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Dreaming about Betrayal – 60 Scenarios and Interpretations

Dreaming about Betrayal – 60 Scenarios and Interpretations

Updated on Jan 18, 2023 | Published on Oct 25, 2022

Reviewed by Dr. Nereida Gonzalez-Berrios, MD , Certified Psychiatrist

Dreaming about Betrayal - 60 Scenarios and Interpretations

Betrayal hurts. But what about dream of betrayal? Let’s see.

These situations in your sleep are often associated with your feelings towards obstacles in life. Besides, these dreams are manifestations of your subconscious that represent some issues or emotions that need solving. 

And here such dreams are interpreted to help you understand your psyche. So let’s dig in –

Dream of Betrayal – General Interpretations 

A dream of betrayal often suggests some negative situations in your life. It tells about trust issues, guilt, fear, insecurities, danger, being vulnerable, and so on. Often it shows you the path of forgiveness, healing, growth, and moving on.

A dream of betrayal are often the happenings of the waking life that are projected into your sleep state. These scenarios usually carry a message that you should pay close attention to. 

Some of the general interpretations of dreams of betrayal are given below –

1. Often it tells you that it is important for you to get to know yourself. 

2. It indicates the arrival of good times.

3. You will have to fight for what is important for you.

4. You should consider the consequences before taking any action.

5. There is trouble in your immediate future. Besides, you feel guilt or fear. 

6. You are very powerful and influential. 

7. You have lost direction in life and can be in some vulnerable situations.

Dreaming about Betrayal – 60 Scenarios and Interpretations

Dreams of betrayal hold many significant meanings. Dream interpreters have tried to explain many dream scenarios of betrayal. Some of these have been explained below. 

Read on to find out what your dream of betrayal could mean for you!

1. Dream of Facing Betrayal

Dreams of facing betrayal are an indication that you are feeling guilty for someone else’s mistakes. These dreams reflect your feelings about things in your life.

It is a sign that you are feeling anxious about something that has not happened yet. 

2. Dream of Betrayal by Someone You Trust 

This dream symbolises good times in the future. You need to be alone for a while. This will be a good time for you to think about your relationships

You want to have a happy future. You should work hard for it.

3. Dream of Betrayal by You

You are exhibiting signs of worry. Or, you are anxious that you will experience failure in the smallest things. 

Besides, it might show you will re-examine all decisions that you have made till date.  You will be worried and stressed about the future of your children. 

4. Dream of Betrayal by a Friend 

You have lost your confidence in life. This dream scenario indicates your loss of faith in yourself. 

You find that you are very confused in life. You don’t know where to go from this point onward. The world seems to be standing still around you.

5. Dream of Betrayal by Co-Worker 

This dream represents your feelings of guilt. You have made mistakes and are feeling guilty for them. Besides, you should think about your actions.

You will realize that your thoughts and behavior have caused harm to many people who care for you. 

6. Dreams of Betrayal by a Loved One

This dream refers to your desire for power and control. If you see dreams of betrayal by a loved one, it is a sign that you want to dominate over others with your power.

You are influential for people around you. You want to use this for your personal benefits.

7. Dreams of Betrayal by Partner

This dream reflects your emotional dependency on others. It can prove to be dangerous for you as well as for your relationship

If you have been unfaithful to your partner, this dream is a symbol of the passion you feel for them. 

8. Dreams of Betrayal by Family 

If you are having dreams of betrayal by family, you are confused about life. You have lost directions about what you want to achieve.

Your situation in waking life is a mess. You sleep to escape reality but your problems are following you in your dreams. 

9. Dream of Betrayal by Best Friend 

You feel like your best friend is doing something behind your back. Maybe you are having a hard time trusting them. 

You feel like you deserve a best friend like them. This indicates poor self image and self esteem. 

10. Dream of Betrayal by a Brother

This dream is very symbolic. It is a sign that there is someone in your life who you can completely trust.

The person may be someone you already know in your waking life. They are very reliable and supportive.

11. Dream of Betrayal by Parents

This dream scenario is often associated with your past and childhood. You faced major problems in your youth because of your weaknesses. 

Maybe you haven’t received much support from your parents in your childhood. 

12. Dream of Betrayal of Ownself 

You have done something in your waking life that is very disappointing. Or, you feel angry and refuse to accept your mistakes.

Besides, you believe that your actions have betrayed your thoughts. You are sufficiently warned to think before you act. 

13. Dream of Betrayal by Business Partner

Your business partner has revealed business secrets and betrayed you. Such dreams suggest that your future assignments will oppose your moral grounds. 

You are desperate for things to work out professionally. You will find yourself agreeing to things you wouldn’t normally do. 

14. Dream of Betrayal by Government 

This dream is a sign that your beliefs are in conflict with the way your state government works. You do not agree to their management and politics. You have transferred your negative feelings into your dream state. 

15. Dream of Betrayal by God

This dream usually represents some disappointment with a loved one. Your role model in your waking life has let you down. Besides, you had once respected them tremendously. 

Maybe you are doubting your own qualities. You don’t have faith in yourself.

16. Dreams of Accusations of Betrayal 

You are having such dreams because you will soon engage in an argument with a stubborn person. They will not be willing to accept the truth that you present before them.

You have decided not to waste your time and energy on meaningless things. This is an important life lesson for you.

17. Dream of Betrayal by an Acquaintance 

You are trying to hide your worries and insecurities in front of others, but you are feeling burdened because of them.

Now is the time when you will finally be able to solve all your problems in life. 

18.  Dream of Betrayal by Sister

If you are having such dreams, it means that you are feeling pity for yourself. You will be sorry for your current situation. 

You are just projecting your own feelings of self pity and sorry to someone else in your dream state. 

19. Dream of Betrayal by Teacher

You feel doubtful of certain things in life. You need to be careful and wary of these emotions as they can create more troubles for you.

Your actions might end up hurting others around you. 

You have to open yourself up to be able to trust people in your life. 

20. Dream of Betrayal by Father

You are feeling anxious. You are worrying about things that haven’t happened yet. These dreams are signs of severe childhood trauma.

You should make sure not to let these feelings influence your thoughts and behaviour. You should try not to move ahead with your suspicions. 

21. Dream of Betrayal by your Sweetheart

This dream is a warning sign for the dreamers. The plot suggests that you need to be more selective when it comes to choosing romantic partners.

Your privacy in your waking life is being compromised. 

22. Dream of Betrayal by Husband 

If you are a girl and are having dreams like this, it suggests that you feel your husband has an internal disposition to do that in your waking life. You should be more careful of how you behave around him in your future. 

You should try to mend your relationship before something tears you apart. 

23. Dream of Betrayal by Wife

This dream plot suggests that you are feeling guilt and remorse because you have made some dirty transactions in life. You are engaged in illegal activities and want to put the blame on someone else. 

24. Dream of Betrayal by Grandparents 

You are feeling emotionally uncertain. This dream refers to your feelings of loneliness. You feel like you have no one to share your sorrows with. 

Your subconscious is trying to tell you that you are becoming too dependent on others for small things. 

25. Dream of Betrayal by Boss

You are upset with the way things have turned out in your waking life. 

You are not adjusting well to the frank behaviour of some people you are associated with. 

26. Dream of You Betraying Your Best Friend

Often it tells about guilt and jealousy. This dream also carries a negative message which is a symbol for some troubles ahead in your life.

27. Dream of You Betraying Your Child

It shows that you are feeling guilty as a parent. Besides, it shows misunderstandings between you and your loved ones.

28. Dream of You Betraying in Love

Often it shows that you are not sure about your feelings. Besides, maybe you are in a strong dilemma and make your choice. 

29. Dream of You Betraying at Workplace

Often it shows your ambitions and temptations to go for any means to grow in your career. 

30. Dream of You Betraying for a Promotion

Often it is a sign that your practical mind and your principles are at conflict. Now it is your decision what you would choose.

31. Dream of You Betraying to Win a Competition

It shows that you are in a very competitive environment which is affecting your life decisions and actions. 

32. Dream of You Betraying Your Country

Mostly it shows that you might be in a life changing situation and can’t decide your next course of action. Be careful of your decisions. 

33. Dream of You Betraying Your Team

Often it shows that you need to control your temptations and make decisions that you don’t regret in the long run. 

34. Dream of You Betraying Your Colleagues

Often it shows that maybe you are getting jealous or too competitive in your professional front. So you need to work upon yourself and your priorities.

35. Dream of You Betraying Your Classmates

Often it shows that you are being selfish in your decisions. Though this seems like an easy way now, it would hurt you later since you need to deal with the same people in the long run. So be careful about your decisions.

36. Dream of You Betraying Your Roommate

Often it suggests that you are getting frustrated with your lifestyle or situation and desperately want to change it. 

37. Dream of You Betraying Your Friend with Their Ex

Often it shows some bad decisions in your waking life. Besides, maybe there’s some conflict going on with your loved one and you might have felt like hurting them.

38. Dream of Getting to Know about Your Close Ones Betrayal on You

Often it shows that you need to be more aware about your surroundings. 

39. Dream of Not Believing in Someone Warning You about Betrayal

It shows your carelessness or ignorance that you need to work upon.

40. Dream of Catching Someone in the Act of Betrayal

Often it shows a crude realisation. You are very powerful and can influence people who look up to you.

41. Dream of Fearing Relationships because of Past Betrayal

Often it is a sign of some underlying trauma or fear showing up in your sleep

42. Dream of Calling Off Your Wedding because of a Betrayal

Mostly it shows courage and a strong action. It shows that you need to prioritise yourself and your happiness.

43. Dream of Betrayal by Your Mother

Often it says that you are deeply hurt by someone or something. 

44. Dream of Witnessing Someone Getting Betrayed

Usually it shows your empathy and concern for someone. Besides, it shows that you might be feeling nervous for your loved one. 

45. Dream of Betrayal in Business 

Often it shows your financial fears and concerns. Besides, it tells you to be more careful about your decisions. 

46. Dream of Betrayal in a War

Mostly it shows some kind of emotionally overwhelming situation, a trauma, or something that you need to address and heal. 

47. Dream of Asking for Forgiveness for Your Betrayal

Mostly it is a sign of healing and a positive step towards your wellbeing.

48. Dream of Confessing a Betrayal

Often it shows guilt, courage, and a step towards growth.

49. Dream of Betrayal in a Treasure Hunt

It shows that you are in a complicated situation where everyone is opportunistic. 

50. Dream of Betrayal in a Sports Match

Often it shows a chance to make it big that comes with a price. 

51. Dream of Betrayal by Your Pet

Often it shows being hurt by someone very close to you.

52. Dream of Accusing Someone of Betrayal 

Usually it shows your own insecurities and fears. 

53. Dream of Someone Killing You by Betrayal 

It shows being deeply hurt by someone. You need to be more careful. 

54. Dream of You Killing Someone by Betrayal 

Often it shows temptations and negative emotions leading to an extreme situation. 

55. Dream of Betraying Your Pet

It shows things that you are in a dilemma about something that might hurt your loved ones. 

56. Dream of Fear of Betrayal

This dream is a manifestation of your own actions in your waking life.

57. Dream of Dying because of a Betrayal

You are in need of a greater sense of security in your waking life. 

58. Dream of Blackmailing Someone about Revealing Their Betrayal

Your disapproval has left a strong impression in your mind.

59. Dream of Getting Depressed because of a Betrayal

This dream scenario is often associated with your feelings of anger and disappointment that you need to vent.

60. Dream of Moving On with Life after a Betrayal

Often these are signs that you will soon experience good times in the future.

Spiritual Meaning of Betrayal Dreams

Spiritually, a dream of betrayal often carries a significant meaning about your inner fears and guilds. So you need to take it as a sign to work upon yourself and grow as a person. Besides, it shows healing and self discovery

Often it shows that you might have feelings that are stopping you from being what you are. Let things be. It doesn’t always make sense. You’ll find your solace within. 

Biblical Meaning of Betrayal Dreams

Biblically, often it symbolises Christ’s betrayal by Judas. It reminds us of forgiving and healing. Besides, it can be a sign that you need to reflect upon what kind of people and emotions you are surrounding yourself with. 

And choose the path of compassion, love, gratitude, and devotion. There’s always another chance in life. 

Psychological Meaning of Betrayal Dreams 

Psychologically, these dreams are an indication that you should get to know yourself better. It shows that you will learn something important about yourself. 

Besides, you will realize what is important and fight for it. Often it shows that you feel confused about what you are doing with your time. And you seem to have lost direction in your life. 

Closing Thoughts  

Often it is your inner fears, guilt, insecurities, or healing process that is expressed through this dream. So you need to reflect upon its signs to understand what your mind might want to tell you. Besides, it can be a call to pay heed to the negative emotions you might be harboring within you but trying to neglect. 

So take it as a sign. Acknowledge your emotions. Address your issues. Embrace yourself. 

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