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Tsunami Dream – 37 Dream Plots And Their Meanings

Tsunami Dream – 37 Dream Plots And Their Meanings

Updated on Aug 05, 2022 | Published on Aug 01, 2021

Reviewed by Dr. Nereida Gonzalez-Berrios, MD , Certified Psychiatrist

Tsunami Dream - 37 Dream Plots And Their Meanings

You just had a tsunami dream, and you are unsure what to make of it! Part of you wants to believe it was just a dream, while the other cannot help but fret about what will happen in the next few hours, days, or weeks. 

We get you! A dream of a monstrous tsunami wave engulfing you is not something you can see and forget the following morning!

Let us remind you that the dream is a warning, meaning you still have one final chance to fix any wrongdoing and save yourself from trouble. So, why let the undesirable happen when you can change your fate?

The article will help you figure out what might have gone terribly wrong in your life. Find it out and fix the wrongdoings because we wish you pleasant dreams. 

Tsunami Dream - 37 Dream Plots And Their Meanings
Tsunami Dream – 37 Dream Plots And Their Meanings

What Does It Mean When You Dream About A Tsunami?

A tsunami dream symbolizes transformations, changes, and repressed emotions. According to the context and elements, some tsunami dreams foretell evolution, professional success, and prosperity.

In a broad sense, tsunami dreams are closely related to your emotions and spirituality. Often, a tsunami wave in a dream scene stands for repressed emotions and feelings erupting and exploding.

Likely, you have reached your limit and could no longer hold in your emotions. 

Sometimes, it may represent an event or an upheaval that is likely to erupt anytime. Just as a tsunami wave can wreak havoc on thousands of lives, the event could cause severe damage to you and others around you. 

A few dream experts negate the correlation between tsunami dreams and emotions. According to them, such dreams reflect your busy life. 

The majority of dreamers associate a tsunami dream with negativity. In fact, some considered it to be a bad omen. However, that isn’t right. 

At face value, most tsunami dreams presage unpleasant happenings. But just as every cloud has a silver lining, the seemingly bad dreams bring in positive messages or at least some information that will help you lead a more fulfilled life. 

Tsunami Dream Meaning: Dream Symbols

1. You are anxious

You are bound to dream of a tsunami if you feel burdened and pressured in life. Perhaps the responsibilities of your family and workplace are overwhelming you. 

Do you think they have taken a toll on your mental health? 

Perhaps you don’t usually share your trouble with anyone. Keeping it to yourself and sparing others the burden is fine, but if you dream of a tsunami while feeling overwhelmed in your waking life, it is a sign that the trouble is too much for you. 

To solve problems, you need to be in complete control of them. But according to the dream, your troubles are controlling you and your mental state. And the dream plot suggests you share your problems with someone. 

Reach out to people you can rely on and figure out if they could be of any help to you. At the very least, talk to people and do not keep your troubles bottled up any longer. 

2. You feel overwhelmed

Such dream plots often surface in the sleep stages of perceptive people. If someone around you goes through a hard time, you would be able to figure it out even without that person talking about it to you. 

Often, your intuition and compassionate nature let others’ matter affect your mind and body ultimately, overwhelming you.

3. You will go through tremendous changes

Natural disasters are unpredictable, and tsunamis are no exception. If they are, thousands of lives won’t perish each time disasters happen. 

A tsunami in a dream vision warns you of adversity coming towards you. It could be related to your personal or professional life. Perhaps your partner will leave you for a better mate, or maybe your boss is making plans to fire you. 

Note that the dream happened not to scare you but to let you know about what is to come.

Unlike a real-life tsunami, the dreamscape forewarns you to prepare yourself for upheavals –  mentally and emotionally so that you wouldn’t be taken by surprise when it happens. 

4. You have lost or fear losing something

The giant waves are capable of wiping away an entire community of people in a matter of seconds. 

In 2004, the Indian Ocean Earthquake and Tsunami killed a total of 230,000 people. Several families split apart. Small children were detached from their parents and helpless, elderly people from their children. 

Against this backdrop, a tsunami dream implies you have lost something dear to you. It could be a person, a thing, a job, or even a keepsake. 

On the other hand, it reflects your fear and insecurities about losing someone or something. Perhaps you live in constant fear that your partner will leave you someday. 

5. The traumatic experience of the past

Have you encountered a traumatic incident back in the past? If you had, you might say –

‘But I’m done with it. That happened decades ago!’

You might be right. But something could have happened lately that poked the long-buried wound. 

Perhaps you underwent a major car crash in the past that compelled you to give up driving altogether. And recently, you could have been in a situation where you were compelled to take the driver’s seat. 

That would ultimately bring back the memories – flashes of the messy, horrendous accident would surface in your mind. 

If you find the above situation relatable, your higher self urges you to seek professional help.

Instead of burying your wounds and getting hurt and disturbed each time something reminds you of that incident, try to accept whatever happened in the past. Make peace with it and move on with your life. 

6. Repressed feelings and sentiments

You prefer to keep your genuine feelings and emotions hidden. There probably is a reason behind you acting in that manner. 

Perhaps you don’t want people to get hurt. Maybe you consider your relationship with them more important than your feelings. 

Though your consideration of others’ emotions is appreciable, your subconscious discourages your way of dealing with others. 

If someone hurts your feelings, let them know without further aggravating the situation. If you feel grateful towards someone, thank them and if you need help, reach out. Do anything but do not keep your feelings bottled up. 

Just like a tsunami suddenly emerges, your pent-up feelings too will someday get out of hand, and that will cause more trouble than good. Therefore, your dream urges you to act on time to avoid misunderstandings.

7. It signifies your growth

If you are going through a tough time and dream of a tsunami, it may be a positive sign. Just as tsunamis are caused by earthquakes and undersea volcanic eruptions, your dream may be letting you know that you will have a huge comeback, thanks to your hardships. 

8. Evolution

Tsunami dreams can happen if you have recently changed your personality, character, or temperament. 

Perhaps you have always been someone who values money over relationships. A few incidents that happened lately might have shown you how priceless human relationships are.

9. You are aquaphobic/ hydrophobic

Tsunami dreams are also likely among aquaphobic people. In the recent past, you could have been in an accident – such as drowning. Since you have a fear for water, to begin with, the incident might have affected you more severely than it ought to. 

Perhaps you have been pondering over what might have happened if your friend did not rescue you on time. 

Dreams of Tsunamis: Various Dream Scenarios

1. Dreaming of seeing a tsunami

Often, a tsunami in a dream symbolizes a problem you have been ignoring. Perhaps you think it’s not yet time to address it. Or maybe you think you alone are incapable of tackling it. 

Whatever the reason is, your dream advises you to find the solutions to the problems as soon as possible because leaving them unattended will increase its destructive capacity. If necessary, seek help from people you trust. 

2. Dreaming of seeing a tsunami from a distance

Here, the tsunami stands for an issue that has the potential to crush you. 

Since you noticed it from afar, your dream indicates you would be able to sense the problem long before it strikes you, which will give you ample time to prepare. 

On the other hand, the dream also reflects your wish to stay away from drama. 

Some experts relate the dream to your fear of getting distant from your people. If you dreamed about observing tsunami waves from a distance, the dream might indicate a problem related to your family members or social circle.

3. Seeing a tsunami from a higher plane in a dream

A dream of seeing a tsunami from a higher vantage point means you are in connection with the higher powers and have the ability to help others. The dream scenario advises you to use the spiritual gifts and reach out to those who might be longing for some help.

Help here doesn’t have to be limited to finance or material wealth. It can be a few sincere words of compassion and empathizing with someone who has hit rock bottom in life. To someone who has lost everything, a shoulder to lean on is also an immense help. 

4. Witnessing a tsunami in a dream

If you witness a tsunami in a dream, the spotlight would likely be on you. That does sound rosy and dramatic. But it has a negative meaning. 

The sudden attention from the public will, in all probability, lead you to embarrass and humiliate yourself. 

The dream warns you against anyone capable of doing you any harm. If you think there are any such people in your circle, it would be best to keep your distance from that person because he or she will likely use your weakness to gather attention. 

5. Dreaming of tidal waves surfacing suddenly

Tsunamis are the aftermath of an underwater earthquake or volcanic eruption. 

The tidal waves in this dream represent your resultant emotions and feelings. Some event, most probably, an unexpected one, has afflicted you indirectly.

Let’s get this clear. The event, symbolized by the earthquake or eruption, has no direct impact on you. But it has left you in great mental turmoil.

For instance, if you come across news on TV about a car crash that killed both the husband and the wife, leaving a 2-year-old child, you will certainly be moved. 

The death of the couple is neither your business nor does it affect you. However, you would think of the innocent child and about his or her fate.

6. Dreaming of a tsunami threat on TV/ news

According to the plot, you are easy to influence or manipulate. You often let a piece of news hurt you deeply even before finding out the facts behind it. 

On top of that, you let your emotions run wild based on sheer assumptions. Though it’s advisable to prepare for any changes before they happen, your dream suggests you always check the facts before letting them affect you mentally and emotionally.

7. Dreaming of a tsunami coming towards you

In this scenario, the tsunami symbolizes a significant event, which could be either positive or negative, happening soon. Whichever it is, it will have a major impact on your life.

8. Dreaming of a passing tsunami 

Your dream foretells a period of transition. With your existing problems finally coming to a close, you would heave a sigh of relief. Use this time to recover from the past and prepare yourself for new challenges ahead. 

9. Dream about tsunami and family

Since family in dreams symbolizes security, the dream scenario indicates you tend to depend on others to cover for you each time you indulge in something. Apparently, you run low on confidence, which is why you always count on others and not on your potential. 

Looking at the dream from the other side, your family may stand for restrictions and limitations. 

Is anyone, anything, or society, in general, preventing you from pursuing a life goal? 

Perhaps they believe it will get you nowhere.

If you are in earnest concerning your goals, the dream encourages you to crush the shackles and break free. You own your life, and you don’t have to seek approval from others to go after the life you desire. 

10. Running away from a tsunami in a dream

Here the tsunami symbolizes emotions you have kept within yourself. Running away from the disaster in the dream means you are repressing your emotions, instead of acknowledging or sharing them with others. 

Suppose you have a crush on your best friend. For fear of rejection or losing him or her, you might have kept your feelings repressed. 

However, keeping them hidden wouldn’t help you not like or care less for that person. Instead, you would have to deal with your emotions alone, which might get overwhelming at one point.

The dream encourages you to express your feelings and face the consequences- good or bad. Let it happen whatever is bound to happen, and give yourself some peace and mental relief. 

Some experts relate the scenario to your failure to keep your feelings bottled up. They have gotten too much and overwhelming that they will seek a way out despite your unwillingness to let them loose. 

11. Dreaming of a tsunami dragging you in

Because of an event, you feel deeply stressed and anxious. Your dream advises you to slow down. There’s a time for everything. 

Perhaps rushing through the matter at this point wouldn’t be of much help. 

Another interpretation is that you are likely to face several changes. For your stability, you would need to hold on to people. If you are presently undergoing life changes, the dream may indicate a positive start. 

12. Dreaming of drowning in a tsunami

If you envision a tsunami drowning you in a dream, you are most likely unhappy with your present life. As per the plot, the people around you will make your life more difficult because they will fail to understand you. 

Perhaps you already have everything a person can wish for in a lifetime. That might lead them to ask you the cause of your worries. 

To make things worse, you wouldn’t be able to point out the reason. Instead of swimming your way smoothly, you’re drowning, and you know something is amiss, but you don’t know what.

What people around you define as success do not align with your definition of the term. You believe there’s a higher path for you to tread on, but you have no idea what it is and how to get there. 

13. A tsunami submerging and suffocating you in a dream

Your dream advises you not to ignore your genuine feelings or emotions. Instead, you must be strong enough to deal with them.

For instance, imagine yourself as a victim of harassment at work. Every minute at the office premises would be torture for you. 

However, you might choose to remain silent – for fear of losing your job. Or the person involved might have threatened you to keep your mouth shut. 

If the matter persists, your mental and emotional health would be heavily affected, which is why the dream happened – to act on it asap.

14. A tidal wave sweeping you away in a dream

Your dream foretells a transformation. It could be for better or worse but for the change to be complete you have to let go of some people, relationships, beliefs, or events.

15. Surfing the waves after it engulfed and swept you away

You have a way of dealing with the ups and downs of life. Whatever befalls you, you will always be the winner.

16. Dreaming of getting swept away as you try to escape a tsunami

In a dream, if you land up in a deserted area after getting swept by a tsunami, it means you must believe in yourself and your inner strength. 

This dream might also indicate a new beginning in your life.

17. Dreaming of a person you know being swept away by tsunami waves

Pretty soon, life will get tough for the person in your dreams. He or she may suffer either in the professional or personal domain. 

18. Dreaming of an acquaintance getting swept away by a tsunami wave

The dream indicates trying times for that person. Despite hard work and efforts from his or her end, that person is likely to suffer a series of misfortunes around this time. 

Though you cannot wipe away his or her trouble, the dream suggests you provide mental strength to that person. Remind him or her constantly not to give up midway and not to run from challenges.

19. Dreaming about people disappearing in a tsunami. 

You are likely to confront a health issue that has been in the back seat for quite a long time. 

20. A dream about dying in a tsunami

If you had such a dream, we bet you spent sleepless nights pondering over the meaning. 

But here’s good news! Contrary to your perception and general opinion, the dream scenario means well. Problems that once robbed you of peace and wreaked havoc have vanished. Either they have been resolved, or you have come to terms with it. 

21. Dreaming of a tsunami killing your loved one

The dream warns you to be careful as your actions may harm someone you love, indirectly.

22. Dreaming of a tsunami on the beach

The dream shows your apprehensiveness concerning the disappearance of your roots.

You have a deep regard for it, and the scenario reflects your desire to protect your roots, the society you grew up in, and your people.  

23. A tsunami destroying your city in a dream

In this scenario, the city symbolizes your finances and assets. An unfortunate event that surfaces out of the blue is likely to wash away everything you own. 

Consider the spectacle a warning and refrain from investing your hard-earned wealth into anything shady around this time. If possible, avoid all types of investments- shady or not! It’s better to be safe than sorry.

24. A tsunami hitting your town in a dream

According to the dream, you are emotionally incapable of dealing with harsh life situations. When a calamity befalls, instead of taking immediate measures to save yourself and your people, you tend to go into a panic state. 

Your higher self encourages you to be strong – physically, mentally, and emotionally. Life is uncertain, and there’s no telling what you will go through tomorrow. 

You have to prepare yourself for all challenges because you can’t always expect others to help you out of trouble every single time. 

25. Dreaming of a tsunami wreaking havoc to your house

You are deeply attached to your home and family and love spending time with them. 

Some people, envious of the bond you share with your people, would try to tear you apart, but in vain. 

According to the dream books of Freud, seeing a tsunami destroying your home foretells a family feud or a quarrel with close people. 

26. A tsunami destroying roads and bridges in a dream

Roads and bridges connect one place to another. In the plot, since the waves demolished the medium of connection, it implies blockage. There is a strong possibility of you getting into a complicated situation. 

As it gets more problematic for you to handle, you might try reaching out to others for help. But as indicated in the plot, your appeals will never reach the people concerned. 

27. Avoiding a tsunami in your dream

Generally, dreaming of avoiding a tsunami means you will overcome the obstacles and troubles hovering over you. 

Looking at the dream with regards to your professional front, it looks promising. Your hard work and effort will slowly pay off as your tasks, projects come to completion, and your ideas and plans take form and progress.

A dream in which the tsunami has not affected you portends good luck and pleasant surprises. 

28. Escaping a tsunami in a dream

If you dream of escaping a tsunami, there’s a strong possibility of you being an empath, which means you are highly aware of the energies and emotions people around you feel. Your intuition lets you understand others’ emotions and feelings on a much deeper level. 

Also, you tend to feel the pain of others as though it is your own. 

For an empath, a dream of escaping a tsunami implies that the spiritual gifts the universe bestowed on you overwhelm you to some degree. 

For instance, if your friend goes through a hard time, you would take it to heart and let his or her situation affect you as if it is your own. 

If you process everyone’s problems as your own, eventually, you would feel weighed down at some point. 

On the other hand, a dream of escaping a tsunami portends an auspicious time for you. You will finally overcome the issues that have been blocking your path to success. 

29. Dreaming of tsunami and surviving

Shortly, a series of obstacles will hit you hard. The universe will test your patience, strength, and confidence. In the process, some situations might compel you to leave a few existing relationships, jobs, or even a residential area. 

The wave of obstacles will certainly wash you off, toss and turn you around, but your subconscious, through the dream, lets you know that everything would be alright. 

Let the monstrous wave of hurdles engulf you if that is the will of God, and let troubles wash you away because ultimately, you would get back to the shore and be on your feet once again. 

At times, if you feel bogged down by what the universe puts you through, recall this dreamscape. The vision is an affirmation that you will come back to the shore however far the waves washed you away.

Some experts associate the scene with your strong will and determination. Regardless of the intensity of problems, you always ensure you defeat them. 

30. Dreaming of tsunami at night

The spectacle is very symbolic. The tsunami indicates you are going through tough times. You might be asking yourself why the universe is testing you in such a manner. There would be times when dropping off everything seems tempting. But that is not the way to proceed. 

The dream encourages you to keep going. Note that it is night in the plot. Just a few more hours and light will come. The sun will emerge, and the whole world will brighten up. 

Similarly, your troubles are about to end. The universe may be testing you one last time. Keep going, face everything with courage, and the light will be yours.  

31. Dreaming of creating a tidal wave

The dream indicates you have good control over your emotions. 

32. Dreaming of animals running away from a tsunami

The tsunami stands for your emotions, and the animals symbolize people in your waking life avoiding you for your overwhelming emotions. 

Tsunami Dream: Different Types

33. A big tsunami wave in a dream

The dream symbolizes your high goals and aspirations. Big, huge waves may also indicate your faith and hopes.

34. Dreaming of a dirty water tsunami 

As it is, tsunami dreams are associated with destruction. Further, the dirty water in the plot indicates destruction accompanied by dirt. You have concealed something disgraceful about yourself from your close ones. 

Keeping it bottled up causes you immense worry, stress, and anxiety. Over time, the intensity and the destroying power of that one secret might have evolved because there is a strong sense of repentance in the scenario. 

A lie might have bred a bigger lie, and so on. Instead of letting the matter get worse and uncontrollable, your dream advises you to think of a way to disclose the secret to your people – with minimal harm to yourself and others. 

It might appall them at first, but with time, they will finally start to understand you and why you kept it hidden for long.

35. Dreaming of lava tsunami

The dream warns you to make changes and fix your life while you can. The path you are walking on is a threat in itself, and the destination you are aiming towards is harmful to your wellbeing. 

As it is, you are already on the losing end emotionally, physically, and mentally and walking further down the route will cause you irreparable damage in the long run.

Dreaming Of A Tsunami And Other Natural Disasters

36. Dreaming of tsunami and earthquake

According to the dream, your life will undergo various changes in the upcoming future. Those will happen in unexpected domains, without any warning of their approaches. Therefore, you need to keep your eyes open to every single thing that takes place in your life. 

How you react to those problems will decide the consequences- which could be either positive or negative. For favorable outcomes, make sure you respond to the changes wisely and as fast as you can. 

Tsunami Dream Meaning: Different Dreamers

37. A man dreaming of a tsunami

If you are a man and dream of a tsunami, it means in the near future you will receive a promotion at work.

Recurring Dreams Of Tsunami

As mentioned earlier, a tsunami in dreams is closely related to the elements of water and the ocean, which symbolize emotions and the spiritual realm.

Considering that, recurring dreams of tsunamis may indicate a difficulty you are coping with, in either your emotional or spiritual life. 

On the other hand, recurring dreams of tsunamis may suggest you let go of the emotions you have been burying deep within you. 

If you have been suppressing your disappointment with your partner, let him or her know how you feel before the negative emotions set a foundation for you to misunderstand and hate each other. 

Perhaps, your partner already feels sorry for what he or she did and was looking for the ideal time to apologize. You never know!

Spiritual Meaning Of Tsunami Dream

Spiritually, tsunamis are associated with the elements of water and the ocean. While the former symbolizes emotions, intuition, and perception, the latter signifies your connection with the spirit, subconscious, and the supernatural. 

Therefore, from the spiritual viewpoint, tsunami dreams are your subconscious mind’s way of warning you about your spiritual and emotional wellbeing. 

In all likelihood, you have dismissed the messages sent out by your higher self, and you have disconnected yourself from the universal consciousness. 

Dreams of natural disasters are likely if you ignore your higher self. Such dreamscapes let you know that you will always meet obstacles in the physical realm if you neglect the spiritual.

Perhaps you feel insecure or overwhelmed in some aspects of your life. Maybe a recent happening stresses and sucks the life out of you. 

You might have your reasoning behind acting against your higher self. However, the dream advises you to be patient and trust the process. 

Biblical Meaning Of Tsunami In Dreams

According to the bible, a tsunami in a dream signifies a catastrophe.

Why Do You Have a Tsunami Dream?

  1. Your physical and spiritual realities do not align. 
  2. You are under a lot of pressure and stress concerning a matter. 
  3. Tsunami dreams are also common if you are undergoing a tremendous change. The surging of the huge waves symbolizes your emotions as unforeseen changes and challenges overwhelm you. 

Do you doubt your potential to cope with the transformation? 

  1. You fear that you won’t be able to handle your future. 
  2. You are afraid to take risks even when it means success.

A Few Questions To Ask Yourself If You Dream Of Tsunamis

  1. What makes you happy and content on a deeper level?
  2. Where exactly did the tsunami happen?
  3. How intense were the tidal waves?
  4. Do you suffer from anxiety in your waking life?


No doubt, a tsunami dream can be as frightening as the disaster itself. However, do not let the fear overshadow your reasoning. As mentioned earlier, dreams about tsunamis symbolize changes and warn you of any unpleasant event that might befall you soon. 

Dreams happen for a reason and people who study their dreams on a deeper level are the ones who make the most of their dreams.