Dreaming of a moon can seem powerful. You may wonder if seeing a moon in your dream is a positive omen or not. As with most dream interpretations, moon dream meaning includes a mix of both. 

Moon Dream Meaning - Ordinary or Out of the World?
Moon Dream Meaning – Ordinary or Out of the World?

Moon Dream Meaning in General

A moon dream meaning often surrounds confusion, mysteriousness, motherhood, romance, femininity, fertility, instincts, and tranquility. It also reveals your emotions and reflects your progress.

You may know exactly what your dream meant by reading the following general interpretations.

Confused State of Mind

A dream about a moon represents a confused state of mind. You are unsure about some aspect of yourself. This dream is a sign that you need to go on some form of self-discovery. It is also signaling you to take that step toward character development. So, listen to it! 

Reflects Your Mysterious Side

A moon dream brings to light the hidden pieces of your personality. Everybody has sides that they do not reveal to others. 

Motherly Love

This dream includes motherly love or affection. Apart from that, it could serve as a representation of your relationship with your mother. 

The Beginning of a Romance

It can represent a romantic encounter that you are likely to have soon. It might even feel like a meet-cute straight out of television.

Reveals Emotions

An important moon dream meaning is that it reveals your emotions. It displays the way you express your emotions or respond to other people’s feelings in various situations.   

Instinctual Feelings

It symbolizes intuitive feelings. It shows that your sense of intuition is powerful. So, consider this dream a means of telling you that you should trust your gut more often.


These dreams also signify a sense of peace and calm you are feeling in real life. Specifically, you are not chasing after things that you deem unnecessary.

Reflects Progress

These dreams reflect the progress you have made in your waking life. The different phases the moon undergoes depict the approaching upliftment in your life.

Represents Femininity

Most dreams about moons signify femininity. It denotes grace, elegance, strength, and ethereal beauty. However, these dreams are interpreted in terms of something or someone making you suppress these characteristics.


Apart from femininity, another moon dream meaning includes fertility. In the olden days, moon cycles were associated with menstrual cycles as both go on for 28 days. The phases of the moon were used as the basis for predicting fertility.

Spiritual Meaning of Dream of a Moon

Spiritually, dreams about a moon represent the Goddess controlling the hidden aspects of your personality. It is also known as the dark side of your personality or the shadow. These hidden parts include unconscious desires, feelings, and other undiscovered aspects.

At the same time, a dream about a moon is associated with enlightenment. It illuminates your conscious and unconscious just the way a moon guides everyone in the dark. Although the sun boldly throws light, the moon’s approach is more subtle.

A moon dream is also associated with inner insight. It represents spiritual growth and connection. This spiritual experience is not so apparent to people around you. Sometimes, you might not even be aware of this connection. 

When the moon sheds its light on these parts through your dream, you will become more conscious of them. You will realize your inner wishes, feelings, and hidden parts of your personality.

Also, moon dreams are symbols of the yin and yang. It points toward the importance of balance and harmony. This spiritual stability will contribute to your growth. You will attain spiritual satisfaction, which will allow you to function better, even in society.

Dreaming about the Moon – Common Scenarios & Their Meanings

Here you will see what different characteristics of the moon mean in a dream. You will also understand the dream interpretations of some of the actions with respect to the moon.

Full moon in a dream

This dream is a good sign. It shows that favorable outcomes are round the corner. Additionally, you are not putting unwanted pressure on yourself to achieve your aspirations or goals. You are at a place where you can accept reality even if it does not favor you.

Moreover, this dream shows that you are grateful and satisfied with your current life. This contentment imbues your possessions as well as who you are at work, among friends, and with family. 

Additionally, you read earlier that a moon dream represents intuition. A dream about a full moon shows openness toward intuitive feelings. In other words, you are following your gut.  All in all, a full moon dream is simply a sign that you are on the right track, so keep at it!

Crescent moon

A crescent moon in your dream can mean a lot of things. Firstly, it is a symbol of the start of something. Depending on what is going on in your waking life, this dream is interpreted. 

Additionally, it suggests the need to adjust according to situations. It emphasizes the importance of adaptability when it comes to novel circumstances. You need to build on this skill if you want to succeed in real life! 

Further, this dream indicates a feeling of satisfaction with your life. You believe that you have everything you need and are on the road to success.

Two moons

Dreaming of two full moons shows that you are caught between two things. You need to make an important choice and you have two options in front of you. It is challenging for you because both of the choices attract you.

Additionally, this dream represents the likelihood of losing someone close to you. This might happen either because of acquisitiveness or overcautiousness.

Three moons

This dream shows the transformation that is taking place in your life. It represents a triad or triangle, which typically suggests elements of change.

Moreover, this dream suggests the beginning, middle, and end phases of something. The ending stage might involve some form of termination, reawakening, or even death. 

Multiple moons

Did you dream of more than three moons? This dream suggests problems in your waking life. These difficulties may arise within you or outside of yourself. 

Additionally, a dream about multiple moons symbolizes two things. One, it shows femininity. Another interpretation involves a pull toward unconscious energy. 

Dream about a blood moon

A blood moon is a phenomenon that takes place when the Earth’s satellite is in a total lunar eclipse. Dreaming of the same can represent a woman’s menstrual cycle. 

Alternatively, it symbolizes the Jungian shadow archetype. In other words, it denotes the darker sides of one’s personality. This part of a person is typically repressed.

Moreover, a blood moon dream meaning involves a note of caution. This dream symbolizes conflicts, battles, hurdles, and misunderstandings. Such unpleasant events may take place in your professional or personal life.

Red full moon

A dream about a red moon is an unpleasant one, as it represents conflict and unhappiness.

​​Further, this dream signifies misfortune or an unexpected blow. It could also represent your feelings of apprehension. Have you been filled with trepidation that something horrific is going to befall you?

Additionally, a dream about a red full moon shows you are convincing yourself not to see the truth. In other words, you are aware of the reality, but you are denying it. This dismissal will make it challenging for you to make amends.  

Falling moon

If a moon is falling in your dream, it shows that you will encounter a period of turmoil. You are likely to face a drop in fame, fortune, and even professional image.

Moreover, work on your resilience and remember that you can bounce back stronger. This dream is also a reminder to believe in yourself. This, too, shall pass.

Rising moon

On the flip side of the previous dream, this one suggests the opposite. It indicates that you will experience some form of upliftment in your waking life. You might get promoted, your social status might increase, or you may earn fame, fortune, and respect.

Dream about the moon with stars

If you see a moon in your dream and stars are twinkling around it in the nightly sky, it is a positive sign. This dream represents wish fulfillment.

Additionally, this dream represents your innovative side. It shows that you have creativity bubbling inside you, waiting to ooze out. Inspiration surrounds you just the way the stars encircle the moon in your dream. You simply need to look.

Moon without stars

On the flip side, dreaming of a moon without stars is a bad sign. It could suggest an imminent break-up. If you are in a romantic relationship, it is likely reaching its terminal stages.

Fading moon

The symbolism of the moon fading or waning in your dream contains a negative undertone. Some things in your life are falling apart. These challenges could be concerning family, friends, or even love relationships.

Moonlight dream meaning

If you are going through some challenges in your waking life, this dream is trying to let you know there is hope. Things might seem dark right now, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. Eventually, you will find peace and contentment. 

Additionally, this dream is signaling an opportunity for you to reconcile with someone. You will have the chance to clear the air.

Moon’s reflection in the water

Did you dream about a moon’s reflection in the water? This dream is a positive one and suggests beauty and inspiration. It also represents immense happiness and the possibility of traveling overseas very soon. 

This dream suggests that you are possibly at a place in life where you are content with what you have. You may believe you have everything you need.

Alternatively, this dream may urge you to pause for a moment and appreciate the beauty that surrounds you. Often, people become incredibly engrossed in going about their daily lives. They do not take a moment to enjoy the little things.

Going to the moon in a dream

Dreaming of flying is an exhilarating experience. So, it is no surprise that a dream about flying to the moon represents happiness in your life. This joy might stem from your family or it could be the result of your efforts at your workplace. 

Different Moon Phase & Their Dream Interpretation

Here is a quick and easy summary of the phases of the moon and dream interpretations. 

The Phase of the MoonMoon Dream Meaning
New MoonThe moon is completely hidden. This moon dream meaning indicates new beginnings
Waxing Crescent MoonLess than half of the moon is illuminated, representing drawing resolutions and plans 
First Quarter MoonHalf of the moon is seen, while the other half is shadowed. This moon dream meaning symbolizes making decisions
Waxing Gibbous MoonMore than half of the moon is highlighted, making the moon brighter. This dream represents continuous practice and modifications
Full MoonThe moon is visible in its entirety, shining bright like a diamond. Therefore, this dream indicates setting intentions while discarding things that no longer serve you 
Waning Gibbous MoonAlthough more than half of the moon is visible, it is becoming less bright. This dream typifies gratitude.
Third QuarterThe half of the moon that was hidden during the first quarter is visible now. Meanwhile, what was seen then is shadowed now. This moon dream meaning is related to forgiving.
Waning Crescent MoonThe moon continues to dim, making this dream represent surrender.
Dream interpretations according to the moon phase

Psychological Interpretation of dream about the moon

The psychological take on moon dreams is mostly inspired by the Jungian school of thought. Two concepts are most closely associated with dreams about moons. These include the anima and animus archetypes and the syzygy. 

The anima archetype represents the feminine sides of a male personality. The moon’s phase in his dream determines the level of integration of his femininity with his masculine parts.

Also, it shows the extent of the connection between the conscious and the unconscious.

On the other hand, the animus archetype denotes the masculine parts of a female personality. The interpretations mentioned for the previous archetype apply here, too.

According to Carl Jung, the moon also symbolizes the coming together of the male and female sides. This perspective can be linked to the fact that the moon is a reflection of the sun’s light.

To elaborate, moonlight would cease to exist without the sun. On the other hand, without the moon, there would be no light in the dark. 

Therefore, the moon is an integration of passive and active functions. The former is considered the female, receptive unit. Meanwhile, the latter, active side is considered the masculine unit.

This elegant union is a meaningful representation. It shows what you can achieve through integrating the masculine and feminine sides of your personality!

This dream is a sign that you should allow yourself to let your creative juices flow. If you have an idea planted, it is now time to let it bloom and flourish! 

Closing Thoughts from ThePleasantDream

As you have read so far, dreaming of a moon is mostly an enlightening and pleasant experience. Sometimes, this dream can be scary and have correspondingly unpleasant interpretations.

With that said, understand how this dream relates to your personal life. If anything, the dream is urging you to take a look at things that you can improve.