A dream of Buddha meaning may symbolize your pursuit of peace and tranquility in the waking world. Dreams featuring Buddha are also associated with success, wealth, and fame.

Dream of Buddha Meaning – A General Interpretation

Generally, a dream featuring Buddha is a good sign. It stands for success, profit, and prosperity. 

But many scenarios also deal with much deeper themes such as the pursuit of peace and harmony, spirituality, and the need to let go of greed, ideas, thoughts, feelings, and emotions that contribute to mental chaos. 

Buddha in dreams or statues of the enlightened one is also closely related to difficulty in getting your feelings and emotions through to the other side or to the person concerned. 

Dreaming of Buddha Meaning – Various Plots And Their Interpretations

Despite its overall positive outlook, not all scenarios linked with Buddha auger well. For instance, the interpretation of a furious Buddha may not have the most pleasant message. 

Nonetheless, we have included some common scenarios with their respective general meanings for your convenience. 

Seeing Buddha in a dream

Usually, Buddha in dreams is a positive sign symbolizing patience, compassion, inner peace, wisdom, wealth, and fame. 

However, you still need to dig deeper into the details for an accurate interpretation. 

Dream that you heard the voice of Buddha

For working professionals, hearing Buddha’s voice in a dream foretells a potential promotion. 

Even though you are not one, you can expect your situation to improve significantly, especially if you aren’t presently doing well. 

Dream of meeting Buddha on the road

Meeting Buddha on the road in a dream could mean you are on the path to spiritual enlightenment

Dream of sitting with Buddha

The universe will start favoring you if you sit near or alongside Buddha. As your luck improves, your problems will start to diminish one after the other. 

Buddha entering your house

Buddha entering your house in a dream suggests your loved ones are pretty worried about your professional life. 

However, you would prove that they fretted for nothing by proving yourself. The vision of Buddha stepping into your house portends growth and prosperity in your work life. 

An angry Buddha

An angry Buddha portends trying times in your waking life. Almost everything will work against you for quite some time after the dream happens. 

Buddha holding a sword in his hand

The scenario symbolizes your victory over the enemy. 

Buddha holding himself

Buddha holding himself in a dream denotes you will have a pretty long life. 

Buddha looking at his navel

If you see Buddha looking at his navel in a dream, that could be a sign that good luck is with you.

Buddha attacking you

This signifies feelings of insecurity, discontentment, and hopelessness in your waking life. 

Seeing yourself worshiping Buddha

According to the scenario, you have a tendency of holding back what you think and feel. You don’t share your ideas and opinions with others easily. 

Seeing yourself adorning Buddha

It reflects your inability to share your feelings and emotions with others. 

Buddha speaking to you

Buddha speaking to you in a dream signifies calmness in life. 

Either you are in a state of sheer calmness or you need to learn how to control your emotions during perturbing moments. 

Talking to Buddha

Talking to Buddha in a dream foretells you’ll be blessed in every way around this time. 

Seeing a Buddhist temple

Here, the temple symbolizes emotional, physical, and spiritual protection. 

From another approach, a Buddhist monk in a dream indicates you seek deeper knowledge and understanding of yourself. 

Learning the teachings of Buddhism

If you dream of learning the teachings of Buddhism, the dream suggests you need to reevaluate whether you are on the right path in life or not.

Being a Buddhist

The interpretation of the dream depends on your religious beliefs in the waking world.

On the contrary, if you are not a Buddhist in real life, the plot is a sign that someone wants your guidance on certain areas of his or her life but lacks the courage to reach out to you.

Spiritual Meaning Of Buddha Dreams

From the spiritual point of view, Buddha in dreams may symbolize a spiritual awakening.

On the other hand, the dream may suggest the need to pursue inner peace instead of earthly riches and fortune.


Therefore, a dream of Buddha meaning can be decoded from various perspectives.

While some are closely related to emotions, others may indicate the need for spiritual growth and development. 

Also, you must note that not every scenario about Buddha augers well. A few can imply negativities. But you must not let that discourage you because every dream happens for a reason and bad dreams are often an opportunity for you to right the wrongs.