The spiritual meaning of killing someone in a dream often highlights different concerning issues in your life. Sometimes, it asks you to take a stance for yourself. Other times, it asks you to change your situation instead of resenting an environment.

So, let’s know what other issues they highlight here.

What do Dreams of Killing Someone Spiritually Signify?

Spiritually, killing someone in your dreams portends that you are insecure about yourself. You feel you’re not good enough. Or, you are worried people will criticize you after knowing about your past mistakes.

They symbolize many other things, so let’s go through them all!

1. Suppressed emotions & memories

If the vision was about killing a family member or friend, it implies you have bottled up negative emotions for them. You don’t express things to protect the bond. Probably, they overstepped their boundaries or fought with you. Deep inside, you have yet to forgive them.

In this case, you must process your feelings and resolve such issues. Otherwise, the bond won’t last for long.

2. Defend yourself

If you killed an antagonist figure like a killer or monster, this shows that you must not let anyone bully you. Don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself.

Even if that person threatens to hurt you, you must think rationally and gather evidence against them. Show them how strong you are and intimidate them. However, it may also mean that you’re proud of defending yourself against them.

3. Resent

You may have a subconscious vision of killing your boss or teacher if you resent your workplace or school environment.  You don’t hold any grudge against those people. But you hate you never feel appreciated there.

It asks you to use whatever opportunities you get to your advantage. You won’t get anything by crying over spilled milk!

4. Insecurity

Sometimes, it depicts that you don’t want any kind of attention on yourself. You feel uncomfortable when the limelight is on you. This signifies your poor self-esteem.

Deep within, you know that something is not right with your personality. So, it’s time to change yourself, work on your insecurity, and become more confident in your abilities.

5. Secrets

Often, these dreams imply that you have some dark secrets and are ashamed of those. You are worried that people will find out about those. You are afraid of being humiliated for your poor decisions. You don’t want people to judge you based on those.

This is a spiritual message to come clean to everyone so nobody can misunderstand you.

6. Protection

If the vision shows you killed someone to defend loved ones, this highlights that person’s need for protection from your negative emotions!

If the bond is turning toxic day by day, this suggests focusing on open communication. Otherwise, it might be hard to sustain the relationship.

7. Unbalanced relationship

If you invest more in a relationship, whether emotionally, physically, or financially, these dreamscapes reflect that. You feel exhausted after putting so much into your relationship and getting nothing in return.

You must stop pouring in more than what the other person deserves, especially if they are not close. If they are close, come clean about your needs. Don’t expect them to understand you magically.

8. Happiness from others’ pain

If you often have these visions, it resembles your dark personality trait. You love to watch others writhe in pain in reality. You want to be the best in everything, so you enjoy others’ failures.

However, your motivations are twisted. If you wish for others’ downfall, you will also be affected. So, even if you are ambitious, stop rejoicing in others’ blunders.

9. Lack of understanding

It portrays that people in your immediate surroundings often misunderstand you. You feel frustrated and are tired of communicating your thoughts, ideas, and feelings. You hate how your words are always used against you.

10. Break ties

If you use a sharp weapon like a knife in this vision, it tells you to let go of a loved one. But if you use an axe, it asks you to let go of your job or an addiction.

On the other hand, if you see a sword, it reassures you that you can successfully let go of a toxic situation, habit, or person.

11. Trauma

Sometimes, this resembles what you wish in waking life. Perhaps, you want to take revenge on a person that traumatized you in childhood. You are still not over the past and are in severe emotional pain.  You must seek a therapist to get over this pain.

12. Obstacles

You may also have these visions when you face excess obstacles on your way to success. You are tired of tackling all the setbacks and are wondering what the source of your troubles is. You want to get rid of that source for good.

Alternatively, it may be a symbol of a lack of patience with life troubles. So, this is a spiritual sign to keep up and have faith that you will eventually succeed in your endeavors. The higher realm wants you to be persistent because you’re close to victory.

A word from ThePleasantDream

Killing someone in dreams is a negative omen from the spiritual world. Sometimes, it highlights that you’re in the wrong and must change. Other times, you are the victim but must change your attitude toward life. It reminds you to become a better person and never give up.

However, if you feel too disturbed by these dreams, seek a therapist and sort things out.