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Dream of a Clock Doesn’t Always Signify Time. Here’s What It Really Means

Dream of a Clock Doesn’t Always Signify Time. Here’s What It Really Means

Updated on Jan 17, 2023 | Published on May 23, 2022

Reviewed by Katina Tarver, MA (Mental Health and Wellness Counseling) , Life Coach

Clocks in Dreams – 95 Plots & Their Interpretations

Did you wake up to a dream of a clock? Did you hear the clock ticking or chiming? Was the clock in a poor state? Do you feel the clock hands want to say something? 

Well, clock dreams may hold eerie and fatal messages and still seem innocent. Or, they might show something disturbing and imply nothing harmless. 

Since such dreams always have surprising messages, I advise knowing your dream interpretation before hopping to conclusions.

So, let’s not delay anymore and explore the clocks…

Dream of a Clock – 95 Plots & Their Interpretations
Dream of a Clock – 95 Plots & Their Interpretations

Dream of a Clock – General Interpretations

The clock in your dreams may symbolize new opportunities, and hardships, and suggests controlling your emotions, being patient, or not giving up on impossible or hard tasks.

In reality, the purpose of clocks is to show time, some clocks ring every hour and others work as alarms or reminders.

If you lead a strict life, you might follow every activity by the clock. So clocks might be the best friend of a punctual person and the enemy of the lethargic.

However, does that mean clock dreams bring good news only to the punctual? Let’s figure it all out here…

1. It’s a symbol to grab the opportunities now

You may get clock dreams when you’re losing time in waking life. The opportunities you always desired are here but you don’t notice them. Or, you feel too indecisive to settle for one choice.

Meanwhile, the time flows out of your hand and you might later regret it big time. This dream asks you to be assertive and confident in your choices. If you delay anymore, it’s as good as gone.

This might be a career opportunity, a chance to form a business alliance, or any other chance in professional life.

On the other hand, it might be something in your personal life. Perhaps, your suitor might give up on you if you delay your answer any longer or a loved one might leave you or die and you’ll regret not paying attention to them.

2. You must manage your emotions

None of us are born perfect and we all struggle to reach better in life.

However, sometimes you give in to your impulses and ruin your long struggle. Your clock dream may suggest that you manage your rage or anger issues.

Possibly, you’re aware of your issues and working on them. But someone in your vicinity thinks it’s a joke and will provoke you to burst out. They don’t take your hard work seriously and you’re not concerned about that.

But they try to hit your sore spots on purpose to force a reaction out of you. You try to hold yourself back but you’re slowly losing patience. This dream asks you to stay away from such people.

Alternatively, it might be a sign to maintain distance from disrespectful or opportunistic people.

3. It’s a symbol of bad times

Life doesn’t always roll the same way. Your journey in life is full of ups and downs. You may get clock dreams as a dangerous phase in your life begins. It might happen out of the blue and catch you off guard.

Your dream signals you about the nearing bad situation and prepares you mentally, physically, and financially. The issue might be about a sentimental or financial part of your life.

The dream is a sign to accept reality and make the best out of your situation now. If it’s a family crisis, spend more time with loved ones. If it’s an omen about your professional life, try your best to do well.

4. You must wait and believe in miracles

Another meaning of clock dreams is that it asks you to wait and have faith in yourself. In this world, the greatest miracle in your life is you. Your hard work and infinite effort can help you reach your life’s peak.

Though the current situation looks bleak, know that your efforts aren’t in vain. Every butterfly’s flap can make a tornado.

Every drop of water can quench the thirst. So, stop putting yourself down and believe that your hard work will pay off.

The dream asks you to be hopeful and not focus on the negative consequences. If you immerse in negativity too much, it’ll eventually turn true because you’ll lose your precious time to work on your life.

5. You think something is impossible

Sometimes, life throws disastrous challenges at you and you feel “Whoa, this is the worst that ever happened to me”.

Honestly, most people said something like that more than once. So, each of us faced really bad situations but somehow got over them.

You might have clock dreams when you feel you need more time. Possibly, you have a lot more on your plate than usual and you think it’s next to impossible and you need more time to think about it.

It might be an important life decision like a career path, marriage, and other things. Or, it might be a project or a business alliance formation.

This dream asks you to focus on your responsibilities and take steps towards the endpoint. Don’t ponder on it too much and follow your guts.

Clocks in Dreams – 95 Plots & Their Interpretations

Do you remember what else you saw in your clock dreams? Because every minute detail conveys a small yet significant message.

For instance, if you find a clock, your loved ones will stand beside you during trying times. If you lose a clock, you’ll lose someone precious in waking life.

So, if you remember more details from your dream, let the ticking begin…

1. Dream of seeing a clock

To see or observe the clock in dreams represents worries in waking life.

Possibly, you can’t finish a task or take important life decisions within the set time, while others say that’s adequate. Try your best before giving up.

2. Dream of a clock ringing

Dreams of a ringing clock symbolize that time is running out. You’re in a dilemma with two equally attractive options with similar benefits and challenges. However, if you don’t hurry, you’ll lose both.

3. Dream of a clock not working

To see clocks stop working in dreams depict you’re sad in real life as someone left you, passed away, or moved away.

You love them dearly and can’t move past the sorrow. Seek friends and family or a therapist’s help to move on.

4. Dream of a clock speeding up

Dreams about a clock moving faster imply you’ll make a naïve mistake and astonish others. It’ll be too late to fix your mistakes when you realize them. Learn from your mistakes if you can’t identify them now.

5. Dream of clock hands moving anticlockwise

If the hands on the clock move in the opposite direction in dreams is a sign of dejection and failure. You feel unfulfilled in reality as you didn’t do anything significant and desire challenges in life to feel confident.

6. Dream of fixing a clock

Fixing or repairing a clock wins dreams, signifying you must work harder. You have a long way to go ahead so don’t hurry and build your skills patiently. Patience and hard work are the best combinations to succeed in life.

7. Dream of winding a clock

Winding a clock in dreams is a pleasant sign of a romantic relationship. You’ll forget about your time and responsibilities and feel you knew them for ages and that’s your soulmate.

8. Dream of buying a clock

Buying a clock in dreams portends the news of your loved ones’ success. You’ll feel overjoyed with the news as their joy is yours. It also shows you’re a compassionate person and a great motivator.

9. Dream of a clock ticking

Clock ticking dream interpretations are about misfortune or betrayal from trusting someone. You might meet an unfortunate event and become more alert. You won’t trust others easily after this.

10. Dream of a church clock

The sight of a church clock in dreams depicts your need for comfort. You’ll try to bring back the lost peace through various activities, but you’ll find you can’t do it alone.

11. Dream of a clock on a building or square

Dreams of a big clock outside are symbolic of suspense. In reality, you’re waiting to complete a task or for a guest’s arrival. Calm your nerves as nothing is in your hands. Let the future reveal itself slowly.

12. Dream of setting a clock

Putting batteries in a clock to set it in dreams means you must manage your time better to complete your responsibilities in time. Learn time management from self-help books if you can’t accomplish it alone.

13. Dream of a clock standing upside down

Dreaming about a clock standing upside down refers to your need for enlightenment in conscious hours. You’ll soon change your opinions on life.

14. Dream of a broken clock

Dreams of a broken clock are indicative of sexual dissatisfaction. Conversely, it may imply you’re lethargic and must get back to work.

15. Dream of a cuckoo clock

Cuckoo clock in dreams resembles it’s time to solve and get rid of the old and stubborn problem. Find peace for good once you defeat the challenges with your skills.

16. Dream of a clock hands joint

Joint clock hands in dreams refer to having a secret admirer. You know them and they’re too shy to admit their feelings, so pay attention to find them and do as you please.

17. Dream of ac chiming cuckoo clock at work

If your workplace cuckoo clock chimes in your dream, it denotes you must begin a new project, take on career challenges, or make the long-thought changes. This is your lucky time so make good use of it.

18. Dream of setting a clock for the first time

To set a clock for the first time in dreams expresses you made or must make important life goals.

It might be about visiting a place or prospering in life. You led a stagnant life for too long, so it’s time to move.

19. Dream of observing the insides of a clock

To notice different handiwork or the screw and working parts inside the clock in dreams depicts that you’re physically healthy in reality. It’s the result of your strict routine and nutritious diet.

20. Dream of receiving a clock as a gift

Receiving a clock as a gift in a dream can show you’ll soon be rewarded for your efforts in the workplace or helping others in your personal life.

But don’t feel low if nobody recognizes your efforts now. It’ll eventually happen to be patient.

21. Dream of a clock tower

Dreaming of a clock tower portends that everyone will recognize someone close to you for their efforts. Paying attention around the tower might help you know more.

22. Dreaming of constantly checking a clock

If you constantly check your clock in dreams, you’re anxious about being unprepared or not meeting deadlines in your personal or professional life.

Face the situation bravely because anxiety won’t help you speed up.

23. Dreaming of losing a clock

To lose a clock in dreams predicts ruined relationships in your personal life. You’ll be responsible for it as you neglect them for work and other troubles. Communicate to resolve any misunderstandings while you have time.

24. Dream of a clock face

As per dream books, looking at the clock face but not noticing time reflects that you’ll retreat from the battlefield and let your rivals win.

Before you make any important move, make sure you think deeply… whether you enter or exit the battle.

25. Dream of time on a clock

Depending on the numbers, the dream meaning goes like this:

1: You’ll begin a new journey. If you didn’t hurry in the dream, you’ll succeed

2: You’ll be in the limelight. Feeling positive in a dream implies you’ll receive praise and negative feelings denote bad rumors

3: Danger is lurking around

4: Breakup or forget the person that hurt you

5: Take care of yourself first

6: Good opportunities are waiting

7: You’ll feel envious

8: You’ll soon succeed in professional life

9: A sign to start working

26. Dream of a clock without a dial

The sight of a clock without its dial is a sign of upcoming danger in your waking life, so be careful and alert.

Don’t panic about the news as it’ll worsen your situation. Just in case, save money wisely because money helps deal with many life troubles.

27. Dream of an inaccurate clock

Seeing an inaccurate clock in dreams indicates results or the chances of gains from your decisions will be unsteady.

Perhaps, you didn’t notice a loophole in your path. Make backup plans so you don’t fail miserably.

28. Dream of a carelessly broken clock

Accidentally breaking a clock in dreams signifies you must take insurance for your new undertakings in reality because you may incur some losses.

29. Dream of a broken clock glass

Dreaming of a clock with broken glass warns against being frivolous in life. Practice self-control in waking life even if anyone provokes you.

30. Dream of stealing a clock

Dreaming of you stealing a clock shows your reputation is at stake due to your enemies’ conspiracies, so calm your nerves when they provoke you.

31. Clock dream meaning for women

If you’re a woman, dreaming of a clock implies you must reassess your past decisions. If you find something wrong, fix the issues for a better life.

32. Dream of skull inside a clock

To find a skull inside the clock in your dreams is a sign to wait in your tracks, look back at the past, and assess your positive and negative actions. Identify what you must do to be productive to society.

33. Dream of buying a wall clock

Dreaming of buying a wall clock suggests planning beforehand for your life goals. Work accordingly to achieve them faster.

34. Dream of receiving a wall clock

To receive a wall clock in dreams as a gift symbolizes an experienced and talented person who will guide you in work and you’ll benefit spiritually and financially.

35. Dream of seeing a large wall clock

Dreams about a large wall clock are a sign of progress at a good pace. Even if something bad happens in your life, eventually it’ll lead to something good.

So don’t let any crisis misguide you. Maintain a positive outlook and work hard to reach your goals.

36. Dream of seeing a white wall clock

Dreams about a white wall clock imply it’s a serious phase in your life. Make the right decisions about your career or marriage.

The white color is also a sign of purity and positivity. So something good will happen if you take the decision seriously.

37. Dreaming of dropping a clock

To drop a clock in dreams means missing great opportunities in conscious hours. You might regret it if you don’t use your time wisely while you still have it.

Your indecisiveness might later lead to a disastrous situation like someone else snatching your opportunities or never getting such offers again.

38. Dreaming of clock suddenly stopping

Dream about a clock abruptly stopping is a warning about a progress block in professional or personal life.

The dream asks you to not give up, even if you feel hopeless. Only if you try harder and stay persistent, you’ll change your fate.

39. Dream of an antique clock

Dreams of an antique clock show you’re reassessing your life decisions to find where you went wrong to fix your current issues. Since you’re aware that you have the answer, this will be easier. Keep searching for the solution.

40. Dream of a clock without face

Dreams of a faceless clock predict an unfortunate event in your real life. You’ll learn an important lesson from it.

Avoid negative people to avoid trouble. Probably you trust others blindly and with a bad incident, you’ll learn that you can’t trust everyone.

41. Dream of a floor clock

Dreams about a floor clock suggest communicating about sexual interests in your relationship. You assume your partner is reserved, but you’ll find more after communicating.

Perhaps your partner is waiting for you to make the first move and think you’ll be uncomfortable with their wild side.

42. Dream of a perfect clock

Dreams about a perfectly functional clock symbolize your robust work ethic and being in control of your life. You value time and make every moment count.

You are a loyal employee and your workplace must value you. However, make sure you don’t overlook your personal life for work.

43. Dream of a loud sound from clock tower

A loud sound from the clock tower is a reflection of life-changing occurrences. This incident will have a large-scale impact globally.

So, the situation may not happen in your life or immediate surroundings. However, it will impact a chunk of people.

44. Dream of counting clock bells

Dreaming of counting clock bells before afternoon portends good luck and positivity. While counting in the afternoon signals the upcoming challenges in life.

45. Dream of a single strike from clock

Hearing one strike of a clock in dreams signals you’ll fall sick, your health will deteriorate too fast, or you may pass away soon.

If you’re not terminally sick or bed-ridden, you have the power to prevent the prediction from coming true. Be more compassionate towards yourself.

46. Dream of a clock sound from afar

Hearing the clock sound from afar in dreams is a symbolism of good luck for engagement, marriage, happy family, childbirth, or a cheerful guest.

The future might make your wish come true, only if you stay true to yourself and your goals.

47. Dream of a tower clock falling

Dreaming of the tower clock falling and breaking infers your health will decline abruptly from an accident, shock, or disease due to someone else’s fault. Stay careful on the roads and prioritize your mental health too.

48. Dream of a new clock

Dreaming of a new clock is an auspicious sign about new opportunities, and encounters, and hope to win and reach your goals on time or sooner.

You feel optimistic about your life and that’ll drive you to reach for the stars.

49. Dream of working according to clock

Dreaming of being punctual with work shows your hatred towards routine monotonous tasks.  Or, someone controls your life decisions.

Be more assertive to break free from this controlling life situation or person. Do what’s needed because brooding won’t help the situation.

50. Dream of a house clock chiming

A chiming house clock in dreams foretells a life-changing event that will impact even your extended family. It might be a wedding or someone’s death.

51. Dream of a clock showing midnight

Dreaming of looking at the clock at midnight signifies that you’ll fail in your endeavors or feel disappointed.

You might not get married, promoted, or buy your dream car or house. However, it’s not a permanent loss, so try once again and you might succeed.

52. Dream of stopping a clock hand

Dreams about trying to stop the clock hands point at your strong sense of mortality. As you grow old, you feel nostalgic and miss the old times.

It’s probably due to midlife crises when you don’t feel desired and loved or you frequently get sick.

53. Dream of a spider in a clock

To see a spider inside a clock in dreams reveals you blame others for your misfortune. You never own your responsibilities and try to make yourself feel better this way.

54. Dream of a sand clock

To see a sand clock or hourglass in dreams indicates you’ll soon lose someone close to you. At most, it might even be their death.

If you flipped the hourglass in the dream, then you’re responsible for this abrupt separation.

55. Dream of a clock as a sundial

Dreaming of a sundial clock warns you of failure in your business or profession. Possibly, you aim too high at once and the fall will crash your spirits. Learn from your mistakes instead of brooding over them.

56. Dream of an expensive clock

An expensive clock in dreams with lots of craftsmanship shows you’ll soon enter a stable marriage alliance.

You’ll feel emotionally and financially stable and satisfied for both partners. If you’re married it signifies making your marriage stable.

57. Dream of a clock with pendulum

Dreaming of a clock with a pendulum is symbolic of your heartbeat, pulse, or breathing. If the pendulum moves fast, you’re agitated in reality.

If it moves slowly, you’re emotionally satisfied and stable. You’re mentally at peace.

58. Dream of deceased mother showing time on a clock

If a deceased parent shows you the clock in dreams, it represents you don’t have control over your life.

You can’t cope with your personal or professional responsibilities. You need backup, in reality, so seek others’ help.

59. Dream of a punching a clock

The vision of punching a clock in dreams portends you’ll become a corporate slave. You’ll always be on duty and running errands or working. They’ll take advantage of your goodwill.

60. Dream of a digital or electric clock

Dreaming about a digital clock resembles you living in the moment. You don’t dwell in the past which is great. But you don’t think much about your future which might impact you.

61. Dream of a grandfather clock

Dreams about a grandfather clock symbolize you following old-style, ethics, or rules. You can’t adapt to modern habits even when yours are outdated. It’s a message to get going and stay updated.

62. Dream of an alarm clock going off late or didn’t go off

An alarm clock going off late or not going off at all in a dream represents your suppressed fears that you can’t wrap up your responsibilities and tasks on time.

You fear you don’t have enough time to reach your goals.

63. Dream of sleeping through the alarm of a clock

Dreaming of sleeping through the alarm of a clock signifies you’re scared of losing important opportunities. Something similar happened in the past and your subconscious mind is always alert after that.

64. Dream of selling alarm clocks

To sell alarm clocks in your dream, predict that your family members and relatives will seek your advice and opinion during tough situations.

65. Dream of buying an alarm clock

Buying an alarm clock in your dream represents you’ll soon gain recognition in your workplace. You might get a promotion, bonus, or salary raise.

66. Dream of a ringing alarm clock

To see a ringing alarm clock in a dream implies you’ll partake in a social gathering or organization with people of higher status. You might get support from a few of them if you bond with them.

67. Dream of winding an alarm clock

Dreaming of winding an alarm clock before bed shows you’ll soon receive a precious career opportunity like a promotion or an offer of a better job in another company.

68. Dream of breaking an alarm clock

To break an alarm clock in your dream implies you’ll help a family member or relative to get a job or advise them about the difficulty in their job.

69. Dream of a ringing alarm clock not stopping

Dreaming of an alarm clock continuously ringing and not stopping resembles your dedication to work hard in your career forever and reach a respectable position and gain others’ good wishes in waking life.

70. Dream of a red clock

Dreams of a red clock imply your time started ticking in conscious life. Start working on your project without any hesitation as every minute counts.

71. Dream of an electric clock

Dreams about electric clocks show you’re living in the past. It might be a nostalgic and positive feeling. Or, you can’t move one from a past situation or a lost person.

72. Dream of a black clock

A black clock in your dreams symbolizes that you’re ignorant of reality. You feel jealous of others instead of working on your relationship.

Show your partner that you appreciate them instead of being suspicious of them.

73. Dream of a clock without hands

Dreaming of a clock without hands shows you blindly put your fate in another’s hand. Be more aware and responsible for yourself. You refuse to accept the truth which may attract more trouble.

74. Dreaming of finding a clock

Dreams of finding a clock imply you’ll receive support from dear ones during the darkest hours. They’ll help you find a solution to your issues.

75. Dreaming of intentionally breaking a clock

To intentionally break a clock in dreams denotes that a loved and trusted one will disappoint you. You wish to forgive them but can’t for now. You may forgive them later but never forget their offense.

76. Dreaming of a gold clock

Dreams of a gold clock are a harbinger of upcoming wealth and luck in your waking life. You might soon progress in your career, your business will prosper, or you’ll find your soulmate

77. Dreaming of a silver clock

Dreams of a silver clock imply you’ll soon achieve wealth after fighting a lot. You’ll succeed but it won’t come easy, rather you’ll face many issues and need a lot of dedication.

78. Dreaming of clock with precious stones

Dreams about a clock studded with diamonds or other expensive stones are a reflection of short-lived luxury.

You may win a lottery to lead a much more luxurious life than celebrities for a day. However, you’ll wish it never ends.

79. Dreaming of having a collection of clock

Dreams about owning a collection of clocks are a metaphor for having overwhelming responsibilities in reality.

You might be too busy with your work or caring for others. You barely have time for yourself. This dream warns against neglecting yourself.

80. Dreaming of selling stolen clocks

Dreams about selling stolen clocks suggest not involving in risky or unethical deals even if you get good money.

You can’t stand the stress and are prone to mistakes. If you still do it, you might be deeply troubled.

81. Dreaming of buying a stolen clock

Dreaming of buying a stolen clock in dreams stands for being more careful in conscious life in business and friendship.

Someone holds bad intentions towards you, so better be alert than sorry. This person already made a special space in your heart and you feel they’re a good ally.

82. Dreaming of a lost clock

Dreaming about your lost clock implies you’re wasting your precious time. It’s an ominous premonition about separation in a relationship. You don’t appreciate your loved ones and you’ll know their value when they’re gone.

83. Dream of giving your clock gift to another

Dreaming of gifting someone the clock that you received as a gift signifies you’ll insult someone close without any reason.

However, you’ll only later understand what you did and worry about it. The dream asks you to be mindful when you communicate with others to reduce the risk of such mishaps.

84. Dream of a collectible clock

To see a collectible clock with a specific theme from your childhood in dreams defines your desire to return to the simpler times. You desire to escape the growth you currently experience through hardships.

Alternatively, it means you’re hung up on past issues and trauma and must grow up.

85. Dream of someone else’s clock

To notice an acquaintance or someone close’s clock in a dream implies you feel burdened and are not in control of your life or time.

If there are too many tasks at hand, tackle them once at a time. If you don’t have much time, seek someone’s help.

86. Dream of a blue clock    

Dreaming of a blue clock implies you’re leading a frugal life due to some circumstances. You got confidence issues because of it.

However, this dream asks you to be happy and content with it to succeed in your upcoming endeavors.

87. Dream of a green clock

Dreaming of a green clock is suggestive of the fact that you’ll receive recognition and climb up the ladders in your professional or social life.

You’ll feel content about your fortunate gains. However, you neglected your family for a long time, so spend time with them.

88. Dream of a pink clock

The dream meaning of the pink clock is that you doubt and underestimate your abilities frequently.

The dream is a message to change your personality and stop being so pessimistic. Only you can change your perspective and make your world prettier.

89. Dream of a yellow clock

A yellow clock in a dream hints at your love for attention. You’re outstanding and naturally draw everyone’s attention, so others gossip about you.

However, you’re strong and determined to lead life your way through any challenges.

90. Dream of burning a clock

Dreams about burning a clock point at your exclusive strengths that help you defeat all obstacles in waking life.

You possess good self-control and can suppress your emotions during tough times. You also know how to release bottled-up emotions.

91. Dream of being a clock

If you were a clock yourself in the dream, it’s a harbinger of your desires to be carefree, spontaneous, and wild. You’re in high spirits in conscious life or you feel restricted and desire what independence may bring to you.

92. Dream of shopping for a clock for someone else

Dreaming of shopping for a clock for someone else shows you have an unhealthy relationship in some area of your life. It made you suspect everyone’s intentions.

The dream asks you to be hopeful and have faith in humankind. Everyone won’t hurt you the same way, so trust a person carefully. Prepare yourself to deal with the real world.

93. Dream of a clock and butterfly

To dream about a clock and see a real butterfly or an engraved one suggests uncovering a family secret. Soon after you’ll know that someone needs your help.

Confront the difficulties and reach out to that person because only you can do it.

94. Dream of building a clock

Dreaming of building a clock shows that you usually adjust to all situations. However, someone got on your nerves.

This message is to control your temper. Remember how far you came in life and it’s not the time to ruin it.

95. Dream of searching for a clock

Dreams of searching for a clock imply you need more compassion and empathy to handle a person or situation in your conscious life.

You must change your approach in life and acknowledge the wonders of showing care and concern.

Spiritual meaning of clock in a dream

From the spiritual viewpoint, clocks in your dreams refer to something in your life. Some spiritual meanings are:

  • An old or antique clock refers to the past
  • A new watch depicts your loved ones will help you
  • A rare clock implies you’ll be rich
  • A collectible theme clock symbolizes you’re losing time
  • A clock with sentimental value shows others will seek you for advice
  • A broken clock suggests you’ll begin a romantic relationship

Biblical meaning of clock in a dream

Biblically, clock dreams might be bad predictions if the clock was not in the best condition or you felt something ominous in the dreams. It might be good news if the clock worked well and you felt positive.

As per the Bible, clock dreams are usually warnings if any of its parts are broken, need replacement, or are in bad shape. It’s also a negative implication if you can’t wake to your alarm clock in dreams.

Your feelings of worry and anxiety in your clock dreams are also bad premonitions. The bad news may be about any area of your life.

If you’re work-oriented, your family might be dissatisfied or you might lose a project. If you love caring for your family, your health might suffer. Or, your family might still judge you despite serving them 24/7.

However, if you felt positive in the dream or the clock was in great shape, it might bring you good news.

Questions to interpret your clock dreams correctly

By any chance, have you not found your interpretation yet? Is it because there are too many details to fit in one dream type? Then separate each detail and join the meaning after finding individual dream interpretations. 

However, if you don’t remember them at all, don’t worry. Unless you have lucid dreams, you can’t remember much of dreams, but again lucid dreaming is super rare. So, let me share a penny for your subconscious thoughts with these questions…

1. What type of clock did you see? An alarm clock, wall clock, sand clock, or something else?

2. What was the color of the clock?

3. Was the clock made of precious jewels and metals?

4. Was the clock working normally, stopped working, or ticked faster?

5. Who was the owner of the clock? Where was the clock placed?

6. What were you doing to or with the clock?

7. Did the clock make any sounds?

8. Was the clock dial, hands, glass, and other parts in good condition?

9. Did you see any living being or its image on the clock like a cuckoo, butterfly, or spider in the dream?

10. Did you notice the time on the clock?

A word from ThePleasantDream

If your dream interpretation is negative, let me share a small secret. You can either resist the negative happening or can’t do anything at all. 

An issue might be stubborn, but not impossible to resolve. Try your best before giving up in any situation. Human beings tend to give up easily which defeats them far before the real loss.

So, be more generous towards yourself and indulge in optimistic thoughts. Don’t burden yourself with imaginary pessimistic situations.

Cool yourself and think deeply and when that doesn’t suffice seek a wise acquaintance or mentor. The answer to your questions might be waiting just around the corner. Perhaps someone else’s perspective can show you where it’s hidden.

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