Dream about a house is symbolic of your identity, your body, protection, and security, seeking comfort in a relationship, or elevating your commitment, personal beliefs, and perspectives, and taking things for granted.  

Dream about a House - 179 Scenarios & Their Interpretations
Dream about a House – 179 Scenarios & Their Interpretations

General Dream Interpretation of a House

General meaning and interpretation of a dream about a house are often tied to the various parts of the house and the condition of the house.

However, there is a small list of general interpretations mentioned below:

  • Identity – It represents the kind of person you portray to be and the person that you are.
  • Body – It can be a representation of your body in waking life. 
  • Security – A damaged house indicates that you do not feel safe in the outside world. 
  • Commitment – Dreaming about a house focuses on aspects of commitment. 
  • Take for Granted – It suggests that there is a habit or a perspective that you have taken for granted all along.

Spiritual Interpretation

Spiritually, dreaming of a house is symbolic of your craving for a change, buying a new house, taking on new projects to enhance your spiritual imagination, and finally a reflection of inner unconscious work.

Additionally, it is a sign that you desire to assume new responsibilities and projects. This will drive you to exploit your spiritual imagination to manifest your needs and wants. 

Dream about a House – Common Types & Interpretations

Dream about A Big House 

Something in your life is devastating and you are overwhelmed by it. Additionally, you are attempting to grow into something. 

Dream about A Small House

A dream like this is a sign that you are running away from a problem and you feel feeble. Subsequently, you feel restricted which urges you to ask yourself if you need to grow or mature.

Dream about Childhood Home

This dream of childhood home indicates that you are ready to settle down and start a family. It also reflects your ideas about home and the parts of you that were significant or matured during this period.

Dreaming about Parent’s Home

A dream of your parent’s home suggests that you are channeling your father’s conscience or your mother’s instincts to address and confront a problem you are dealing with.

Dream about Building A House

You dream about building your own house or someone else’s. Therefore, this indicates that you need a mini-makeover related to your personality.

Additionally, you are required to improve some areas of your personality. 

Dream about The Same House Recurrently

It is symbolic of your uneasiness and aimlessness in your everyday life. It also represents your compassion. Lastly, this dream encourages you to move out of your comfort zone and grow. 

Dream about The House Shifting

This signifies a shift in your mindset and convictions. In other words, you are experiencing a personal transformation.

Going Home

A home is supposedly a place of safety and a place that soothes you. A dream of going home is symbolic of your journey back to a place of convenience, pleasure, and comfort. 

The House on Fire

A dream of a house on fire is a reflection of losing a major part of your life and that you cannot do anything to stop it from happening. You want to channel your anger in a destructive manner or by intentionally hurting someone. 

A Dirty House

This represents a situation or relationship that retrieves painful memories. You feel like the hardships are permanent and perpetual. You can deal with this by being optimistic. 

The Attic 

It has multiple significances. You have repressed and concealed certain thoughts and feelings that are going to be disclosed.

It represents your mind, your spirituality, and your affiliation to a higher Self. 

The Kitchen

The kitchen in the dream can represent a caring and concerned mother or encompass how you feel about a loved one. 

It also denotes a compelling and dramatic change that you are about to experience in your life.

The Living Room 

This is symbolic of your self-esteem, which is mainly concerned with your overall perspective about yourself. It is also symbolic of your independence and space.

The Patio

If you dream about the patio, it indicates that you are receptive to new experiences or one specific circumstance. 

The open doors of the patio are symbolic of your open-mindedness towards the situation. Simultaneously, closed doors represent your rigidity and reserved nature. 

The Porch

It is symbolic of the various aspects of your personality. It is an indication of your social self as well as the part you decide to mask or conceal. 

Dream of a House Based on Condition

A New House

It is symbolic of everything new. You are welcoming a new part of your life as well as emotional growth.

An Old Home 

It indication of certain perspectives or mindsets that you currently hold. This perspective or mindset primarily stems from experience and it has been tried and hence the trust has been developed. 

A Beautiful House

You are currently distracted if you dream of a beautiful house. It is symbolic of luck and you are being steered in the appropriate direction. You’re taking a stand for your beliefs. 

A Messy House

It is an indication of your disgruntled life. The messy house depicts the chaotic and disharmonious life that you lead. 

A House Being Destroyed

This represents your sense of acceptance. This acceptance is specifically about one specific area ceasing to exist. 

A Haunted House

Dreaming of a haunted house is symbolic of some incomplete emotional work that is specifically related to your family, deceased relatives, or any stifled memories or emotions.

An Abandoned House

This signifies that you have abandoned your past in waking life too. You are over the past and ready to take the next step forward. 

A Dusty House

It denotes that you are concealing something prominent. You have a secret. 

Dreaming of Houses Based on Different Types

A Mansion – It suggests that you require improvement and that certain circumstances or relationships require a make-over. 

Beach House – It indicates that you are ready to settle down now that you have achieved all your goals and dreams. You are looking for the finer things in life. 

Farm House – It symbolizes your yearning to settle down and sow your seeds. You are finally ready for the responsibility of a family. 

A House in the City – This indicates your liking for the busy life that is filled with hustling day in and day out. The people that matter to you are your friends and co-workers. 

The Gingerbread House – A dream about a gingerbread house suggests that you want to foster and cherish your inner child. This dream is related to your desire to have children.

A Wooden House – According to dream lore, this dream is a sign of a mix-up. Living in such a house indicates some trouble in paradise, specifically in your relationship.

Red Brick House – A house composed of red bricks insists that you need to develop your individuality. You need to explore your objectives and desires. 

A Semi-Detached House – This denotes that a new friend will come forth. If you do not live in such a house in your waking life, it symbolizes dependency on a friend. 

A Terrace House – You have many trustworthy friends around you if you dream of this house. 

An Apartment – It suggests that you should employ empathy and compassion to achieve your goals and to reach your full potential.  

A Mobile Home – It is symbolic of your bottomless loyalty and warmth. It is descriptive of your adaptability.

A Tree House – It means you require grounding. Fear is consuming you and you need to shift your focus to loving and trusting yourself.

An Empty House – This is symbolic of the void inside you. It also denotes your incapability to form emotional connections.

Dreaming of Houses Based on Color

Pink House It means that you are masking your desires and wants. You are hiding your true personality and putting on a show for other people. 

Yellow House It is associated with feeling light, hope, intelligence, good instincts, and optimism.

Blue House – If you see a blue house in your dream, it suggests a positive mindset. 

Red House – It signifies pessimism. In other words, you are predominantly negative and think the worst. 

Green House – It signifies economic and financial growth. This growth will be exponential. 

Black House – This is a disguised warning. Therefore, there is a problem heading your way and you need to gear up to tackle it.

Final Words 

A dream about a house is common and it is representative of your internal state of being based on the house. It is considered to be a continuation of the identities and energies that are embraced by people. 

Therefore, a dream about a house can provide a great deal of information about oneself and an in-depth analysis of your inner working. 

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