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Did you wake up to a Dream Boobs? Find out what it means [60+ Types]

Did you wake up to a Dream Boobs? Find out what it means [60+ Types]

Updated on Dec 05, 2022 | Published on Sep 05, 2021

Reviewed by Dr. Nereida Gonzalez-Berrios, MD , Certified Psychiatrist

Did You Wake up to a Dream Boobs Find out what it means [60+ Types]

Have you seen dream boobs? Well, seeing breasts in a dream is a common phenomenon.

Since the time Sigmund Freud has researched dreams, there has been a lot of study happening in this sector. Dreams represent our inner desires and emotions. Through the studies, it is good to say that the breasts represent motherhood and nurturing nature.

However, the dream interpretation varied from person to person. It depends on whether the dreamer is a man or woman, your recent experiences in life, etc. There are many other factors that are taken into consideration while interpreting a dream.

Did You Wake up to a Dream Boobs Find out what it means [60+ Types]
Did You Wake up to a Dream Boobs Find out what it means [60+ Types]

Dream boobs – 4 General Interpretations

Dream about boobs represents motherhood and nourishment. Other than that it also implies your desire for intimacy in real life.

Dream interpretation is different for every dream. You cannot expect every dream to mean the same for everyone. While the concept of the dream can be the same, there are many details that have to be looked into, to analyze the appropriate meaning of your dream.

If we try to look generally, the following are the general interpretations about dream boobs.

1. Motherhood and Nourishment

As a dream symbol of motherhood and nourishment, breasts express the desire to extend their support to others or ask for help from somebody.

The Welsh Folklore says that breasts denote nourishment for forever. On the other hand, Greek mythology indicates that a bare breast is connected to rebirth.

Additionally, how a breast is portrayed in a dream is also important. If you see it as a connection between the mother and the child, it reflects your own characteristics.

2. Desire for intimacy

The breasts may denote a desire for intimacy. If you dream about bare breasts, it may feel like your private issues are put out in the open for everybody to see.

There might be a chance that you want to keep certain secrets to yourself or you don’t want a particular person to know about your personal matters.

Dreaming of breasts is also a sign that you want to improvise your life and explore newer things.

3. Hardships in the near future

Another possible meaning of seeing someone’s naked breasts or your own naked breasts in a dream can be that you are about to fail in something.

There are chances that you will face trouble in the near future. There’s a desire within you to obtain more nourishment and pampering. You want somebody to take care of you.

When a woman dreams about naked breasts, it is an indication that she is tensed about her femininity and choice of motherhood.

4. Running away from responsibilities

When you dream about breasts, it can also signify that you don’t want to take any responsibility in your life. You want to escape from the baggage on your shoulders and hand it to someone else.

If you see nipples on the breasts, it denotes your innate desire of getting back to your childhood days. While having such a dream, you might be coming across feelings like you are extremely dependent on others in your real life.

Now that you know the general interpretations, let’s move ahead to types!

62 Types of Dream of Breasts & their Meanings

As we discussed before, it is not the dream but the details of the dream that give you the exact meaning.

After thorough research, we have listed the most common dreams about breasts. Here, we have compiled them all and have given their interpretations considering all the minute details.

1. Dream about sucking woman nipple

The dream about sucking a woman’s nipple can be associated with good luck for you. This dream is a sign that you will achieve success in all your big projects. You are about to gain huge profit in your ongoing business and all your problems will finally come to an end.

If you are having some issues related to your property or your money is blocked anywhere, you’ll soon be able to gain control over it too.

2. Dream about touching female breast

When you dream about touching a female breast, it is a sign that you’ll check things before you do anything.

Whether you want to start a new business or work on a project, first you’ll make a detailed study to know that you aren’t stepping into something that’s not meant for you.

For more guidance, you’ll also try to discuss your ideas with some expert or experienced person in your field.

3. Dream about licking woman boob

To lick a woman’s boob in your dream is rumored to be a negative indication. This shows that if you grab a new opportunity or start something new in your business, then you might not get the desired results.

You’ll have to struggle a lot to reach your expectations. It can be a difficult period for you but with time, things might change in your favor.

4. Dreams about stroking woman breasts

If you see yourself stroking a woman’s breasts in your dream, this is an indication that you’re a careful person.

You’ll review every situation before taking a big leap. You’ll study the situations and check if you are totally prepared for the next big step. Only if you are well-prepared, you’ll take the risk of moving forward. You don’t like failing whether in business or your personal life.

5. Dream about bare breasts

Dreaming about bare breasts is a sign that you are going to experience some hard times in your life. Things aren’t going to be easy-going for you, even in the near future. You might crave some extra love and nourishment and would want somebody to care for you.

Another meaning that can be deduced is that you do not feel independent. You have to rely on somebody to get your work done.

6. Dream about hurting your breasts

Nobody likes being hurt whether in a dream or in waking life.

But if you experience a dream about having a scar or cut on your breasts or somebody else’s, then it indicates that life is hard for you. Times are difficult and you’re being hurt inside with no escape route.

Even if it’s hurting you, there’s no escape route other than facing the ongoing hardships in your life.

7. Dream about male breast

Dreaming about a male breast may seem funny but such dreams do occur and fortunately means good fortune!

This dream implies that you are blessed with health and wealth. You are going to earn ample money at work but you are also jealous of somebody.

The dream dictionaries say that if these male breasts seem hairy, then your future has joy and happy family life in store for you.

8. Dream about breast cancer

If you are a woman and see yourself suffering from breast cancer in a dream, then this dream is linked to your feminine characteristics.

You must focus on how you mingle with others in your waking life. You might possess some flaws that are acting as interference in all your endeavors. Work on these flaws and pay closer attention to the minute details.

Often, dreams about breast cancer also signify earning a lot of money in lieu of luck.

9. Dream about left breast

Carl Jung says that dreams about breasts are a symbol of healing and our bonding with others. When you dream about your left breast, you look into your own life challenges and healing forces.

Even if you see your own or someone else’s left boob, you’ll be able to associate it with the universal archetypes and your inner force. It is a reflection of your inner self and paints your own picture in front of you.

10. Dream about right breast

The right breasts are a symbol of mystery. It implies that you have hidden skills and talent within you. It will be great if you can spare some time to explore these hidden potentials and nurture them.

Alternatively, it also suggests the emotions you have held for a long time. The dream asks you to think about what you desire to have in your life. Think about it and keep taking baby steps to accomplish your goals.

11. Dream of breast milk leaking

If you dream of breast milk flowing, then this is a dream about how you treat others. This dream can be taken in a positive or negative manner.

It suggests aspects that are still hidden from others. It talks about the connections we share with others. The dream about breast milk flowing asks you to be more kind towards other people.

If you dream of breastfeeding a baby, then it is associated with your vitality and optimistic approach towards life.

12. Dream of breastfeeding

When you dream of breastfeeding a baby, then you must understand that the dream is asking you to take good care of the important ones in your life. You need to spare some time and be kind towards others.

If you dream of seeing a mother feeding a baby, then it denotes that you are soon going to have a successful and happy marriage. You’ll be leading a peaceful family life.

13. Dream of multiple breasts or third breast

Dreams regarding multiple breasts or third breasts are a sign that you are still unclear about your life. You are undergoing some fears and aren’t able to nurture others in your life. It can also mean that you aren’t taking good care of yourself.

This dream asks you to pay more attention and understand some aspects of your life in detail. With time, things will eventually fall in place if you try to solve them.

14. Dream of breast bleeding

To see your breast bleeding in your dream can seem scary. This dream represents that you are tired of your life and need a break.

You are exhausted being the nurturer or the parent and want somebody to care for you too. Your heart bleeds constantly being worried about somebody and having no time for yourself.

15. Dream of kissing breast

When you kiss a breast in your dream, it indicates the flow of your sexual desires.

If you have started a new romantic relationship, then you’ll experience the emotions of intimacy. These emotions are reflected in your dreams and make you want to nurture your partner. This is what the dream of kissing a breast is all about.

16. Dream of breasts exposed

Nobody likes exposing their private parts. Even if it’s in a dream, it can leave you traumatized and embarrassed.

It feels like you are exposed in front of everybody and your privacy is invaded. You like to keep certain secrets and when those are brought out, you are going to lose your temper.

When you dream of your breasts getting exposed, it seems like all those hidden secrets since years are now out for the people to judge.

17. Dream of small breasts

Dreams of small breasts indicate that you are about to face hard times in life. This can be financial or personal. You can either go through some monetary loss or suffer from a terrible sickness. There are chances of the loss of a loved one.

The size of the breast has to be taken into consideration before reaching a conclusion. Smaller breasts indicate that there are struggles on your way.

18. Dream of large breasts

Seeing large breasts in dreams signifies that you have a strong feeling for sexual relations. You want somebody to love you like a mother loves her child. You prefer companionship.

Such dreams are a good sign as they bring you a fortune. Whatever venture or project you are about to start is going to prove successful for you. You should feel lucky about such dreams.

19. Dream of hairy breast

Dreams about hairy breasts indicate that your future will be filled with joy and laughter. You are going to lead a healthy life.

If you love your life, this is another good sign for you as the hairy breast dream represents that you are going to live a long life filled with happiness. Keep counting your blessings.

20. Dream of saggy breasts

If you dream about saggy breasts, it is a sign that like the breasts, your life has also wilted. You have missed the opportunity.

This can be related to your business plan or your personal life. Perhaps, you got a chance to nurture a kind soul but you missed that too. So, the dreams about saggy breasts are all about losses.

21. Dream of one breast bigger than another

Now this dream might seem weird but it denotes a sense of security. It shows that you are satisfied with your life. Everything is going well but you still need a break so that you can regenerate your energy.

These dreams are signs of purity and beauty. They indicate that you are working towards the growth and development of your soul. You want to get enlightened.

22. Dream of missing or no breast

When you dream of missing or no breast, it signifies that you feel undesirable. You feel helpless about the ongoing situations in your life.

You are going through internal changes and are ready to adapt to new beliefs. This is going to be a transformation for you. Thus, this dream represents that you must get in touch with your inner soul.

23. Dream of breast lump or breast cancer tumor

Dreaming of a breast lump or breast cancer tumor is a sign that you are surrounded by negativity. It also signifies how you see yourself. It reflects your inner qualities.

This can be because you are running low on confidence. You keep thinking about negative thoughts that lead to your self-destruction. If you are experiencing this, it is advised that you must meditate and not overthink everything.

24. Dream of breast implants or augmentation

To dream of breast implants or augmentation suggests that you are unhappy with yourself. You want to have a more feminine figure or approach. You aren’t satisfied with where you stand in life and your relationships with others and you want to be more kind and are in need of love.

Another meaning also explains to us that if you are a woman having such a dream, then you lack self-confidence.

25. Dream of Breast reduction

When we dream of breast reduction through surgery, it gives a sense that we want to change something. You want to transform the people’s opinion towards you. At present, you are unhappy with how people treat you, and therefore, you are ready to change.

If we consider it in another way, it can also symbolize that you are exhausted being a mother and need a break.       

26. Dream of breast pump

Dreams of breast pumps suggest that you can give extreme love to someone. You have the ability to nurture someone and treat them with affection. For this, maybe, you need to change your current situation.

If you see yourself breastfeeding a baby with a breast pump, then it means that you are ready to welcome the newborn and will shower utmost love on them.

27. Dream of breastfeeding a boy

To see yourself breastfeeding a boy in your dream suggests that you have developed strong willpower and are ready to socialize with people.

You are about to do something that will develop your career. You need to realize some skills that can be helpful to you in your professional life. Or, you are about to become successful and gain respect in your business.

28. Dream of breastfeeding a girl

Breastfeeding a girl in a dream is a lot different from breastfeeding a boy. Breastfeeding a boy might indicate the power and skills in the professional sphere but when you see a girl, it is related to the social changes.

You want to raise the social status in society. You realize the role of females in family, motherhood, as well as society and you want to add to it.

29. Dream of breastfeeding someone else’s child

Dream of breastfeeding someone else’s child can mean betrayal. We often help our friends and family.

Someone who you have helped more than once is about to deceive you. This is why you dream of breastfeeding someone else’s child and not your own child since you have paid attention to somebody’s problems more than yours.

30. Dream of your child being breastfed by another woman

Now, this is not a bad dream. You might wonder why other women get a chance to breastfeed your child.

But this dream signifies that you are soon going to get some help to escape a difficult situation. And this help can be offered by some strangers too. So, the baby is your problem. And another woman is the stranger who is going to solve it all for you.

31. Dream of breastfeeding a kitten

If you are breastfeeding a kitten in your dream, it symbolizes that you are a prejudiced person. You cannot accept things beyond your perception and this can lead to self-deception.

If you continue behaving this way, you are going to face problems in your profession. You must change. If needed, take a break and meditate. Fill your mind with tranquillity.

32. Dream of beautiful breasts

When you see the beautiful breasts of a young woman in the dream, it indicates that your desires are soon going to be fulfilled.

If you see the breasts of a naked woman, then this means that your love will be reciprocated to you and your life will be filled with prosperity.

And if the girl is wearing a bra, this means that you will have someone in your life who is constantly concerned about you.

33. Dream of a beautiful male breast

To see beautiful male breasts is actually a dream of many women. But if you are lucky enough to find them in your dream, then it is about to bring you a fortune.

You can expect your struggles to end soon. The goals that you were working towards are going to be accomplished in no time. Hence, a dream of a beautiful male breast always leaves people excited about their future.

34. Dream of having milk in a man’s chest

Have you ever seen milk coming from a man’s chest? You might say it is impossible. But our dream dictionaries have a meaning attached to it.

The dream books say that when such a dream occurs, the man is blessed with abundant luck. Success is waiting on his doors. And if he feeds children with this milk, it is a sign that the man is about to become a father.

35. Dream of you drinking milk from someone else’s breast

Dream of you drinking milk from someone else’s breast is an indication that your life is empty. It reflects impotence. When such things occur, you must discuss your problems with your near ones. Seek their guidance.

They might probably be able to solve your problem and cheer you up. Until you talk to somebody, you are going to be stuck in the same situation.

36. Dream of someone looking at your breasts

The dream of someone looking at your breasts indicates that you have found your perfect match. For all this time, it can be that you were hanging between different people or were unable to find the perfect partner.

But now, all the confusion will vanish and you will know who you like the most. You are about to make a decision and are ready for a serious relationship. You will be blessed with love.

37. Dream of full and white breast

When you dream of a full and white breast, you must be happy. Your differences with your problem will be solved without arguments and your romantic relationship is ready to take another flight.

You’ll finally get what you had always wanted with your partner and everything will be easy-going. You will progress in life as a couple and as individuals, both.

38. Dream of dirty or withered chest

This dream is a sign that you don’t feel confident about yourself. You are insecure about your relationship and you might feel like there are other women out trying to seek your man’s attention.

This means you feel like you are in a competition. Take this dream as a wake-up call and develop your self-confidence first before getting into a relationship.

39. Dream about being wounded in the breast

Unfortunately, this dream is not a positive sign. It means you are about to face hardships in your life especially if you are a young girl.

Since breasts are a symbol of femininity and sexuality, this dream can also mean that you will face difficulties in your love life. Your partner might not be looking for a long-term relationship. If you are already in a relationship, you will go through a rough phase.

40. Dream about Clutching someone’s breast

Dreaming about clutching someone’s breast denotes that you have a real friend in your life. You go to this person whenever you want to take the burden off your chest and share all their problems with them.

You both need to stick with each other particularly during the low phases. This breast in the dream represents comfort that you provide each other during troublesome times.

41. Dream about old woman breastfeeding

To see an old woman breastfeeding in a dream resembles that you will enjoy the unexpected monetary gain. This profit can be linked to age or seniority.

It is possible that your boss will be happy with your performance and give you a salary hike or you have a perfect plan to invest your money in the right place. Either way, you are going to be blessed with money.

42. Dream about bare breast covered in blood

It pains us while telling you the meaning of this dream. Such a dream denotes that you are going to lose your unborn child. If you are pregnant, some situations will occur that can lead to miscarriage.

Alternatively, you can also hear your doctor discuss that you are infertile and will never be able to conceive. We recommend you get your check-ups done soon.

43. Dream about aching breast

Aching breasts is a sign that your reputation is in danger. You have to undergo threats in your real life. There is somebody who is trying to pull you down the ladder and spoil your public image.

This person is somebody who knows about your weak points and insecurities. Take this as a warning from your subconscious mind to stay away from insincere people and stop telling your secrets to others.

44. Dream about breast in a bra

The dream about the breast in a bra is a reflection that you need to fix certain things in your life.

You are keeping occupied in your real life and haven’t been able to spare much time to look at things happening around you – maybe because you are working out on a problematic situation.

There is something that is holding you back from expressing yourself and you need to fix that.

45. Dream about admiring someone’s breast

This dream has to be taken positively. You will soon achieve your goals and your hard work and determination will pay off.

The breasts in this dream represent the ambitions that you will soon reach. One by one, all your professional goals are going to be achieved in the near future. It’s time for you to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

46. Dream about bouncy breasts

Bouncy breasts dream brings you wealth and prosperity. These dreams are auspicious. If the breast is producing milk, then your house will be blessed with sudden wealth.

Either of the partners can be promoted and get a salary boost. That means you will climb the ladder of your career or you may receive wealth as a gift from inheritance.

47. Dream about firm breasts

Uh oh! This dream might put you in some worry. It implies that you are a spendthrift. This is usually because you don’t know how to balance your finances. You will spend lavishly and then will have to cry for money. This way you end up taking a lot of debt.

There’s a chance that you are surrounded by people who live a luxurious lifestyle and so you also try to maintain the same. But if you keep making expenses in the same manner, you’ll be left with nothing for emergency situations too.

48. Dream about breasts cut off

When we talk about love, such a dream is a bad omen. It signifies that your partner might cheat on you if you do not have enough time to spare for them. It can happen in your current relationship or even your future relationships.

So, you must make your partner a priority. Otherwise, you will be solely responsible for your partner’s infidelity.

49. Dream of breastfeeding (for males)

When males see a dream of breastfeeding, they are filled with luck, especially in the case of wealth. You’ll grab opportunities that will improve your financial statement and increase your earnings.

You can get promoted or start off a business that is responsible for this profit. Breasts denote love so when your earnings have increased, you’ll be able to fulfill the demands of your loved ones.

50. Dream about breasts covered in hair

Dreams about breasts covered in hair imply that you are a person of ethics. You treat everyone with equality and are a strong disbeliever of favoritism.

Whether it is your friend or a total stranger, you greet everyone with the same kindness and respect. This is what you get in return too. You influence many people because of the way you maintain relationships with others.

51. Dream about milk coming out of breast

When you consume ice cream in your dream, it means you are in a passionate relationship but it is still a fling.

Similarly, when you see a man drinking milk from your breast, it denotes the same kind of love. Your relationship will be based on physical relationships and pleasures only.

Both of you will be dependent on each other which will turn out to be destructive in nature.

52. Dream about lover kissing breast

To see your lover kissing your breast in a dream indicates your sexual desires for this person. You are getting attracted to this man and want to establish physical relations with them. It is not necessary that you already need to be in a relationship to get this dream.

Alternatively, it can also mean that you want to be attractive in the eyes of your lover so that they find you sexually tempting.

53. Dream about milk from a breast of an old woman

The dream interpretation of milk from the breast of an old woman says it brings positivity. When a man dreams this, it indicates that his wife will have a safe pregnancy. The child will also be healthy in the first years of life.

However, if you are a woman who had this dream, then this dream blesses you with health. You will recover quickly in the near future from whatever disease occurs to you.

54. Dream about a woman showing her breast

When you see a woman showing her breast in the dream, it signifies that you want to show your talents to the world.

Your subconscious mind knows that your goals are within your reach. There might be some hidden hesitation within you that has stopped you all this while.

But now it is time to regain your self-confidence, take a break, and prove your skills.

55. Dream about breast becoming firm again

The dream about breasts becoming firm again symbolizes that you are going to suffer financial troubles. This is because you spend without a thought and want to live a luxurious life.

You need to start cutting down on your expensive habits like smoking, drinking, a cup of Starbucks daily, or anything that you have. If you don’t do this, you’ll soon be into debt.

56. Dream of breast milk drinking

Dreams of breast milk drinking or feeding breast milk to a baby highlight that something is happening in your life. If you seem uncomfortable while doing this, then this means that you are facing troubles in real life. These troubles are making it difficult to even breathe for you.

Before things take a toll on you, eliminate your troubles and keep your mind calm. Be a fighter and face your problems.

57. Dream of pumping breast milk

When you see a dream of pumping breast milk, it signifies that you are kind and have unconditional love filled in your heart.

Your personality is powerful and you like being in the company of others. Your helpful nature makes others love you. This dream gives you a sense of selflessness. You don’t want to hurt others but always want to see them grow.

58. Dream of showering breast milk

Dream of showering breast milk represents family love. If you’re bathing your baby with breast milk in your dream, this indicates that you want to give optimum love and care to your baby but you don’t have that.

Alternatively, if you see yourself showering with breast milk, then this means that the people around you are trying their best to help you. But it is you who are rigid with your thoughts and that’s why your situations cannot be changed.

59. Dream of dry breast milk

The dream of dry breast milk has contradictory meanings. It means that you can gel easily with people around but you don’t know how to judge who is real and who is not.

You cannot make the judgment of good and bad. You need to analyze your friendships more so that you don’t get deceived later. Don’t trust everything you see.

60. Dream of sour breast milk

This dream reflects the problems in your family. Because of these conflicts, you might end up in a lot of stress and depression.

You need to distract yourself by indulging in different activities. Be aware of your actions. You don’t have to do something that can add to your problems. Speak with caution and make rational arguments.

61. Dream of warm breast milk

Warm breast milk dreams resemble the troubles you are facing in your waking life. They can bring you more anxiety. It need not be a major problem but it will make you feel tired.

At times, in life, we need to relax. We need a break from our problems and thoughts because our mind demands it. Change your routine and engage yourself in more soothing activities.

62. Dreaming of someone touching your breast

This dream is an indication of completion and creativity. You are able to be in charge of your personal life and you love sharing your wisdom with others.

Dreaming about someone touching your breast indicates discipline, honor, and rigidity. This dream is a sign that you are moving towards a new direction in your life. Keep looking ahead.

Biblical meaning of breastfeeding

The breast of a mother has all the nutrients and vitamins essential for the child. So, the biblical meaning of breastfeeding is associated with protection and development.

If you also see a baby in this dream, then this shows that there is an important thing that you need to nurture. It needs your protection.

It goes without saying that you’ll see bare breasts in such dreams. The breast here stands for the growth needed for the child. This dream is a sign that you have an additional responsibility or you have moved a step forward in your relationship.

Biblical meaning of breasts in dreams

Breasts are a part of our bodies and are associated with motherhood and affection in dreams. Dreams reflect our spiritual foundation. You can consider your breast as your mind where you are trying to analyze the bonding with different people around you.

The biblical meaning of Revelation 15:15 says that “Seven angels came out of the temple having their breasts girded with golden girdles”.

This Scripture tries to tell us that your breasts are biblically associated with gifts, blessings, and luck. The naked breasts are associated with something that can offer more protection.

Question to ask to interpret breast dreams correctly

There are many meanings of a dream. It varies from individual to individual. So, it is important to know whether you have interpreted the meaning of your dream correctly. Before reaching a conclusion, ask yourself these questions:

1.      Were those the breasts of a man or a woman?

2.      Were those breasts naked?

3.      Was there blood on the breast?

4.      Was anyone breastfeeding in the dream?

5.      Did you see your breasts or someone else’s?

6.      Was there any problem with the breasts?

7.      Was a breast pump used in the dream?

8.      Are you a man or a woman?

Over to you…

Dreams often leave us puzzled. But we fail to realize that they are a reflection of our own selves.

If we know ourselves better, we can easily interpret our dreams. Yes, they can try to trick us with different dream symbols but they also become a guide when we are about to fall into traps.

Take time out to understand your dreams. Don’t panic if you see something negative in your dream. It doesn’t necessarily mean that something bad is about to happen to you. Instead, try to compare it with your real-life situations… and, if you need any help, refer back to this guide.