Knocking on the door dreams might be a warning about your decisions, predict opportunities or pleasant news, advise you to work on your bad habits, or a message from your subconscious.

Dream of Someone Knocking on the Door – General Interpretations

In reality, when you hear a knock on your door, you might feel anxious about the unexpected guest or feel overjoyed to have company.

Similarly, when the same happens in your dream, it might signify both pleasant and unpleasant situations. So, let’s get to know them here…

  • It’s a warning sign about your waking life decisions.
  • Be alert about your surroundings and don’t miss any opportunities.
  • You might soon receive some unexpected and pleasant news.
  • Your subconscious mind wants to get your attention.
  • It asks you to get rid of a bad habit.

What Dream About Knock On The Door Means Spiritually

Spiritually, knocking on the door in dreams might be a wake-up call from your spirit guide to paying attention to your surroundings. Your thoughts in the dream before you heard the knock might be the clue.

It also means that your spirit guide tells you that you’re not alone on this journey so if you need, lean on to others.

Dream of Knocking on Door – Various Types & Their Interpretations

While dreams of knocking on a wooden door symbolize success and rewards, the same dream with a glass door predicts a troublesome phase.

Every small detail in your dream contributes to your dream interpretations. So, if you want to know yours, don’t knock! You’re welcome to barge in this list…

Dreaming of hearing someone knocking on the door

Hearing knock on the door in your dream suggests you want to convince someone of your current situation and have them support you in a trying situation.

However, it also advises you to not behave too forcefully or you might seem suspicious to the other person.

Dreaming of hearing a very loud knock on the door

The dream about hearing a very loud knock on the door is symbolic of someone’s last warning for you in your waking life.

If you don’t know who gives you the last chance to prove yourself, you must first identify them. Otherwise, you might lose the chance and regret it later.

Dreaming of yourself knocking on the door

Yourself knocking on the door dream predicts you’ll suffer from unrequited love. The dream realm is aware that your object of affection won’t reciprocate your feelings.

They don’t think of you as a romantic interest and this will hurt you immensely.

Seeing someone knock on the door

It foretells the changes in your real life. However, whether it’s a positive or negative change depends on your current life situation.

Lately, if you’re happy in reality, the dream might forecast a gruesome phase in the coming days. But if you’re struggling in your conscious hours, the dream might reassure you at the end of your suffering.

Knocking on the wooden door

The dream predicts you’ll succeed in your goals if you keep up the hard work like now.

You’ll be rewarded handsomely and recognized for your efforts whether in your personal or professional life.

Someone knocking on the glass door

This isn’t a good symbol for your conscious hours. The dream envisages tests and trials in your life. So, prepare yourself to deal with the worst.

You might lose a job or someone might get sick in your family. In this phase, money and family support will help you out.

Someone pounding on the door

This is a symbol of gruesome news in your real life. You might face the worst and most unexpected troubles of all times now.

The dream doesn’t hint at which area of your life the trouble will emerge from, so you must be alert.

A blind person knocking on the door

This reassures you’ll be rewarded well for your hard work. If you’re a homemaker, everyone will recognize your efforts and help you out. If you’re a student, you’ll have great results.

Hearing knocking on the door and being awakened

The dream scenario indicates you’ll get serious and worrisome news in your waking hours. Though it will hurt everyone in the vicinity, this will hurt you the most.

You might be shaken to the core out of disbelief. It’s not time to get shocked. Control your emotions and deal with the issue head-on.

Ghosts or poltergeists knocking on the door

In your dream, if ghosts or poltergeists knock on the door, this reflects your feelings of loneliness. You want others to pay attention to you, but you’re uncertain how to attract them to yourself.

Police knocking on the door

The dream depicts you yearning for a fulfilling and satisfying relationship in reality. You’re a respectable person as you’re helpful and supportive to everyone around you.

However, you have yet to find your romantic partner which makes you feel sad. You can’t understand why your romance luck is so bad when you’re so likable.

Knocking on the open door

To see or hear knocking on an open door in a dream is all about great opportunities in the vicinity, so be alert and grab them when you notice.

Alternatively, it also shows that you’ll soon enter a new phase of your life and end the last one. You’re on the way to personal growth.

Hearing knocking three times on the door

This dream is symbolic of your or your loved ones’ death. But that’s only a part of it, so don’t panic. Sometimes, it might symbolize the end of a phase or a relationship.

Or a dream or plan might not work out after a lot of effort. So, don’t always take “death” in the literal sense.

A word from ThePleasantDream

Whether your dream brings a positive or negative message, don’t forget to be grateful to the higher powers and work on the suggestions.

If there’s no suggestion, try to follow the most practical way for your situation. Stay dedicated and devoted to yourself and your surroundings and you’ll be thankful later.

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