means that you have had a lot on your plate. It is now catching up to you financially.

However, there is hope. This dream is conveying to you that you will recover everything you have lost as you are a diligent person.

28. Stealing art in your dream

This dream represents symbols of wanting more, sometimes to the point of greed. It is a good sign, provided you are not overly ambitious.

You seem unhappy with and unappreciative of what you have right now. Assess your desires against what is feasible and realistic, and you shall succeed.

29. Dream in which other people are stealing art

Dreaming of other people stealing art is a bad sign. It is a way of warning you to stay wary of those around you.

Has anybody betrayed or exploited you in recent times? Or have you been feeling a sense of premonition concerning somebody close to you?

Someone might have cautioned you a while ago, which you may have forgotten. Try not to close yourself off to reality and stay vigilant.

30. Dreaming of planning to steal

This dream typically serves as a note of caution, particularly if you are deliberating on something risky.

Someone in your life might have previously advised you against it. You might have diverted all your attentional resources toward this activity laden with risk.

If you ignored their warning then, you should consider otherwise now. 

31. Stealing someone’s smile in your dream

Stealing someone’s smile loosely translates to making them smile. This dream is a good sign and indicates that happiness and profits are around the corner.

32. Dream about someone stealing your smile

If someone makes you smile in your dream, it means that you harbor romantic feelings for someone.

You are afraid to let them know for various reasons, including but not restricted to a fear of rejection, insecurity, and mere shyness. 

Remind yourself that you cannot know the truth unless you attempt to find out. If you were looking for a sign, this is it. So, what are you waiting for? Go confess!

33. Someone stole your dishes in your dream

This dream signifies changes that you are currently undergoing. You feel someone is attempting to take away your opportunities in order to create a better home for themselves.

A dream in which someone is stealing your plates implies that you are feeling robbed of comfort. Specifically, if the plates were emotionally symbolic, the dream indicates theft of memories.

34. Dreaming of stealing from the rich

Did you dream of stealing from someone else, specifically somebody rich? This dream denotes feeling jealous of them.

You feel they achieved things that you can only fantasize about doing. Instead of focusing on it with bitter goggles on, why not try to see that if they can do it, so can you?

35. Dreaming of someone else robbing the rich

You may be providing a safety net to someone who is not entitled to it. This dream indicates that someone is benefitting from your nicety, which might come back to haunt you.

Dreaming of other people stealing from the rich is a figure of caution. It implies that you are meddling with something you should not be bothered about.

36. Being accused of stealing in your dream

This dream is all about decision-making. There may be times when a person’s skill-set or knowledge does not help. It is their ability to think on their feet and weigh the options that aid them.

Similarly, this might be a time in your life when you need to think and act fast. Put your resourcefulness to complete use!

37. Dream about a loved one accused of theft

Dreaming of someone close to you getting accused of stealing symbolizes your reservations about their loyalty.

However, do not act based on assumptions. Have a conversation with them regarding this and outline your reasons for these suspicions.

38. Dream about getting arrested for stealing

Suppose you dreamed of getting caught while stealing. It denotes a sense of confusion and temptation in waking life.

You might have come across a scenario, which is highly luring but rather detrimental, leaving you in a sticky situation.

It is important to believe in yourself and the decisions you make. Despite being in a dilemma, trust that you will come out of it and with various lessons learned.

39. Loved one getting arrested for stealing in your dream

Dreaming of someone you love getting arrested for stealing can evoke rather painful emotions.

This dream symbolizes your persuading someone, albeit in vain. They are quite rigid and unwilling to change their opinion. Additionally, you are convinced they are wrong.

Despite providing cold facts against their beliefs, it seems impossible to bring them around. Accept that you have hit a cul-de-sac and give up before it drains the life out of you. 

40. Getting convicted for stealing dream meaning

If you get convicted for stealing in your dream, it is a bad sign. The dream is telling you that you are yet to learn from your blunders.

You continue to err in the same ways, which in turn is affecting your daily life and overall well-being.

Keep track of the mistakes you make and the lessons you learned from them. Be sure to reflect on them now and then. 

41. Loved one getting convicted for stealing in your dream

If someone dear to you got convicted in your dream, it means that you are in a pickle concerning their behaviors. Their actions may bring second-hand embarrassment to you.

You are unable to continue giving them the benefit of the doubt. Pay attention to the amount of energy you are expending on this.

42. Preventing someone from stealing dream meaning

This dream symbolizes a desire to be stronger and braver. You feel you are characterized by fear and your tendency to waver, which negatively impacts many aspects of your real life.

Through this dream, you realize that the moment you start acting for yourself, you can achieve wonders.

You understand that, sometimes, you must put your needs and desires before those of others for your life to blossom. 

43. Someone stealing your phone in your dream

This dream reveals that someone has control over your speech and actions. It predominantly reflects your work life, where you are feeling exploited, especially as regards communication.

The person in question desires to hinder your growth. They want to instigate misunderstandings that eventually lead to professional stagnation. 

44. Vehicle stolen in your dream meaning

Dreaming of someone stealing a vehicle represents the need to be more independent.

Start making decisions for yourself while staying accountable for your actions. Moreover, try not to let others interfere with your decisions unless you solicit their opinions.

45. Dream about a bank robbery

If someone is robbing a bank in your dream, it is a good sign. You are working exceptionally hard and all of it is about to pay off.

Are you noticing any changes in your current situation? You might see that you are inching closer toward the life you have dreamed of so far.

46. Home burglary dream

A dream as frightening as this is just as bad interpretatively. It represents suffering because of the loss of something primary yet major.

This dream is also suggestive of someone else taking credit for your actions. You feel you are not receiving the respect or attention you deserve. Consider working on speaking up for yourself.

47. A dream about someone attempting to steal

This dream has a cautionary undertone. It is requesting you to take care of your finances. Are you spending excessively or unnecessarily?

You might want to consider changing some aspects of your spending styles. Read up on the importance of savings.

48. A dead person stealing from you in your dream

If someone who is no longer alive stole something from you in your dream, it is a negative sign. This dream represents past mistakes.

You are struck with remorse. A sense of helplessness might also seep in due to the inability to change your past.

Keep in mind that you have learned from these mistakes. You may not be able to change your past, but you can work toward not repeating them. Seek professional help if this feeling is consuming you.

49. Dream in which your friend is stealing from you

A rather unsettling dream, this one. It cannot be easy to wake up and recall your dream of someone you trust so much stealing from you.

Fret not! To make things a bit easier for you, know that this dream is not a bad sign. It simply means that you wish to deepen the bond you share with this person.

It represents positive change and a period of development, specifically in the social circle. You have possibly not made enough time for your friends. Why don’t you go ahead and call them today?

50. Neighbor stealing from you in your dream

A dream in which your neighbor steals from you is one of warning and discontentment. You are facing issues concerning your current living standards or conditions.

Re-examine the reasons you are staying in this house and neighborhood. If you are unsatisfied, consider alternatives.

Think about the pros and cons of moving. If that makes you content and brings satisfaction, do everything in your power to make it happen!

51. Supervisor stealing from you in your dream

Awkward, indeed. According to dream symbolism, it represents authority and command.

It shows that you worry about someone taking charge of your life, particularly the important parts, such as finance. You feel a lack of autonomy at your workplace, which is bothering you deeply.

52. Stealing from yourself in your dream

That is a rather bizarre dream, isn’t it? Dreams can be quite strange sometimes. A dream where you steal one of your possessions, such as money, ATM card, or jewelry, is often a bad sign.

It implies a lack of control and a premonition that something terrible is creeping up on you.

Occasionally, this dream represents the forceful abandonment of a plan or goal. You are made to refocus your resources, which is unsettling.

Your current life circumstances are troubling you. It is taking a toll on your emotional health, and possibly, your physical well-being, too.

53. A dream in which an animal steals from you

Yet another peculiar dream. You might have dreamed of a squirrel or monkey snatching something from you. It is a bad sign and symbolizes unhealthy competition.

You may feel a sense of unjust behavior approaching you. Your competitors are probably working in the dark in an attempt to discredit you. Additionally, this dream refers to monetary losses.

Nevertheless, you have the ability to overcome these issues and turn around the situation. Think back on everything you have achieved and believe in yourself.

54. Dreaming that someone is formulating a plan to steal from you

A dream in which you witness someone devising to steal from you can be incredibly alarming. Thinking about some form of impending doom, you are filled with trepidation.

Such a dream signifies your rush to get things done while neglecting your health.

55. Someone stole a pair of shoes from you in your dream

This dream represents loss unless they stole only your shoes and not your socks. In this case, you are confronting a bizarre life situation. Despite losing one thing, you are gaining something else.

56. Someone stealing from you publicly in your dream

This dream represents financial crises. Some bad investment might catch up with you. Reassess your monetary health and take immediate preventive measures as it is better to be safe than sorry.

57. All your possessions are stolen in your dream

A dream in which everything you possess gets stolen can be painful. However, rest easy as it is a good sign. In fact, it represents profits as well as projects that you desire to undertake.

Overall, this dream symbolizes improvements in your lifestyle and that of people close to you.

58. Dreaming of your luggage getting stolen

This dream is representative of immoral and unethical behaviors, possibly indirectly. Someone might detail the illegal activity.

Consequently, you will be in a pickle, unsure of your next step. Should you report them? If you do, what if the person in question harms you? These questions will haunt you.

Remember that you are not alone. There must be someone whom you trust to get you out of this situation.

59. Dream in which someone steals your bag containing money

Having a bag with money stolen in your dream symbolizes owing money to someone. Someone or a bank loaned you money, which you are unable to repay given your current financial situation.

Alternatively, someone might have lent a helping hand or done a favor, also which you are unable to return.

60. A dream in which someone steals your book

Books are a source of wisdom and knowledge. They allow you to draw from your reservoir of creative energy.

A dream in which someone steals your book symbolizes being kept in the dark. You feel someone is not telling you something important.

Alternatively, it could mean that someone needs information that only you possess.

61. A dream in which you are stealing a bag

Stealing a bag in your dream is reflective of the responsibilities you carry every day.

Depending on certain properties of the bag and its content, the interpretation changes.

For instance, a ripped bag denotes negativity that you are carrying around on a daily basis. A bag of gold represents a preoccupation with baseless apprehensions.

There is an underlying unpleasantness in dreams of this type. This dream may serve as a wake-up call for you to work on your emotional baggage, maybe with the help of a professional.

62. Catching a thief in your dream

This dream is suggestive of confronting your rivals in waking life, be it a personal or professional nemesis.

Through this dream, you will muster the courage and feel encouraged to face them. Additionally, you will learn to resist life’s temptations, which you know will harm you if you succumb.

63. Dream in which your bicycle is stolen

Dreaming of someone stealing your bicycle represents a romantic desire that goes against your morals. For instance, you may develop feelings for a married person.

Tread carefully before you hurt someone you love, consequently hurting yourself. 

Psychological Meaning of Dream about Stealing

A psychological perspective of dreams about stealing may indicate a sense of uncontrollability, helplessness, and confusion. You may be experiencing loss or a personal crisis.

When you are interpreting your dream from a psychological perspective, you need to consider your personal life. Specifically, assess your feelings surrounding stealing in waking life.

Stealing can range from tangible things to intangible ones, such as affection, care, attention, and the like. So, you need to go further into the meaning than looking at it superficially.

Psychologically, this dream represents one of many things. Firstly, it signifies a lack of control over your life causing distress. Next, it may represent a loss in general and you are grieving its absence.

Additionally, you are possibly undergoing a crisis of some sort, be it one of identity or existence. You are struggling to find your place in society, and to a large extent, even life.

Dreams about stealing have underlying connotations related to unfulfillment, vulnerability, and unrealized wishes. Moreover, this dream represents helplessness and confusion regarding something happening in your daily life.

The outcome of the interpretation almost always stresses the need to act to change your status quo.

Spiritual Interpretation of Dream about Stealing

Spiritually, a dream about stealing represents spiritual deprivation. It revolves around inappropriate usage of energy.

This dream also represents unfulfilled goals and hidden desires. Moreover, it signifies deprivation in your life in some way or the other. This sense of lack cultivates a sense of neediness.

Additionally, you may have set unrealistic standards for yourself. These goals may be personal or professional.

Biblical Meaning of Dream about Stealing

Biblically, it is a sin to steal and a dream about stealing is a bad omen. You are persuaded by the devil to acquire something precious. Moreover, it represents a loss of things important to you.

Suppose you are the victim of a theft in your dream. It is a sign urging you to examine yourself and your relationship with God. You feel deprived in your waking life.

If you are the person committing the act, it means that you feel disgraced and discredited by the victim.

Getting caught while stealing in your dream indicates a spiritual assault. The said attack is spilling over and affecting various facets of your life.

Here is a video with a detailed biblical explanation for dreams about stealing. This video also outlines prayer points you can incorporate into your religious routine.

How Different Cultures Interpret Dreams about Stealing

Dream symbolism takes on different guises in different cultures. Below is a list of some of the interpretations by various ethnic communities.

1. Chinese

As per the Chinese tradition, dreaming of stealing represents gain. This benefit may be in terms of affection, status, fame, or love.

If someone else is thieving you, it does not symbolize a loss of the stolen thing. Rather, it stands for your fear of losing love and reputation or having these things stolen from you.

2. Hindu

According to Hinduism, stealing money represents potential harm that may occur to you.

3. Islam

The Islamic interpretation of dreams about stealing money reveals the actual amount of luck you possess. The positive events unraveling in your life are transient owing to temporary good luck.

If you are stealing in your dream, it shows that you are likely to lie or commit adultery.

If you dream of a robbery, it means that the person stealing in the dream harbors ill feelings toward the victim. It also represents betrayal.

Parting Thoughts from ThePleasantDream

By now, you would have realized that interpretations of dreams about stealing are multidimensional. Various factors are considered before any inference is made.

Stealing dreams might indicate unrealized wishes, feeling exploited, discontentment, deprivation, among others. On the other hand, such dreams can reflect success, safety, and growth.

Next time you have a dream that is frightening, immoral and makes you doubt yourself, please take a minute. Pause. Now you know that dreams are capricious—they are not always the way they seem. Take a deep breath and carry on with your day!