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Did You Wake Up to A Dream of Brushing Teeth? Here’s What It Means!

Did You Wake Up to A Dream of Brushing Teeth? Here’s What It Means!

Updated on Jan 13, 2023 | Published on Nov 04, 2021

Reviewed by Katina Tarver, MA (Mental Health and Wellness Counseling) , Life Coach

40+ Dreams of Brushing Teeth - Meaning & Their Interpretations

Did you wake up to a dream of brushing teeth? Have you been feeling restless due to these dreams?

If you want to find the correct interpretations of brushing teeth dreams then, my friend, you are at the right place. In this think-piece, we’ll discuss all the possible interpretations of your dreams about brushing teeth!

Usually, dreams about brushing your teeth are a sign of good luck. Sometimes, they also symbolize confidence, energy, strength, power, or even conflict.

But you can never be sure. So, let me first list out some general interpretations of brushing teeth dream meanings.

40+ Dreams of Brushing Teeth - Meaning & Their Interpretations
40+ Dreams of Brushing Teeth – Meaning & Their Interpretations

Brushing Teeth dream meaning – 5 General Interpretations

Dream of brushing teeth can point towards your resilient nature or your recent visit to a dentist. It may also be indicative of love and good health.

You must be excited to know the meaning of your dream. Don’t worry, the absurd feeling will vanish as soon as you identify the interpretation of your recurring dreams.

Well, your dreams of brushing teeth can be a symbolism of your vital energy where your mouth is a representation of the ways you communicate and express yourself!

It can be related to a dentist’s appointment in your real life, or it might even define your luck in receiving love. These dreams can symbolize your future health conditions too.

Moreover, your dreams of brushing teeth can also signify the need for attention to yourself and your behavior.

So, let’s dig in and study a few in detail.

1. You need to be resilient

Teeth brushing can simply be suggestive of the fact that you must follow your heart. Your heart might be signaling you to do something, but you are ignoring it.

Hey, give yourself a chance!

Your dream might be indicating you to take a leap of faith!

On the other hand, it can also symbolize that you are stressing about some hardships in your life. Your dream is possibly an indication of being more attentive to yourself and your surroundings!

Here, resilience is the key. You must learn to move on from your hardships, concentrate on yourself, and reach your desired goals

Your dreams are conveying that brooding over inconveniences is not a choice!

2. You need to learn to be attentive

Brushing your teeth represents oral hygiene and your concern for your physical appearance.

The dream can also be a symbolism of your valued self-esteem. If you are comparing your worth with others in your surroundings, you might be experiencing these kinds of dreams.

You are letting go of your dreams and aspirations by following in others’ footsteps. This might result in receiving some sort of acceptance for now, but STOP!

Later on, you will regret not giving yourself enough priority. Do not let social standards blind you, instead be attentive to your inner self.

3. You have visited a dentist recently

Were you suffering from toothache in the last few days? Are you possibly worried about your oral hygiene?

It is also possible that you were planning to visit your dentist.

Your dream of brushing teeth is directly related to your worries about your teeth falling off. You are subconsciously feeling guilty about not taking enough care of your teeth.

If this is the case, you better fix yourself an appointment before it’s too late. You don’t want to lose your smile!

Also, be truthful about your regular habits to the dentist. Otherwise, it will only get worse!

4. You are stressed or tired

Your dreams can be a message of your deepest concerns. Sometimes, dreaming of brushing teeth can also be a symbolism of stress.

You have many people surrounding you. Unknowingly, many people affect you with their behaviors. It stays stuck to your subconscious and you are never aware of it.

You need to give yourself some time to heal and recover.

It will be great if you invest some time in yourself. If you don’t have enough time, try adding a small refreshing habit to your daily life. Ignoring your tired body can result in physical sickness too.

5. You are about to receive abundance of love and good health

According to the theories of fortune-telling, dreams about brushing teeth signify great luck in receiving love and health.

If you have a crush on anyone, your dream is indicative of mutual feelings from his/her side as well. But if you are not currently pursuing anyone, it can mean that you are about to meet someone in the near future.

On the other hand, this love might not be romantic. Love from friends and family is also a possibility!

If you were suffering from poor health, this dream indicates your fast recovery. Great health can also be achieved from your hard training sessions.

It feels great to know that luck is on your side!

Still, feeling confused? Don’t worry, let’s dive in to uncover a few brushing teeth dream types and spot yours!

41 Types of Dream of Brushing teeth & their Interpretations

Even though most teeth dreams are negative, brushing teeth dreams are from the few that have a positive interpretation to it.

So, if you find yourself brushing your teeth in your own bathroom sink in your dream, there’s a possibility that you are seeking a fresh start in your life.

But if you are brushing your teeth in someone else’s sink, it means that you want to reroute your goals at least temporarily.

This way, different scenarios of brushing teeth dreams can have different interpretations. If you remember the deets of your dream, keep reading until you spot yours.

So, without further ado, let’s start!

1. Brushing someone else’s teeth dream

Did you have a dream of brushing someone else’s teeth? Who was it? A child or an elderly person?

Such dreams are indicative of your low self-confidence in real life. You might be following people blindly in your professional or personal life. You are not taking charge and are feeling left behind.

Your subconscious is indicating you to come out in the forefront to play. Structure your thoughts and struggles as it will help identify your goals in life.

2. Dream of someone brushing their teeth

This dream is a symbolism of success and great fortune, especially if you know this person. It is mostly related to your professional life. You will finally succeed in a business venture you have been working hard on.

But if you are not familiar with this person in your dream, your luck might disappoint you. You should look for ways to prevent any mishaps in your personal and professional life!

3. Dream of flossing teeth

Flossing your teeth in real life helps in the removal of dirt from between your teeth. Similarly, this action in your dreams symbolizes the will of removing problems and hardships from your life!  

You are a perfectionist in your real life. Recently, you might be facing many hardships and it is manifested in your subconscious.

It will be a great idea to identify the problems first. Look for help in solving these problems.

Don’t be ashamed of seeking help… In the long run, you will thank yourself for this favor!

4. Dream of brushing teeth and then they fall out

A dream of brushing teeth and your teeth falling out is scary! According to dream lore, the interpretation of this dream is “falling out” of relationships with friends and family.

Look for indications of any cracks in your relationships! If you find it, try to prevent things, going forward. If there is none, you are probably overthinking about your future.

If you felt pained or disturbed during this dream, something is bothering you. It can be a hardship in your life or a bad relationship. These dreams are a symbolism of the struggles of your real life.

Confront the situation! Everything will turn for the better soon.

5. Dream of brushing rotten teeth

A dream about brushing your rotten teeth is a symbolism of worries in your waking life. You might be worried about your strength for moving forward in real life.

You are possibly also worried about communicating with your close ones.

Did you notice the color of your rotten teeth? If it was black, then it is related to your worries about others’ opinions. People’s opinions have the power of destroying your self-confidence from the core.

Hey, this is a tough journey and people will never stop talking behind your back!

Collect yourself to strive forward… this is your life… Live it on your terms!

6. Dream of not being able to brush your teeth

Sometimes, you struggle to do something in a dream. It’s so unsettling that you wake up covered in a cold sweat!

So if you fail to brush your teeth in a dream, it indicates that something is also obstructing your real-life actions.

If you didn’t find your toothbrush in your dream, it is a symbolism of overcoming delays in your real life. This will be followed by the actual difficulties. On the other hand, seeing a broken toothbrush in your dream means that you might have to break a toxic pattern to move ahead.

Hope you overcome your difficulties soon!

7. Dream of teeth breaking or crumbling while brushing

The dreams about teeth crumbling when you are brushing them represent vain efforts in situations that cannot be endured anymore.

Are those broken teeth crumbling into a sink in your dreams after brushing? It signifies that you must prevent yourself from being provoked. You must also not react to people gossiping about you.

This dream also signifies that if you try to claim the facts, all the gossip will turn untrue, and people will come out in your support.

But it’s better to play safe! Try not to get in controversial situations!

8. Dreaming of brushing teeth other than toothpaste

Maybe you dreamed of using something other than toothpaste for brushing and you found it weird. You are definitely concerned about this foreign object on your teeth. But don’t worry, it doesn’t necessarily mean something “wrong”.

Suppose you used pineapple juice on your teeth in your dream. Most times, teeth in dreams signify power. Next, brushing teeth is a symbolism of overcoming obstacles to preserve your power. Then finally, juice represents fortune.

Together, it means that you are interested in preserving your strength for maintaining wealth!

9. Dream of using someone else’s toothbrush

Did you wake up feeling nasty after dreaming of using someone else’s toothbrush? This dream symbolizes your need for communication.

You find comfort in suppressing your feelings. Your dream can also imply that people around you are trying to involve you in troublesome situations!

Stay alert of these people… don’t trust them too much!

If you unintentionally get involved in any troubling situation, do not be shy of speaking your mind… and simultaneously stay alert about what you are speaking. These people might twist your words for their convenience.

A crucial phase is coming into your life. Hang in there!

10. Dream of brushing teeth with a toothbrush

This one is a great dream.

If you see yourself brushing your teeth with a toothbrush, it implies that you will possess great power in solving problems. Great fortune might also be knocking at your door.

You might also find the right solution to some issues in your professional life. So, keep working hard like always.

You don’t have to worry about your dream as you are following the right path in your life!

11. Dream of teeth becoming white with toothbrush

The dream about turning your teeth white with a toothbrush is another good symbol! It represents that you will resolve an issue with your efforts and good luck.

You might be going through a troublesome period and your dream is the cue to finding the proper solution to it.

This might be related to your personal or professional life. You must consider the problems in your life carefully to find the right solution. The indication of the dream does not mean you must stop putting an effort!

12. Dream of brushing teeth with dirty toothbrush

If you see yourself brushing your teeth with a dirty toothbrush, you need to be alert. This dream is a symbolism of hardships in the future. The hardships can affect your health too. If you are ill, your dream might be related. Go see a doctor soon!

Also, try to minimize your involvement in the surroundings. This will make you less vulnerable to new problems.

Stop worrying. You can prevent all these situations with your willpower!

13. Dream of giving toothbrush as a present

Usually, we give presents to people we love. You might interpret the receiver of your gift as a close friend. That’s a misinterpretation right there!

If you dream of presenting a toothbrush to a person, you are most probably not in a good relationship with them. Your subconscious is trying to communicate a message to you and i.e, don’t keep yourself involved in toxic relationships or situations.

Slowly try to distance yourself from the person. This will keep things natural and safe for you!

14. Dream of buying a toothbrush

If you saw yourself buying a toothbrush in your dreams, it is a symbol that you unintentionally hurt somebody with your words! Toothbrushes are connected to any trouble that results from what you said.

Your words can scar people irreversibly… and the worst part is that you can never take them back once spoken!

So, if you buy a toothbrush in your dreams, be wise when you choose your words next time. Life is too short to create regretful situations. Also, speak carefully in personal and professional settings to avoid controversies.

15. Dream of toothbrush with toothpaste

If you see yourself adding toothpaste to your toothbrush in a dream, it is again an indication of your foul language. Toothpaste is used for cleaning the mouth. Your subconscious wants you to refine your language

Did you come across rudely to someone? You might have hurt someone deeply with your harsh words and may never find a chance to solve things with them.

Will you be able to continue with such burdens forever? Of course not. Treat every chance like your last and you’ll observe wonders in your behavior. Don’t give up!

16. Dream of brushing teeth at dentist

A dream about brushing your teeth at the dentist symbolizes your need to be understood. You want people to fathom the stress overwhelming you.

Your dreams of brushing your teeth spotless also indicate that there will be friends and family to support you during health issues. It can also be an indication of following a healthier lifestyle than your current one.

17. Dream of brushing teeth by strangers

To some people brushing their teeth is a tiresome and sometimes boring routine. If you dream of strangers brushing your teeth, it represents your desire for healing accumulated stress from your daily life!

After brushing your teeth, if your teeth seem clean, it is a symbol of better luck. But if there is no change in your teeth after brushing, it symbolizes the need to assess your life!

Reflect on your lifestyle. Try to identify the things you should change!

Once you change that, you will stop having this dream.

18. Dream of brushing teeth for children

A dream about brushing teeth for children symbolizes the concerns for the health of a child. Pay attention to both you and the child’s health! 

But were you struggling with the child for brushing their teeth? Then it is possible that the child might face serious health conditions due to their innocence. Be mindful of the child’s activities that might impact their health.

19. Dream of brushing teeth by opposite sex

If you had a dream of someone of the opposite sex brushing your teeth, beware as this is a bad omen!

There might be someone around you who wants to take advantage of you while “brushing your teeth”. They might have entered your life in the form of a stress reliever and are concealing themselves as a concerned friend or family member.

Identify these people and stay away from them. They are trying to use you for their benefit!

Don’t lose hope! There will be better people in your life who will actually help you release your stress.

20. Dream of brushing teeth for strangers

Brushing a stranger’s teeth in a dream implies that several people are surrounding you who are concerned about their health.

But don’t lend them support open-handed… try to come off very naturally! 

People can be very moody with health concerns. They might reply rudely or find you offensive for being nosy.

Do not force them to share personal problems as they will refuse. Stay by their side during tough times, if they feel comfortable, they will eventually share all their concerns.

21. Dream of brushing teeth and bleeding

You must be terrified to see yourself bleeding after brushing your teeth. But instead, the dream representation of this dream is a positive one.

It is symbolic of good fortune and power. The more blood you shed, the more will be your gains!

Have faith in your luck. Your revenue will multiply, or you might soon receive the promotion you have been aiming for.

On the contrary, if your teeth wobbled in your dream while brushing, it signifies bad luck! So it’s important to notice small details in your dream as they have contrasting meanings.

22. Dream of tooth loss after brushing teeth

If you had a dream of losing your teeth after brushing, it is a symbol of the loss of confidence. This dream also conveys that people are worried about you. They want to support you in dire situations.

Don’t hesitate to ask when you need help. Many people don’t even have support… so if you do, don’t brush them away.

However, in such dreams, your teeth loss during brushing might also resemble your relieving stress. So losing teeth might also be a good dream.

23. Dream of brushing teeth when you are excited

If you felt excited in your dream while you brushed your teeth, there’s great news waiting for you my friend. Your luck in a romantic relationship is at its peak right now!

If you are already involved in a romantic relationship, the understanding between you two will deepen. If you are single, the chances of meeting your fated pair are very high.

Your love life is overflowing at the moment! So keep an eye out for this person.

24. Dream of brushing teeth and laughing cheerfully

A dream where you laugh cheerfully after brushing your teeth is a symbolism of great luck in your health. The scope of recovery will be increased if you are currently suffering from health concerns.

If not, it can also be a symbol of trying to lead a healthy life. Your subconscious might be indicating some sickness in your future if you don’t follow a healthy life.

So let go of all the addictive substances that you consume. It doesn’t hurt to lead a healthier life for your friends and family.

25. Dream of brushing teeth in a fun mood with family

A dream of brushing your teeth in a cheerful mood with family represents the occurrence of something favorable!

Family is the symbolism of power and your dream says that you may gain power and luck. Similarly, in real life, time spent with family multiplies fortune.

So, spend some time with your family as you might be up for a real surprise! Communicate your future plans to your close friends and family. Do not overlook the wise advice of your family during this period.

26. Dream of toothpaste

Toothpaste helps maintain oral hygiene and a dream of toothpaste might indicate the awareness of any calamity from your mouth. Your subconscious is asking you to be mindful of your behavior.

Pay attention to how you speak to your friends, family, and colleagues. If you are cautious of your behavior, it will bless you with great luck.

Speak kindly even if you’re talking to a stranger. You never know how a small act of kindness will come back to you.

27. Dream of brushing teeth and using a cup

If you dreamed of brushing your teeth and you used a cup to wash your mouth, it signifies various things like fragility or love. The cup can also be an indication of financial power and social standing in your life too.

These dreams about brushing teeth and washing mouth with cups can also be called the key to all dreams. This is because finances are the foundation of transforming all dreams into reality.

28. Dream of brushing teeth in morning

Did you notice the time of brushing your teeth in the dream? It can give more information about your interpretations.

If your dreams usually include brushing in the morning, your luck is overflowing!

Your dream is reflecting on the fact that you are disciplined and take good care of your health.

It is good to know that you are taking some time for yourself as self-love is the beginning of all kinds of success. This dream conveys that your health will continue improving if you are consistent in it.

29. Dream of brushing teeth in afternoon

But if you see yourself brushing in the afternoon, it is a depiction of your poor health and fatigue. You might be undergoing a lot of stress currently and neglecting your health because of it. You’re slowly wearing yourself out.

It’s time that you listen to the dream and make some time for yourself. If you are too tired, you might end up losing your focus from your professional life.

Apart from the rest, you must also include some exercises in your daily routine to strengthen yourself!

30. Dream of brushing teeth in evening

Now, if your dream about brushing teeth was in the evening, then your subconscious is asking you to relax for a while from your tiring schedule. You might be working under tremendous pressure.

You are afraid of failing at your current tasks in your professional life. You have activated your perfectionist side to reach the desired goals. Now that you have signed up for all those responsibilities, you know it’s too late to back off.

Hey, it’s commendable how hard you’re working! But you must also take care of your health too.

Resting might slow down the progress but it won’t ruin anything. In worse cases, if you happen to miss an opportunity, remember, you can always turn back!

31. Dream of seeing blood on your toothbrush

If you saw blood on your toothbrush after brushing in your dreams, you might be worried about your health. Take a deep breath because it is not related to your health at all!

Moreover, it is a symbol of good luck. This dream signifies a reputable achievement in your business or professional life. You have been investing a lot of time in this project or venture for achieving something in your professional life.

Well, guess what? Your wait is finally over! Your hard work is going to finally reap fruits.

However, don’t cut slack on your efforts because of this prediction. This is only an interpretation, but in reality, if you wish to actually manifest it, you need to keep giving your best.

32. Dream of going out without brushing your teeth

A dream about stepping out of your home without brushing your teeth might feel too embarrassing to share with a close one.

Don’t worry, I’m about to release you from that embarrassment in your mind.

This dream is a good indication. It signifies your development in your personal life. You will soon find that you have become the person you have always wanted to be.

Great job at achieving this personal milestone in life! It is an admirable achievement as most people forget to work on themselves while earning a living and making professional achievements.

33. Dream of breaking a toothbrush

If you had a dream of breaking a toothbrush by yourself or by other means, it is a symbol of releasing yourself from the burdens of life. You might have undertaken the troublesome tasks of looking your best at all times. It can be due to anything, personal or professional situations.

You are feeling an urgency to dress and show your absolute best. But slowly your patience wears thin and you’re tired of all the effort you need to invest for your “physical” appearance.

Your subconscious is asking you to relieve yourself from this burdensome feeling. Take a break from this part of life, you’ll be favoring yourself!

34. Dream of breaking a toothbrush while brushing your teeth

A dream about breaking a toothbrush while you are brushing your teeth is usually a bad omen. It is indicative of some health issues knocking at your door. It is also possible that a recurring sickness is coming back again!

It is high time you must start prioritizing your health and preserve it. Don’t worry, instead be a little cautious about your health in the coming days.

According to some dream lore, the breaking of a toothbrush while brushing can also be a symbolism of marriage. It can either be your marriage or of someone very close to you!

35. Dream of brushing your teeth with salt

The dream of brushing your teeth with salt is again a bad sign. This dream is warning you of an unfortunate occurrence in the future. You may need to make tough sacrifices in your life to achieve something absolutely necessary.

Unfortunately, there is no way of preventing the prediction of these dreams. You are about to face an unavoidable bad time in your life. Moreover, the dream interpretation will also multiply stress as this incident will come as a huge shock for you.

But bad times don’t last forever, right? So, keep pushing!

36. Dream of brushing teeth in front of mirror

The presence of a mirror in your dreams has a lot to convey. If you were brushing your teeth in front of a mirror, it is a symbolism of your inner desires reflected in the mirror. You might want to alter your image to your close ones. It might even be a long-term yearning to get a makeover.

Your desire is not bad, yet the roots of this desire are not healthy. You might be suffering from an inferiority complex. Your appearances might not seem as attractive to you.

But everyone is pretty in their own skin and so are you! Be true to yourself and you’ll find comfort in your skin.

37. Dream about looking for a toothbrush

Your dreams about looking for a lost toothbrush are symbolic of your search for a real friend. You might be suffering from a hard time and need some advice.

But you’re very careful about the person you’re sharing your thoughts with. You are seeking a suitable person who can relate to your situation and advise suitably.

This can also be a symbol of you feeling a lack of love. You perceive yourself as a troublesome person, but you can stop overthinking now.

Rest assured as your friends and family love you but don’t always want to show it. So, why don’t you go ahead and have a chat with them about it?

38. Dream about losing a toothbrush

A dream about losing something can be worrisome and you’re about to put an end to it. This dream is suggestive of good news in the future. You might receive it from your close friends or your family.

A person very close to you will be showered with immense happiness. It might be an occurrence in their personal life like news of marriage or pregnancy. Or it might be in their professional life like a job or a promotion.

So go ahead and prepare to share some time with this person during this joyful moment!

39. Dream about brushing teeth and spitting

If your dreams are about spitting after brushing your teeth, there can be wide complicated feelings hidden behind it. But mostly, it is a depiction of a stressful situation you are facing.

You might feel troubled by the loyalty of your partner as it was an unexpected turn in your personal life. You probably faced a lot of heartbreaks and weren’t ready for it. Further, you may also be feeling stressed due to the new responsibilities.

This dream can also be a result of a guilty conscience. It can be indicative of your suppressed emotions. You need to be more expressive to overcome this stressful situation in your life.

40. Dream of brushing teeth in public

A dream where you brush your teeth in public is symbolic of a waste of time. There might be something you invested your time in, yet you’d be disappointed.

Your subconscious might be warning you of some difficulty in your future. Someone in your professional life is possibly harboring ill feelings towards you.

He/she does not care about the well-being of the people around him and is ready to reach any extent. This person can harm you in more than one way.

It is time to identify this person and maintain your distance as sharing any secrets or sensitive information with this person can get you into trouble!

41. Dream of seeing someone brushing teeth

If you had a dream where you were seeing someone brushing their teeth, it is an indication of possessing great control over your beliefs. You have a strong heart and willpower. You are protecting the goals of your life from all the challenges in life.

But you are still afraid of losing your way and track of your goals. Your dream is also telling you to stop worrying because you are about to achieve it.

Moreover, you have learned to stay positive throughout your journey. Yet let go of the negative thoughts and people as it is affecting you physically or emotionally.

Psychology behind Brushing Teeth Dreams

As per the psychologist Sigmund Freud, dreams about brushing teeth are indicative of your “cleanliness” in real life. The “dirt” in this context refers to the various problems and difficulties in your life. Similarly, there are too many social problems needing resolution in this era.

Speaking of social problems, the meaning of cleanliness is different for different cultures. Your dream interpretation also depends on this aspect. If you’re of Japanese origin, your culture involves extensive measures against germs. 

As it is a regular activity, it can manifest in your dreams. Maybe your worries about cleaning something were manifested by your subconscious mind in the form of a brushing teeth dream.

Perhaps, you have children around your house, and you are concerned about their health and the sanitation of their toys and playing areas.

Likewise, many other cultures are worried about cleanliness.

But on the flip side, have you ever thought about how brushing teeth can remove all dirt, but the germs return after having a meal? So, you should understand that “problems” or “germs” of your life can return multiple times. And worrying yourself to the bone about it will not help.

Rather, identify the greatest “problem” at a time, deal with it, and live your life. Nobody has time to solve all the “problems” in life, so keep some time to live for yourself.

The answer to your question is no. You, my friend, are having a very uncommon dream and this was proved by science. Although owing to the research of Mathes et al. (2014), dreams about teeth are pretty common compared to brushing teeth dreams. The research did not produce too many details.

However, an experiment by Snyder (1970) researched the REM sleep of more than six hundred subjects. From his hard work, he found that less than 0.5% of his subjects dreamed of teeth alone. This research speaks tonnes about the regularity of brushing teeth dreams.

Since the chances of dreaming of brushing teeth are even lower, you can guess the uncommon nature of your dream!

But it does not matter whether your dream is popular or not! Every human being does not have the same worries or experiences in life, so how can they have similar dreams?

If a lot of people are having the same kinds of dreams, then either the interpretations hold vast meanings or the people are leading a similar life!

Do I have to be worried if I have a Brushing Teeth Dream?

You have already read through many types and their indications. If you’re still not sure, we can dive a bit deeper for a better understanding.

Before answering this question, let’s understand the reference of the two upper and lower incisors. These symbolize your children, family members, and close friends. Now, the act of brushing your teeth can be related to your worries about the health of your close ones.

So, if you see yourself brushing a rotting tooth in your dreams you will obviously worry about their safety. Your response is pretty normal to this situation.

However, if you have a dream of brushing healthy teeth, you can let your mind rest! As such dreams bring you messages of great health and accomplishments in the personal and professional life of your close ones.

You might see a golden tooth in your dream. It is an indication of your poor reputation. You necessarily don’t need to commit a bad deed for this. Maybe someone around you will spread bad rumors out of old enmity.

You should steer clear from these people and speak your mind carefully while defending yourself! On the other hand, brushing a golden tooth is a prediction of sudden gain of fortune.

According to dream lore, recurring dreams of brushing teeth represent your overexertion for others and neglect towards yourself.

As you see the predictions are endless, but you can’t live in the midst of worries forever. If you identify your dreams with all the minute details, you have the choice of preventing problems. If not, it is better to live your life peacefully!

What to do if I have a dream of brushing teeth?

If you harbor certain thoughts in your mind, they will present themselves either in real life or in your dreams. The subconscious mind sends important messages to the conscious mind.

The dreams about brushing teeth are usually messages revolving around fixing something in life. You might be invested in solving some problem and your dream is suggesting the perfect route for you!

You might also be negatively dreaming about brushing your teeth like seeing rotten teeth. This is your cue to identify dangers around you.

At most, you can follow the dream symbols and find a way out for the problems in your life. And if you had a positive dream, you should continue living your usual life.

Conversely, being hung up on your dreams all the time can also impact your life negatively. It will not only boost your stress levels but if you continue thinking of your dreams, it can also impact your physical health.

If you don’t seem to remember your dream perfectly but you still continue your search, that won’t help you. It’s better to wait until you have that dream again and write down the details as soon as you wake up.

Sometimes, accumulated stress presents itself in your dreams leaving you confused and that calls for some nourishment to yourself. This is because it is also affecting your health.

Spiritual meaning of brushing teeth in a dream

Spiritually, dreams about brushing teeth can be suggestive of “cleanliness” in real life, i.e., resolving problems or hardships.  

Most of the books about dreams express the dreams of brushing teeth are related to cleanliness and some change in life. The metaphors of dreams of brushing teeth are different in diverse books.

Spiritually, a dream about falling teeth suggests the loss of power and confidence from waking life. Your dream tells you to take care of the situation to turn things around. 

Dreams including teeth (like brushing teeth) bear a negative meaning in some spiritual books. But some books also interpret such dreams as the desire of enhancing your power, strength, and confidence. So, here these dreams have positive interpretations.

In reality, brushing teeth helps stimulate the gums which further decreases the probability of cavities. Cavities are the symbolism of problems in your life. Therefore, these dreams are also related to helping you avoid disasters in your life.

You need to fathom what your dream is conveying to you while you “brush through” all of the dream interpretations.

Islamic meaning of brushing teeth dreams

In Islam, the dream of brushing teeth is symbolic of purification and fulfillment of religious promises. 

Similar to the cultural differences, religious beliefs have an equal footing in your dream interpretations. If you are a Muslim, you should definitely check out this part!

The Holy Prophet Muhammad of Islam used to brush his teeth with neem wood. If you had a dream of brushing your teeth with a wood piece, it is suggestive of you supporting and caring for your parents and being respectful to family members. Thus, it is an indication of your devotion to your God and His rules of leading life.

But, if you see yourself brushing with a dirty object in your dream, it refers to using tainted money against your wishes! In Islam, a toothbrush represents the hygiene of the soul, so a dirty brushing object is tainting your spirits.

The dream of bleeding gums during or after brushing teeth in your dreams is a symbolism of being freed from all the sins of your life. Your dreams convey the forgiveness of your misdeeds.

Lastly, the dream of brushing teeth can also signify purification and fulfillment of religious promises. Generally, following the path of the Holy Prophet or the rule of Allah Almighty defines these promises. It might be a sign of a marriage or a pregnancy too.

Brushing teeth in dream biblical meaning

According to the Bible, brushing teeth dreams symbolizes low self-confidence. It sometimes also represents insecurities hidden deep inside.

In Christianity, the dreams of brushing teeth are indications of building your confidence. Your dreams are telling you to be confident of yourself as you are following the right way to your desired goals.

But confidence will help you seize those opportunities for success. So, what are you waiting for?

Moreover, these dreams about brushing teeth can express your deepest insecurities. You might be worried about your impression of others. You will feel confident in your appearance only if you start loving yourself. Forget about the mean comments because beauty lies in the eye of the beholder!

Although, some of these dreams of brushing teeth are hints of anxious feelings. Are you worried about your appearance in front of others? Do you wonder whether they see you as a successful and ambitious person or not? You’re worried too much about your surroundings.

You are constantly afraid of ruining your impression. Taking a break from the daily pressure can help you breathe better in this environment.

You must remember that you can build your image back after a while, but the destruction of mental health will only result in downfall. Furthermore, it can lower your confidence too!

Look deeply into what you are feeling in your heart. Are you happy? Or are you uncomfortable about something? Look at your surroundings and the important relationships in your personal and professional life to decipher the meanings better.

Questions to ask yourself to interpret brushing teeth dreams correctly

If the above information wasn’t enough, and you still couldn’t find your answers, here’s a little tip for you – take a pen and paper and ask yourself the following: 

  1. Who was brushing the teeth in your dream?
  2. What were you brushing your teeth with?
  3. What happened to your teeth after brushing?
  4. How were you feeling while having this dream?
  5. Are you conscious of your physical appearance?

Write these answers in the paper, and then decipher your dream piece by piece with the help of this think piece. I am sure you will be able to reach a conclusion. 

Closing Thoughts!

The interpretations of your dreams of brushing teeth can differ from one another. It can be a bad omen, good luck, or some avoidable difficulty in your life.

Your dream can predict any evil presence around you, or if you are doing something wrong. You can resolve the problems in your life if you are mindful of the dreams of brushing teeth and the interpretations.

Sometimes they convey if you’re slowly burning yourself out. Your subconscious constantly signals various messages for you. Your goal is deciphering these dreams correctly for now. Once done, you’re all set for taking the next step to prevent any unfortunate incident on your way to success.

Once you tend to the situation at hand, you will slowly stop having any troublesome dream of brushing teeth.

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