Dream of fighting someone symbolizes struggles, success, love, care, and hard work. It might not seem to be a soothing vision in sleep.

And if you’re curious to learn why it appears to you, you’re at the right place!

Let’s start with some general interpretations…

Dream of Fighting Someone – 35 Types & their Interpretations
Dream of Fighting Someone – Various Types & their Interpretations

Dream of Fighting Someone – General Interpretation

The dream is often indicative of your way of handling difficult situations. You resolve your issues wonderfully with your inner peace and abilities.

You’re confident and ready to take up challenges. The dream also encourages you to fight your own problems.

Also, try changing your company. Be in a circle of positive people, and you’ll see success ahead of you.

Continue reading to know what else the dream of fighting someone says…

  • Focus on specific things rather than trying your luck everywhere.
  • Don’t enter into unwanted conversations.
  • Don’t hurt anyone with your harsh words.
  • Introspect and try to find the answers to your questions.
  • Control your anger or you might face trouble later.
  • You will face hardships but things will fall into place eventually.
  • Keep your ego aside and solve your unresolved issues.
  • Keep calm and solve your inner struggles.
  • Be prepared for some unannounced problems.
  • Treat everyone with love and care.

Dream about Fighting Someone – Various Types and Interpretation

The dream of fighting someone is a reminder to work hard in order to achieve success. Whereas the dream of fighting in the rain is a warning dream. Similarly, fighting with a friend suggests internal conflict.

Find a detailed interpretation of your dream about fighting someone. Let’s start!

Dream of being in a fight

Dreaming of being in a fight shows your emotional instability. You’re still confused about a lot of things in your life.

Sit with a peaceful mind and focus on the critical decisions you’re about to take in your life.

Being in a verbal fight that ends in violence

If you dream of being in a verbal fight that ends in violence, it’s a warning that you will face tough times in the recent future.

Be careful about the decisions you’ll be making. If you’re confused, take help from someone trustworthy.

Dream of seeing someone fighting

The dream of seeing someone fighting is not a bad sign for you, as it shows you won’t face much trouble in life.

But the dream suggests you to be focused on specific things and not try your luck everywhere. You must also consider people’s suggestions.

Seeing your family members fighting

If you see your family members fighting with each other, it’s not a good sign.

It shows the lack of communication between the members. Take some time off and spend quality time together.

You fighting with your mother

It denotes your lack of patience. You’re a short-tempered person and lose your cool at simple matters. The dream suggests that you must control your anger, or it will trouble you later.

You fighting with your father

It is a warning that you will face a lot of obstacles in your future. It shows that even if you face obstacles, things will fall into place eventually.

You fighting with your brother or sister

It denotes you’re facing emotional issues. It also asks you to be ready for some unannounced problems arriving in your life.

You fighting with your partner

It asks you to work on the basics of your relationship. You’ve a lot of unresolved issues with each other, which is making your married life tough.

You fighting with your close friend

The dream foretells your loss. You’ll lose someone, like your best friend or family member. So, you must try to treat everyone with love and care and not hurt anyone.

You fighting a child or a woman

This is an indication that you need to be more aware. You need to introspect and change the things you’ve caused damage to. It also suggests you to focus on your life more than others.

You fighting and killing people

Surprisingly, this is a good sign. It foretells your happy life ahead. You’re overcoming your problems, and you shall have a wonderful time.

Seeing yourself fighting with someone

It’s time for you to introspect. You will face some serious illnesses in the future. Try to get out of the bad company, bad habits, and bad environment.

Fist-fighting with someone

Dream of fist fighting is a sign that your plans will fail. You’ve lost touch with your inner self. Be careful as there’s a strong force opposing you.

Fighting with an enemy

The dream represents your struggle to achieve your goals. There will be problems but don’t panic. Try fixing things with honesty, love, and kindness.

Fighting with a casual friend

This portends your damaged relationship with your friends. You’re not able to trust people and fight for peace in your life. But the dream also suggests something positive, like opportunities knocking at your door.

Fighting with crush

It shows that you have a secret crush on someone. It tells you to express your feelings before it’s too late.

Fighting with boss

It shows your disagreement with them on a specific matter. The dream suggests you express your views on the matter to your boss and find common ground.

Spiritual Meaning of Dream of Fighting Someone

A lot of time, fighting with someone in your dream is about the dissatisfaction of your spirit. Somehow you are not comfortable in your life.

The dream asks you to fight your discomforts and limitations. Pray and meditate daily… and you’ll eventually find a way out of this discomfort.  

A word from ThePleasantDream

Debating with someone, or punching someone is not the only way you fight. We all are fighting different problems and challenges in our life.

The dream of fighting someone symbolizes various conflicts in our waking life that disturb our mental peace.

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