If you slept after a heavy rain or listened to the electricity, then the dream of lightning is usual. But if this is not your case then, lightning in your dream has a tale to tell.

More often lightning dreams are alerting you to the upcoming danger or existing danger you are not aware of. Sudden, unexpected, and shocking are some lightning dream meanings. Continue reading to take deeper exploration of your dream.

Dream of Lightning - 70 Dream Scenarios & Their Meanings
Dream of Lightning – Various Dream Scenarios & Their Meanings

Lightning Dream Meaning & It’s General Interpretation

Dream of lightning signifies destruction, sudden changes and shocking events in one’s waking life. It is also considered as a sign of protection for upcoming problems. 

Its dream has a lot of different meanings associated with your life which is based on various aspects of life, emotions, situations and concerns. Being a strong and valuable symbol it has different symbolism as per perspectives.

Let’s dig deeper into the general meanings of lightning that evolve with the situation.

Destruction and rapid changes

Lightning represents destructive nature but this destruction is not always a bad thing. It hits anything when it occurs but not only destroys good things, however, it destroys bad things in your life as well. This destruction of something represents making something in a better way in your waking life. 

Energy and inspiration

Electricity and lightning are interrelated to each other that contain power and energy. The powerful and important part of healing rituals is used in a positive way. Its positive sign can be related to creation and improvement, not always to destroying things. 

Awareness and renewal

The dream of lightning also represents awareness. Sudden and unexpected events in your dream signal you to pay attention to it. If your eyes dream of something when the lightning occurred then consider this sign as an important part when interpreting the dream meaning. 

Pressure and tension

As fast it comes, the faster it goes. Lightning appears fast and disappears as quickly. If you are witnessing this dream then it symbolizes you have something detailing inside you. Or, even the situation of life when the tension is evolving. 

Explosive emotions

It signifies your emotions and feelings that create an exposure inside. You need to express these explosive emotions to calm down your inner self. If you don’t address these inner states of emotions or situations in a timely manner then you have fear of ending up with a syndrome. 

Wrath of God

In multiple religious and spiritual beliefs, lightning is considered as a wrath or anger of the divine. This dream symbolizes that the Almighty is not happy with your actions since you are doing something against the belief. 

Tthis dream vision is a warning to abandon the wrong path as soon as possible and get back to a righteous lifestyle. Otherwise, you will get stuck with bad luck and divine’s anger.

Spiritual Meaning of Lightning Dream

Dream interprets believes that lightning in dreams is a sign of spiritual awakening. It is a signal from your spirit to coordinate your life, explore your religious beliefs and bring peace within yourself. 

You should pay attention to the unexpected and unwanted events of life since they are an indication of spiritual growth. Additionally, it also means you are discharging your tension somehow. The lightning flash represents the holy spirit to enlighten something.  

Psychological Interpretations

As per Psychologist, you are more likely to have this dream about lightning arriving from sky, if you are having any of these factors:

1. Struggling with repressed emotions

2. Happiness for a short duration

3. Small improvements or stages of good luck.

4. The happening of unexpected events and changing your life.

5. Having strong emotions about a situation or person.

Dream of Lightning – Common Dream Scenarios & Their Meanings

Have you recently dreamt about lightning and interpreting its meaning? Are you wondering if your dream is related to your emotions and recent state of mind and your ultimate reactions to various situations of life? 

Then, in this section we will understand the multiple meanings of this dream vision and their interpretations according to waking life situations. So, let’s take a look. 

Lightning strike dream meaning

It signifies something uneventful and unexpected situations will happen in your life very soon.

You will find yourself in such circumstances or situations you were not expecting. Moreover, impossible turning points or turn of events in your life might be possible. 

Struck by lightning dream meaning

Seeing the dream of being struck by lightning is considered a negative sign. It signifies arguments or conflicts that arise with your family members, friends or colleagues. You should pay some attention to your attitude and behavior and control your words in upcoming days in order to avoid any conflict. 

However, sometimes it is also considered as a positive symbol that symbolizes sudden admiration or inspirational insights related to something in your life. You might be solving any problems and the solution is near to you. 

Dream of lightning striking a tree

Seeing this dream symbolizes getting stuck in misfortune in real life. However, this dream also signifies that your relationship will start growing with new emotions and affection. You might be insecure about the safety or health of a loved one. 

Thunder and lightning in dream

Dreaming about thunder and lightning represents good omen which is ideal for upcoming days to make right decisions. That’s why you have to make the right decisions on your own and learn about the business. Thereby don’t leave everything on your luck.  

Dream of lightning striking above your head

When you dreamt about lightning striking over your head then such a dream is considered a good sign. It indicates economic gain in the near future which doesn’t require a lot of effort from your end. Joy and happiness will be with you for an extended period of time.  

Dream of lightning illuminating your body

It is considered a bad symbol. You might despair and be disappointed with something. It also signifies getting some bad news instead of good news that you’re expecting. 

Seeing lightning in a dark sky in dream 

If you dream about seeing lightning in the dark sky then such a dream is considered a bad sign. This represents misfortune and difficulties in your life which are unable to resolve. You are able to find the solution to the problems which are too hard and worrying you so much. 

This dream can be a signal to your business struggle and get tricked somehow, especially in the case of money. You should take care of other people’s actions and the things they are saying to you because it can be a lie. 

Dream about lightning striking during a storm

When a lightning dream strike appears during a storm, it indicates a powerful and important energy that is going to release in your life. This might symbolize the destruction of important things bringing a lot of fear in your waking life.  

Dream about lightning coming from clouds

If you are having this dream then good luck will be with you soon. It brings prosperity and happiness in the near future. You will get rid of your financial and other difficulties. 

Good days are coming your way with no worrying situation. Moreover, it can also symbolize that your past is haunting you and you have to deal with it confidently. 

Dream of lightning at night

If you see lightning in the night time then such a dream is a representation of bad luck that you are going to experience. Your planning is going to end and you won’t be happy about this.

However, instead of despairing about the situation you should find possible ways to get rid of this difficulty. 

Dream of lightning hitting building 

If the building gets hit by lightning, then this dream vision is considered as a warning.

Generally, the dream interpreter says that you should be aware of some information and you need to gather it. If lightning hits the ground near you then it tells you that you will receive some good news soon. 

Bad weather with storm and lightning dream meaning 

Dreaming about bad weather with storms and lightning represents some storm or difficulty that will come in your life. You might not like these changes but this will bring diversity to your life. 

Dream of conjuring lightning

A dream of conjuring lightning represents that you are examining your luck. You might be arrogant which will get you into a lot of trouble.

There is a possibility that you will not have important happenings in your life which are creating problems that you will regret later. You need to deal with the circumstances and not again challenge your destiny. 

Dream of lightning waking you up

If the light appears from lightning wakes up in a dream, then it represents your alertness is restless.

You might give some acts you are not proud of. Your loved one is getting offended or hurt and you haven’t apologized. Moreover, you might be hiding something from your friends or close ones. 

Dream of lightning followed by thunder

This dream vision is a symbol that you should learn the importance of setting your priorities. You are probably dealing with a lot of things in your life and not having enough time to devote your attention to big problems. 

In order to solve this problem, you can hand your work to someone else or pass some of your responsibility to your family members or colleagues at work. 

Dream of lightning raging behind the clouds

It means that the upcoming periods will be peaceful. This is the time to get rid of your financial worries or business issues and sit back to see the results of your hard work and effort. 

You might realize that it will be worth enough for your family and you will achieve peace at that time. This way you will be able to buy anything for yourself or for loved ones. 

Recording lightning dream meaning 

If you see the dream of recording lighting which lasts really short is a symbol of a success to get the chance to record on tape. 

When you are quite effortless to do this perfectly in your dream then it means that you will get some excellent opportunities for business which you have to recognize and take the best out of it.

This dream also signifies progress in your career and the improvement in your financial situation as well. 

Lightning with heavy rain in dream 

Having such a dream is an indication of hearing or observing some unpleasant news which results in anger and grief. 

Rainbow with lightning dream meaning 

Dreaming about a rainbow with lightning is an unpleasant view to witness but this is considered as a positive sign wholesome. This indicates that things are now settling down and you can utilize these times to complete your desired task or working on a problem to find its solution. 

On the other hand, this dream also is a symbolism of being cautious and independent. The danger is still around and a small negligence can bring the storm of problems. 

Dream of lightning from a clear sky

This dream is a sign of shock and sudden event. Considering a positive meaning refers to the unexpected and pleasant things as well as new things coming.

Killed by lightning in dream 

If you get struck and killed by the lightning then it indicates life changes. This can be arises through the expression of situations within self which were not revealed previously. 

The power of lightning represents powerful drives such as sexuality which might be destructive. The suppression of yourself feels like death or something which is not fully alive. 

Dream of Lightning Based on Locations

Dream of lightning in the sea

Having this dream vision depends upon the state of water. In general, if you are seeing a lightning strike in murky sea then it represents the health and financial situation that will come into your life and people will get aggressive. 

The storm will pass and you will be able to find a way, so don’t panic. On the other hand, if the sea is calm and bright then it indicates that good luck will be with you in upcoming days. You should keep your eyes on the signs that can affect your life.

Dream of lightning at the distance

If you are seeing the lightning from far, then it’s a symbol of good luck. However, the results depend upon how you act. If you are dreaming the flash from a distance then you should prepare the plan for future acts because you are prone to have problems. 

It would be better if you keep yourself calm in order to smell the danger around you and be aware. 

Dream of lightning striking your home

Having this dream of lightning strikes your home is a symbol of bad omen that can cause a lot of damage. This dream signifies some conflict or argument will happen in your family with long lasting and negative effects. 

Lightning illuminating your room in dream 

It suggests that one of your loved ones will get into trouble. They might invest money in something which is not profitable and ask you to give some money in order to survive. 

There is a possibility that your younger member of the family will do something really embarrassing in public and this will make you ashamed to not leave the house for some time. 

Dream of lightning falling into the sea

This dream vision is a symbolism of accepting and knowing the inner emotional war and its power. You should pay attention to the mystery of unconscious and deep energies which are settled down.

Dream of Lightning Based on Colors

Red lightning dream meaning

It symbolizes loneliness and sadness. You should recognize the actions you have in the present and how they can change your life situation. It tells that you need someone else who allows you to know yourself. 

Blue lightning dream meaning

This dream vision is associated with spirituality. Moreover, it signifies that you should coordinate your life, go for religious guidance, find peace within yourself whatever is the situation you are having at that moment or undefined results. 

Yellow lightning dream meaning

Yellow lightning is a symbol of happiness that gives you the vibes of being a cheerful and grateful person to everyone around you who cares and helps you.

Moreover, dreaming this vision means you are achieving something really important but it’s not possible without others’ help. 

This dream usually appears when you are a boss and have a business where success is related to your employees or team members.

Dark green lightning dream meaning 

Appearing dark green lightning in your dream represents a sudden change in your life caused due to your selfish nature and someone else’s ignorance.

On the other hand, green lightning also represents someone who is powerful, gets embarrassed and takes fast action to correct the situation.

Wrapping up

Lighting is a large and powerful natural event that happens for a reason. Appearance of lightning in dreams sometimes creates damage, causes hazardous and terrifying people.

In order to know the dream interpretations of lightning whether it’s negative or positive can be interpreted through various fields and scenes that appear in your dream.

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