Key Takeaways

  • A dream of menstrual blood is not the same as dreaming of blood.
  • Whether your dream of menstrual blood augurs well or not depends on your gender and how you perceive the monthly cycle in general.
  • Though the biological cycle happens only in females, in reality, it is common for males to experience it in the dream world.
  • Usually, menstruation or menstrual blood carries a negative connotation for male dreamers.
  • At times, the plot could be your subconscious trying to bring your attention to an underlying health issue.

Let’s say, a dream of menstrual blood is expected and common for females every once in a while! But what would you say if the same scenario surfaces in the dreams of a man?

Whether you are ready to take this or not, let us tell you that a lot of men menstruate in their dreams!

And usually, dreams of such nature do not bode well for males though menstruation or period blood often brings positive messages for females. 

In this article, we have included everything to help you unravel your dream of period blood. It doesn’t really matter if you are a man in your prime, a young female, or a mother-to-be. You’ll find your answers below. 

Dream of Menstrual Blood - 76 Plots and Their Interpretations
Dream of Menstrual Blood – 76 Plots and Their Interpretations

What Does It Mean To Dream About Menstrual Blood?

For lucky dreamers, a dream of menstrual blood may stand for a brand new beginning, fertility, maturity, enlightenment, etc. But not everyone gets these positive messages. For others, it may have the worst of meanings!

Unlike other dream plots, it’s not fair, to sum up, menstrual blood dreams to either good or bad. Depending on the dreamer, they can either be an ill omen or harbinger of pleasant news.

For some, it may be a sign of approaching good news, while it can reflect an uncomfortable situation for others. Or it may mean the dreamer is missing out on something good while being immersed in a sea of problems. 

Perhaps you have overlooked opportunities for growth and success while taking care of your current problems. 

Often, menstrual blood in dreams has hinted at an underlying health problem that should be taken care of as soon as possible. 

Interestingly, it’s not only females who dream about periods or menstrual blood. A lot of male dreamers have encountered such dreams. Doesn’t that make you question what kind of message such a dream has for a man? 

In the sections below, we have included the answers to those questions. Along with the answers, we have listed several other things that will help you decode your menstrual dream. 

But first, let’s take a look at the different dream symbols associated with the theme. 

Menstrual Blood Meaning: Various Dream Symbols

There are tens and hundreds of reasons why menstruation and menstrual blood appeared in your dream. But to save you from getting bogged down by all those possibilities and the likes, we have narrowed it down to a handful of the most common reasons. 

You need to understand that these are listed based on what the majority of other dreamers went through. Your reason is unique to you, your life, and your experiences.

So, do not be surprised if you find none of the below relevant. Of course, that would mean more work for you but figuring out the dream symbols or reasons is indispensable if you are looking forward to an accurate interpretation. 

1. Enlightenment

In the dream world, menstrual blood signifies growth, enlightenment, and purity. Perhaps you need to declutter certain elements and reorganize your life. 

2. A transition

Since menstruation is a cycle women experiences every month, a dream featuring menstrual blood also symbolizes a transition from point A to B. 

Now, if you think this might be the reason behind your dream, ask yourself a question, ‘Is there a monumental shift taking place in my waking life?’

3. New beginnings

Menstruation and menstrual blood also symbolize new beginnings after breaking yourself free from nerve-racking situations, complications, and agonies. 

4. Stress and pent-up tension

According to Dr. Leslie Beth Wish, a licensed psychotherapist and author of Training Your Love Intuition, menstruating unexpectedly in a dream scenario are symbolic of stress, anxiety, and tension you have been repressing in your waking life. 

“Your dream might be the result of your awareness of the hormone changes that accompany your period. Similarly, dreaming about getting your period can also be a symbolic message that you are worried and anxious about something in your life. After all, even if your period is a welcomed occurrence…most women have varying degrees of physical discomfort and unwanted mood changes.”

Therefore, a dream of menstruation or menstrual blood may mean you are releasing the stress and tension in your life. 

5. Femininity

Menstruation and period blood often stands for femininity and the strength of feminine power in the dream world. 

Not every female perceives this dream as positive, especially those who wish to be seen as strong and capable of anything. 

Also, such a dream may also be a threat to a male’s masculinity, which is why menstruation and period blood does not bode well for male dreamers most of the time. 

Alternatively, the dream could be warning you to recognize and embrace your femininity. 

That leads to a question, ‘Is your masculine side shadowing over your feminine traits?’

6. Purification

As the impure blood gets released from the female body during this period, dreaming of it alludes to cleansing yourself and your life from negative thoughts and ideas. 

7. An unpleasant situation

At times, dreaming about being on your period and menstrual blood symbolizes a miserable situation that demands your whole attention, something that can no longer be ignored. 

8. Adulthood and maturity

Wish further added that many of her clients admitted to having such dreams when they just stepped into adulthood.

Because during this stage of life, young ladies start feeling womanly, mature, and ready to fall into love. 

Here, maturity has less to do with the development of physical body/ traits and more to do with feelings and emotions – learning to accept that everything happens for the best and that the past cannot be undone, etc. 

9. Femininity and fertility

For females, a dream about menstruation and period blood can be a symbol of femininity and fertility. 

10. Renewal

The dream suggests renewed energy if seen by a woman who has reached menopause. 

11. Distress

Menstrual blood in a dream can also be a reflection of your distressing state of mind as you are compelled to get involved in or take care of a matter you are least interested in. 

12. A problem you cannot afford to ignore

Also, dreaming of menstrual blood may signify a complicated problem or a situation that cannot be ignored any longer. 

13. A need to break away from restrictions

Considering how women are freed from daily responsibilities while on their period, dreaming of menstruating or period blood could mean you need to release yourself from the shackles that bind you in reality. 

Dream of Menstrual Blood – 76 Plots & Their Meanings

There are hundreds of variations of menstruation and menstrual blood dreams. For your convenience, we have listed some of the most common ones. 

1. Seeing menstrual blood out of nowhere in a dream

There’s a possibility that you are still clinging to your past. Something might or might not have happened for you to hold on tightly to the bygone days.

Regardless, your dream wants you to let go of the past events and focus more on the present as well as the future. 

As the saying goes, ‘To live in the past is to die in the present’

2. Dreaming of your menstrual blood

To dream of seeing your menstrual blood may also mean you have been talking a lot about others behind their backs. 

Praising someone behind their back is good but if you are picking on others’ weaknesses and shortcomings when they aren’t around, your subconscious wants you to stop that immediately.

Those small talks will neither benefit you nor the people you bitch out. Rather, they will come back to harm you someday. 

Alternatively, menstruating and dreaming of your own period blood may mean you need to make a confession to someone.

Perhaps you have secretly hurt or wronged someone and you feel as if you will go nuts if you don’t let out your secret to someone. 

3. Dreaming of seeing the menstrual blood of more than one person

The scenario is a harbinger of a healthy, wealthy, and happy life. 

4. Dreaming of menstruating a lot

Dreaming of menstruating a lot is a wish-fulfillment dream. Something you have been working on and manifesting for a long time will finally see reality. 

5. A dream about heavy period bleeding

Heavy menstrual bleeding in a dream suggests you start considering things from a broader perspective.

Others relate the dream to major changes you are going through.

6. Period blood running down your legs in a dream

According to the dream, you are letting go of all the overwhelming thoughts, emotions, and feelings while creating room for positivity. 

It may refer to issues regarding romance, professional life, or family. The key is that you are going through a purification.

7. To dream of a lot of menstrual blood

Often, a lot of menstrual blood is a wish-fulfillment dream. 

8. To dream of sticky menstrual blood

To dream of sticky menstrual blood

Sticky menstrual blood is a sign of prosperity, especially for people who are into their own businesses. 

There’s a possibility that they will collaborate with great partners who will help their businesses flourish. 

9. Black menstrual blood in a dream

Having a dream of black period blood emphasizes the need to release the negative energy, people as well as every element that serves no purpose in your life. 

Positively, this may also mean you have successfully let go of past emotions you have been clinging to. 

10. Menstrual blood on bedsheets

Generally, the scenario shows you are not at peace despite your work and life proceeding smoothly. Chances are, a few issues about your home environment are getting on your nerves. 

11. Period blood on the floor in a dream

Based on the plot, your hard work has finally paid off. And now that you are victorious, you do not want to celebrate your wins silently. You want everyone to acknowledge you for the hard work you have put into your goals. 

From another perspective, period blood on the floor means you have failed to notice a trivial yet important matter in the waking world. 

The above scenario may also happen if you are guarding a secret. Despite knowing very well that it’s not something you should keep to yourself, you are refusing to share it with others. 

In some cases, it can be a sign of infertility.

12. Dreaming of period blood on the toilet

To dream of period blood on the toilet seat is the subconscious warning the dreamer to protect the people and things that are precious to him or her. 

13. Dreaming of menstruating when you are not in reality

According to dream experts, you may dream of getting your period if you are dead worried about something in the waking world.

As stated above, the interpretation holds only if you are not on your period in reality. 

14. Dreaming of getting your period and seeing menstrual blood

According to the plot, either you are in a state of confusion or have done something terribly wrong. 

15. Dreaming of menstrual blood pouring out of your body

To dream of menstrual blood pouring out of your body implies you feel depleted and worn out in the waking world. 

Then again, such a plot also alludes to a particular hardship you are bound to endure, trials and tribulations that will someday make you feel blessed. 

16. To dream of menstrual blood flowing

To see menstrual blood flowing in a dream is a sign of success, especially in terms of career and work. 

17. Dreaming of menstrual flow and period blood

Your reputation will be at stake for a mistake you committed. 

18. A dream of seeing period blood dripping

To dream of seeing period blood dripping can reflect your disappointment after someone in your circle fails to take responsibility for his or her reckless actions. 

19. To dream of period blood on a pad

The scenario is a reflection of a painful or unpleasant situation in the waking world. 

20. A dream of menstrual blood on your clothes

The plot warns you against your new friends and acquaintances. They might turn out to be the complete opposite of who you think they are. 

Be that as it may, do not jump to conclusions and cut ties with them. However, remember to keep a close eye and not share anything important with them. At least, until you are convinced they pose no threat. 

21. Dreaming of menstrual blood on your cloth in a public place

The scenario is a clear warning from the universe. You ought to be extremely careful of your movements around that time you have this dream as serious accidents are in the cards. 

Moreover, you need to pay closer attention to your physical health as well because the scenario also hints at failing health. 

22. A dream of seeing someone else’s menstrual bloodstain on your clothes

In all likelihood, you are surrounded by malicious people who approached you solely to take advantage of you. 

23. Dreaming that your clothes were soaked in menstrual blood

You may dream of the above scenario if you feel unattractive and anxious about how others perceive you. 

Alternatively, your clothes soaked in your period blood can also mean you are stuck in a rut. Maybe something happened to you in the past, and you can’t seem to move on from it. 

24. To dream of your period bloodstain on someone else’s clothes

Your subconscious warns you to be wary of people in your surroundings. Do not trust anyone blindly, and most importantly, avoid sharing anything confidential with others. 

As per the plot, the possibility of someone backstabbing you is high.

25. A dream of seeing menstrual blood on someone else’s cloth

The above plot portends either a birth or death around you in the foreseeable future. 

26. A dream of seeing menstrual blood stains on your bed

Period blood stains on your bed in a dream portends complications in your romantic relationship. You and your partner may fail to understand each other regarding certain issues. 

27. Dreaming of seeing someone else’s period blood on your bed sheet

The spectacle is a reflection of the emotional ups and downs you have been experiencing lately. 

28. Dreaming of period blood dripping on your head

Having a dream of menstrual blood dripping on your head symbolizes humiliation and shame. 

29. Dreaming of menstrual blood in the water

The plot could mean you are taking pleasure from other people’s misfortune. 

It may also mean you need to leave your past behind and start a new chapter. 

Positively, menstrual blood in water symbolizes wealth and prosperity. 

At other times, such a dream may hint at untapped talent or strengths you are not aware of are existent in you. 

30. A dream of menstrual blood clots

You can interpret this dream from several different perspectives. Dream analysts observed that people who dream of the above usually put others first before themselves. 

If that resonates, it may be time you think of yourself and your happiness first before others. 

Financially, menstrual blood clots indicate a loss. Therefore make sure you keep your hands off any shady or unusual activities that involve money.

Do not fall for scammy investments and pyramid schemes, and also avoid lending money to anyone if you can help it. 

Menstrual blood clots in a dream may also appear if you do not see any progress despite your hard work and sincerity. That might have led you to question your abilities and if you are treading on the right path or not. 

On that note, the universe wants to remind you that everything has its own time.

Do not give up on your dreams just because you don’t see instant results. Keep trying and stay determined. You might be just a tad away from your big dream! 

31. A dream of consuming menstrual blood

While many dream experts relate the spectacle to growth and enlightenment regarding your spiritual, emotional, financial, or social life, others believe it reflects your disrespect for someone or something. 

Dreaming of eating menstrual blood also implies you are stuck in a rut and feel hindered. 

Yet another approach to the spectacle says it is a harbinger of potential disaster sometime in the near future. 

32. A dream of cleaning menstrual blood

Cleaning menstrual blood in a dream signifies regeneration. After many trials and tribulations, you will be able to resolve and break free from a problem that was the cause of your anxiety. 

From another perspective, the dream denotes you will be able to see the true colors of a person. 

Other experts believe the dream is a harbinger of an upcoming event. 

33. Dreaming of your menstrual cycle

Generally, to dream of your period signifies the development of your maternal instincts. The accurate meaning of the scenario depends on the dreamer. 

If you are unmarried or without a child, the plot may reflect your desire to become a mother. And if you have already given birth to a child, it may mean you wish to get pregnant again. 

34. A dream of menstrual blood and pain

Dreaming of menstruating with pain indicates your desire to get rid of distressing thoughts and feelings in the waking world. 

35. A dream about getting your period and not being happy about it

The plot is a reflection of your frustration over your present predicament. As per the dream, you are impatient to step into a new phase of your life.

But contrary to your wishes, you realize that your problems demand more time and effort from your end to be resolved. 

36. A dream of getting your period very late

Such a dream is likely if you have, for a short while, convinced yourself into believing that something destined to happen will not take place.

Perhaps you were looking forward to a different or a much better outcome only to get disappointed.  

37. Dreaming of the end of your menstrual cycle

The plot says you no longer need to pay utmost attention to a particular situation in your waking life.

From another perspective, the plot means you feel independent and confident as you emerge from a situation that distresses you. 

Having a dream of your period ending is also possible if an unpleasant situation you have anticipated isn’t taking place, to your surprise. 

38. A dream of seeing others menstruating

The scenario is your subconscious self warning you to stay away from gossip and selfish people who call themselves your friends. 

Those people are better when kept at a distance because not only will they stab you in the back whenever you say or do something they find disagreeable, but they can also drag you along with them when they fall, without any sense of guilt. 

39. Dreaming of someone else’s menstrual blood

To dream of someone else’s period blood implies someone will come to you with a favor. 

40. Dreaming of washing yourself and getting dressed after menstruating

Regardless of gender, the dream portends success for the dreamer. 

Menstrual Blood Meaning: Different Dreamers

41. A female dreaming of menstruation and period blood when it is not time yet for her monthly cycle

Usually, the above scenario is a sign of anxiety. 

In some cases, it can indicate an unexpectedly early period.

42. A little girl dreams of period blood and getting her menstruation

The scenario foretells a tragic incident where the little girl will die. 

43. A young woman dreams of being on her period

The dream may signify the approaching wedding of the young girl.

44. A young woman dreaming about her boyfriend menstruating

Such a dream may happen if you believe nobody acknowledges you and your talents in the waking world. 

45. A young unmarried girl dreaming of period blood

The dream is an ill omen foretelling disease and suffering. 

46. A woman dreaming of period blood on her bed

For a woman dreamer, period blood on the bed denotes problems in her romantic relationships. 

47. A single person seeing a lot of his or her own period blood in a dream

The above plot symbolizes ill luck. Despite the trying times, you need to remember not to stoop too low to match others’ requirements. 

48. A person in love seeing a lot of his or her menstrual blood

Though he or she dearly loves his or her partner and vice versa, differences in personalities, behaviors, etc. will hinder their relationship. The scenario also hints at a temporary separation between the two. 

49. Menstrual blood in the dreams of a woman

The most common interpretation of the above is that she is fearful of getting pregnant and also of the whole process. 

Positively, it symbolizes a new start in some aspects of her life. 

50. A woman dreaming of menstrual blood and dirty clothes

The dream is a reminder asking you to pay more attention to your health and hygiene. 

51. Wannabe mothers dreaming of menstruation and menstrual blood

If a woman who wishes to be a mother sees the above images in her dream, the scenario denotes she won’t be able to get pregnant anytime soon.

52. Dreaming of menstrual blood while pregnant

For a pregnant woman to see herself menstruating in a dream is often the subconscious advising her to take things slow.

According to the dream, she needs to look after her body well and follow each of the doctor’s instructions as anything could go wrong along the way. 

Contrarily, it may stand for a smooth delivery depending on the woman’s health and circumstances. 

53. A pregnant lady sees lots of menstrual blood in her dream

If a pregnant woman dreams of seeing lots of menstrual blood, it means she will do her best to give herself and her child a good life.

54. A pregnant woman dreams of menstrual blood on her clothes

For a pregnant woman, menstrual blood on her clothes is a sign of an illness. 

55. Period blood in the dreams of a widow or an unmarried woman

If a widow or an unmarried woman dreams of the above spectacle, the dream stands for her upcoming wedding.  

56. An elderly woman dreaming about being on her period

The scenario symbolizes death.

57. A man dreaming of menstruation

From the psychoanalytic point of view, if a man dreams of menstruation, he symbolizes his inability to develop a deep relationship with a woman. 

For others, the plot may simply mean he has not acknowledged his feminine side. 

58. A man dreaming of menstrual blood

According to the plot, he may commit an unlawful or unethical act soon. Menstrual blood in the dreams of a man also signifies a chance encounter with a potential business partner.

59. A man dreams of being on his period

There’s a possibility that he will either marry or engaged in sexual activity with a relative. 

According to the Bible, the man here needs time and space to nurture himself. 

60. A single man dreaming of menstrual blood

In all likelihood, the plot predicts a chance encounter with the person he will spend his life with. 

61. A man dreaming of his girlfriend or wife to be on her period

Here, the plot reflects the man’s subconscious desire to become a father. 

Negatively, the plot hints at huge financial losses on the professional front. 

For a man to dream of his wife menstruating also stands for faith. This applies only if his wife is religious and a good-natured person. If not, the plot may stand for trouble and complications. 

On the other hand, if a man dreams of his wife being on her period, the plot symbolizes a harmonious married life. 

62. A man dream of a woman’s period blood staining his cloth

The plot portends a potential business collaboration with a person he recently met.

63. A healthy person dreams about menstruating

Likely, he or she will fall sick soon.

64. A single person dreams of someone putting period blood on his or her bed sheet

Are you having relationship problems lately? This doesn’t necessarily refer to a romantic relationship, though it can be.

In case you have been going through a tough time, the dream denotes the restoration of that particular relationship. 

65. A business person dreaming of menstruation and menstrual blood

The plot signifies an unexpected flow of income in the near future. Everything looks good on the business front, with sales and profit rising with each passing day. 

But the dream further shows that with increased income, your expenses will also rise exponentially. 

66. A businessperson dreaming of menstruating a lot

Situations do not look very promising for business people, according to the plot. Likely, there will be a significant drop in earnings and profits. 

Through the dream, your subconscious advises you to let time take care of the problem. As such, business is a risky affair with ups and downs every once in a while. 

And the least you can do around this time is maintain your calm. Do not let your impatience and impulsiveness worsen your situation any further. 

67. An investor dreaming of menstruating a lot

The plot signifies profit for an investor. This is especially true if he or she funded a massive amount of money in a recent project. 

Furthermore, the dream shows he or she will have opportunities for promising long-term collaboration with other businesspeople.

68. A job seeker dreaming of period and menstrual blood

Opportunities will be plenty, but you will not be satisfied with any of them. 

69. A job seeker sees plenty of his or her menstrual blood in a dream

The scenario could be the subconscious encouraging the person to be patient and trust the process. 

Most likely, there will not be many opportunities. Yet he or she is advised not to give up.

70. A job seeker dreaming of someone else putting menstrual blood on his or her bedsheet

For job seekers, the above scenario is a good sign. They will have better luck at job-hunting, and opportunities to make themselves noticed will arise from now onwards. 

However, the haste to secure a job and impulsive decisions may ruin everything. 

71. Employees dream of menstruation and menstrual blood

If an employee sees menstrual blood in a dream, he or she may get involved in some confidential projects. 

The plot probably warns him or her to be watchful of others’ attitudes and behavior as long as the project runs because he or she may get manipulated. 

72. A new employee dreams of someone putting menstrual blood on his or her bedsheet

If a new employee dreams of someone putting menstrual blood on his or her bedsheet, the plot signifies the struggles that person will likely face at the workplace.

According to the plot, he or she will not be easily acknowledged by the higher-ups despite putting in the best work.

The constant battle for recognition will, in turn, make him or her feel drained and unmotivated, thereby increasing the risks of making mistakes.

73. A migrant worker dreaming of someone putting menstrual blood on his or her bedsheet

For a migrant worker, the scenario emphasizes the need to meditate and carefully think of the types of jobs and people he or she would like to work with before settling down.

74. A student dreaming of menstruating a lot

For a student, the above is a good sign symbolizing good results of his or her hard work.  

75. A child dreaming of someone putting menstrual blood on his or her bedsheet

The scenario hints at health problems, especially around the legs. 

76. A patient dreaming of menstrual blood

Menstrual blood in the dreams of a patient is a sign of ill luck. 

Dream About Period Blood: A Psychological Interpretation 

From the psychological point of view, menstrual blood in dreams could mean you are tapping into your creative potential. 

You will probably be able to see how a trivial idea can turn into a massive success.

From another perspective, situations and events around this time will help you gain insight into the mystery of life and creations. 

Recurring Dreams Of Period And Menstrual Blood

Since menstrual blood also signifies fertility, the plot may show up in the dreams of those who consciously or subconsciously desire to become a parent. 

And if a person fails to have children or gets impregnated after several repeated attempts, he or she may start having recurring dreams of menstrual blood. 

Spiritual Meaning of Menstrual Blood in a Dream

From a spiritual perspective, menstruation or period blood symbolizes the mysterious cycle of life.

A Dream Of Menstrual Blood Biblical Meaning

Several times in the Bible, menstruation and period blood is associated with impurity and uncleanliness.

Till today, many cultures around the world do not let menstruating females enter temples and other sacred places. Also, a woman or a girl on her period is considered impure and abstained from going into the kitchen. Anything she touches, especially food, is labeled as tainted. 

While this is the modern interpretation of the word ‘impure’, the Bible interpreted it another way.

According to the Bible, menstruation is a period of abstinence for women – a restraint from daily chores, responsibilities, and anything stressful. 

In other words, menstruation is a time for nurturing, relaxation, restoration, and rejuvenation. 

Therefore, from that point of view, dreaming about menstruation or menstrual blood may mean you are getting rid of all the toxicity – be it emotions, situations, or people present in your life and are preparing for a fresh beginning.

Who Usually Dreams Of Menstrual Blood?

Though anyone, regardless of gender and age, may dream of menstruation or period blood, these scenarios occur frequently in the dreams of pregnant women. 

Needless to say, they reflect the physical, emotional as well as mental complications they go through during pregnancy. Also, dreams of such nature are a common visitor to married people trying for a child. 

Why Did You Dream Of Menstrual Blood? 

When we see a particular thing or situation in a dream, the first thing we ask is ‘What is the dream trying to tell?’. Hardly do we think of why that dream chose us of all the people in the world. 

But the truth is, why the dream happened is as important as what it means, which is why we have gathered a handful of the most possible reasons why you dream of menstruation or period blood.

  1. Have you been trying for a child or are you afraid of pregnancy, on the contrary?
  2. Do you have a lot of stress and repressed emotions which you believe need to be released soon?
  3. Are you planning to start something new in the foreseeable future?
  4. Are you still living in the past?
  5. You feel overwhelmed and worn out. 
  6. Period blood could mean you need to release yourself from a few restrictions. 
  7. One of your wishes is about to come true. 
  8. Sometimes, menstruation in dreams is a sign of infertility. 
  9. Menstrual blood in the dream is also associated with health issues and even death, in certain cases. 
  10. The scenario also hints at problems in your personal relationships.
  11. There will be drastic changes in your financial status. You will experience either a massive rise or a drop, enough to make you anxious. 

Decode Your Period Blood Dream Faster By Asking Yourself These Few Questions

The above symbols and plots are enough to make you feel overwhelmed and confused about which direction to follow to decode the secret message behind your dream. 

Therefore, to make it easier for you, we have gathered some questions to help you narrow down the possibilities of why the dream happened in the first place. 

And needless to say, gender plays a crucial role here. For women, period blood usually denotes positivity, while the image is an ill omen for male dreamers.

But these are not the cases, all of the time, which is why you need to keep your interpretation open. 

  1. How do you perceive periods in reality? If you are a female, do you consider it a hindrance or a sign of your femininity?
  2. Whose period blood did you see in the dream?
  3. Was it a lot or just a little?
  4. Can you recall whether the blood was of the normal consistency or much more sticky?
  5. Was it fresh blood or just a stain? If it was a stain, where exactly did you see it?
  6. Was it your period stain on others’ clothes or others’ blood stain on your clothes?
  7. If you are a woman, are you currently on your period?
  8. Are you presently single, engaged, married, pregnant, or widowed?
  9. Do you have any health problems?
  10. In which category do you fall professionally – unemployed, employed, or a business owner?
  11. What are the emotions you experienced during the dream?
  12. Upon waking, how did you feel – disgusted, surprised, scared, or indifferent?

Wrap Up

Now that you have come to the end of the web post on a dream of menstrual blood, we would like to ask you if you have gathered at least a few possibilities of why the scenario appeared in your dream. 

If you still haven’t, you can answer the questions listed at the end and go back to the post again. That will give you much clarity of why you dreamed of period blood of all things. 

As we say repeatedly, dreams do not happen to scare you. Instead, they are to give you insights into the events, matters, and situations your conscience failed to catch on to. And it is your responsibility to make the most of the secret message.