Dream of a clock may symbolize new opportunities, and hardships, and suggests controlling your emotions, being patient, or not giving up on impossible or hard tasks.

Dream of a Clock – Various Plots & Their Interpretations
Dream of a Clock – Various Plots & Their Interpretations

What Does the Dream of Clocks Mean?

In reality, the purpose of clocks is to show time, some clocks ring every hour and others work as alarms or reminders.

If you lead a strict life, you might follow every activity by the clock. So clocks might be the best friend of a punctual person and the enemy of the lethargic.

However, does that mean clock dreams bring good news only to the punctual? Let’s figure it all out here…

1. It’s a symbol to grab the opportunities now

2. You must manage your emotions

3. Bad times are knocking

4. You must wait and believe in miracles

5. You think something is impossible

Clocks in Dreams – Various Types & Their Interpretations

Do you remember what else you saw in your clock dreams? Because every minute detail conveys a small yet significant message.

For instance, if you find a clock, your loved ones will stand beside you during trying times. If you lose a clock, you’ll lose someone precious in waking life.

So, if you remember more details from your dream, let the ticking begin…

Seeing a clock

To see or observe the clock in dreams represents worries in waking life.

Possibly, you can’t finish a task or take important life decisions within the set time, while others say that’s adequate. Try your best before giving up.

Clock ringing

This symbolize that time is running out. You’re in a dilemma with two equally attractive options with similar benefits and challenges. However, if you don’t hurry, you’ll lose both.

Clock not working

It depicts that you’re sad in real life as someone left you, passed away, or moved away. You love them dearly and can’t move past the sorrow.

Seek friends and family or a therapist’s help to move on.

Fixing a clock

Fixing or repairing a clock wins dreams, signifying you must work harder. You have a long way to go ahead so don’t hurry and build your skills patiently.

Patience and hard work are the best combinations to succeed in life.

Buying a clock

This dream represents the news of your loved ones’ success. You’ll feel overjoyed with the news. It also shows you’re a compassionate person and a great motivator.

Clock ticking

This dream symbolizes misfortune or betrayal from trusting someone. You might meet an unfortunate event and become more alert. You won’t trust others easily after this.

Church clock

The sight of a church clock in dreams depicts your need for comfort. You’ll try to bring back the lost peace through various activities, but you’ll find you can’t do it alone.

Clock standing upside down

This dream refers to your need for enlightenment in conscious hours. You’ll soon change your opinions on life.

Broken clock

Dreams of a broken clock are indicative of sexual dissatisfaction. Conversely, it may imply you’re lethargic and must get back to work.

Receiving a clock as a gift

This dream shows that you’ll soon be rewarded for your efforts in the workplace or helping others in your personal life.

But don’t feel low if nobody recognizes your efforts now. It’ll eventually happen to be patient.

Losing a clock

This dream predicts ruined relationships in your personal life. You’ll be responsible for it as you neglect them for work and other troubles. Communicate to resolve any misunderstandings while you have time.

Stealing a clock

Dreaming of you stealing a clock shows your reputation is at stake due to your enemies’ conspiracies, so calm your nerves when they provoke you.

Dropping a clock

This dream means you’re missing great opportunities in conscious hours. You might regret it if you don’t use your time wisely while you still have it.

Your indecisiveness might later lead to a disastrous situation like someone else snatching your opportunities or never getting such offers again.

Clock suddenly stopping

Dream about a clock abruptly stopping is a warning about a progress block in professional or personal life.

The dream asks you to not give up, even if you feel hopeless. Only if you try harder and stay persistent, you’ll change your fate.

Dreams of Different Types of Clocks & their Meanings

Gold clock: This dream is a harbinger of upcoming wealth and luck in your waking life. You might soon progress in your career, your business will prosper, or you’ll find your soulmate

Blue clock: This dream imply that you’re leading a frugal life due to some circumstances.

Green clock: This is suggestive of the fact that you’ll receive recognition and climb up the ladders in your professional or social life.

Pink clock: This dream says that you doubt and underestimate your abilities frequently. It is a message to change your personality and stop being so pessimistic. 

Yellow clock: This dream hints at your love for attention. You’re outstanding and naturally draw everyone’s attention, so others gossip about you.

Antique clock: Dreams of an antique clock show you’re reassessing your life decisions to find where you went wrong to fix your current issues.

New clock: This dream is an auspicious sign about new opportunities, and encounters, and hope to win and reach your goals on time or sooner.

Red clock: This dream imply your good time has started ticking in conscious life. Start working on your project without any hesitation as every minute counts.

Black clock: This dream symbolizes that you’re ignorant of reality. You feel jealous of others instead of working on your relationship.

Other Dreams of Clocks & their Interpretations

Expensive clock

An expensive clock in dreams with lots of craftsmanship shows you’ll soon enter a stable marriage alliance.

You’ll feel emotionally and financially stable and satisfied for both partners. If you’re married it signifies making your marriage stable.

Clock with pendulum

This dream is symbolic of your heartbeat, pulse, or breathing. If the pendulum moves fast, you’re agitated in reality. If it moves slowly, you’re emotionally satisfied and stable.

Digital or electric clock

This dream resembles you living in the moment. You don’t dwell in the past which is great. But you don’t think much about your future which might impact you.

Finding a clock

This dream imply that you’ll receive support from dear ones during the darkest hours. They’ll help you find a solution to your issues.

Burning a clock

This points at your exclusive strengths that help you defeat all obstacles in waking life.

You possess good self-control and can suppress your emotions during tough times. You also know how to release bottled-up emotions.

Searching for a clock

Dreams of searching for a clock imply you need more compassion and empathy to handle a person or situation in your conscious life.

You must change your approach in life and acknowledge the wonders of showing care and concern.

Spiritual Meaning of Clock in a Dream

From the spiritual viewpoint, clocks in your dreams refer to something in your life. Some spiritual meanings are:

  • An old or antique clock refers to the past
  • A new watch depicts your loved ones will help you
  • A rare clock implies you’ll be rich
  • A collectible theme clock symbolizes you’re losing time
  • A clock with sentimental value shows others will seek you for advice
  • A broken clock suggests you’ll begin a romantic relationship

A word from ThePleasantDream

A clock may feel like a normal daily object – but imagine one day without it and you’ll know how important it is in your life. 

Similarly, dreams about clocks are equally important and you must take the message that it carries along seriously.

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