Dream of getting married, especially when you are single in real life, is pretty common. Umm… for obvious reasons of course! 😉

You will be surprised to know that these dreams can have so many different meanings. Most people brush it off thinking that this is because of their desire to get married but it’s not always what you think.

Like all the other dreams, attending a wedding dream or seeing a friend getting married in your dream or you getting yourself married: it all has a message. Before we dive deep with types, it’s time to first explore some general interpretations of marriage dreams.

Dream of Getting Married  Wedding Dream Meaning - 80 Types & its Meanings
Dream of getting married –  Planning to get hitched?

What does it mean when you dream about getting married? – 9 General Interpretations

Dream about getting married represents commitment and unity. It also means that new opportunities or a new partner are knocking on your door.

Imagine how a person would feel if he or she dreamed of getting married while he was already married! Does it necessarily imply your desire for a different partner?  Well, that might not be the case.

Even a happily married person can have such dreams and it can just be a message of a whole new positive or negative change in your waking life. If you are eager to be directed by a signal that your dream had, dive in!

1. It implies commitment

Marriage is an auspicious ceremony where two people become life partners by committing to each other. The partners take vows to love, care and protect each other under various circumstances.

If you had a dream of getting married it is probably because you are thinking of a promise that is made to you or a promise that you made to your partner.

2. Wedding dreams represents unity

Marriage unites two different people from different families, sometimes even from different cultures. If you had a dream of getting married probably it signifies the unity of two bodies or lives into one.

You might get closer to people with whom you initially shared some differences in your waking life. It is also possible that your responsibilities and work are going to be connected to each other in a way you never knew.

3. Your love life will improve

If you have spent some time being single now, dreaming of getting married is probably a good surprise for you. The dream gives rise to a chance that your love life is going to bloom or love is soon going to knock on your doors.

And if you are already in a relationship, the conditions are going to improve; you and your partner are going to have a better time together.

4. You are afraid of remaining unmarried

You might have spent a major part of your life as a bachelor. While a few people find bachelorhood a pleasant period of time, not all people like to spend their life without a partner. Delay in marriage can lead to loneliness, irritating the mental stability of a person.

The fear of remaining unmarried throughout your life, the fear of solitude can also expose you to the dream of getting married.

5. You are not happy in your marriage

In case you had a dream of getting married while you were already married, there’s a high chance that you are not happy with your current spouse.

The dream does not really ask you to get out of the wedding vows, it instead asks you to have a deeper insight into the matters and discover what you both are lacking as partners. Once you have figured out why you are feeling so low about your relationship status, you can go ahead and resolve the matter.

6. You want to get married!

A lot of people are really excited by the idea of marriage and they have a lot of aspirations for this day.

One of the most common marriage dream interpretations is your desire to get married. Probably you have been very eagerly waiting for this auspicious day in your life.

7. There are new opportunities on your way

An unexpected dream of marriage where you do not have any plans to get married suggests a positive change approaching your life.

If you are already a happily married person and your relationship status is running smoothly, the dream of getting married depicts that an optimistic opportunity is coming your way.

8. Someone in your life is getting married

If one of your close ones is about to get married in the near future, I am sure you hear a lot about it in your waking life.

In those times, it is natural for you to dream of getting married. Probably you need to perform some important ceremonies at the wedding and that makes you thoughtful of the occasion.

9. You doubt that your future spouse is not right

It is possible for you to be subconsciously worried about your life partner. Such confusions and discomfort are very common among people; especially when you are giving a second and final thought to your decision.

Dreaming of marriage while you are about to get married to a person might also symbolize that you are rethinking your decision. You are still doubtful whether or not he is the right partner for you.  

Dream of Getting Married – 80 Types & its Interpretation 

Dream interpretation is very helpful for people who look forward to deriving hidden messages from their dreams. Dreams are not just meaningless slides of images while you are asleep, they can have several meanings and messages that can drive your waking life towards a successful venture.   

Dream of getting married can have several interpretations depending on the situations and incidents that occurred in the dream. Marriage or wedding is about Union, Prosperity, Fortune, Success, Challenges, Love, and Passion. The dream of getting married covers similar spheres of your practical life.

To interpret your dream correctly, simply find the type of dream in this list and read its interpretation!

1. Dream of planning to get married

If you are planning a wedding in your dream, it can have a direct relation to your actual thoughts and plan for your wedding day.

You will either venture into a lasting commitment in your life or you are going to start preparing for a permanent change in life. Further, to plan a wedding in your dream can also mean that you truly want to start a business or an activity with the person whom you want to marry.

2. Dreams about getting married

If you are in a committed relationship or entirely dedicated to a partner of your choice, you might dream of getting married.

It is also possible that you are unaware of the fact that you have already met your soulmate. However, your subconscious mind is making a note of this to your mind through this dream. 

Well, if none of the above is the case, then dreaming of getting married can also mean that your own feminine and masculine personalities are uniting.

3. Dreams of getting married to your current spouse

If you just dreamt of marrying your current spouse again, this dream is all about you reviewing your relationship with your spouse. It might also mark your commitment towards your partner. Love of your spouse is probably deeply seated in your heart and that makes you dream of marrying him or her again.

4. Dream of getting married to your ex

Dreams about marrying your ex might be symbolic that you have eventually moved on from that relationship.

Were you comparing your current relationship with your previous relationship? Did you try to draw similar or dissimilar analogies between the two? If yes, it’s normal for you to have such dreams.

5. Dream of someone getting married

Dreaming about someone else getting married can have several interpretations like good fortune or speedy recovery is on your way.

 It is also possible that all the confusions that you have been facing in life are being revealed. Unfortunately, when you see someone else’s marriage, it exposes your jealousy towards someone’s happiness or success.

Further, it also showcases your own viewpoint towards your own status of the relationship.

6. Dream of someone you know getting married

This is not a good omen. If you had a dream of someone whom you know getting married; probably you are soon to face some difficulties and issues in your life. Keep your mind at peace and rethink your decisions and steps.

7. Dream of your sister getting married

Dreaming of your sister getting married is a good sign. It means you will soon start a genuine and meaningful relationship. 

The person will be a thoughtful and mature person. Feel free to connect to the one and have a positive start.

8. Dream of your friend getting married

A friend getting married in a dream is not a good omen. With changing relations, the signs and symbols of dreams change.

Such a dream tries to make you aware of some underlying health issues about yourself. You must seek medical help soon and work on your health.

9. Dream of your family member getting married

Dream of a family member getting married simply means that you are not going to get married any sooner in your life.

It does not mean that your wedding will be delayed or something, just that it’s not going to happen in the near future.

10. Dream of getting married in secrecy

Have you started showing a careless back to people around you? Do you think they might not notice it? Well, dreaming of getting married secretly shows that they have noticed your carelessness already and you need to take thoughtful steps in your life.

Take people around you seriously and be attentive to their feelings if you don’t want to have such images of yours in their minds.

11. Dream of getting married by an altar

If you just had a dream of getting married by an altar, this might not be great news for you. Such a dream signifies that you are having some negativity in your life.

Either your thoughts or actions are not optimistic, and eventually, you end up discussing the same negativity with your friends or partner. The dream can also imply that one of your close friends is going to struggle with some severe problems.

12. Dream of getting married by force

If you envision yourself getting married by force in your dream, it means your happiness is being restricted by some people around you.

Such a dream can also mean that you are going to make peace and feel satisfied with some or the other aspect of your life in the coming days.

13. Dream of getting married to the wrong person

Dreaming of getting married to the wrong person is a message that you must give all your decisions a second thought. It is a sign that you have lately been behaving carelessly and you have taken irrelevant decisions or you are about to take some incorrect steps in the near future.

All you need to do is be careful, and keep a track of how you behave with other people as well.

14. Dream of your partner getting married to someone else

This is not a bad dream. There is no need to be scared if you have dreamt of your partner getting married to someone else.

Instead, this dream is a good sign for you and your partner: it signifies a strong and lasting bond between you and your partner. Both of you share tremendous love and care and there is no need to worry about your relationship.

15. Dream of running away to avoid getting married

Do you want to run away from some commitments that you have made in the recent past? Are you trying to escape some bitter truths of your life?

If that is the case then the dream of running away to avoid getting married symbolizes that you are denying acceptance of a real fact that is going to have a permanent impact on your life. The truth remains the same, i.e., we cannot run away from inevitable actions, no matter how hard we try to escape from them.

16. Dream of fight while getting married

Dream of fighting while getting married is not a good sign either. The dream can have more than one interpretation like you are afraid of the embracing circumstances on your wedding day.

If you are giving a second thought to your relationship in terms of commitment and compatibility, then these dreams can be commonplace. Further, these dreams can also arise if you have been second-guessing your decisions of late.

17. Unmarried women dreaming of getting married

Frustration and mental fatigue can be one of the reasons that an unmarried woman dreams of getting married. Dreams of getting married to an unmarried woman are signs that she is soon going to have some grave disturbances in her life.

It can be some deep, painful, sorrowful, and unexpected misfortune approaching her. In that case, you must stay calm and be ready to cope up with the situations. However, another dream symbolism can also be that the maiden is conscious of getting older.

18. Married women dreaming of someone getting married

It doesn’t feel good to hear or accept this, but if a married woman dreams of someone getting married it means she is either going to betray her husband or she will soon receive good news about her real life.

Both the symbolisms are very contrasting, where on one hand she might betray her husband; on the other hand, she might receive great news about her life. Only time can tell what the situation is.

19. Dream of being hesitant to get married

Have you always been told that you make imperfect decisions in your life? Have you always been considered as an indecisive or imbalanced person? 

In that case, if you are about to marry someone and you dream of being hesitant to get married it can mean that you’re simply not sure about your decision and you are losing your confidence.

20. Dream of getting married to a foreigner

You can dream of getting married to a foreigner if inconsistent situations are soon approaching you. The dream means that you are soon going to have some tough times which might not be easy to battle.

All you can do is take good care of yourself, maintain your peace and calm attitude towards life.

21. Dream of getting married to a co-worker or boss

If you swear by your profession and truly care about your progress you may have such dreams.

Dream of getting married to a coworker or Boss shows your commitment towards your profession, maybe that you are scared of losing the job and you are becoming possessive of your position.

22. Dream of getting married to a family member

You might have dreams of getting married to a family member if you have previously analyzed some qualities and compatibilities in the member which you want to see in your life partner.

Also, if you are scared about some bad habits of the family member that you do not want to be facing with your life partner, you can have a dream of getting married to the same family member.

23. Dream of attending a wedding as guest

Dream of attending a wedding as a guest can have two interpretations. Firstly, it can imply that you are having some deep vision of your life where you act as a spectator about some incidents going on in your life.

Secondly, if you dream of a person getting married and you are a guest, you always feel that the person getting married stays in the spotlight while you are sided and no one pays you enough attention.

24. Dream of listening to marriage vows

Dream of listening to marriage vows can have a symbolic as well as a direct interpretation. The symbolic interpretation states that two of your different personalities are going to unite and you now will be able to shape your career in a better way.

The direct interpretation states that you are going to have love in your life. In both cases, either your career or your love life is going to be enhanced so there is nothing to worry about.

25. Dream of hearing wedding music

If you have envisioned a beautiful wedding day where you heard wedding music, you need to be clear about what music you actually heard. If it was a musical organ being played by the musician, it signifies that you are lacking confidence in experimenting with the hidden talent that you possess.

If you heard the wedding March in your dream, it has contrasting symbolism. It means that you have decided to live by your husband’s will and decisions. It indicates that you are going to miss the potential goal of your life.

26. Dream of waiting to get married

Dream of waiting to get married does not necessarily show your eagerness to marry someone. Rather, the dream holds an unpleasant message.

It symbolizes false accusations. You might get subjected to fake accusations by people. It is not fair but if you try to tackle the situation with a more mature head, you are going to get yourself out of it without any harm.

27. Dream of getting ready to get married

If you have a dream of getting ready to get married it means that you are preparing yourself for the future events that are yet to follow. 

If you were recently thinking of settling down with a partner, this dream shows that you are concerned about your future and its challenges. You can have such concerns especially if your partner is unaware of your intentions.

28. Dreaming of getting married to an unknown person

If you dream of getting married to an unknown person, it means you are going to make a big decision in your life which is going to have a long-lasting effect as well.

Such a dream signifies that you are going to be quick at some decisions which will subject you to negative effects. Do not expect much help from your close ones, because they will indeed remind you of your mistake.

29. Dream of getting married for money

Dream of getting married has no practical role to play in your present or future. In fact, the dream reveals a part of your personality.

It shows that you are very much attracted to people who have good financial status because you yourself are a person who is excessively concerned about financial stability. If a person wants to convince you he or she must have fortunes to fulfill your extravagant desires.

30. Dream of getting married to an enemy

Dream of getting married to an enemy shows a careless part of your personality. You are not efficient at judging people.

People whom you trust and think to be kind turn against you. Try to take some time and be thoughtful before you trust the person. Not everyone is kind, generous, and harmless; people change colors and you should not invest blindly in them.

31. Dream of getting married to a friend

Though the idea of falling in love at first sight and marrying the same person seems to be dramatically overwhelming; nothing can be better than marrying a person whom you have known for quite some time and both of you have been friends with.

The dream symbolizes that you marry a person whom you did not love at first sight. Your love will instead bloom day by day.

32. Dream of getting married to an older man

Dream of getting married to an older man can have two different interpretations. It can either imply that you are going to be subjected to shame and embarrassment in society. 

However, if the person you married was of the age of your grandparents, it means that an old person is going to give you some Heritage gift and you are going to be protected and loved.

33. Dream of marrying another man than your husband

Did you just freak out because you had a dream of marrying another man than your husband? Was the man younger than you?

If yes, it probably means that you need a better partner who can satisfy you physically. If the boy was too young, it means new and positive changes are going to fill your life.

34. Dream of marrying someone you are not interested in

If you had a dream of marrying someone you are actually not interested in, it means you are attracted to the same person’s qualities that you want to see in your future partner. You might not have an infatuation for the person, but the habits and good traits make you think positively about the person.

35. Dream of marrying your boyfriend

If you had a dream of marrying your boyfriend and you are surprised by the dream because your boyfriend did not make a move or hint yet, it’s natural.

This is a very good sign because it means that your boyfriend is also planning something similar for the future.

36. Dreaming of your ex getting married

Dreaming of your ex getting married could not be a good sign for your current partner. If you see your dream where your ex has got married, it means that your current spouse is going to have some health issues in the coming days.

Instead of panicking and being anxious about it, start taking careful measures that can help your spouse have a better recovery.

37. Dream of your lover marrying someone else

If your dream of your lover marrying someone else has nothing to do with practical implications in your future. It is neither a good nor a bad sign to be particular.

If the parents of your partner have not approved of your relationship, it is natural for you to dream that your lover is marrying someone else. The dream shows concern for your lover. You are scared to lose him or her because there are some disturbances in your love life.

38. Dream of getting married in a worship place

Dream of getting married at a worship place such as a Mosque, Church, or Temple holds positive signs. It symbolizes that if you are already married you are going to succeed in your career quickly. Fortunate partnerships will bring enough profit and stability to your profession.

If you dream of someone else getting married at a place of worship there are still chances for you to succeed if you do not hesitate from investing hard work and dedication.

39. Dream about a stranger’s wedding

Of all other dreams of marriage, this dream is considered to be one of the most auspicious ones.  Because if you dream about a stranger’s wedding, a new member is soon to join your family. It could be either a young bride or a newborn baby in the house.

40. Dream about getting married to someone else’s partner

The dream does not only sound unpleasant, but it has got some unpleasant messages too.  Dreaming about getting married to someone else’s partner suggests a personality trait of yours. 

Probably, you want to attain something that does not belong to you originally. This is certainly not a good character and it can have repercussions as well.

If you do not have such intentions, the dream is a reflection of the frustration of not being able to achieve something. On the other hand, if you have already done something like that in the recent past the dream can be a reflection of your guilt.

41. Dream of dead mother getting married

Dream of Dead mother getting married can have two different aspects. The first one is symbolic of the womb and the tender nature of mothers in general.

The symbol suggests that you are going to have deep insight into your own personality, your purpose, and your position in life. You are going to connect with the Almighty and improve your life.

On the other hand, if you envisioned a cunning person in your dream, God is trying to alarm you about that person and his malicious intentions.

42. Dream about Mother getting married

If you had a dream about your mother getting married it can be interpreted in several ways which are as follows:

  • You are taking defense against the judgments of people around you.
  • You are totally confused and lack direction about what you are feeling and what you should do next.
  • You need to control your anger because you are very short-tempered.
  • You are guilty because you are unable to make secured judgments and you need to trigger your confidence.
  • You fear failure.
  • Some blockages stand in the way of you and your goal.
  • You’re unable to accomplish your ambition.
  • You need to fix some emotional wounds before they start taking a bad toll on you.

43. Dream of ex-husband getting married

If you are already divorced from your ex-husband, it must not have been an easy path for you. However, if you have already moved on and started your life with another partner you need not worry much.

This dream might be a symbol that you lack physical intimacy with your current partner or because you seek reasoning from your ex-husband why he separated from you.

It will be wise if you stop overthinking. People come into your life with a purpose and they leave when the purpose is fulfilled. Look ahead and move forward in your life with an optimistic approach.

Wedding Dream Meaning (Marriage Dream Meaning) – 37 Types

44. Dream of seeing a Hindu Marriage

Since Hindu marriages have several rituals and ceremonies involved in their weddings for several days, the interpretations are also more in number.

For instance, if you see food and social gatherings, it means that you have been working very hard in your career and the results are going to be astonishing and extremely successful. You will have a peaceful life ahead.

If you see henna designs in your hands or legs, it means you need to follow some particular patterns of life in order to be successful. People are unveiling different sides of your emotions and understanding you in a better way.

45. Dream of seeing a Jewish Marriage

If you do not know what a kittel is, it is a white robe that the groom of Jewish marriage wears on his wedding day. If you see such a dream of a Jewish marriage, such dreams suggest that you are good at talking to unmanageable people politely and you can handle difficult situations with your grace and patience.

It can also mean that your love life is soon going to bloom.  If none of the above happen to be true, then your life is definitely going to follow some partnership.

46. Dream of seeing a Muslim marriage

Dreaming of a mosque in a Muslim marriage can bring good news in your life. Muslim marriages are mostly legal contracts of commitments between two people.

Hence, if you are dreaming of a Muslim marriage, it can mean that you are going to have a smooth time dealing with legal matters of your life and partnerships are going to flourish well.

47. Dream of seeing Christian Marriage

Dreaming of Christian marriage with a pastor, vicar or priest symbolizes that either you or someone close to you is going to get married pretty soon.

It can also imply that you are going to empathize with someone else’s emotions. Overall, it is good news and a good omen for you and the people around you as well.

48. Dream of seeing a Chinese Marriage

Chinese marriages involve colorful dresses in their weddings. If you dream of seeing a Chinese marriage, the more colors in the dress of the bride and groom, the more success you are going to attain in your waking life.

A very special ceremony of the Chinese wedding ceremony is the Tea ceremony. If you see yourself as a part of that ceremony in your dream, it implies that you are going to recover from a painful situation pretty soon.

49. Dream of civil weddings

If you had a dream of a civil wedding, it means that you are going to have a good union in the near future. It does not necessarily mean that you are going to marry a person. The union can be on the career front as well.

The dream also means that you need to move on from your past and focus on your present and future. You must pay more attention to how you feel and what makes you feel good.

50. Dream of your hen night

If you dream of your hen night, it has quite a few interpretations in your waking life. Firstly, it means that you are going to socialize in a better way.

Secondly, you can witness some meaningful representations of emotions or actions of people around you. Lastly, it can have a not-so-good symbolism and the dream suggests that you are going to face some difficulties while approaching a certain goal of life.

51. Dream of a stag night

Envisioning a stag night in your dream involves a group of men. The dream symbolizes that you are battling some emotional challenges in your real life. It is important for you to have a happy settlement with those challenges.

Also, you are getting to learn about yourself as a person and you will know what changes are necessary for you.

52. Dream of a white wedding

Nothing in this world is permanent and everlasting. Hence, if you dream of a white wedding it is important for you to understand the temporary shift of nature from time to time; you need to have an optimistic approach towards a life without fearing the negativity around you.

Such dreams are a good omen and they signify that you’re going to have a happy time as you move ahead and overpower your difficulties with all your hardship.

53. Dream of wedding dress

To interpret the dream of a wedding dress first you must be able to tell the color you saw in the dream.

A red wedding dress signifies that you are going to have fortunate times and your happiness is going to be intact and free from evil. However, a white wedding dress signifies peace protection, and harmony in your life.

On the other hand, a multi-colored wedding dress signifies a lot of good luck coming your way but a pink dress symbolizes love and passion.

54. Dream of wedding veil

To interpret the dream of a wedding veil you must understand the significance of a wedding veil in a bride’s life.

A wedding veil symbolizes the beauty of life, hidden emotions, new challenges outside the veil, and a lot of preparations for the future. Hence, if you had a dream of a wedding veil it can mean you are looking forward to starting a beautiful life with someone special.

It might also imply that you have some anxiety about your future and are excessively concerned about it. But if you see a golden-colored veil in your dream, it signifies that a good spirit is soon to approach you.

55. Dream of Wedding reception and evening suits

Dreaming of wedding reception and evening suits can be indicative of more than one message at a time. 

For example, if you saw a dream of a wedding reception and evening suits without the bride or groom it means you will be a part of a social gathering without knowing the purpose. You might have no clue of how to react in the party or situation.

However, if you see such dreams, it also symbolizes that your social life is going to get enhanced; you will have new friends very soon. Cutting a cake at a wedding reception shows that you need some rest and energy to keep yourself going and recover from the exhaustion.

56. Dream of being a groom

This is a bad omen if you dream of being a groom. The dream suggests that due to some past activities you are going to be rejected by people around you.

Even if you did not harm anyone, people might choose to opt-out from offering support. You might get depressed but that is not the solution. Patience and optimism cure everything in time.

57. Dream of dead people at your wedding

If you dream of Dead people attending your marriage you are probably to face a cross-board in your life. There’s a high chance you will have to make a very difficult decision in the near future where two close factors are going to confuse you.

Take your time before making a final decision, because it is going to affect your future. If you see your deceased father attending your wedding, it means you are going to achieve or fulfill something positive in life.

58. Dream of pink dress at wedding

Pink color is symbolic of love, affection, friendship and purity. Dreaming of a pink dress at a wedding means that you will soon fall in love or feel affectionate towards a particular person in reality.

59. Dream of ivory wedding dress

Dreaming of an ivory wedding dress or a cream-colored wedding dress is suggestive of elevation in your relationship. It shows your desire to settle down with a person you want to marry. Probably you are analyzing your relationship before taking it to the next level.

60. Dream of your wedding dress which is too big

A bigger size wedding dress is definitely an obstacle for you on your wedding day. But here, the obstacle is not the size of the dress.

Either your friends, families, and close members are not approving of the relationship or the marriage; or some real hindrances in your life are not letting you proceed with your marriage and relationship.

61. Dream of seeing yourself trying wedding dress

It is human nature to try on things about which they are not certain. Just like practicing enough before a stage performance is necessary it is important to evaluate your decisions in life. This is what you might be doing when you dream of seeing yourself trying a wedding dress.

It shows that you are concerned about a certain decision in life and you are busy in calculating the pros and cons of it. There is absolutely no harm in doing so.

If you are presented with career opportunities, you are probably engrossed with the thoughts of which path to take. Don’t bury yourself in the confusion, rather thank the Almighty to provide you with such ample opportunities.

62. Dream of setting a wedding dress on fire

Do you no longer wish to sustain relationships with the ones whom you loved in the past? The reason can be people from the past who deceived you. It is time for you to end the passionate and loving relationship.

Dreaming of setting a wedding dress on Fire represents such anger that will make you end relationships you no longer want to sustain. However, it is advisable to have control over your anger, because anger harms you more than it harms anyone else. 

63. Dream of multi-colored wedding dress

Did you just dream of a multicolored wedding dress? The dream must be overwhelming and you must be curious to know what it means. Here are a few interpretations:

  • A pink wedding dress shows love and passion.
  • If you saw a black and white wedding dress it means you are going to have rational approaches towards life.
  • A multi-colored wedding dress symbolizes multiple choices in your life which put you into a situation of dilemma.
  • You are trying to adjust your passion with the practicalities of life.

64. Dream of wedding planner

Have you been living your life in the most carefree attitude? Then probably your butterfly days are about to take a serious turn. If you dream of a wedding planner, then you are going to be thoughtful about your actions.

You are going to dedicate a lot of time and focus to establishing and reshaping your career.

65. Dream of your son/daughter’s wedding

Such a dream might not only relate to your son’s or daughter’s waking life but it can also have direct symbolism for your life as well. For example, if you are dreaming of a situation where you do not approve of your child’s relationship and marriage it means there is something else in life that you do not approve of. Set your priorities and think about what you want from a situation.

Dreaming of what your son or daughter is wearing can be a general concern where you are anxious about their future and growth.

66. Dream of missing a wedding 

If you see a dream where you have missed your own child’s wedding, it is nothing but anxiety. Something in your waking life is making you anxious; it can be the growth and future of your children.

You are worried about events that have yet not occurred. Probably because such events put you into a situation of responsibility and panic.

67. Dream of cancelling a marriage

Dream of canceling a marriage is not a good omen. It means you are not careful about your moves and you behave inappropriately in your waking life. This can upset family members and friends around you.

You need to show little humanity and sensitivity to others without compromising on your expectations from life.

68. Dream of terminating a marriage

Is your life becoming too hectic for you to get hold of your emotions and mental peace? If that is the case, it can become very difficult for you to achieve your goals and perfection in life.

Dreaming of terminating a marriage is a warning for one such condition in your life: you need to release yourself from a hectic lifestyle and understand your priorities and responsibilities in a better way.

69. Dream of marriage certificate

Dreams about marriage certificates are not a good omen in terms of the freedom and free will of a person. 

Especially if a woman dreamed of the marriage certificate can mean that her husband is going to suppress her ideas and free will and you are going to stay abided by the will and desire of your husband. As a result, you are going to lose track of your potential and goal in life.

70. Dream of seeing a same-sex marriage

Did you just have a dream where people of the same gender married each other? Are you facing emotional turmoil?  In such a case, your family needs to pay attention to your desires and emotional wellbeing.

It is time for you to start taking care of your own emotional needs and benefits by taking small steps such as giving yourself treats and surprises, praising little achievements, and so on.

71. Dream of your parents attending your marriage

If you dream of your parents attending your marriage, it means you are going to have very strong support from your family and parents at your wedding. I am sure you have been wanting this for a long time.   

Support from parents and family members is necessary to begin the Ventures of your life positively.

72. Dream of wedding accessories

Dreaming of wedding accessories and all intricate symbols of the wedding such as wedding gown, cake, and so on are very auspicious signals.

The dream symbolizes prosperity and fortune coming your way. You are going to receive good news and positive incidents in your life.

73. Dream of being a Marriage officiator

The dream of being a marriage officiator is a very meaningful and ambitious sign in your waking life. The dream means that you have the ability to fulfill your own desire as well as the desire of the people whom you love. This means you have the ability to achieve all that you want in your life.

74. Dream of a marriage without guests

Do you think your parents are not going to approve of the person whom you choose to marry? Is it because he or she belongs to a different religion or caste?  Such concerns are not fair.

It might make your dream of marriage without guests because you think nobody is going to approve of your relationship. It is hard to suggest anything here. It will be better if you focus on your own relationship rather than seeking approval from people. Take your time and patience to convince your family members.

However, if your family members are alarming you of the nature or intention of your partner then probably you need to rethink your decision without ignoring their suggestion.

75. Dream of wedding invitation

If people invite you, it means people approach you. People approach you only when you have built a strong social relationship with them.

If you had a dream of a wedding invitation where you were invited to a wedding, it means you have good social relationships and people like you. On the other hand, if you are the only one sending an invitation you must check your behavior with people around you. You should start taking better steps to socialize and sympathize with their times.

76. Dream of wedding preparations

If you dream of wedding preparation it means that you are going to have a balance in your personal life.

You are going to love your work and at the same time spend your time with mental peace. This balance is rare to find and if you are going to achieve it, you must grab the opportunity with utmost care and happiness.

77. Dream about wedding proposal

Dreaming about wedding proposals is a good sign for your career. Your close friends are going to help you to shape your future career in a better way, this will, in turn, bring ample opportunities and success in the future.

As a whole, it is a good opportunity and you must keep on working in the direction of your goal.

78. Dream of a wedding party

Dreaming of a wedding party is as auspicious as it feels in real life. It can have all the positive interpretations.

If the wedding party was your own wedding party it means you must not leave an important task incomplete, be careful about whatever work you have in hand because that is going to be examined.

If the wedding party was someone else’s party that means you are going to have great news. Also, there are chances that you could marry the person you love.

79. Dream about a beach wedding

If you had a dream of a beach wedding it symbolizes compatibility between you and your partner as a whole. Both of you are fit for each other. 

However, it is time for you to start taking careful and thoughtful decisions on the financial front. For a safe and stable future, you and your partner need to reshape your decisions and way of living.

80. Dream of a grand marriage

This is a great dream for your business and career as a whole. Dreaming of a grand marriage suggests that you are going to have a prominent raise in your salary or you are going to make decent profits in your business.

What does it mean to keep marrying someone in a dream?

Marrying the same person again and again in a dream does not mean you will marry the person in your waking life. It rather symbolizes an important decision that you are soon going to make. The decision will have a clear impact on your life. It will not just affect your present and future but it can also affect people around you.

However, decisions are confusing and wrong decisions shape your future wrongly. Hence, take wiser and clear decisions of your own. Do not let others influence you unless the person is worthy in your careful eyes. Rethink before trusting anyone, and only when you are certain, make a final decision.

Why is it good to see a marriage dream?

It is a very good sign to see yourself getting wed in your dream. Especially if you can see that you are happy with your spouse and your in-laws, it means that you are going to have a very prosperous and happy future ahead.

However, it is important that your dream runs smoothly and there are no disturbances throughout the marriage in your dream. There should not be any problematic situation in your wedding. It is also important that the attendants should also be happy in your wedding dream.

If everything ends on a positive note in your dream, it means you are soon to prosper and have better relationships, better life, and better emotional status.

Why is it bad to have a marriage dream?

A marriage dream is considered to have a bad omen if it involves evil characters or situations in the dream. Conditions such as the absence of guests in the wedding, empty seats, you struggling with a misfit wedding gown, some witches or evil faces in your wedding, or any other kind of discrepancy that might occur in your dream is not a good sign.

The sign is considered to be negative because you are going to face some negative situations or blockages in your life, especially when you are trying to achieve something fresh and relevant.

The part of achievement might not be smooth and rosy, but dedication and perseverance never fails a person. You must keep trying hard with patience and dedication, things will end on a good note.

Spiritual meaning of getting married in a dream

The spiritual meaning of getting married in the dream depends on the incidents that followed the dream. Weddings are all about where two people tie the knot to become one. God Unites and Devil Divides.

If the dreamer is already planning to marry, such a dream can imply that God is answering your prayers. You might meet your soulmate or attain settlement or fulfillment in your career.

If the wedding had some unpleasant incident in your dream or there were no guests present in it, it signifies marital disappointment.

Biblical meaning of getting married in a dream

If you are curious to know what is the biblical meaning of getting married in a dream then you must be happy to know that marriage is a state of fulfillment, joy, responsibility, prosperity, unity, love, and passion. It means a fresh start where two people unite as one and help each other in different stages of life.

Questions to ask to interpret wedding dreams correctly

To interpret wedding dreams, one needs to figure out the underlying circumstances and conditions of the dream. Several factors have an influence on the final message which is extracted by the dream.

To make the entire process of interpretation easy for you here, I have enlisted some questions that you must ask yourself to prepare a clear background for dream interpretation.

  1. What is the place where the Dream is taking place: a Mosque, a Cathedral, a Church, a Temple, or a beach?
  2. What type of guests do you have in your dream? Note down their behavior and general nature in waking life.
  3. Who is getting married in the dream?
  4. Who are you getting married to?
  5. What was the custom you followed for the marriage?
  6. What is your present relationship status in waking life?
  7. Did you dream about something specific among the wedding accessories?
  8. What were you or your partner doing in the wedding?

Final Words!

Happiness and pain do not last forever. With time and conditions, the emotions of people keep changing. Dream interpretation is all about connecting yourself to the Almighty and the messages God wants to give you.

If the message had a positive sign, stay calm and humble and wait for your good days. On the other hand, if the message was a warning regarding some negative situations that are going to arise, it is still advisable to not lose your patience and keep acting in the positive direction.

In the end, just remember, marriage is a beautiful relationship – it not only unites two people, but it also unites their souls and their lives.

If you dream about getting engaged and wish to know what it means, then don’t forget to click here!