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Dream of Being Stabbed – 74 Plots & Their Interpretations

Dream of Being Stabbed – 74 Plots & Their Interpretations

Updated on Dec 03, 2022 | Published on Oct 28, 2021

Reviewed by Katina Tarver, MA (Mental Health and Wellness Counseling) , Life Coach

Dream Of Being Stabbed - 74 Plots & Their Interpretations

Oftentimes, a dream of being stabbed is believed to be a premonition of death. But is that really true? 


That cannot be further from the truth. Nevertheless, getting stabbed or stabbing someone in a dream scene denotes nothing good either. 

Well, in fact, such scenarios may even indicate events far worse than death, such as betrayal and disloyalty from people you trust your life with. However, these are just generic interpretations. 

In this web post, we have gathered all the necessary data that would allow you to get accurate information about your dream scenario. So, without further beating about the bush, let’s get straight to the next section. 

Dream of Being Stabbed - 74 Plots & Their Interpretations
Dream of Being Stabbed – 74 Plots & Their Interpretations

What Does It Mean When You Dream Of Being Stabbed?

A dream of being stabbed generally represents getting ruthlessly betrayed by a person you trust your life with. Nevertheless, do not leave the interpretation at that, because depending on the dream details, some may even indicate good health and fortune. 

Dreams about stabs can usually be looked at from two different perspectives. 

Before you proceed any further you must first recall whether you committed the heinous act or were the victim. 

In a broad sense, getting stabbed in a dream may stand for deception while you stabbing another person could symbolize the negative emotions – anger, hate, resentment, jealousy you harbor towards another person. 

As mentioned, these are generic interpretations, and you must recall every specific action within the dream, parts of the body attacked, and the object used in the act to get the most accurate meaning. 

To mention an example, while some stab dream symbolizes your wishes to outdo your competitor, another scenario may stand for disloyalty and betrayal. 

However, the dream takes a different turn according to the theories of Sigmund Freud. According to him, any sharp object symbolizes masculinity and power in the dream world. So, it may mean something along those lines. 

Getting Stabbed In A Dream: Dream Symbols

Never should dreams be taken at face value. In this case, stabbing in a dream has nothing or little to do with the actual event happening in real life. Instead, you should learn to explore all the possibilities and connect the dots. 

Given below are some of the most common symbols associated with stab dreams. If none of these fit into your circumstances, you must explore all angles and think of further possibilities. 

1. Betrayal

It’s likely to have a dream about someone stabbing you if you have been or are about to be betrayed in real life. 

2. Fear Of Getting Cheated

If you constantly live with the fear of someone cheating or taking unfair advantage of you, you are most likely to have dreams about a stabbing. Perhaps you fear your partner cheating you with his or her colleagues. 

Or maybe you feel insecure about your business mate and feel that he or she will cheat on you someday. 

3. Skepticism

Due to certain reasons, you may doubt the closest people in your life at some points in your life. 

Despite what they mean to you and vice-versa, you may start doubting and questioning each of their words and actions. And during these phases, stabbed dreams tend to surface in your dream state. 

4. A Need To Feel Loved

Dreams about stabbing could be a sign that you feel vulnerable, unloved, and neglected. 

5. Someone Wishes You Ill

Usually, people do not get stabbed by well-wishers. Such horrendous acts happen only when someone has something against that particular person. 

From that point of view, if someone stabbed you in a dream, it may symbolize an enemy lurking around, waiting for an opportunity to destroy you.

6. Anger

When someone betrays or cheats on you, it’s natural to feel hurt, especially if it comes from someone very close to you. 

However, you could be so hurt that you feel angered and long to seek revenge on that person. Therefore, dreaming about someone stabbing you or you doing the same to another person could mean you desire to hurt someone to pay him or her back. 

In that case, your dream may be urging you to confront the person in question directly and talk things out with him or her instead of harboring resentment. 

7. Jealousy

Such dreams may also happen if you are jealous of someone in your waking life. 

8. Anxiety

Dreaming about stabbing or getting stabbed is common if you are undergoing a stressful period in your real life. 

Perhaps you feel pressured by your everyday tasks and responsibilities, which seem to get more monotonous day after day. It could be that the mere thought of doing them over and over again for years makes you feel anxious. 

9. Obstacles 

In some instances, dreams about stabbing could be a warning sign of an upcoming difficult phase in your life. Maybe the scenario, after all, wants you to be well prepared and well-equipped for the storm coming towards you. 

10. Loss of Control

Often, a dream scenario about stabbing indicates loss of control, especially with regards to your feelings, emotions, and resulting actions. Perhaps you need to be more in control and be less impulsive. 

11. Feelings Of Inadequacy

If you often feel that you do not deserve something or someone in your life, dreams about stabbing or being stabbed may surface in your sleep state. 

For instance, you may constantly feel that you do not deserve the love of your partner or maybe you believe you are underqualified for the promotion you recently got. 

12. A Difficult Situation

Stabbing dream scenarios also portend situations that appear too complex to resolve at first glance. However, you need to know that if you dig deeper they won’t be as complicated as you had initially perceived. 

In fact, those situations will allow you to prove yourself resourceful and diligent to others. Eventually, others may change their perspective of you and start seeing you in a wholly different light. 

Dream Of Being Stabbed: Various Dream Scenarios

1. A dream of being stabbed/ getting stabbed in a dream

The most widely accepted interpretation of this scenario is that someone you trust brutally hurt you. It may have been through an action totally unexpected, or he/ she may have disappointed you through words. 

Either way, the dream denotes that you feel as if that person has literally stabbed you. 

The scenario may also be trying to tell you that you feel unappreciated and underestimated. 

Negatively, the scenario could be cautioning you to keep an eye on your environment because someone may be trying to sabotage your life. 

If you sense any such activity in your waking life, you must not let the other person catch on. Do not let your guards down until you push that person in the trap laid by himself or herself. 

On another note, the scenario may also stand for an unpleasant experience you went through or are likely to. 

Looking at the scenario from a wholly different point of view, it also portends falling madly in love with someone

2. Dreaming about getting stabbed multiple times

If you were stabbed multiple times in a single dream plot, it is a sign that you feel overwhelmed in your waking life. 

The possibilities for you feeling that way are endless – perhaps your present job exhausts you, you find your daily chores too monotonous and dull, or maybe your partner stresses you out. 

3. Dreaming about getting stabbed by multiple people

The people in your dream probably symbolize those in your circle in the waking world. They could be friends, family, or colleagues. 

Whenever you are in trouble, those people might have hovered around you looking for ways to be of some help to you, which is great. But unfortunately, you feel that they are more of a hindrance to you than help. 

So, ultimately, the dream is a sign that you earnestly need some personal space for yourself. You want them to leave you alone to resolve your own issues. 

4. A dream that someone tried to stab you but didn’t 

In this case, your dream scenario is a sign that you are still not aware of your passion and desires though they are right in front of you. 

Your subconscious wants your conscious mind to be aware of what your inner self actually desires, which is why you saw the spectacle in your dream. 

5. Dreaming about defending yourself after getting stabbed

As per the plot, you will be able to overcome all the obstacles in your life. 

6. Dreaming that someone stabbed you on the head

A dream about someone stabbing you on your head signifies that others question or even ridicule your rationality and intelligence. 

For instance, we often get questioned by others on how and why we decide a certain something. 

Here, your subconscious wants you not to feel disheartened by such questions or actions. Because that person looked from his or her point of view and you went ahead looking at the matter from your perspective, both of which may be right. 

The dream could also be a sign that someone or a group of people has challenged your decision-making ability. Perhaps someone is trying to manipulate you by swaying you away from your actual goals. 

7. Dreaming about someone stabbing you in the eye

To see someone stabbing your eye in a dream shows that a person in your waking life has challenged your perception of a matter or a situation. 

8. A dream of being stabbed in the neck

Dreams of getting stabbed in the neck are associated with commitments. Perhaps you have trouble getting into a relationship because of your lack of commitment, or maybe you failed to commit to your job as required.

It may also be an indication that someone is challenging your ability to stay committed in a situation or a relationship. 

The scenario may also surface in your dream if someone is urging you to give up on something. Let’s say, your parents do not approve of the person you are seeing and might have asked you to end the relationship. 

Negatively, someone could be deliberately trying to stop you from committing to something. 

For example, let’s say you vowed to yourself that you would stay away from intoxicants. A few people who intend to destroy you will make fun of your commitment and encourage you to walk down the wrong path. 

9. Getting stabbed on the shoulder in a dream

If you dream about someone stabbing you in the shoulder, you may get yourself into an embarrassing matter. 

It may also mean you are trying to get into the heart of a matter to resolve it. 

10. Dreaming about getting stabbed on the arm

Most likely, someone has underestimated your capabilities and belittled you in your waking life. 

11. Someone stabbing your fingers in a dream

If you see your fingers getting stabbed in a dream, chances are someone will hurt your feelings in the waking world. 

12. Getting stabbed on your heart in a dream

Either you got deeply hurt by someone you really care about, or you have cardiovascular problems. 

Dreaming about someone stabbing you in the heart also shows that you have not healed from past heartache. Maybe the person you truly love ditched you mercilessly. 

The scenario may also surface if you are grieving for someone who recently passed away. 

13. Recurring dreams of someone stabbing you in the heart

If you repeatedly see dreams about another person stabbing you in the heart, it is a clear sign that you still feel the pain of getting rejected by your loved ones. Consequently, the occasion has left you scarred and afraid to commit to another person or relationship.

14. A dream of being stabbed in the chest

To see someone stabbing you on your chest shows that you are a sensitive person and easily get hurt by others’ words and comments.

15. Dreaming about being stabbed in the chest but not bleeding

According to the plot, there’s danger lurking around you, and your conscious mind is not yet aware of your vulnerable state.

16. A dream of being stabbed in the stomach

A dream of being stabbed in the stomach warns you against potential threats from your enemies. 

In some cases, they could be within your close-knit circle – maybe someone you consider to be a close friend, a relative, or even a sibling. The reason for the hatred could be jealousy.

17. A dream of being stabbed in the stomach while pregnant

The dream shows how you look for security in a certain situation or a relationship. Perhaps you feel that your present situation drains the soul out of you. Clearly, you are in need of mental and emotional support. 

18. Bleeding after someone stabbed you in the stomach/ abdomen in a dream

According to the situation, you still need to cater to an issue, which you believe is already resolved. 

19. Stabbed at your side in a dream

If you were stabbed at your sides in a dream, it means you are in a bad shape – emotionally and mentally. 

20. Getting stabbed on the back in a dream

To dream about getting stabbed on the back in a dream symbolizes deceit and betrayal from someone. 

21. Dreaming about your friend stabbing you on the back

If the one who stabbed your back within the dream scenario happens to be your friend, it is a sign that you are in a relationship with someone who has the potential to hurt and destroy you. It could be a romantic relationship, friendship, or business partnership. 

Often dreams let you know of facts, figures, and truths your conscious mind is not yet aware of. How you take and act upon it entirely depends on you. 

22. Getting stabbed on the thigh in a dream

To have a dream about getting stabbed on the thigh is a sign that you have overlooked an issue in your life. Due to your negligence, it has evolved and is about to go out of control. 

On the other hand, it could be a sign that unresolved matters from the past have come back to haunt you all over again. 

23. A dream about someone stabbing you on the leg

If someone stabbed you on your leg(s) in a dream, it denotes a clash of power between you and someone in your waking life. Chances are, you want to do something in your own way, according to your terms while the other person in question wants you to follow his or her lead. 

24. Getting stabbed on the knee in a dream

Likely, you have been employing unfair or unethical means to achieve something in your life. If you think this perfectly describes your situation, your subconscious wants you to know that you will achieve nothing through deceit. 

Well, even if you do, you will never be genuinely happy with the success. 

The scenario may also be highlighting a situation you want nothing to do with but feel compelled to get involved in. Perhaps your distant relatives, you rather dislike, are in trouble, and the only one who can help them out is you. 

25. A dream about someone stabbing you on your foot

Based on the plot, it is likely that someone has attacked or ridiculed your moral principles and values. 

26. Your parents stabbing you in a dream

To dream about your parents stabbing you shows that you no longer want to live under their rule and influence. Chances are, you have had a hard time trying to cope with what they want. 

Perhaps there’s always a contradiction between what they expect from you and what you want. Now, as indicated in the plot, you have had enough and have decided to break away from them. 

Nevertheless, it’s easier said than done. The plot shows that you feel overwhelmed as you try to stand on your own two feet without them dictating or taking control of you and your decisions. 

27. Dreaming about your partner stabbing you

Your partner stabbing you in your dream is closely associated with betrayal. 

Hold on!!!

Before you go to your partner and accuse him or her of infidelity, you need to question yourself.

Ask yourself if you constantly fear getting betrayed by him or her. If yes, the dream could be a projection of your insecurities. 

On the flip side, if you harbor no such negative emotions and beliefs, if the mere thought of your partner betraying you has never crossed your mind in waking life, you may start observing the behaviors of your partner. 

28. A dream about a stranger stabbing you

In this scenario, the stranger symbolizes your fear for the unknown, fear for what may or may not happen. 

Even though you yearn to do well and better, the dream shows that your fear of the unknown and uncertainty are preventing you from testing the waters. 

Here, your subconscious wants to let you know that you need to take risks every once in a while to know what works for you and what doesn’t. What you are afraid to take may be your ticket to riches and fortune. 

Remember, the only way to overcome fears is to face them!

29. Someone stabbing you with a sword in a dream

Based on the plot, you have a hidden personality, carefully concealed from the public eye. In all likelihood, you kept it within yourself because you are afraid that you will become a laughing stock. 

It may also stand for something you secretly desire – a hobby, passion, or a career you would like to pursue. 

Such a scenario may also symbolize a power struggle between you and someone else. 

30. Dreaming about someone stabbing you with a knife

According to the plot, you may have had a hunch that someone, your rival, probably wants to hurt you. 

Someone stabbing you with a knife in a dream is also a sign that you are surrounded by enemies in all directions. If that appropriately explains your case, you need to approach your ill-wishers and come to a negotiation with them, before they start doing anything to destroy you. 

The condition of the knife also plays a crucial role in the interpretation. If it was sharp, it means you will be able to resolve the differences faster than you had imagined. 

On the other hand, if it was blunt, your dream is letting you know that resolving the issue won’t be easy. 

31. Getting stabbed by an arrow in a dream

The scenario warns you to be extra cautious at your workplace because there will be several opportunities – for you to mess up for work life. 

Also, the dream advises you not to share too much information about yourself with your colleagues because unbeknownst to you, they might have ulterior motives against you. 

32. Getting stabbed by a spear and seeing blood oozing out in a dream

This is a positive sign and shows that you will win over something and likely receive a reward. It may also symbolize good health.

33. A dream about getting stabbed with scissors

In the dream world, scissors symbolize disorderliness and chaos. Therefore, to dream about getting stabbed with a pair of scissors means your emotional life is in shambles. 

On the other hand, it may imply that you are taking life and situations way too seriously. 

In some instances, the dream could be letting you know beforehand that you are about to cut ties with some people in your life. 

34. Dreaming about someone stabbing you with a screwdriver

The dream represents the conflict between civilized nobility and animalistic instincts within you. It could also be a sign that you are trying your best to defend your feelings and emotions from getting hurt. 

35. Seeing pools of blood after someone stabbed you in a dream

The dream is associated with unresolved issues from the past. Problems and heartaches that still cause you immense pain the moment you recall them. 

36. Dreaming that you were chased and stabbed in a dream

To get the precise meaning of this dream, it’s important to ask yourself several questions. 

Who chased you? Was it someone you recognize or was it a stranger?

Where did he or she chase you? 

Were you on the verge of escaping when he or she finally stabbed you? Or did that person stabbed you easily? 

Recall the answers to these questions for the precise meaning. Having said that, in a broad sense, the dream signifies tension in the real world. 

Perhaps you feel overwhelmed by people and situations in reality, and you feel running away is a better option than facing them. 

Since you did not succeed in escaping, it means that person or issue will catch up with you no matter how far you try to run away. So, instead of pushing them away, making things worse, your subconscious encourages you to face them at the earliest and be at peace. 

37. Dreaming that you were robbed and stabbed in a dream

To have a dream about getting robbed and stabbed afterward could mean someone is imposing his or her ideas on you leaving hardly any room to exercise your own thoughts and decisions. 

However, the dream shows that you have little to no regard for this particular person. But despite that, you are bound to go according to his or her direction. And so far, you have not succeeded in breaking free from that person’s grip. 

38. Stabbed to death in a dream

Though the scenario portends negativity at face value, it is actually a good sign foretelling longevity, wealth, and fortune. 

Spiritually, someone stabbing you to death in a dream shows that you are spiritually evolving. 

Alternately, other experts have different things to say about this particular scenario. Getting stabbed and dying in a dream could mean the worst luck for you. According to the latter group of experts, anything you start or get involved in around this time would be an utter failure. 

So, the dream advises you to be patient and not rush into anything until the streak of ill luck passes by. 

39. Dream of being stabbed but not dying

Surviving a stab in a dream reflects your resilience. Since you got stabbed in the dream, your life path will definitely not be an easy one – be it on a personal or professional front. However, since you survived, it shows that you will win over all the obstacles. 

Unquestionably, it would be your unfaltering determination that will help you get through to success. 

40. Dreaming about people stabbing one another simultaneously

Sometimes you will see disturbing scenes of people stabbing one another simultaneously. That is a negative sign. The environment you are in – be it your family, workplace, or friend circle is entirely unsafe for you. That particular environment will cause you more harm than good. 

So, the dream could be a sign that you need to move away, the sooner, the better, for your welfare. 

41. Dreaming about stab wounds

To begin with, dreaming of the above plot shows that you are anticipating something. And in all likelihood, you are skeptical of what is to happen. 

Maybe you sat for an interview and are 100% sure you won’t get through. Or perhaps you are skeptical about the medical reports you will receive soon. 

42. Seeing a stab wound on your side in a dream

Interestingly, the interpretation of this dream could be poles apart depending on the events and details within. 

Take note of how big and deep the wound was for precise meaning. 

43. Dreaming about stabbing yourself with a sharp object

A dream about stabbing yourself with a sharp object such as a knife is associated with feelings of sorrow, guilt, and regret. It is also associated with depression. 

Dreaming of the scenario is a sign that you have likely hurt someone, most probably a closed one in a fit of anger. For instance, let’s say you slapped your toddler because he or she disturbed you while you were on the phone. 

In due time, you might have realized that the person you have hurt does not deserve such sort of unfair treatment, and the scenario shows that the guilt of hurting that innocent person is haunting you. 

Stabbing yourself in a dream may also happen if there’s something you really dislike about yourself. In all probability, you want to get rid of it. 

44. Stabbing yourself and seeing a lot of blood

To dream about stabbing yourself and blood oozing out of the wound indicates that you may get injured in the real world. 

45. Dreaming about stabbing yourself to commit suicide

According to the above scenario, the time is ripe for you to leave your present job and seek another one. 

46. Stabbing and killing yourself in a dream

The scenario portends death but not yours. Someone you think is unpleasant and toxic beyond words is on the verge of dying. 

47. Trying to stab someone in a dream

The dream scenario of you trying to stab someone is very much different from other scenes. Here, the act stands for your empathetic nature, your wishes to understand someone else’s pains and struggles. 

48. Dream of stabbing someone

Usually, a dream about stabbing someone reflects the hate you feel towards someone after getting betrayed by him or her. 

The dream may have happened because you haven’t sorted out a way to deal with those negative emotions in your waking life.

On the other hand, the dream may be symbolizing your fears of someone deceiving you.

Stabbing someone in a dream may also be a sign that you are snatching something away from another person. Perhaps you wish to hurt him or her in the most painful way possible. 

Having said that, your dream of stabbing someone may also have to do with your independence. Perhaps you long to be freed like a bird in reality. 

You must also remember that a dream spectacle of stabbing someone is also closely associated with self-defense. Perhaps the dream is a sign that you are vulnerable to hate and violence and are greatly in need of protection. 

49. Stabbing someone multiple times in a dream

Such a scenario is common if you feel distressed and anxious in your reality. In that case, the dream could be a reflection of your emotions. 

Stabbing someone multiple times in a dream may also happen if the person you have strong emotions for, does not reciprocate your feelings. 

50. Dreaming about stabbing someone on the neck

Such a dream scenario shows you are angry or jealous over someone else’s commitment.

51. A dream about stabbing someone’s hands

This is a negative sign showing you are jealous of someone else’s competence. To outdo that person, you could be making plans to sabotage his or her achievements. 

Be honest about your intentions, and if the above interpretation fits your present circumstances, the scenario could be warning you to stop processing your evil thoughts then and there. 

Instead, figure out if there is a fair way to get better than that person. Perhaps you can try working 3X harder!

52. Stabbing someone on the leg in a dream 

Contrary to someone stabbing you on your leg, a dream scenario about you stabbing someone else’s leg shows you are trying to stop someone from being independent. Instead, you want him or her to act according to your whims and fancies. 

53. Dreaming about stabbing someone during a fight

The scenario of ruthlessly stabbing someone during a fight symbolizes failure. 

54. Dreaming about stabbing your partner

According to the dream, your relationship with your partner will be rocky around the time you have this dream. Your partner may compel you to rethink and reevaluate your relationship.

It may also stand for unresolved issues between the two of you. If that resonates, the dream happened to tell you not to keep it under the rug any longer. 

55. Dreaming about stabbing your enemy

The first question you need to ask yourself if you ever dream of the scenario is ‘Why?’.

Why did you stab him or her?

If the incident happened while trying to defend yourself, it means you are trying to safeguard your interests in reality. Alternatively, if you committed the act without a reason, the scenario could be foretelling a shameful situation. 

Dwelling further on this scenario, what if your enemy struck back and won over you despite getting stabbed and injured? 

That we will discuss in the following sections. 

56. Dreaming about the enemy striking back with a knife or a dagger pierce through his back

Sometimes, you will see dramatic situations in your dream state. It’s no surprise to see someone fighting you back after you stab him or her ruthlessly.

But what could be the meaning of that? 

Well, nothing positive, as you might have inferred. 

According to the plot, your relationships with your close one will suffer and worsen significantly. Additionally, these instances will have a negative impact on your professional life as well. 

57. Dreaming about stabbing a stranger

To dream about stabbing a stranger is a reflection of your low self-esteem. 

58. Dreaming about stabbing a doll

As per the plot, you are trying to get rid of some habits – habits that have been with you for a long time. Eventually, you might have realized the harm they are incurring on you and your life. Perhaps your habits are starting to control you. 

The act of stabbing the object means you are not able to stay away from those habits even though you desperately want to. Hence, your frustration with yourself is projected in the act. 

59. Stabbing a cow in a dream

To have a dream wherein you stabbed a cow indicates that you are weak. 

Alternatively, some dream interpreters believe stabbing an animal denotes profit in the waking world. As the meaning could be anything from good to bad, you must be very sure about your stance in the real world to get an accurate interpretation. 

60. Dreaming about stabbing a wolf

People often dream about stabbing a wolf when they are heading towards achievements and career changes in the waking world. 

However, note this: It’s not going to be a piece of cake, and you would need to let go of some of your moral values and principles to accomplish your goals. 

61. Dreaming about stabbing a predatory fish

In the first place, dreaming of the above spectacle shows that you are having financial troubles. And the scenario denotes that you would finally be able to resolve them – by seeking the help of an acquaintance. 

62. Dreaming about stabbing your enemy with a pitchfork

In waking life, if your rival is making threats to destroy you, don’t let them disturb you emotionally or mentally. In all likelihood, he or she is way beyond what you perceive him or her to be and can do nothing to hurt you. 

63. Dream of stabbing someone with a knife

Stabbing someone with a knife in a dream is associated with resentful feelings against someone in your waking life. 

64. Dreaming about stabbing someone with a blunt knife

Broadly speaking, the scenario signifies toxic relationships in your life. 

If you are trying hard to defeat someone, in reality, the dream could be a sign that your efforts would be futile. 

65. A dream about stabbing someone with a dagger

You are fortunate if you see yourself stabbing someone with a dagger in a dream. According to the dream, you would get rid of all the obstacles and find out ways to improve your life. 

Experts assert that this type of scenario is usually experienced by women who feel that they are getting belittled or even abused by their partners. 

66. Getting stabbed with a dagger from behind

The plot is closely related to unexpected and unanticipated changes. Life is unpredictable. Anything may occur at any point in time and the scenario warns you to prepare yourself for any unforeseen changes. 

Such dreams are often experienced by people who live with the constant fear of betrayal. 

67. Dreaming that you saw someone getting stabbed in a dream

In a dream, if you witness someone getting stabbed, the dream scenario means either you are dominating over someone or someone is doing the same to you.

On the other hand, the plot also denotes that you are moving into a toxic environment. Perhaps you got a job at a workplace with a toxic work culture. 

From another perspective, it could be a sign that your enemies will use your weaknesses to turn your loved ones against you. 

68. Seeing a loved one getting stabbed in a dream 

If you dream of the above scenario, there’s a strong possibility that he or she has gotten involved with something dangerous. And that makes you feel insecure and anxious about their safety. 

However, despite your fears, the dream further indicates that you feel powerless. Most likely you are not in a position to help him or her.

69. Dreaming about your partner getting stabbed

Based on the plot, you are deeply concerned about your present ways of living and of the decisions you have taken. 

70. Watching someone get stabbed in a dream

In your dream, if you watch a person stabbing someone else, the scenario is warning you against people who are trying to destroy you. Now, the good news is these people will not stay in the corner and wait for the opportunity to pounce on you. 

Instead, they will try to get close to you, will push their way into your close-knit circle. So, if you are curious about who these people are, you need to be on the lookout for those trying hard to get your attention. 

Look out for people who appear extra nice and friendly because to be very precise they mean harm. 

Stabbing Dream Meaning: Different Dreamers

71. A woman dreaming about getting stabbed

In case a woman dreams about someone stabbing her, the dream is most likely related to pressures and responsibilities in her waking life.

72. A woman feeling pained after being stabbed in a dream

If you are a woman and were in a lot of pain in your dream after someone stabbed you, it could be a reflection of your feelings. According to the plot, you believe and are dead convinced that your partner does not understand you, and the dream is a projection of that. 

73. A man dreaming about someone stabbing him

If anyone from the masculine gender has a dream about someone stabbing him, it is a sign that he has negative feelings against someone or vice versa. 

74. A patient dreaming about being stabbed in the chest

If a patient dreams about another person stabbing him or her in the chest, it is a sign that his or her illness has passed the critical period. Though it will take time, the dream shows that he or she is on the way to recovery. 

Psychological Interpretation Of Dreams About Stabbing

Psychologically, dreaming about getting stabbed or stabbing someone reflects your fear of insecurity towards others. 

Do you constantly try to please other people, afraid you will let them down at any point? 

You need to ask yourself this question because you probably do. 

Perhaps if you delve deeper and analyze every detail within the dream, you may be able to find out the aspect of your life you are trying to prove – you may be trying to get a brownie point from your boss, or maybe you are trying to prove yourself worthy of the person you are currently seeing. 

Stabbing Dream Meaning: 3 Dream Examples

1. A woman dreamt about getting stabbed with a butcher’s knife

It turns out that the woman is not so healthy and often undergoes surgeries. 

2. A woman dreamt about stabbing her sister again and again throughout the body

Turns out the sister in question had passed away leaving the woman hurt beyond words. In reality, she went to her sister’s room and showered bad words on God for snatching away her sister from her. 

In this case, the stabbing represents how she stabbed God through her words.

3. A woman dreamt about avoiding getting stabbed

In waking life, she was resisting the urge to further help some people who she believed were rather ungrateful. 

Here, the scenario signifies how she could have wasted more money, time, and effort on them (getting stabbed) had she not seen through their true colors (the act of avoiding the stab).

Who Often Dreams Of Getting Stabbed?

In the words of psychologists, “emotionally depleted people and in desperate need of love and affection dream of stabbing more than anyone else”

Such scenarios are also most likely to appear in your sleep state if you have lost trust in your loved ones. 

Interestingly, it is also quite common to see such acts in your dream if people around you look forward to your downfall. 

Possible Reasons Why You Dream Of Getting Stabbed

Some of the most probable reasons for your stab dream are:

  1. Before you go to bed, you watch a thriller movie or a scene. The dream can also happen if you read an article on the same subject recently. 
  2. You have resentful feelings towards someone.
  3. Someone betrayed your trust.
  4. You could see such dreams if you think you are lagging behind. To be precise, you constantly get disturbed by the fact that your peers are doing better than you. 
  5. You have trouble controlling your negative emotions and behaviors. 
  6. The scenario may also portray your competitiveness towards another person. This especially holds true if the person you stabbed in your dream is someone you know in real life. In such cases, the dream may be warning you to take it easy. 
  7. You feel anxious about a close one’s safety. 
  8. You are planning to get back at someone for hurting you.  
  9. It may also happen if you are going through a rough patch with regard to your professional life. 
  10. You feel depressed in your waking life. 
  11. Sometimes, the person who is committing the act of stabbing symbolizes repressed feelings and complexes within you. 
  12. Someone will most likely betray you. This applies only when you dream of someone stabbing you. 
  13. You are having trouble dealing with your real-life situations and events. 
  14. There’s something you don’t like about yourself. 
  15. The dream indicates a lack of control if you know the identity of the person who stabbed you. 
  16. You will manage to beat all odds.
  17. Some scenarios represent your efforts to defeat someone turning into futility. 

Ask Yourself These Few Questions To Have a Clear Idea of Your Stab Dreams

Before you delve deep into the scenario, recall your dream by asking yourself these few questions:

  1. What was your role in the dream? Were you the victim or the perpetrator?
  2. If you were the victim, who stabbed you? Was it a stranger or someone you know?
  3. In case you were the perpetrator, who did you stab, and for what reason?
  4. If you were stabbed, which part of your body was wounded? How big or deep was the wound?
  5. If you did the stabbing, which part of the victim’s body did you stab?
  6. Where did the crime take place?
  7. Was blood present in the dream? 
  8. Did anyone die?
  9. In some cases, you will see yourself as a witness. In that case, recall who stabbed who?
  10. Take careful note of the object used in the act – it could be a sword, dagger, knife, scissors, etc. 
  11. How did you feel within the dream? Were you gripped with fear, or were you relaxed and indifferent to the whole matter?
  12. How did you feel when you woke up from the dream? 


As we near the end of the post regarding a dream of being stabbed, we hope we have cleared your perceptions on such types of dreams

Again, let us remind you that seeing someone stab you or you stabbing someone in a dream does not mean the same will happen in the waking world. 

While dealing with dream interpretations, you must at all times look for what is within and not what was portrayed on the surface. That is the only way you will have an accurate meaning of your scenario.