Dream of getting married often represents urgent messages about your personal, professional, and social life. Sometimes, they even warn you about impending danger. 

So, let’s find what they imply!

Dream of Getting Married  Wedding Dream Meaning - 80 Types & its Meanings
Dream of getting married –  Planning to get hitched?

Why Do You Dream about Getting Married?

Dreaming of getting married might imply your desire to get married if you’re single. But, if you’re married, it may imply your marriage is unhappy.

So, let’s take a quick look at what else it means here.

1. It symbolizes your partner’s promise made to you or a promise that you made to your partner.

2. It signifies the unity of two bodies or lives into one.

3. You’ll be in love soon if you’re single or if you’re committed, your relationship will improve.

4. You are afraid of staying unmarried forever

5. You are not happy in your marriage

6. You can’t wait to get married

7. There are new opportunities on your way

8. Someone in your life is getting married

What Is the Spiritual Meaning of Getting Married in a Dream?

If you want to get married soon in reality, spiritually, it implies that God is answering your prayers. You might meet your soulmate or attain settlement or fulfillment in your career.

If the wedding in the dream had some unpleasant incident or there were no guests present in it, it signifies marital disappointment from a spiritual perspective.

Dream of Getting Married based on People and Outfits

In these dreams, it’s not mandatory that you’ll be the groom/bride. Even if you’re getting married, your partner’s identity may vary. Moreover, you may also notice the outfits. So, let’s know what each scenario means!

Dream of getting married and your partner’s identity

Depending on the person you get married to, dreams convey different messages about your life. So, if you get married to:

  • Your current spouse: You’re deeply in love with your spouse.
  • Your ex: You have moved on from your past but you compared your current relationship with the last.
  • Wrong person: You must give all your decisions a second thought. Or, you might take some incorrect steps in the near future.
  • Foreigner: You’ll soon face tough times. Take good care of yourself, maintain your peace and calm attitude towards life.
  • Co-worker or boss: It shows your commitment towards your profession, maybe that you are scared of losing the job and you are becoming possessive of your position.
  • Family member: You want your partner to have that family member’s good qualities or not have their bad qualities.
  • Someone you are not interested in: You want their qualities in your future partner. 
  • Enemy: You are not efficient at judging people. Take some time before trusting others.
  • Older man: You’ll be embarrassed publicly.  But if they were your grandparents’ age, an old person will give you some Heritage gift.
  • Younger man: You need a better partner who can satisfy you physically. But if the boy was too young, it means new and positive changes are going to fill your life.
  • Someone else’s partner: Probably, you want to attain something that does not belong to you originally. Or, it is a reflection of the frustration of not being able to achieve something. 

Getting married for women with different marital status

If you’re a female, your marital status in reality can also affect the dream interpretation. So, if you’re

  • Unmarried: You’ll soon have some grave disturbances in life. Stay calm and be ready to cope up with the situations. Or, you’re just conscious of getting older.
  • Married: Either you’ll betray your husband or receive good news.

Dream of Person getting married 

Who got married in your dreams? The meaning changes based on the highlight of the show! So, if the person to be married was:

  • You: You are committed to your partner or have already met your soulmate. Or, it means your feminine and masculine personalities are uniting.
  • Family member: You won’t get married anytime soon.
  • Stranger: A new member is soon to join your family. It could be either a young bride or a newborn baby in the house.
  • Your ex: Your current spouse is going to have some health issues in the coming days. Start taking careful measures that can help your spouse have a better recovery.
  • Your boyfriend: It means that your boyfriend also wants a long-term relationship with you.
  • Your sister: You will soon start a genuine and meaningful relationship with a thoughtful and mature person. 
  • Your friend: You have some underlying health issues. You must seek medical help soon and work on your health.
  • Someone else that is familiar: You may soon face some difficulties and issues in your life. Rethink your decisions and steps.
  • Your son or daughter: If the main focus is their outfit, you’re worried about their future. But if you disapprove of this marriage in dreams, you don’t agree to something in reality.
  • Dead mother: The symbol suggests that you are going to have deep insight into your own personality, your purpose, and your position in life. 
  • Ex-husband: This dream might be a symbol that you lack physical intimacy with your current partner or because you seek reasoning from your ex-husband why he separated from you.
  • Your lover marrying someone else: The dream shows concern for your lover. You are scared to lose him or her because of some disturbances in your love life.

Wedding dress in a dream

To interpret the dream of a wedding dress first you must be able to tell the color you saw in the dream. If the color was:

  • Red: You’ll have fortunate times and your happiness is going to be intact and free from evil.
  • White: It signifies peace, protection, and harmony in your life.
  • Pink: It symbolizes love and passion.
  • Ivory or cream-colored: It shows your desire to settle down with a person you want to marry. Probably you are analyzing your relationship before taking it to the next level.
  • Black and white: You’ll have rational approaches towards life.
  • Multi-colored: It symbolizes multiple choices in your life which put you into a situation of dilemma. Sometimes, it also depicts a lot of good luck coming your way.

Wedding dress which is too big

It implies either your friends, families, and close members are not approving of the relationship or the marriage. Or, some real hindrances in your life are not letting you proceed with your marriage and relationship.

Yourself trying wedding dress

This scenario shows that you are concerned about a certain decision in life and you are busy in calculating its pros and cons . There is absolutely no harm in doing so.

Marriage Dreams with Different Culture or Type

Try to remember the culture or religion of the marriage held in your dreams as they also carry different messages. 

Hindu Marriage

In this dream, if you see:

  • food and social gatherings: you have been working very hard in your career and will get astonishing results.
  • henna designs in your hands or legs: you must follow some particular patterns of life to succeed. 

Jewish Marriage

Such dreams suggest that you are good at talking to unmanageable people politely. It can also mean that your love life is soon going to bloom. 

Muslim marriage

It means that you’ll have a smooth time dealing with legal matters of your life and partnerships are going to flourish well.

Christian Marriage

Either you or someone close to you will get married pretty soon. It can also imply that you are going to empathize with someone else’s emotions. 

Chinese Marriage

The more colors in the bride and groom’s outfits in this dream, the more success you are going to attain in your waking life.

If you’re a part of a tea ceremony in your dream, you’ll recover from a painful situation pretty soon.

Civil weddings

You’ll have a good union in the near future in your personal or professional life. Or, you must move on from your past and focus on your present and future. 

White wedding

It says you must have an optimistic approach towards a life without fearing the negativity around you.

Beach wedding dream meaning

This symbolizes compatibility between you and your partner as a whole. Both of you are fit for each other. However, it is time for you to start taking careful and thoughtful financial decisions. 

Getting married in a Religious Place

It symbolizes that if you are already married you are going to succeed in your career quickly. Fortunate partnerships will bring enough profit and stability to your profession.

Pre-Wedding Parties

In your dream, if you have yet to get married and party with your friends, it also brings different messages. For instance:

  • Hen night: It means that you are going to socialize in a better way. Or, you’ll face some difficulties while approaching a certain goal in life.
  • Stag night: The dream symbolizes that you are battling some emotional challenges in your real life. It is important for you to have a happy settlement with those challenges.

Other Getting Married Dreams

Some other marriage dreams with different context are explained here.

Planning to get married

This scenario can have a direct relation to your actual thoughts and plan for your wedding day. You will either venture into a lasting commitment in your life. 

Or, you truly want to start a business or an activity with the person whom you want to marry.

Getting married in secrecy

It shows that people have noticed your carelessness. Be careful if you don’t want to be taken advantage of.

Dreams of getting married by an altar

Your thoughts or actions are not optimistic, and eventually, you end up discussing the same negativity with your friends or partner. Or, one of your close friends is going to struggle with some severe problems.

Activities while getting married

Here are some more common scenarios revolving around marriage and their meanings.

  • Getting married by force means your happiness is being restricted by some people around you.
  • Running away to avoid getting married implies you want to run away from some commitments that you recently made or ignore facts.
  • Fighting while getting married shows you giving a second thought to your relationship in terms of commitment and compatibility. 
  • Hesitating about getting married means you’re simply not sure about your decision and you are losing your confidence.
  • Waiting to get married symbolizes you might get subjected to fake accusations by people. 
  • Getting ready to get married means that you are preparing yourself for the future events and are concerned about them. 

Wedding invitation

If you receive the invitation, it means you have good social relationships and people like you. But, if you send an invitation, you must start taking better steps to socialize and sympathize with their times.

Being a Marriage officiator

The dream means that you can fulfill your own and your loved ones’ desires, so you can achieve all that you want in your life.

Your parents attending your marriage

It means you’ll have very strong support from your family and parents at your wedding which will help you begin the ventures of your life.

Attending a wedding as guest

It shows that you always feel that no one pays you enough attention.

Listening to marriage vows

It states that two of your different personalities are going to unite and you now will be able to shape your career in a better way. Or, you’ll have love in your life. 

Biblical Meaning of Getting Married Dreams

Biblically, marriage is a state of fulfillment, joy, responsibility, prosperity, unity, love, and passion. It means a fresh start where two people unite as one and help each other in different stages of life.

A word from ThePleasantDream

If the message had a positive sign, stay calm and humble and wait for your good days. 

But, if the message was a warning of negative situations, don’t lose your patience and keep acting in the positive direction. 

Have faith in yourself and The Almighty and watch your life turn for the best.

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