A dream of earthquake can be as agitating as a disaster happening in real life. With collapsed structures, debris, and wounded people around, the dream vision can leave you apprehensive of what might happen to you and your loved ones in the foreseeable future. 

However, contrary to common perception, dreams about earthquakes are not always negative, and not every such dreamscape should be a cause of concern. 

In reality, while many warn you of abrupt changes, some scenarios portend a fresh beginning or even a wedding ceremony. 

Those are some of the few things we will explore in this web post. If you are curious about your earthquake dream and wish to get to the bottom of it, stay with us throughout the ride. 

Dream of Earthquake - 94 Different Plots & Their Meanings
Dream of Earthquake – 94 Different Plots & Their Meanings

What Does It Mean When You Dream About An Earthquake?

Often, a dream of an earthquake relates to a sudden shift or transition in an area of your life. Based on the plot, earthquake dreams also symbolize fear, threat, conflict, loss, illness, or even a fresh start. 

Generally, earthquake dreams are premonitory signals of forthcoming changes in your personal, domestic, or professional life. Unlike birds, rats, and some animals, humans cannot sense an earthquake before it happens. 

Instead, it comes suddenly and destroys everything in a matter of a few seconds. Therefore, earthquake dreams could be warning you of abrupt changes that might happen in one or a few areas of your life. 

In waking life, an earthquake occurs, damages and robs people of their homes and stability, and compels them to start a new life from scratch. Along those lines, the changes associated with earthquake dreams tend to be something that pushes you out of your safe space. 

Perhaps you stand the risk of losing your job, your only source of income, and that might make you feel insecure about your life. 

Or maybe your love would ditch you for another man or woman, and the event might result in you losing faith in people, love, and life in general.

Earthquake dreams may also signify losses or failures at the work front. It could be that you are on the brink of bankruptcy, and with no support from anyone, you feel you are standing on shaky ground. More often than not, earthquake dreams are the forecasts of economic difficulties. 

But according to the plot and elements present within, your dream could be your subconscious denoting the need to dismantle your existing ground for a more appropriate one. 

Earthquake dreams also imply a big secret about you or someone else. 

Such dreams may also highlight a disaster or an unfortunate event resulting from a wrong choice. 

Since earthquakes are accompanied by damage, destruction, and losses, your dream may be trying to tell you that you might lose someone or something dear soon. 

In case you have been anticipating the happening of something unpleasant, such a dream is foretelling you to prepare for storms coming your way.

If you manage to run away or survive a terrible earthquake, it means you will overcome obstacles that erupt in your life. Without a shadow of a doubt, earthquakes cause destruction, but on the other hand, create hills and mountains. 

Accordingly, such a dream may also signify changes that look terrible on the surface but will ultimately create new ways of living or a transformation in your character. 

Earthquake Dream Meaning: Dream Symbols

Earthquakes are powerful dream symbols, especially if you live in an area where they are not frequent. And it’s crucial to learn about the symbolism of the disaster to shed light on your dream meanings. Below are some of the most common symbols related to the theme.

1. Unexpected changes

Out of all the natural disasters, nothing is as unpredictable as an earthquake. Humans go about doing their daily affairs unaware of when the ground beneath them will shudder and throw them off balance. 

On that note, your dream could be a harbinger of something huge that will strike your life all of a sudden. 

Just as some mild earthquakes go unnoticed and unfelt, sometimes, dreams of earthquakes symbolize a change that is happening subtly without your knowledge. 

On the other hand, your dream could be a sign that your life needs a transformation. 

2. Loss of stability

If the ground, the solid foundation to your house, and safety tremble, crack and form rifts here and there, nothing else in the world can help you feel secure. In one fraction of a second, your house, the space you are supposed to feel most guarded, turns into a vulnerable area. 

From that standpoint, a dream about an earthquake could mean you feel insecure all of a sudden, owing to an abrupt change. 

Perhaps you got fired from your job, and you feel ripped off of stability. Or maybe you feel lost after the friend you have always depended on abandoned you for a new social circle. 

3. Immediacy

When an earthquake erupts in real life, before they know what they are doing, people scurry in different directions to save their lives. 

Similarly, earthquake dreams signify events that will happen as instantly and without notice as the disaster. 

4. Fear

Earthquakes, especially those of higher magnitude, evoke fearful feelings to those experiencing them.

Based on your dream details, the fear may be of the natural disaster itself, a forthcoming unpleasant event, higher authority, etc.

Since we perceive Earth as Mother Nature, the dream may even denote your fear regarding your mother’s health and well-being. 

5. Threats

Earthquake dreams also signify a threat. 

Perhaps your once stable and smooth relationship feels threatened and is on the verge of falling apart after the sudden appearance of your partner’s ex. 

6. Warning

Dreams of earthquakes may also be warning you of something that will emerge as abruptly as an earthquake in your life. 

7. Bad news

Such a dream can also portend an unpleasant piece of news, such as the passing away of a loved one. 

8. Failure

According to the dream books of Miller, an earthquake dream stands for failure on the professional front. 

9. Conflicts, especially with your mother

Earthquake dreams also signify a conflict between you and someone, or even a clash between your mind and heart. 

If we look at the dream from the Freudian perspective, the tremor stands for an unsupportive mother who always stands between the child and his or her needs. 

10. Collision

Earthquake dreams also happen if there is little or no boundary between different domains of your life. 

For instance, your work and professional life are crossing boundaries and trespassing your personal life-giving you sleepless nights and no peace of mind. If you resonate with this, take your dream as a warning. 

In all likelihood, you are on the verge of breaking down due to the pressure forced on you. 

11. Repressed feelings

Sometimes, dreams about earthquakes symbolize repressed feelings, emotions, and desires. 

Not everything you feel and desire is appropriate for the public eye. Hence, you keep them repressed – to fit into your surroundings. 

For example, you possibly cannot show your hatred for your boss if you want to continue working there. 

But sometimes, the repressed feelings get so uncontrollable that you start asking yourself if you can carry on concealing them. And often, you may have realized that those repressed feelings control you instead of you controlling them. 

Such dreams are also likely if you are in the habit of restraining your anger and annoyance for others. 

The dreams may also represent repressed creativity and ideas. 

12. The need for a change of routine

If you feel your life has been slipping into a monotonous state, the dream may stand for the need to literally shake your life and ways of living a bit. 

13. Your subconscious seeking attention

An earthquake dream could also be a wake-up call. 

Perhaps your subconscious underwent a subtle change, and it may be trying to grab your attention towards it. 

It could also mean you have been investing much of your time into something unworthy while ignoring the important ones. In that case, your subconscious might be trying to talk sense into you. 

14. New beginnings

No doubt, earthquakes cause destruction. But after the chaotic stage passed, you recollect, accept the fact that it happened – that it shattered your house and properties. And like it or not, start from scratch if you want to go on living.

From that perspective, earthquakes symbolize fresh beginnings. Perhaps the dream indicates a chapter of your life you need to end. Maybe you need to let go of the beautiful times and memories you shared with your former partner and start life anew on a clean note. 

Now that we have listed the most common symbols, let’s look at some of the most widely experienced earthquake dream scenarios. 

15. Relationships

If someone you know in real life is present in your earthquake dream, such scenarios are often related to your relationship with that person. In most cases, such plots indicate changes in your feelings towards that person. 

Having said that, the other person may even signify aspects of yourself in some plots. Then, the change highlighted in the dream is happening within you. 

16. Grief for someone who has passed away

Earthquake dreams are likely if you are grieving the loss of someone dear to you. When we lose someone we truly love, we feel lost and disconnected from the rest of the world. We feel shattered, insecure, and vulnerable. 

In this case, your subconscious is helping you process your emotions and feelings and release your grief for the one you lost. 

Dream Of Earthquake: 94 Various Dream Scenarios & Their Meanings

1. A dream about an earthquake

To decode your earthquake dream, consider what happens when an earthquake occurs in the real world. 

Without warning, it comes, and before you know it, things fall off the shelves, the walls crumble, and sometimes, it throws you around. Within seconds, your neatly organized room turned into complete chaos, the disaster leaving you to deal with and clean up the mess it created. 

Similarly, your dream may be forecasting an event along the same lines as the earthquake. 

Perhaps an event will suddenly happen, split your life apart, create a disorder, and leave you to deal with it. 

Though earthquakes in real life are usually related to destruction and damage, you should not consider every earthquake dream as an ill omen. 

Perhaps an urgent relocation of residence will throw your life into sudden chaos and disorder.

2. Seeing or feeling the tremors of an earthquake in a dream

If you dream of seeing or feeling the tremors of an earthquake, it is a sign that disputes between your country and others will indirectly hinder your career and professional life. 

In some worse cases, those issues may even lead to the failure of your long-term plans. 

3. A dream of hearing the sounds of destruction due to an earthquake

The vision is an ill omen. Based on the plot, a loved one, probably your partner, has not been loyal to you and your feelings for quite a long time. 

The scenario further denotes a separation. Either you will feel cheated and ask for a breakup, or he or she will come clean soon and ask for the same. 

4. Watching an earthquake of high-intensity damage things around you

As per the plot, the terrible situations you are facing presently will get better soon. 

5. Dreaming of destruction caused by an earthquake without getting hurt in a dream

If you dream of watching others get hurt while keeping yourself safe, it means you don’t let yourself, your people, and your possessions get hurt easily. Often, you try the utmost to keep yourself and them away from danger. 

6. Dreaming of watching an earthquake from a safe distance

In all probability, if you dream of seeing the destruction caused by an earthquake from a safe distance, it implies you are waiting for a piece of news. 

However, as per the plot, you will not receive what you are waiting for – neither in the coming days nor in the weeks that follow.

7. Dreaming of watching an earthquake for a long time

Watching or witnessing the destruction caused by an earthquake for a long time is a good sign. 

You will come across various opportunities for growth concerning your professional life. The dream advises you to be alert and be flexible to changes because those opportunities are clearly your tickets to success.

8. Seeing the aftermath of an earthquake in a dream

To dream of the appalling consequences of an earthquake stands for disputes in your domestic environment. 

On the other hand, it may also mean one of your family members will come down with an illness shortly. 

9. Dreaming of hearing the news about an earthquake

Hearing news of an earthquake hitting a place is a partially good and partially bad dream.

For sure, troubles will befall you sometime in the near future. But the good thing about this dream is you will be able to spot them from afar before they even get a chance to harm you. 

That will give you enough time to make changes wherever necessary, and you will be able to save yourself from grave danger. 

The dream scenario portends a trip if you heard the terrible news of the disaster from a friend or a relative. 

10. Dreaming of the ground shaking because of an earthquake

Since the ground symbolizes stability, dreaming of it shaking denotes uncertainty and instability. 

Perhaps you believe your once stable life is falling apart. 

The dreamscape can also be foretelling financial setbacks and insecurities. 

On the other hand, the dream can also be a wake-up call – to change your overall life and ways of thinking. 

Perhaps you need to drop your pessimism and start looking at things from a brighter perspective. 

Dreaming of the ground shaking under your feet may also mean you are not confident about a decision you made recently. As indicated by the scenario and its meaning, anything may happen. 

Your decision might turn out to be one of the best, or luck might turn against you. So, your subconscious wants you to prepare for any outcome.

11. Dreaming of an earthquake and cracks on the wall

If you dream of cracks on the wall caused by an earthquake, it warns you to take a deep look at who you are dealing with in your professional life. Possibly undesirable things are happening behind the doors and without your knowledge. 

12. Walls crumbling during an earthquake in a dream

To dream of walls crumbling during an earthquake is an evil omen. Chances are, you will soon encounter a terrible event that will lead to your death. 

13. Dreaming about seeing cracks after an earthquake

The dream scenario announces that you will receive news from someone who lives away from you. 

14. Dreaming of walking around the ruins caused by an earthquake

According to the plot, you are denying the fact that something has failed in your life. Perhaps you still choose to believe that your business will prosper when in reality, it has hit rock bottom. 

Or maybe you lied to your parents that you got straight A’s in your test when you flunked in all the subjects.

15. Cleaning up the mess or starting from scratch after an earthquake in a dream

The dream shows you have an easily adaptable nature and takes very little time to bounce back to normal even after some unpleasant event or a misfortune throws you off balance. 

16. Dreaming of an earthquake striking a building 

The interpretation of this dream depends on the state of the dreamer. For those going through a tough time, the scenario portends well. The dream denotes you will soon be able to find ways to slip out of your troubling times.  

For dreamers faring well in life, the plot is a bad sign. 

The scenario may also mean people in your circle are envious of your life and achievements. 

17. Dreaming of an earthquake striking buildings in urban areas

The dream symbolizes growth and improvement if the scenario surfaced in the sleep state of contractors, builders, and people in the construction business. 

18. Dreaming of an earthquake destroying a building

To decode this scenario, the first thing you must recall is the building. 

Which type of building was it? 

Was it a church? Or an educational institution?

In case it was a religious center, the scenario may stand for a shift in your beliefs. If it was a school or a university, it could mean you would undergo a career change. 

Similarly, if you dream of an earthquake destroying an office, the scenario may mean you will leave your present job and seek a new one. 

19. Dream earthquake building collapse

The dream is a harbinger of a positive change in an area of your life. 

It may also signify liberation if you feel stuck presently. 

Negatively, a dream of an earthquake and buildings collapsing foretells problems related to work and finance. 

20. Dreaming of being trapped inside a collapsing building during an earthquake

The dream denotes you feeling helpless and insecure in your waking life. It could be that you feel stuck and unable to proceed forward. Probably, you see no way out of your situation and are envious of others who are doing well. 

21. Dreaming of an earthquake hitting your house

An earthquake hitting your house is an ill omen. There’s a strong likelihood that the reputation of your family will suffer a decline.  

The dream further advises you to stay strong and connected with your people around this time. 

22. Dreaming of your house feeling the tremor and parts of the ceiling falling apart during an earthquake

Such a dream scenario is often related to a change in jobs. Sometimes, the transition could be about your partner. 

23. A dream of an earthquake destroying your house

If you dream of an earthquake destroying your house, it indicates that you are a materialistic person. 

As per the dream, you are so in love with your house, and property that you have forgotten a happy family has more to do with spending time together and less to do with fancy properties.

24. Dreaming of your house collapsing during an earthquake

Interestingly, the house in this scenario stands for your personality. Likely, stress and discomfort cause it to crumble. 

The scenario may also be denoting the need to demolish your older self for a new one. 

25. Dreaming that your house collapsed but hurt no one during an earthquake 

According to the plot, the troubles of your family will come to an end soon. 

On the other hand, the scenario may also mean a forthcoming unpleasant event or a disaster will have little to no impact on you and your loved ones. 

26. Dreaming that you lost your house in an earthquake

The scenario is a bad omen. Just as Rome was not built in a day, it takes years or at least, a few months to build a house. The house in your dream stands for a business you have been constructing for a long time. 

But instead of you reaping the benefits of your hard work, it will crumble and reduce to ashes.

Another interpretation is that you or someone close to you will be humiliated or treated unjustly. But you will be unable to do anything about it, just as you cannot do anything to an earthquake that shakes your house down. 

27. Dreaming of seeing people under debris during or after an earthquake

The scenario has several interpretations. Firstly, it symbolized a change or an end of some major events in your life. 

Negatively, the dream portends a piece of unpleasant news from someone who lives away from you. 

28. A dream about an earthquake killing someone

The most common interpretation of this dream is that you are currently not feeling your best and need someone beside you.

On the flip side, the dream may mean you are deeply anxious about someone. It could be that he or she is sick or has gotten into a bad circle, etc. 

Dreams about an earthquake killing someone are also closely related to your relationships. It may mean your relationship with someone will change – for better or worse. It could be with a romantic partner, a business associate, friend, or family.

29. An earthquake killing a person you love in a dream

In the scenario, the person symbolizes your feelings for that particular person in real life. Based on the plot, your feelings for that person will change gradually. 

30. Dreaming of an earthquake killing many people

An earthquake killing several people in a dream is a negative sign. Clearly, you are not on the right path. Further, the plot shows you will not achieve your dream goals and desires however hard you persist.

The dream suggests you change your plans if you do not want to be disappointed after all your efforts. 

31. Caught in an earthquake in a dream

If you dream of getting caught in an earthquake, it represents your inability to handle personal and professional problems. 

Some interpreters relate the scenario to the past. According to them, you screwed your difficult situations of the past instead of fixing them well, and eventually, they have or are about to resurface. 

32. Dreaming of being stuck in a room/place during an earthquake

The dream encourages you to face and fight through your problems instead of depending on others. 

33. A dream of being buried or trapped under the rubble

Here, your body stands for an impulse or need that your conscious mind or the rubble is repressing. 

Getting trapped under the ruins also indicates that you see no way out of your current troubles. As you might have guessed, you are going through a critical period if you dream of the scenario. 

Think carefully about how to proceed if you don’t want to end up regretting later. 

34. Getting injured by the destruction caused by an earthquake in a dream

Based on the plot, you are apprehensive of the future. The dreamscape reflects your worries about how you would cope if anything goes wrong in your life, such as losing your job. 

35. Getting killed by an earthquake in a dream

Based on the plot, you are afraid to take a step forward in your life, probably because you fear the changes that will follow. 

36. Dreaming of someone saving you during an earthquake

This is a good dream. A problem would turn out to be not as bad as you had initially imagined. 

However, according to the plot, you would need to ask for help and support from others to deal with the issue easily. 

37. A dream of feeling well-protected during a strong earthquake

In your dream, if you were in the midst of a strong earthquake, but had no fear as you were in safe hands, it means you will very soon pay off your debts. 

38. Dreaming of looking sympathetically at others as an earthquake destroys everything around

According to the plot, your family will face some unpleasant events soon and will need help from other people to get by. 

39. Dreaming of a narrow escape from an earthquake

The dream scenario is an auspicious sign. Though a situation in your waking life doesn’t look good presently, the dream implies it will turn around and work in your favor. 

40. Dream about escaping a collapsing building during an earthquake

If you dream of managing to escape from a collapsing building, you are in luck. 

The building symbolizes a catastrophe that could have befallen you had you not made changes at the last minute.  

41. Dreaming of escaping the destruction of an earthquake without a scratch on your body

The scenario reflects your resilience and perseverance. Most of the time, you do not give up on things or people just because you failed in the first few attempts. Instead, you keep trying, learning, unlearning, and fixing your mistakes until you have achieved what you set out for.

Through the dream spectacle, your subconscious shows you have the right spirit and will overcome almost every obstacle in your life. 

42. Running away from an earthquake in a dream 

If you dream of running away from an earthquake, undeniably, you feel confined and pressured in your waking life. You certainly have a lot on your shoulders, and the dream shows you want to abandon them all.

However, your dream discourages you from doing so! Though your present life is nothing like how you want it to be, the universe advises you to keep fighting for your dreams because you have the potential. Pushing away your duties will only make matters worse!

43. Coming across widely-cracked grounds as you run from an earthquake in a dream

The dream advises you to be flexible to changes whenever the need arises.

44. Dreaming of seeing others flee an earthquake

If you dream about witnessing others fleeing an earthquake such a dream might indicate someone in your social circle counts on you to help him or her get out of a terrible situation.   

45. Dreaming of seeing others trying to find a safe place during an earthquake

Based on the plot, someone close to you needs help. It could be related to finance but not limited to. 

Perhaps he or she needs a person to talk to, to share, and unburden his or her painful stories.  

Every dream has a purpose, and this particular scenario surfacing in your sleep state may be a sign from the universe that you are the one that person longs to have beside him or her. Let the vision guide your actions and reach out to the one who is waiting for you. 

46. Dreaming about looking around for a safe place during an earthquake

The dream indicates you are currently facing a difficult situation in your life. Based on the plot, you are aware of the intensity of the problem and you also know that you can hit rock bottom if things do not go well. 

However, despite your efforts, you still cannot think of an ideal solution to overcome the problem. 

47. A dream about finding a safe place to hide from an earthquake

To begin with, if you see the above scenario in your dream, it means you have one or a few issues disturbing you from time to time. And the good news is, you will soon come up with the right decisions to overcome each of your problems. 

48. Dreaming of hiding from an earthquake

A dream of hiding from an earthquake is a negative sign. It reflects your indecisiveness, because of which you often end up making wrong choices and changing them at the last minute. 

49. A dream of saving yourself from an earthquake

Dreaming of saving yourself from an earthquake implies that you are adjusting well to the challenges, problems, and unfamiliar situations life throws at you. 

50. Saving someone from an earthquake in a dream

In a dream, if you selflessly saved someone, it means you will have to take a close one’s problem on your own back to help that person.

51. A dream of saving others during an earthquake

The dream reflects your selfless personality. You place others before yourself and often go above and beyond to help them. 

Though the universe supports your generosity, the dream indicates you must refrain from doing so if your one help will cause pain to yourself or someone else. 

For example, if a high-school kid asks you for money to buy something inappropriate, you should not let your emotions get in between as that will possibly land the kid and his or her parents into trouble. 

52. A dream of surviving an earthquake

Often, earthquake dreams occur when the pressure you are under in the waking world exceeds your expectations and capability. Seemingly your predicament overwhelms you, and you are skeptical of what is to come soon.

But according to the plot, the future looks promising. As mentioned earlier in the article, not every earthquake dream is negative, as is the case here.

True, you might find the pressure and situations overwhelming but note that they are trying to shape you into your better version. 

You might be pushed out of your comfort zone, the ride will be bumpy, no doubt, but at the end of it all, you will thank yourself and the universe that it happened.

53. Dreaming of experiencing an earthquake while sleeping

Sometimes you will dream of experiencing an earthquake while sleeping within the vision. You may feel your body and the bed sway to and fro. Or hear loud sounds of things falling and breaking apart. 

Such a vision may be because of hypnopompic or hypnagogic hallucinations. It may also be associated with sleep paralysis. 

54. Dreaming that you stood at the epicenter of an earthquake without getting hurt

According to the plot, you have found the purpose of your life and existence. 

Since you didn’t get injured despite the vulnerability, the dream indicates you will be successful in your pursuit. 

55. A dream of an earthquake in the street

If you dream of the above scenario, you are deeply insecure about your life. 

But then, you don’t trust yourself, and you don’t trust the universe either. 

In reality, a street is a medium that connects one place to another. 

Since the earthquake happened in a street, it shows you come across hindrances whichever way you take. 

56. Dreaming of being at your workplace during an earthquake

If you dream about being at work during an earthquake, it foretells imminent arguments and problems at your workplace.

57. Dreaming of an earthquake at a beach

Water in dreams usually symbolizes emotions. As the dream event shows an earthquake at a beach, there is a possibility that your emotional state is disturbed. 

58. Dreaming of an earthquake hitting a fertile land

The scenario is a harbinger of a good harvest. 

59. An earthquake hitting a church/ mosque/temple, etc. in a dream

The place of worship in your dream stands for your inner peace and tranquility. Since the scene depicts an earthquake hitting it, it means a person, an event, or a situation in your waking life has disturbed your peace of mind. 

60. A dream of a ruined house and cracked grounds caused by an earthquake

According to dream books, you will soon have a piece of unexpected news.

61. Dreaming of an earthquake destroying everything but your house

If you see an earthquake ruining everything around you except your house, the dream symbolizes happiness and contentment in your domestic life. 

62. Dreaming of an earthquake causing no damage

Your life will certainly change for the better if you dream of an earthquake causing no damage to anyone or anything. Though the transition could happen in any sphere of your life, there’s a strong possibility that it will be related to your personal life. 

63. A dream of an earthquake hitting one segment of a community while leaving the rest unharmed

According to the scenario, the segment victimized in the dream will undergo terrible events in the near future. Most likely, they will arise from injustice and social disorder. 

64. A dream of being with a friend during an earthquake

The dream shows you will receive support from someone special to overcome the problems in your life. 

65. Dreaming that you were able to predict an earthquake

If you had the ability to predict an earthquake in a dream, it shows you are prepared to face and accept opportunities that come your way. 

66. Dreaming about an earthquake of high magnitude

You can interpret this scenario from various angles based on your real-life circumstances. 

Earthquakes of high magnitude in the dream world are synonymous with an enormous problem in your waking life. More often than not, it is related to either finance or relationships. 

It is vital to recall the emotions you felt within the dream. If you were fearful of the strong earthquake, it shows your fear for changes. You don’t like anything that stirs and shakes your stability.

According to Miller, an earthquake of a high magnitude symbolizes setbacks in your career and business ventures. 

The scenario may also mean you have lost control of your own life and actions.

67. A dream of a mild earthquake

Dreaming of a mild earthquake relates to minor issues in your life. However, regardless of their insignificance, your subconscious advises you not to take them for granted and try to fix them in time because they might evolve into gigantic, life-threatening problems. 

68. A dream about an earthquake lasting for a long time

Normally, most earthquakes last a few seconds. So, if you dream of one lasting several minutes, it implies you are concerned about a friend’s health and wellbeing. 

Looking at the spectacle from another point of view shows there will be various opportunities around this time to prove your skills and talents. However, you need to be extremely watchful if you don’t want them to slip through your fingers. 

69. A dream about an earthquake lasting for a short time

The dream reflects your irritable and grumpy personality. Most probably, the plot occurred to warn you of your temperament, which will eventually cost you relationships. 

Dreams About Natural Disasters And Earthquakes

70. Dreaming of an earthquake and a tsunami

A dream scenario of an earthquake along with or followed by a tsunami is a negative sign. It portends unpleasant events such as conflicts at home or the workplace. Sometimes, it may even indicate a push and pull within your mind – a ‘to be or not to be’ situation. 

But according to dream analysts, the scenario surfaced to make you aware of your fears and anxieties regarding the situation(s). Undeniably, it is not one of the best scenarios people dream of. 

But you must pay close attention to the plot because chances are, your subconscious is trying to tell you something you have failed to grasp in reality. 

Since the scenario includes water and gigantic waves, it may also be closely related to strong emotions. Perhaps a sudden negative change has left you depressed. 

The dream could also be an indication that you feel overpowered by negative energy hovering around. Maybe one of your choices turned against you, and you live in constant fear of the consequences. 

The appearance of an earthquake and a tsunami in a dream also implies that your present life is about to collapse. Things will turn upside down and get chaotic. 

Maybe you made the wrong decision or didn’t put enough effort into something. Or perhaps third parties have been interfering all this time. 

You need to understand that though they happened abruptly, they are not. In fact, subtle changes have been going around for a while. It’s just that you have been too busy or negligent to notice them. 

71. Dreaming of an earthquake and a volcano

The scenario indicates you tend to keep your feelings and emotions bottled up. For a very long time, you have been suppressing negative feelings – hatred, annoyance, frustration for someone or some event. 

You might have done it to avoid unnecessary drama. Likely, you consider that person more important than your emotions. But as shown in the scenario, you have taken the wrong decision by repressing them.

Keeping them bottled up will not make them vanish into thin air. It will only get worse with time. And the dream warns you to know that your emotions will betray your conscious mind and give away your hateful words and feelings at the most unexpected moment. 

Just as lava spurts out during a volcano, your emotions will gush out relentlessly someday. And there’s no telling what will happen afterward. Maybe the relationship you tried so hard to save will break apart that very moment. 

That is why the dream happened – to show that it’s wiser to let people know your feelings when they hurt or annoy you. Letting them know then and there is better than throwing your bottled-up feelings all at once to their face. 

72. A dream about an earthquake and flood

Likely, you keep your emotions to yourself. Be it love or hate, you don’t let others have access to your feelings. 

However, the plot signifies your longing to be understood by others. 

Here, you must accept that you are the only barrier to your wishes. If you can be a little more open and communicative, perhaps people will empathize with you. 

Dreams About Earthquakes: Different Times, Days And Months

Unlike other dream themes, the interpretations of earthquake dreams vary depending on when and in which month the dream happened. 

73. Dreaming of an earthquake during the daytime

Often we get dreams during daytime naps too. If you dream of an earthquake during daytime sleep, you or someone around you will get a position as a high government official, provided you or the other person in question are knowledgeable and qualified enough for the same. 

74. Dreaming about an earthquake on Monday and Tuesday nights

If you dream of earthquakes on the above-mentioned days, you will likely have difficulties at your workplace. 

75. An earthquake dream on a Thursday night

To dream of an earthquake on a Thursday could be a harbinger of feuds in the domestic sphere. 

76. Dreaming about an earthquake during January

An earthquake dream during January stands for misfortunes befalling young people. You should be cautious of your actions and activities around the time you have this dream if you belong to the younger generation.

In some worse cases, the scenario may even portend death. 

77. An earthquake dream during February

If you dream of an earthquake during February, the plot may be warning you of impending troubles and poverty. 

Some interpreters relate the scenario to miscarriages. 

78. An earthquake dream during March

If you see an earthquake dream during March, it is an auspicious sign as the plot symbolizes good fortune and prosperity.

79. Dreaming of an earthquake in May

The scenario portends ill events and happenings in the family, friend circle, or even in society. 

Perhaps you will get into a bitter spat with your friend or your siblings. Or maybe you and other people in your neighborhood will experience tough times.

80. Dreaming about an earthquake in the month of June

It is a good sign if you have an earthquake dream sometime in June as it indicates the destruction of evil. 

81. Dreaming of an earthquake in July

Having earthquake dreams in July foretells the death of someone in your circle. 

82. Earthquake dreams during August

Likely, the place you are in will be under threat if you dream of an earthquake during August. 

83. Dreaming about an earthquake during September

An earthquake dream in the month of September is a harbinger of sickness and death because of someone. 

For example, assume that your community is presently free from COVID-19. If a COVID-positive stranger comes and settles in the neighborhood, the virus might spread from one to another, gradually leading to destruction and death. 

84. Earthquake dreams in October

If you get an earthquake dream during October, it is a harbinger of an illness. 

85. A woman dreaming about an earthquake in November

In case a woman sees earthquake dreams during the month of November, the dream may be closely related to complications regarding childbirth. 

86. Dreaming about an earthquake during December

An earthquake dream during December foretells illness and similar calamities befalling you and others around you.  

Dreams Of Earthquakes And Collapsed Buildings: Different Dreamers

87. A student dreaming of an earthquake and collapsed buildings

If you are a student and dream of an earthquake or the aftermath of one, the dream scenario indicates you must make a few changes in your approach and strategies to get the best of your learning. 

88. A scholar/ expert dreaming of earthquakes and collapsed buildings

The above scenario can be interpreted in two different ways if you are an expert in your specialized domain. 

In the first case, it means you don’t see eye to eye with your fellow scholars.

However, the plot may also mean you will become famous for your skills. 

89. A businessman dreaming of earthquakes and collapsed buildings

Though earthquake dreams portend good luck for some people, the plot says otherwise for people in business. You may observe a fall in your luck. To prevent a greater loss, the dream advises you to be careful of how and where you spend your earnings. 

90. Earthquakes and collapsed buildings in the dreams of a job seeker

As a job seeker, if you dream of an earthquake along with collapsed buildings and structures, you may be in luck. Keep trying because someone might notice you for your skills. However, you must not count the chickens before they hatch. 

Do what is expected of you and leave the rest to the universe!

91. A married person dreaming of collapsed structures because of an earthquake

Earthquake dreams for married people, especially newlyweds, symbolizes the changes that lie ahead in life. 

92. Pregnant women dreaming of earthquakes and collapsed buildings

Fortunately, earthquake dreams surfacing in the sleep state of an expecting mother have nothing to do with the forthcoming child. However, the dream foretells difficulties in the domestic sphere. 

It could be a conflict between her and others, or she may have nothing to do with it directly. 

Nevertheless, the issues will disturb her mentally and emotionally. 

93. An unmarried person dreaming of earthquakes and collapsed structures

You may have been in a smooth and easy-going love relationship. But with time, you will soon realize that being in love is not always rosy and that you need to overcome endless hurdles along the way to reach your destination. 

94. Aged people dreaming of earthquakes

If aged people see collapsed structures caused by an earthquake in a dream, they stand the risk of getting jaundice. 

Be that as it may, the scenario wants to remind you that it has not happened yet, and you can still prevent it with the correct diets and lifestyle. 

Earthquake Dream Examples

To make the process of interpretation easier, note how the dreams below are interpreted. 

Remember that you should spare nothing while decoding an earthquake dream – from your professional life to your circle to your present state of mind to the past happenings.

1. A woman dreamt of an earthquake that got stronger with every passing second until her house collapsed and turned into ashes.

In waking life, she noticed how she felt weaker and weaker day after day and soon realized she got cancer. 

2. A person dreamt of escaping an earthquake.

In reality, the dreamer’s life was going smoothly with no worries and problems. Moreover, the person even accomplished some goals after having the dream. 

3. A man dreamt of getting trapped inside a building in an earthquake.

In reality, he felt confined to certain issues. He realized that the objects of his confinement were the duties, responsibilities, and issues he had been ignoring. 

4. A man once dreamt of hearing someone shout about an earthquake while sleeping. But when he tried to get off the bed and escape, he couldn’t move his legs.

Here, the disaster is associated with pressure. The dreamer felt overwhelmed and mentally insecure about his career and progress. Whichever way he turned to, he faced obstacles. 

A gentle reminder: the dream is a message from his subconscious not to give up just because life is unfair. In fact, it is encouraging him to try harder and give his best to overcome his troubles. 

5. A woman dreamt of an earthquake.

In waking life, she kept on arguing with her partner over matters – big and small. She was anxious that they would call it quits if they bicker over every single issue. 

Here, the earthquake reflects her worries. 

Earthquake Dream Spiritual Meaning

In the ancient days, earthquakes were symbolic of God’s anger and restlessness over the sins of mortal humans. 

From that perspective, the scenario could be an indication of your repressed anger and annoyance with someone that might lead to a huge outbreak anytime. 

Biblical Meaning Of Earthquake In Dreams

“There will be great earthquakes, and in various places famines and pestilences. And there will be terrors and great signs from heaven.” ~ Luke 21:11

In the Holy Bible, earthquakes are often featured negatively, as an entity with destructive power – a symbol of poverty, famine, and death.

“For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be earthquakes in various places; there will be famines. These are but the beginning of the birth pains.” ~ Mark 13:8

Based on the above verse, earthquakes are the aftermath of kingdoms or nations clashing against one another. At the end of the battle, some will fall, while others rise and strengthen their realms. 

Similarly, the dream shows you will come across several obstacles in life, challenging your stability and grip over your life. But if you manage to fight through, you will come out much stronger, and glorious than earlier. 

Indeed, the Bible depicts earthquakes as a negative symbol. But not something you should avoid. In fact, it is inevitable for you to go through the “necessary evil” for your personal growth. 

Seeing Earthquake In Dream Is Good Or Bad?

In a broad sense, earthquake dreams are often associated with negativity. 

However, before you forsake your dream scenario as a bad omen, remind yourself that there is no one-size-fits-all. Not even in the dream world!

The interpretation of an earthquake dream could be good, bad, or extremely ugly depending on your past, present real-life circumstances, and the details in the dream.

Of course, the fear such scenarios provoke in a dreamer is no joke but not all earthquake dreams are synonymous with misfortunes. 

For instance, some scenarios could even imply your death, while another could mean you are on the brink of achieving your dream goals. 

So, next time you dream of an earthquake, do not panic about what might happen to you or your people. Instead, gather your thoughts, recall the scenario as specifically as possible, and proceed with the interpretation. 

Possible Reasons For Earthquake Dreams

We have listed some of the most probable reasons behind your earthquake dreams. Do take a mental note that the ones below are not all. 

If you think they are irrelevant to your present circumstances, you may need to take the longer route. Study your life – the present and the past as well and come up with possibilities. 

Because dreams do not just happen!!!

  1. You are anxious about the changes you will soon face. 
  2. You will not hear the particular piece of news you have been looking forward to. 
  3. It could also mean you will hear terrible news out of the blue from someone who lives away from you.
  4. For lovebirds, earthquake dreams symbolize a wedding ceremony. 
  5. You will get in trouble if you don’t watch your steps. 
  6. Unexpectedly, earthquake dreams may mean success is around the corner. 
  7. You feel bound and overwhelmed by responsibilities. You may even feel they are beyond your capability. 
  8. Perhaps you are deeply concerned about someone. 
  9. You came across news of an earthquake or experienced the tremors of one recently. In that case, the scenario carries no deep meaning. 
  10. Such dreams are also possible if you are anxious about an earthquake hitting your area soon. 

Ask These Few Questions To Get Your Interpretation Right

To get to the bottom of your earthquake dream, you must ask yourself these few questions. Remember that you must be completely honest with the answers, that is, if you want your interpretations right!

  1. Are you going through changes in any area of your life? If yes, in which domain?
  2. Are you unsure of something – such as an upcoming event or taking up a job offer? Perhaps you still cannot say whether it will be for better or worse. 
  3. Where were you in the dream? If you were at school, the plot points to your academic problems or even accomplishments. Similarly, if you saw yourself at home, possibly, the dream is related to your domestic affairs and so on. 
  4. Who were you with, and what were you doing?
  5. Did you flee, leaving your loved ones behind, or did you help or try to help them? Or did you ignore them and tried to save your prized possessions instead? 
  6. Did you get injured, or were you able to get out of the danger unscathed?
  7. Did you clean up the damage caused by the disaster, or did you ignore them?
  8. Recall your emotions and feelings within the dream. Were you fearful and skeptical or indifferent to the event? Or did the earthquake make you feel relaxed?

Who Often Dream Of Earthquakes?

Earthquakes are an uncommon dream theme. But you may dream of them frequently if-

  1. You live or are staying in an earthquake-prone area.
  2. You are going through a chaotic phase – a breakup, divorce, or failure in business. 
  3. It is also normal for pregnant women to have earthquake dreams, especially around the time of delivery. 
  4. People going through puberty and menopause, periods of great changes, and personal growth. 

Wrapping Up

With that, we conclude our web post on dream of earthquake. Unpleasant as it is, you should remember that the scene happened in your sleep cycle for a reason, one of which is to appreciate what you have because nothing is permanent in life – neither your loved ones nor the happiness you have at present. 

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