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Dreaming Of Driving A Car – 70 Plots & Their Meanings

Dreaming Of Driving A Car – 70 Plots & Their Meanings

Updated on Jul 21, 2022 | Published on Nov 01, 2021

Reviewed by Katina Tarver, MA (Mental Health and Wellness Counseling) , Life Coach

Dreaming Of Driving A Car - 70 Plots & Their Meanings

Interestingly, you are not the only one who has been dreaming of driving a car. It’s one of the most commonly occurring dream themes. 

While a dream about driving a car signifies something positive for your friend, a similar vision may be an ill omen for you. Meanings of dreams entirely depend upon the dreamer’s life, past as well as present situations. 

Read this article thoroughly and take hints from the relevant sections but note that the only person who can dig into the accurate and in-depth meaning of your driving a car dream is you and you alone!

Dreaming Of Driving A Car 70 Plots & Their Meanings
Dreaming Of Driving A Car 70 Plots & Their Meanings

What Does It Mean To Dream Of Driving A Car?

Dreaming about driving a car often signifies power and authority in the real world. Depending on the details and your real-life situations, some may be a reflection of another figure heavily influencing you or vice versa. 

Generally, dreams related to driving a car have to do with power and authority. Depending on whether you were driving someone or vice – versa indicates you have taken control over an issue/ someone or you are going under the direction of someone. 

Dreaming about driving a car also denotes progression and major changes that may transform your life significantly. 

According to the dream books Miller, any type of dream associated with driving a car is a harbinger of success in your professional career. 

However, to understand the nature and condition under which you would achieve that success, it is also necessary to delve into the in-depth meanings of the symbolism. For instance, reaching your destination smoothly and otherwise do not carry the same meaning. 

Negatively, some scenarios about driving a car could mean you have lost control of your life or any aspects of your life. 

Likewise, your dream may mean anything under the sun. What will give you hints and bring you closer to the meaning are the dream details, their symbolism, and which area of your life they fit in. 

Driving Dream Meaning: Dream Symbols

1. Control

Driving a car in a dream could mean you wish to take control of your own life and decisions. You no longer want to rely on others or let others make important life decisions for you. Instead, you wish to direct your own path. This applies only if you dream about driving the vehicle. 

On the flip side, if you let someone else do the driving, it may be a sign that you have let someone else take charge of you. Perhaps, you have full faith in your partner and trust him or her with your life. 

Having said that, do take note that some dreams about driving a car could be warning you that you have lost control of your life. For this, you need to recall the condition of the car and how you were driving it. 

2. Change And Progress

Driving a car in a dream could also indicate changes and development in one or several aspects of your life. 

3. Maturity

Dreams associated with driving a car may also mean you are mature enough to take up responsibilities for yourself as well as for others. 

For instance, for your younger siblings who are still in kindergarten.

4. Emotional Turbulence

Sometimes you may dream of driving a car off the road or path laid for vehicles. In that case, you would need to question your mental and emotional state around the time you had the dream. 

If you happen to be undergoing emotional turbulence, the dream advises you to work on resolving it as soon as possible. Because the dream may mean you are losing your sanity over it, which if dragged on for long will destroy your life in the long run. 

Dreaming Of Driving A Car: Several Dream Scenarios And Their Interpretations

1. Dreaming of driving a car

This dream is likely to happen if you have lost control of your life. 

But don’t settle for the above interpretation yet. Based on your current situation and the details within the dream, driving a car could also mean you can manage to pull over anything you set your mind to. 

From another perspective, dreaming about driving a car could be a sign that you have decided to take control over your life and decisions – big and small. Perhaps you no longer want to live and take action under someone else’s influence. If you think this resonates with your case, make sure you check out the following heads. 

2. Learning to drive a car in a dream

In a dream, if you see yourself taking driving lessons, it means you would need to learn something new to get better in life. 

3. Getting thrown out of a car while driving in a dream

Dreaming about getting thrown out of a car while driving is an ill omen. Soon, you will hear a piece of extremely unpleasant news if luck doesn’t favor you. 

4. Dreaming about driving a car smoothly

Following the interpretation above, if you drive a car smoothly, it means you will be able to achieve whatever you have been planning without much trouble. 

5. Speed driving a car in your dream

“Car dreams represent your path in life or the direction you are currently heading in. If you dream of an out of control or speeding car, this suggests that you are heading off track in your daily life or moving dangerously fast”, stated Theresa Cheung, author of The A to Z Dream Dictionary. 

Driving at full speed beyond the limit is not advisable in waking life. Until and unless the driver is an exceptional one, such types of driving often lead to accidents. 

From that point, dreaming about speed driving may mean you are getting yourself into dangerous affairs. 

Dreaming about speed racing a car also means you are being rather impatient to accomplish your goals. Patience is always a virtue, while impatience may lead you to miss out on small yet crucial details. 

Hence, the scenario could be encouraging you to be a little more patient with yourself and others. 

6. A dream about driving a car slowly

Contrary to common perception, driving a car at a slow pace is a good sign. You know what you’re doing, and you are on the right path. 

However, let us add here that your efforts will bear better fruits if you fasten your pace a bit. 

7. Dreaming of driving a car with no lights in the dark

In the dream world, headlights symbolize the level at which you are aware or acquainted with something in the real world – your life, mission, career, etc. 

Based on the above plot, you lack awareness and knowledge about a certain matter that you have set foot into. 

For instance, a dreamer once saw his father driving in the dark with the headlights off. What happened, in reality, was: the dreamer was convinced that his father was being hasty with decisions concerning the whole family. 

8. A dream that you were driving a car and enjoying the ride

Based on the plot, you are well-settled and worry-free in your waking life. On the flip side, if you were having trouble driving the vehicle- due to the condition of the road or the vehicle it means you are far from where you want to be in life. 

You have a lot of dissatisfaction with yourself, others, and with life in general. 

9. Dreaming about being a poor driver when your driving skills are great in real

Such a dream can indeed confuse you. Could the dream scenario mean your driving skills are degrading?

Not necessarily!!!

Dreams are weird as one symbol could portray a completely different meaning. 

And in this case, the scenario means you are going through a period of confusion. Chances are, you doubt your own skills and ability to do a particular thing in your waking life. 

Perhaps fear of failing at the business you are working on overwhelms you. 

10. Driving a car from the back seat in a dream

The scenario may happen if you believe you are not living up to the expectations of someone. 

Do you feel disturbed because deep down you know that you will never be able to accomplish your parent’s wishes of becoming a doctor? 

Do you think you don’t have enough potential? 

By any chance, if these two questions describe your situation perfectly, it could be your subconscious mind giving out the sign that you must consider a change. 

11. A dream about driving a car in reverse

Driving a car in reverse symbolizes the obstacles you would encounter on your path to success. Those are challenges to test your resilience and determination. So, you would need to stay put and persevere, whatever it takes. 

If at any point, you start feeling demotivated and worn out, your subconscious wants you to know that success awaits you at the end of those trying times. 

Dreaming about driving backward may also mean you have opted for an unconventional path to acquire your life mission. 

12. Driving a car backward at full speed

Here, your subconscious is showing how you are dwelling and focusing much on the past and bygone events that will not serve you anymore. 

13. Drunk driving a car in your dream

The plot could be your subconscious warning you to take better control of your life. Additionally, it reminds you not to slack off but to stay true to your goals. 

14. A dream that you were unable to control a car while driving it

Here, the car symbolizes the responsibilities you have taken up or handed to you. Your inability to control the vehicle indicates that you feel overwhelmed and are presently not in a position to take charge of all those responsibilities. 

15. Dreaming about driving a car without a driver’s license and reaching your destination 

Since you started the journey without a driver’s license in the dream, it indicates that you were prepared for challenges that might arise along the way ( in real life). 

But as indicated in the dream, you would be fortunate enough to pass through each of those obstacles and accomplish your target mission.  

You can also look at this dream from another angle. Perhaps you would take on a job or a task you are not qualified for only to accomplish it like a pro. 

16. Dreaming about driving a car and reaching your destination without any obstruction 

In a dream, if you drove a car to your desired destination without meeting or experiencing a single obstacle on the way, it is a good sign. 

Based on the plot, you would be able to accomplish whatever you want without any difficulty. Your plan will work out smoothly, and you need not worry about it. 

17. Dreaming about getting out of a car after driving and reaching your destination

The scenario symbolizes success and the contentment you would feel as you see your hard work pay off. 

18. A dream about driving a car alone

What others see as loneliness is bliss for you! Dreaming about driving a car all alone is a sign that you like being on your own. Undoubtedly, you are a self-reliant individual if you dreamt of the above scenario. 

You like taking care of your own problems and complications without seeking help from others. 

Further, the scenario signifies your confidence in yourself and your decision-making skills. 

19. Dreaming about driving a car with someone sitting in the backseat

The plot may be highlighting your dominance and authority in a particular situation. As per the spectacle, that person’s fate is in your hands. 

For example, say you are seeking a personal assistant to handle your professional work. Then it would be a common occurrence to see one of the candidates in the backseat in your dream. Because ultimately, whether he or she gets the position or not entirely depends on your decision. 

20. Driving your family or friends in a dream vision when you cannot drive in the waking world

According to the scenario, you must consider making several changes in your life. 

Changes that would enhance your life as well as your loved ones’. 

21. A dream about driving a car while going on a trip with your family

The scenario symbolizes love, affection, and harmony in your domestic environment. But you also need to recall if you successfully reached your destination or not. 

In the dream, if you met with an accident, it could be a symbol of a tragedy befalling your family. 

22. Driving a car and going on a drive with your friends

The dream shows that you are a responsible person who often takes charge of your friends and welfare when you all gather together. 

For example, you may be the one who also stays sober and takes care of your drunk friends during parties. 

23. Dreaming about driving a car alongside a friend who is of the opposite gender

In such instances, your subconscious is letting you know how your inner self yearns to love someone and be loved. Well, if you are presently single and ready to mingle, you can look forward to an amazing encounter with a special person. 

24. Dreaming about driving and going on a date with your partner

This is such a good dream from a romantic point of view. Regardless of whether you were the one driving or not, the scenario reflects the love and harmony between the two of you. 

25. Driving a car with your crush in a dream

Sometimes, you will dream of being in the same car with the person you are crushing on. But the interpretation depends on the role-play – whether you were the one driving or not!

If you dream of yourself in the passenger’s seat while your crush takes on the wheel, it reflects your desire to develop a connection with that person. Nevertheless, the scenario shows you don’t want to make the first move. Instead, you want that person to ask you out. 

On the flip side, if you were behind the wheel, it means you want to be the one in charge. Perhaps you desire to walk up to that person and confess your feelings. 

26. Dreaming about getting hired to drive a car

You may be a multimillionaire or a reputed person. But that doesn’t mean you will never dream of being a cab driver. 

Many people do, in fact. And the meaning has almost nothing to do with a poor or substandard lifestyle. Instead, the scenario talks about your responsibilities in the waking world. 

According to the scenario, you have taken in a lot of responsibilities on your shoulders, many of which have little or nothing to do with your own life. 

From another point of view, the dream could also be a sign that you must reconsider a career change. This can be your case if you feel you are not cut out for your present career or job.

27. Someone or something blocking your view as you drive a car in a dream

In the above case, that particular someone or something stands for distractions that will divert your mind from your dream goals. 

28. Not being able to see the road ahead while driving a car in a dream

To dream about the above scenario could mean you are unsure about your path ahead. Perhaps you are unclear about where your career will take you. It may also mean you lack clarity about what to expect from life in the foreseeable future. 

29. Dreaming about driving a car and seeing no turning point

If the above scenario is what you dreamt about, it means there is no turning back. Regardless of the outcome – pleasant or unpleasant, you wouldn’t be able to undo whatever has happened, and you would have to deal with the consequences. 

30. Driving a car and taking a U-turn in your dream

According to the plot, you are about to leave your present for something new. Maybe you are shifting to a new residential area. Or perhaps you are leaving your present job to start a venture of your own. 

Such a dream may also be reminding you about the utterly bad decision you have made in the past. 

31. Dreaming about missing the turn you were supposed to take while driving a car

Dreaming about driving a car and missing a turn reflects your carelessness and inattentiveness to details. Now that the dream happened, make sure you stay focused otherwise you may miss out on several opportunities. 

32. Dreaming about cutting your way through in the middle of a road

Probably, the scenario is a reflection of your laziness. Often, you choose to take the shorter and easier way in life. While that may serve your immediate purpose, it is not a wise take. And your subconscious wants you to keep that in mind. 

33. A dream about meeting an accident while driving a car

To dream about getting into a car accident symbolizes your immaturity as well as ineligibility to take charge of crucial life matters. Such dreams also tend to surface when you rush through real-life matters. 

34. Driving a car and crashing into another in a dream

Getting into an accident or hitting another person’s car is one of the worst things that can happen on the road. You’ll surely blame yourself for being careless and creating the disaster. However, despite your regret, you won’t be able to do anything about it. 

You can neither undo the accident nor the damage caused. Considering that, the scenario could be signifying a happening/ event in your life that cannot be reversed. 

For instance, you cannot take back words once spoken!

35. Someone else hitting on your car in a dream

The first thing you need to recall about the scenario is – did you get injured or did you not?

If you were not hurt and no damage incurred on your vehicle, your social life will get better, so will your relationships – personal and professional.

On the flip side, if you passed away or got injured, the interpretation flips. 

36. Driving a car through a crowded area in a dream

There are several interpretations to this scenario, the most widely accepted of which, is that there are people in and around your circle who judge and criticize you behind your back. 

However, some experts agree that it has more to do with how you deal with people. According to them, you are too much of an open book. You let anyone and everyone see what you are thinking, feeling, and going through. 

37. Dreaming about driving a car on a curvy road

The curvy road symbolizes your instability in this scenario. Driving on a straight road is not the same as driving on a curvy one. 

Therefore, dreaming about driving a car on a curvy road highlights the obstacles that you will probably come across because of your lack of certainty. 

Another interpretation is that you have not settled on a particular direction in your life. Based on the plot, your mood and whims control your life goals and direction. 

For example, seeing your friend earning thousands of dollars as a restaurateur may make you want to become one. A month later, you may think about trying your luck as a model after seeing gorgeous models walk the ramp. 

38. A dream about driving a car on a dark road

Driving a car on a dark road in a dream denotes you must have clarity about what you want to achieve in your life. 

39. A dream of driving a car up a steep hill

There’s a huge difference between driving on a plain area and driving uphill. The latter requires more energy, skills, and effort. 

Generally, dreaming about driving a car uphill is related to your commitment towards a particular person, relationship, or venture. 

We can tell from the scenario that you are being serious about that thing you are into, and you are investing in much effort to achieve success (or to reach the top as in the dream). 

Regardless of how earnest you are in your approach, you will definitely come across a series of obstacles. Probably the scenario is encouraging you to keep going through giving up might seem a lot easier than hanging on. 

Because once you accomplish your mission, there will be numerous opportunities for you to expand and make your life better. 

40. A dream about driving a car in the mountains

The plot is a sign from your higher self that you need to be more in control of yourself. 

41. A dream about driving a car and falling into a pond

In your dream, if you fall into a pond along with your car, the dream plot reflects your stressed mind. 

42. Driving a car and falling into a river in a dream

In the first place, dreaming about the scenario may mean you are presently not happy. It could be due to personal or work-related problems, and the plot shows you yearn to go back to the old days. 

43. Dreaming about driving a car at night

Dreaming about driving a car at night is a reflection of your lack of confidence. It could be that you are having doubts about your life and career. 

Maybe you got enrolled into a medical school but are not sure if you will ever be able to graduate. 

Such a dream scenario may also occur if you are not enthusiastic about your future. 

Let’s say you became a doctor because of your parents and not because you like the profession. Then it’s a given that you would find your future boring and wouldn’t be able to look ahead to a happy future. 

Scenarios of driving a car at night may also be a warning to be extra cautious in your dealings. Because driving at night and during the day is never the same, right?

44. Driving someone else’s car in a dream

According to the dream, there’s a possibility that you will temporarily live another person’s life and wouldn’t want to go back to yours. 

Now you must be thinking, ‘What the dickens are you talking about?’ 

That sounds strange. We get you. But hear us out till the end.

If you are a regular watcher of dramas and movies, you might have seen characters impersonating someone else to accomplish a mission. 

Imagine this, a poor actor taking on the role of a millionaire in a movie. Throughout the shooting, he or she would get so used to living in a mansion and driving expensive cars that he or she would have no desire to go back to his or her poor life. 

Now, we are not saying you will become an actor and experience the same. That is just to draw a rough picture to get you acquainted with the scenario. 

Dreaming About Others Driving A Car

45. Dreaming about letting someone else drive your car

This is an ominous symbol. 

In the first instance, the scenario highlights your irresponsibility because you have dumped your duties on someone else’s shoulder. 

On another note, seeing someone else drive your car could mean someone is manipulating you in reality. Unaware of you, that person could be planning to sabotage you – perhaps due to jealousy or hatred. 

46. Someone else driving a car in a dream

To dream about someone else driving a car with you in the passenger seat means someone, probably a stranger, will greatly influence your life and decisions. 

It may also mean you need guidance on some aspects before you take on something. In this case, the driver in your dream symbolizes the person you need to learn the skills in question from. 

Negatively, the dream denotes that you are not qualified enough to take control of your own life path. 

Interestingly, that person in your dream may even be a symbol of an aspect of yourself. Let us make this simpler.

First, recall if you recognize that person who drove the car in your dream plot. If you do, ask yourself what is the first characteristic or quality that comes to your mind when you think of that person. 

Let’s say, you saw your mother driving a car in your dream. If you look up to your mother for her patience, chances are, your own patience plays a huge role in how your real-life situations are unfolding. 

Someone else driving a car with you in the passenger seat could also mean someone other than you has taken power over your life. That can be looked at from two different perspectives – positive and negative. 

If you are still in your teens and living under the rule of your parents, that is not a bad dream. Negatively, it may indicate a person manipulating your thoughts and actions. 

47. Another person speed racing a car with you on the passenger’s seat

Let’s get started with a question. 

Have you been in a similar situation in real life?

Have you ever sat inside a car as someone took off and played havoc on the road? Perhaps your friend pulled the stunt to tease you!

What did you do in that situation? Most probably, you yelled at the top of your voice and shouted at him or her to stop!

But were you able to do anything to slow down the car? Probably not!

The same goes in the dream scene too. 

The vehicle racing at full speed stands for a situation that is deteriorating at a great pace. Since you were in the passenger’s seat, it means you have little to no control over the issue. 

But that doesn’t change the fact that you are deeply affected by the circumstances and are, in fact, anxious about it. 

Dreaming of another person driving a car at full speed almost letting the vehicle go out of control also shows how you have let another person make your life go astray. If not that, the scenario tells someone has influenced your life more than you should have allowed. 

“This dream is a warning not of potential disaster or loss but of what will happen if you don’t take charge of your life.” 

“You need to be the one in the driving seat and in control of the direction of your life,” stated Cheung.

48. Someone driving a car in front of you in a dream

To dream about another car blocking your way and vision shows that you are unable to grasp a situation as it is. The plot could be warning you not to be hasty and to look at the matter from all perspectives before you make any decisions. 

49. One of your family members driving a car with you in the passenger seat in a dream

While the scenario highlights your close relationship with your people, it may also be telling you not to be overly dependent on your family. 

Dreaming About Driving A Car: Various Types Of Cars

50. A dream about driving your favorite car

In this plot, your favorite car may stand for your dream goals. So, to dream about driving the car you like the most may mean you are about to achieve your goals. 

The scenario may also occur if you have already achieved success and are living the life you had envisioned. 

51. Driving a car that broke down on the way in a dream

In all likelihood, the plot warns you of a fall. Perhaps you will contract an infectious disease, or maybe you will get entangled with a group of infamous people. 

52. Driving a car without brakes in a dream

We are assuming you know what it means to drive a brakeless car. Similarly, dreaming about taking the wheels of a brakeless car shows that you have completely lost control of your life or an issue. 

Perhaps you messed up your business due to a lack of proper planning. And now you could be at a loss of words – unable to decide, control, or take charge of the matter. 

53. A dream driving a car out of control

In a dream, if you see yourself driving a car that is already out of control, it means you believe certain incidents in your life are beyond your control.

Life can be very unpredictable, and literally, no one can control each and every single thing happening in his or her life. The only solution is to take charge of what we can and leave the rest to God. 

54. Dreaming of driving a big car

Through the dream plot, your subconscious warns you to pay heed to how you have been treating your friends and family lately. 

Perhaps you have been testy and snappy at them due to your work pressure. However busy you are, your higher self advises you not to take out your stress and anger on those who definitely did you no harm. 

If your present situation perfectly fits the above scenario, you need to make amends for hurting them. The interpretation is especially true if you often dream about driving a big car. 

55. Dreaming about driving a tiny car

The tiny car in your dream could be your subconscious mind’s way of reminding you of the utterly foolish decision you have made sometime in the recent past. If this fits into your real-life scenario, see if you can figure out what it is and whether it can be undone. 

56. Driving a toy car in a dream

If you dream about driving a toy car, your subconscious wants you to know that you are being too structured and rigid with yourself as well as with others. If you think the toy car describes your current situation, it may be a sign from your higher self to incorporate a little fun into your life.

57. A dream about driving a sports car when you cannot drive in reality

If you see the above scenario in your dream, it portends several opportunities in the upcoming future that will help you improve your life at a much faster pace. 

58. Dreaming about driving a race car

As indicated by the type of car included in the plot, the dream happened to make you aware that your life is too fast-paced. 

59. Driving a flying car in a dream

To begin with, seeing the scenario in your sleep state shows that you are creative and often come up with out-of-the-box ideas. If you are currently in a difficult situation, the dream is a sign from your higher self that you would come up with an excellent idea soon to resolve the issue. 

Also, you must note the height at which you flew the car. The higher the altitude, the sooner you will be able to resolve your problems. 

60. A dream about driving a flying car with someone next to you

According to experts, your happiness will solely depend on that individual. So, it is necessary to recall his or her identity. 

61. A dream of driving a luxury car

This is a negative sign showing your reckless spending. To impress others and to keep up with your peers and ongoing trends, you have probably been spending more than you should. 

You should take this scenario as a warning and act on it immediately if you do not want to go bankrupt. 

62. Driving an expensive car in a dream

If the above scenario is what you dreamt of, you are a lucky chap. If you are planning to make investments or buy valuable assets, take the opportunity. The dream stands for extremely good luck when it comes to materials and finance. 

63. A dream of driving a new car

Driving a new car in a dream means you are considering taking up a new approach towards your personal or professional life. 

64. Driving an old car in a dream

In the world of dreams, cars are symbolic of progress and momentum in your life. More often than not, they let you know whether you are on the right track or otherwise. 

So, dreaming about driving an old or rickety car signifies you are not progressing as smoothly and swiftly as you are supposed to. Because even, in reality, you can never compare the potential of an old car with that of a new one. 

Such a dream could also mean you are deceiving yourself into believing that you are progressing and moving ahead when in truth, you are much lagging behind. 

65. Dreaming of driving a previously owned car

The scenario indicates you are or are trying to live another person’s life. This could mean either positive or negative. 

For instance, trying to live an upright life like your mother or father. On the other hand, you could also be living in a fantasy world trying to imitate the lifestyles of celebrities whose lives are completely different from yours. 

To gain more clarity, you must recall the previous owner of the car. If you know who the vehicle belonged to, you might have some idea about who is inspiring you in real life. 

And if the former owner was a stranger, someone you are not familiar with, it means your waking life is getting influenced by forces that are not even known to you. 

Driving Dream Meaning: Cars Of Different Colors

66. Dreaming about driving a white car

If you dream of yourself driving a white car, it is a sign that you will be a part of some pleasant events and happenings in the foreseeable future. 

67. Driving a silver car in a dream

A dream about driving a silver car may be a reflection of your fickle-mindedness. According to the dream, you have the habit of hopping on from one task to another before seeing results. 

You need to remind yourself that such habits will prevent you from bearing the fruits of your efforts. 

Instead, stay focused on one particular task, give it some time to sink in. And after that one boom to a certain level, you can try your hand at another task again. 

68. Driving a red car in a dream

In case you dreamt about driving a red car, it symbolizes adventures related to love, romance, and passion. 

On another note, taking on the wheel of a red car in a dream may also mean you will challenge your priorities. 

Driving a red car in a dream is rather complex. You must recall how you felt while driving it. If you enjoyed the drive, it means your intuition about someone or something is almost always correct. 

On the flip side, the scenario could be warning you if you felt entirely uncomfortable during the drive. If that is the case, it could be that you have the tendency to jump to conclusions without getting to know the matter well. 

Dreaming of Driving A Car: Different Dreamers

69. A woman dreaming about driving a car

If you are a woman and dream about driving a car, the dream denotes you will have difficulty communicating properly with other females around the time you had the dream.

70. A man dreaming about driving a car

If a man has dreams about driving a car, it shows that he will soon communicate with a woman – the woman in question is probably one he has never interacted with or has lost touch with for a long time. 

Spiritual Meaning Of Driving A Car In A Dream

From the spiritual point of view, dreaming about driving a car symbolizes your life journey. Therefore, it is crucial to recall the nature of the journey – the condition of the road, how to deal with it as well as your overall experience during the drive. 

If the journey took place in your favor, it may mean your life journey would be smooth. On the other hand, having difficulties while on the road signifies that there would be several obstacles along your life path. 

Biblical Meaning Of Driving A Car In A Dream

According to the Bible, driving a car in a dream is related to power, authority, and decision-making. Depending on the plot, you could be the one in power. Alternatively, it may also mean someone has taken full control over you and your life path. 

To know your position, it is vital to recall where you were seated in the dream. 

Were you the one driving, or was someone driving you? 

Dreaming About Driving A Car In The Western Tradition

The West takes it as an ill omen if dreams about driving a car occur. 

Driving Dream Meaning: 5 Dream Examples

1. A woman dreamt of being in a car driven by a crazy woman

In real life, she was forcefully taken to a distant, unfamiliar country by her mother. The event makes her feel completely lost in the new land. 

2. A woman dreamt about driving her mother’s car

It turns out that the woman’s attitude, decisions, and behavior were heavily influenced by her mother.

3. A woman dreamt about a 5 year old- child driving a car

In reality, the woman considered the child in question to be extremely spoiled. Then realized that some of her own decisions have been very childish. 

4. In a dream, a man faced troubles while driving his car but slowly regained control over it

In waking life, the man was taken ill and was recovering from his illness.

5. A man dreamt about driving his car in the opposite direction

In reality, he was looking for a job, not in his own land but another, and was even considering taking his whole family with him. 

Possible Reasons Why You Dream Of Driving A Car

Some of the possible reasons why you dream of driving a car are: 

  1. You are a lover of cars. 
  2. You had a talk about the latest cars, watched a video about it or read something related. 
  3. Such dreams are common if you have entered a phase of life wherein you believe you must be accountable for your own life and actions. 
  4. Dreaming about driving a car could also happen if you have let someone take full control over your life and decisions. On the other hand, if you are the one taking control of someone else’s life, such a dream event may also surface. 
  5. You have lost clarity in life and are unsure about how you would take your life ahead. 
  6. You are being too impatient – be it regarding your career, work, or anything else. 
  7. Driving a car in a dream may also be a sign that you are progressing too slowly. In that case, your subconscious may be suggesting you fasten your pace a bit. 
  8. Some scenarios associated with driving a car symbolize success. 
  9. You are considering a change in some areas of your life. 
  10. Driving a car also represents a harmonious love life. 

Why Did You have Driving Dreams: Questions You Should Ask Yourself

Before decoding your dream, you must make it a point to ask these questions as they will help you understand your dream better.

  1. Were you driving, or was someone else behind the steering wheel?
  2. Where were you heading towards?
  3. How was the journey? Did you come across challenges, or did the car break down midway?
  4. Where were you driving, and how was the condition of the road? 
  5. Which type of car did you drive in the dream? Was it a modern fast race car or a wagon?
  6. What was its color?
  7. How was the condition of the car? Was it brand new or rickety?
  8. Do you think it was an expensive car? Or was it a budget one?
  9. When did you drive the car – during the daytime or after nightfall?
  10. How did you feel within the dream? Were you relaxed, nervous, or afraid that you would meet with an accident?


With the questions above, we wrap up our web post on dreaming about driving a car. As we mentioned in the article, the theme is generally associated with your life path, the nature of the progress, and how you are coping with it. 

Dream interpretation is not easy, but it is not complex either. If you note the details and connect each of the relevant symbols with your real-life circumstances, you will be able to see the big picture in no time. 

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