Dream of anger may instantly give you chills and make you worried. Well, most dream experts believe that it is a bad omen. Probably, difficult trials await you.

But is that the only dream interpretation? Definitely not!

So c’mon, let’s uncover the truth here!

Dream of Anger – Various Types & Their Interpretations
Dream of Anger – Various Types & Their Interpretations

What Does Dream of Anger Mean?

The dream can mean disappointment with your loved ones or your struggles to express yourself. Alternatively, angry dreams can also mean that you denied the pleasure to yourself out of fear. Or, it implies your waking life is filled with stress.

The dream of you or someone else being angry is quite common. Due to the constant pressure in waking life, your emotions are in constant turmoil. 

So, these negative emotions manifest themselves even when you’re sleeping. Therefore, to understand these dream meanings better, let’s have a look here.

  • You are disappointed with your loved ones

One of the most common dream meanings of anger is that you are upset and angry with your close friends or family members. 

It can also mean that you are sad because you broke ties with someone really close.

  • You are struggling to express yourself

You struggle to be open and honest with the people you trust.

No matter what you do, you feel that your emotions and thoughts are blocked. You constantly worry about being backstabbed.

  • You are denying yourself something important

It means that something important has come your way but you constantly feel that you don’t deserve it. So, you deny yourself happiness and pleasure.

  • Your mind is always stressed

Your waking life must be filled with so much stress and negativity. Even during sleep, these thoughts haunt you. Your mind tells you to take a break.

  • You will mediate a quarrel between two people

Now, this is a positive dream meaning of anger.

If you find solutions to your anger in your dreams, it indicates that you will soon solve a quarrel between two close people and they will both respect you in the end.

Spiritual meaning of a dream of anger

Spiritually, the dream is a signal for you to look deep within yourself.

If you are angry with someone else or vice versa, it doesn’t mean you’re on bad terms in reality. 

It just means that your relationship with that person needs to be reevaluated.

Dreaming of Anger – Various Types and Interpretations

All dreams have their own unique meaning. So, keep reading to find yours!

Dream of relatives angry at you

If your relatives are angry at you but you deal with their anger with calmness in dreams, it is actually a good sign.

It means that two people, probably the ones you saw in your dream, will fight with each other. But you will help them reach a settlement.

Dream of seeing others angry

This is a sign that you may have unintentionally offended someone.

If you see the person’s face clearly in your dreams, it might even mean that this person harbors some kind of grudge against you in real life. 

Dream of being angry at a stranger

This dream is a good one because it means that this stranger will give you unexpected good news. It might be about the birth of a baby in your family or a marriage.

Alternatively, this dream can also mean that you’ll soon meet this stranger in reality. You both might collaborate together to produce something amazing.

Tears of anger

In your dream, if you are angry but then start crying, you will soon be the subject of malicious gossip in your workplace.

So, your subconscious asks you to be careful in the coming days.

Being angry due to injustice

It predicts good things in your waking life. You’ll soon meet someone of the opposite sex and spend great times with them. 

It may or may not turn into a romantic relationship. But they will deeply love and respect you.

Someone else being very angry with you

It means that they’re hiding their vulnerability in the real world and need your help, but you can’t see it. 

A friend angry with you

This is a very important sign that something is wrong in your relationship.

Even if you both share a strong bond, this dream asks you to open your eyes and sort out the underlying issues that you both hide. 

Being angry at a dead person

It means that you terribly miss them. This anger is probably a way to hold them closer to you.

Angrily smashing things with a hammer

It indicates that you will finally leave a toxic relationship or workplace and achieve your dreams.

Perhaps you have been thinking about this for a long time and now your mind is finally ready.

Holding in your anger

If you bottle up all your anger within you in your dreams, it might be a manifestation of your real-life frustration.

You feel that nobody takes you seriously and you have become a laughingstock.

This dream might also mean that you were reckless in your youth but now you have changed and become much more serious.

Someone scolding you angrily

It means that now is not the best time to advise others.

A stranger being very angry with you

It symbolizes deception and lies. Someone you don’t know will work with your known enemies to bring you down.

Scolding your child angrily

It shows that you are disturbed about something in your childhood.

This traumatic incident keeps haunting your mind, most probably because your parents never supported you enough. You tend to blame yourself for your unhappy past.

Being angry at yourself

In the dream realm, this is actually a positive sign.

It means that you have a lot of hidden talents and strengths that you have yet to notice. 

Feeling anger for no reason

It usually denotes that your social life needs an upgrade.

You are frustrated with your social life because you don’t get invited to stylish parties or functions. But your inner spirit tells you to have more confidence in yourself.

Psychological meaning of anger

Psychologically, anger is just a manifestation of negative thoughts and emotions.

So, dreaming of anger is a sign that your real life has too much negativity, and that needs to be removed.

This is also a sign of digestive problems, which is why a bad mood often leads to health issues.

A word from ThePleasantDream

The meanings of anger dreams vary under different scenarios. 

It might be positive or negative, depending on the details. So, make sure you don’t become overconfident of positive interpretations.

On the other hand, don’t be scared of negative messages. Try hard, and everything will get better!

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