A dream of earthquake can be as agitating as a disaster happening in real life. With collapsed structures, debris, and wounded people around, the dream vision can leave you apprehensive. 

However, contrary to common perception, these dreams are not always negative or a cause of concern. 

So, for your convenience, we have included some dream plots to help you decode your dream.

Dream of Earthquake - Different Plots & Their Meanings
Dream of Earthquake – Different Plots & Their Meanings

What Does It Mean When You Dream About An Earthquake?

Often, a dream of an earthquake relates to a sudden shift or transition in an area of your life. Based on the plot, earthquake dreams also symbolize fear, threat, conflict, loss, illness, or even a fresh start. 

Generally, earthquake dreams are premonitory signals of forthcoming changes in your personal, domestic, or professional life. 

Besides, earthquakes are powerful dream symbols, especially if you live in an area where they are not frequent. 

And it’s crucial to learn about the symbolism of the disaster to shed light on your dream meanings. Below are some of the most common symbols related to the theme.

  • Unexpected changes

Out of all the natural disasters, nothing is as unpredictable as an earthquake. On that note, your dream could be a harbinger of something huge that will strike your life all of a sudden. 

Just as some mild earthquakes go unnoticed, similarly dreams symbolize a change that is happening subtly without your knowledge.

On the other hand, your dream could be a sign that your life needs a transformation. 

  • Fear

Earthquakes, especially those of higher magnitude, evoke fearful feelings to those experiencing them.

Based on your dream details, the fear may be of the natural disaster itself, a forthcoming unpleasant event, higher authority, etc.

Since we perceive Earth as Mother Nature, the dream may even denote your fear regarding your mother’s health and well-being. 

  • Bad news or failure

Such a dream can also portend an unpleasant piece of news, such as the passing away of a loved one. Besides, it stands for failure on the professional front. 

  • Repressed feelings

Sometimes, such dreams symbolize repressed feelings, emotions, and desires. Such dreams are also likely if you are in the habit of restraining your anger and annoyance for others. 

The dreams may also represent repressed creativity and ideas. 

  • The need for a change of routine

If you feel your life has been slipping into a monotonous state, the dream may stand for the need to literally shake your life and ways of living a bit. 

  • Your subconscious seeking attention

An earthquake dream could also be a wake-up call. Perhaps your subconscious underwent a subtle change, and it may be trying to grab your attention towards it. 

It could also mean you have been investing much of your time into something unworthy while ignoring the important ones.

In that case, your subconscious might be trying to talk sense into you. 

  • New beginnings

Earthquakes symbolize fresh beginnings. Perhaps the dream indicates a chapter of your life you need to end.

Maybe you need to let go of the beautiful times and memories you shared with your former partner and start life anew on a clean note. 

  • Relationships

If someone you know in real life is present in your earthquake dream, such scenarios are often related to your relationship with that person.

In most cases, such plots indicate changes in your feelings towards that person. 

  • Grief for someone who has passed away

Earthquake dreams are likely if you are grieving the loss of someone dear to you.

Besides, in this case, your subconscious is helping you process your emotions and feelings and release your grief for the one you lost. 

Spiritual Meaning of Earthquake Dream 

In the ancient days, earthquakes were symbolic of God’s anger and restlessness over the sins of mortal humans. 

From that perspective, the scenario could be an indication of your repressed anger and annoyance with someone that might lead to a huge outbreak anytime. 

Various Dream Scenarios of an Earthquake

Now that we have listed the most common symbols, let’s look at some of the most widely experienced earthquake dream scenarios. 

A dream about an earthquake

To decode your earthquake dream, consider what happens when an earthquake occurs in the real world. 

Without warning, it comes, and before you know it, things fall off the shelves, the walls crumble, and sometimes, it throws you around. 

Similarly, your dream may be forecasting an event along the same lines as the earthquake where an event will suddenly happen, split your life apart, create a disorder, and leave you to deal with it. 

Seeing or feeling the tremors of an earthquake

It is a sign that disputes between your country and others will indirectly hinder your career and professional life.

In some worse cases, those issues may even lead to the failure of your long-term plans. 

Seeing the aftermath of an earthquake

The dream stands for disputes in your domestic environment. On the other hand, it may also mean one of your family members will come down with an illness shortly. 

An earthquake of high magnitude

You can interpret this scenario from various angles based on your real-life circumstances. 

Such dreams are synonymous with an enormous problem in your waking life. More often than not, it is related to either finance or relationships. 

It is vital to recall the emotions you felt within the dream. If you were fearful of the strong earthquake, it shows your fear for changes. Besides, it symbolizes setbacks in your career and business ventures. 

Lastly, the scenario may also mean you have lost control of your own life and actions.

An earthquake lasting for a long time

It implies you are concerned about a friend’s health and wellbeing. 

Looking at the spectacle from another point of view shows there will be various opportunities around this time to prove your skills and talents. 

An earthquake striking a building 

The interpretation of this dream depends on the state of the dreamer. For those going through a tough time, the scenario portends well.

The dream denotes you will soon be able to find ways to slip out of your troubling times.  

For dreamers faring well in life, the plot is a bad sign because it may also mean people in your circle are envious of your life and achievements. 

An earthquake hitting your house

This dream is an ill omen because there’s a strong likelihood that the reputation of your family will suffer a decline.  

Also, the dream further advises you to stay strong and connected with your people around this time. 

Earthquake killing many people

This dream is a negative sign. Clearly, you are not on the right path. Further, the plot shows you will not achieve your dream goals and desires however hard you persist.

Also, the dream suggests you change your plans if you do not want to be disappointed after all your efforts. 

Caught in an earthquake 

It represents your inability to handle personal and professional problems. 

Getting injured by the destruction caused by an earthquake

Based on the plot, you are apprehensive of the future. The dreamscape reflects your worries about how you would cope if anything goes wrong in your life, such as losing your job. 

Getting killed by an earthquake

Based on the plot, you are afraid to take a step forward in your life, probably because you fear the changes that will follow. 

Running away from an earthquake

If you dream of running away from an earthquake, undeniably, you feel confined and pressured in your waking life.

You certainly have a lot on your shoulders, and the dream shows you want to abandon them all.

Hiding from an earthquake

It is a negative sign. It reflects your indecisiveness, because of which you often end up making wrong choices and changing them at the last minute. 

Surviving an earthquake

Often, earthquake dreams occur when the pressure you are under in the waking world exceeds your expectations and capability. But according to the plot, the future looks promising. 

An earthquake hitting a church/ mosque/temple

The place of worship in your dream stands for your inner peace and tranquility.

Since the scene depicts an earthquake hitting it, it means a person, an event, or a situation in your waking life has disturbed your peace of mind. 

You were able to predict an earthquake

It shows you are prepared to face and accept opportunities that come your way. 

A mild earthquake

It relates to minor issues in your life. However, regardless of their insignificance, your subconscious advises you not to take them for granted and try to fix them in time because they might evolve into gigantic, life-threatening problems. 

Dreams About Natural Disasters And Earthquakes

An earthquake and a tsunami

This dream scenario is a negative sign because it portends unpleasant events such as conflicts at home or the workplace. Sometimes, it may even indicate a push and pull within your mind – a ‘to be or not to be’ situation. 

Furthermore, the scenario surfaces to make you aware of your fears and anxieties regarding the situation(s). Besides, chances are, your subconscious is trying to tell you something you have failed to grasp in reality. 

Since the scenario includes water and gigantic waves, it may also be closely related to strong emotions. Perhaps a sudden negative change has left you depressed. 

Additionally, the dream could also be an indication that you feel overpowered by negative energy hovering around. 

Lastly, the appearance of an earthquake and a tsunami in a dream also implies that your present life is about to collapse. Things will turn upside down and get chaotic. 

An earthquake and flood

Likely, you keep your emotions to yourself. Be it love or hate, you don’t let others have access to your feelings.

However, the plot signifies your longing to be understood by others. 

An earthquake and a volcano

The scenario indicates you tend to keep your feelings and emotions bottled up. 

Besides, the dream warns you to know that your emotions will betray your conscious mind and give away your hateful words and feelings at the most unexpected moment. 

Just as lava spurts out during a volcano, your emotions will gush out relentlessly someday. 

Biblical Meaning 

In the Holy Bible, earthquakes are often featured negatively, as an entity with destructive power – a symbol of poverty, famine, and death.

Possible Reasons Behind These Dreams

We have listed some of the most probable reasons behind your earthquake dreams. Do take a mental note that the ones below are not all. 

Because dreams do not just happen!!!

  • You are anxious about the changes you will soon face. 
  • It could also mean you will hear terrible news out of the blue from someone who lives away from you.
  • For lovebirds, earthquake dreams symbolize a wedding ceremony. 
  • Unexpectedly, earthquake dreams may mean success is around the corner. 
  • You feel bound and overwhelmed by responsibilities. You may even feel they are beyond your capability. 

Who Often Dream Of Earthquakes?

Earthquakes are an uncommon dream theme. But you may dream of them frequently if-

  • You live or are staying in an earthquake-prone area.
  • You are going through a chaotic phase – a breakup, divorce, or failure in business. 
  • It is also normal for pregnant women to have earthquake dreams, especially around the time of delivery. 
  • People going through puberty and menopause, periods of great changes, and personal growth. 

Wrapping Up

Unpleasant as it is, you should remember that the scene happened in your sleep cycle for a reason, one of which is to appreciate what you have because nothing is permanent in life – neither your loved ones nor the happiness you have at present. 

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