Dream of being tricked means you need love and acceptance in your personal and professional life. It shows that you want some relief from your work burdens. Often, it implies that you are making big sacrifices in life, which usually goes unnoticed. 

So, read to know more!

What Do Dreams of Being Tricked Generally Mean?

If you have dreamt about being tricked, it indicates that you need to stop sharing your vulnerabilities and life story with everyone.

You want to escape from a part of your life. Or, something is exhausting you. So, let’s dive deeper here!

Good luck

This signifies that you will get lucky soon. People will appreciate and support your efforts. Your most anticipated moments are close.

Power gain 

It indicates that you will gain more power and can use it better. This power will help you get a better position, and more people will start listening to you and taking your advice.


It signifies that you are trying to balance different parts of your life.

You understand that this balance is extremely important, and sometimes you cannot achieve your goals without it, which increases your tension.

Emotional burden

A common meaning is that you feel an extreme emotional burden. This burden can come from your work, education, and personal life.

You do not find anyone who can help you get rid of this burden and deal with it better.


It indicates that your anxiety is now making itself extremely visible and manifesting in different ways.

You are trying hard to deal with it effectively; hence, it is better to get in touch with a professional who can guide you better.

Out of your reach

This predicts that things will be so out of your reach that you will have difficulty understanding how to get past it. 

It is the right time to use your good analytical skills and solve the situation efficiently.

There can be initial setbacks, but with time, you will understand ways to solve them.

Clean your bad karma

It signifies that you need to cleanse your bad karma actively. It is because your karma is in your own hands. Otherwise, this vision will keep on haunting you.


It is a sign of repression and that you are returning to the bad life stages that added to your miseries. This might be a work-related issue or even your personal life.

Rapid success

Sometimes, it also signifies that a lot of success is coming your way, and you must learn how to handle it well.

It is best to take some time and take the right step to handle your success better.


Often, it represents that people surrounding you do not want your growth and are stopping you in the way.

They create deliberate problems so you cannot achieve what you want.


In this dream, you will usually notice that you have fallen for someone’s lies and have ended up being manipulated by them.

It indicates that you are questioning the honesty of someone around you who might be lying to you.

Common Dreams About Being Tricked & Meanings

Remember the scenario of your dream about being tricked and recollect the small details. Those it-bits can help you a lot to decode the message. So, c’mon, let’s get started!

Being tricked by a close person

This means they have betrayed you in your waking hours. Alternatively, it indicates that someone is there around you whom you do not trust.

Being tricked by authority

It means you feel unsafe in your workspace. You currently feel helpless.

Dream about being tricked by yourself

It represents your own denial in an aspect of your life. However, subconsciously, you know the truth behind it.

A word from ThePleasantDream

Dreaming about being tricked can mean a lot of things, from losing self-respect and finding it difficult to believe in yourself again. It can also mean you feel vulnerable and have a sense of competition in your professional life. 

However, the exact meaning of your dream can differ. Hence, the scenarios, dream symbols, personality, and life setting play an important role in deciphering the meaning. So, think calmly to figure things out!

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