Oftentimes, a dream of being stabbed is believed to be a premonition of death. But is that really true? 


In fact, such scenarios may even indicate events far worse than death, such as betrayal. However, these are just generic interpretations. 

So, we have gathered all the necessary data that would allow you to get accurate information about your dream scenario. 

Dream of Being Stabbed - Plots & Their Interpretations
Dream of Being Stabbed – Plots & Their Interpretations

What Does It Mean When You Dream Of Being Stabbed?

A dream of being stabbed generally represents getting ruthlessly betrayed by a person you trust your life with. Nevertheless, do not leave the interpretation at that, because depending on the dream details, some may even indicate good health and fortune. 

Stabbing in a dream has nothing or little to do with the actual event happening in real life. Instead, you should learn to explore all the possibilities and connect the dots. Given below are some of the most common symbols associated with stab dreams. 

  • Fear Of Getting Cheated – If you constantly live with the fear of someone cheating or taking unfair advantage of you, you are most likely to have this dream. 
  • Skepticism – Due to certain reasons, you may doubt the closest people in your life. Despite what they mean to you and vice-versa, you may start doubting and questioning each of their words and actions. And during these phases, stabbed dreams tend to surface in your dream state. 
  • Someone Wishes You Ill – If someone stabbed you in a dream, it may symbolize an enemy lurking around, waiting for an opportunity to destroy you.
  • Anger – When someone betrays or cheats on you, it’s natural to feel hurt, angered and long to seek revenge on that person. Therefore, this dream could mean you desire to hurt someone to pay him or her back. 
  • Anxiety – This dream plot is common if you are undergoing a stressful period in your real life. Perhaps you feel pressured by your everyday tasks and responsibilities, which seem to get more monotonous day after day. 
  • Obstacles –  In some instances, it could be a warning sign of an upcoming difficult phase in your life. Thus, preparing you for the storm coming towards you. 
  • Loss of Control – It indicates loss of control, especially with regards to your feelings, emotions, and resulting actions. Perhaps you need to be more in control and be less impulsive. 
  • A Difficult Situation – Stabbing dream scenarios also portend situations that appear too complex to resolve at first glance. However, you need to know that if you dig deeper they won’t be as complicated as you had initially perceived. 

Dream Of Being Stabbed : Various Dream Scenarios

A dream of being stabbed/ getting stabbed in a dream

The most widely accepted interpretation of this scenario is that someone you trust brutally hurt you. 

The scenario may also be trying to tell you that you feel unappreciated and underestimated. 

Negatively, the scenario could be cautioning you to keep an eye on your environment because someone may be trying to sabotage your life. 

On another note, the scenario may also stand for an unpleasant experience you went through or are likely to. Looking at the scenario from a wholly different point of view, it also portends falling madly in love with someone

Dreaming about getting stabbed multiple times

It is a sign that you feel overwhelmed in your waking life. 

Getting stabbed by multiple people

The people in your dream probably symbolize those in your circle in the waking world.

The dream is a sign that you earnestly need some personal space for yourself. You want them to leave you alone to resolve your own issues. 

Someone stabbed you on the head

It signifies that others question or even ridicule your rationality and intelligence. 

The dream could also be a sign that someone or a group of people has challenged your decision-making ability. Perhaps someone is trying to manipulate you by swaying you away from your actual goals. 

Someone stabbing you in the eye

It shows that a person in your waking life has challenged your perception of a matter or a situation. 

Being stabbed in the neck

The dream plot is associated with commitments where you have trouble getting into a relationship.

It may also be an indication that someone is challenging your ability to stay committed in a situation or a relationship. 

The scenario may also surface in your dream if someone is urging you to give up on something. Negatively, someone could be deliberately trying to stop you from committing to something. 

Getting stabbed on your heart

Either you got deeply hurt by someone you really care about, or you have cardiovascular problems. 

It also shows that you have not healed from past heartache because the person you truly love ditched you mercilessly. 

The scenario may also surface if you are grieving for someone who recently passed away. 

Being stabbed in the stomach

A dream of being stabbed in the stomach warns you against potential threats from your enemies. 

Getting stabbed on the back in a dream

It symbolizes deceit and betrayal from someone. 

Dreaming about your partner stabbing you

It is closely associated with betrayal. 

However, ask yourself if you constantly fear getting betrayed by him or her. If yes, the dream could be a projection of your insecurities. 

A stranger stabbing you

Even though you yearn to do well and better, the dream shows that your fear of the unknown and uncertainty are preventing you from testing the waters. 

Here, your subconscious wants to let you know that you need to take risks every once in a while to know what works for you and what doesn’t. 

Someone stabbing you with a sword

Based on the plot, you have a hidden personality, carefully concealed from the public eye because you are afraid that you will become a laughing stock. 

It may also stand for something you secretly desire – a hobby, passion, or a career you would like to pursue. 

Such a scenario may also symbolize a power struggle between you and someone else. 

Someone stabbing you with a knife

According to the plot, you may have had a hunch that someone, your rival, probably wants to hurt you. It is also a sign that you are surrounded by enemies in all directions. 

The condition of the knife also plays a crucial role in the interpretation. If it was sharp, it means you will be able to resolve the differences faster than you had imagined. 

On the other hand, if it was blunt, your dream is letting you know that resolving the issue won’t be easy. 

Seeing pools of blood after someone stabbed you

The dream is associated with unresolved issues from the past. Problems and heartaches that still cause you immense pain the moment you recall them. 

Stabbed to death

Though the scenario portends negativity at face value, it is actually a good sign foretelling longevity, wealth, and fortune. 

Spiritually, it shows that you are spiritually evolving. Alternatively, it could mean the worst luck for you because anything you start or get involved in around this time would be an utter failure.

So, the dream advises you to be patient and not rush into anything until the streak of ill luck passes by. 

Being stabbed but not dying

It reflects your resilience. Your life path will definitely not be an easy one – be it on a personal or professional front. However, since you survived, it shows that you will win over all the obstacles. 

Stabbing yourself with a sharp object

It is associated with feelings of sorrow, guilt, regret and with depression. 

It is a sign that you have likely hurt someone, most probably a closed one in a fit of anger. However, the scenario shows that the guilt of hurting that innocent person is haunting you. 

It may also happen if there’s something you really dislike about yourself. In all probability, you want to get rid of it. 

Stabbing someone

It reflects the hate you feel towards someone after getting betrayed by him or her. Also, the dream may have happened because you haven’t sorted out a way to deal with those negative emotions in your waking life.

On the other hand, the dream may be symbolizing your fears of someone deceiving you. It may also be a sign that you are snatching something away from another person. Perhaps you wish to hurt him or her in the most painful way possible. 

Having said that, your dream of stabbing someone may also have to do with your independence. Perhaps you long to be freed like a bird in reality. 

Stabbing your partner

According to the dream, your relationship with your partner will be rocky around the time you have this dream. Your partner may compel you to rethink and reevaluate your relationship.

It may also stand for unresolved issues between the two of you. If that resonates, the dream happened to tell you not to keep it under the rug any longer. 

Stabbing your enemy

If the incident happened while trying to defend yourself, it means you are trying to safeguard your interests in reality.

Alternatively, if you committed the act without a reason, the scenario could be foretelling a shameful situation. 

Seeing a loved one getting stabbed

If you dream of the above scenario, there’s a strong possibility that he or she has gotten involved with something dangerous. And that makes you feel insecure and anxious about their safety. 

However, despite your fears, the dream further indicates that you feel powerless. 

Watching someone get stabbed in a dream

In your dream, the scenario is warning you against people who are trying to destroy you. 

Psychological Interpretation Of Dreams About Stabbing

Psychologically, the dream reflects your fear of insecurity towards others. 

Who Often Dreams Of Getting Stabbed?

Such scenarios are also most likely to appear in your sleep state if you have lost trust in your loved ones. 

Interestingly, it is also quite common to see such acts in your dream if people around you look forward to your downfall. 


Let us remind you that seeing someone stab you or you stabbing someone in a dream does not mean the same will happen in the waking world. 

While dealing with dream interpretations, you must at all times look for what is within and not what was portrayed on the surface. That is the only way you will have an accurate meaning of your scenario.