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Dream of Number 3 – 50+ Interpretations Explained!

Dream of Number 3 – 50+ Interpretations Explained!

Updated on Jan 18, 2023 | Published on May 10, 2022

Reviewed by Katina Tarver, MA (Mental Health and Wellness Counseling) , Life Coach

Dream of Number 3 - 55 Dreams & Their Interpretations

Have you heard that all good comes in three? And maybe you have had a dream about number 3 recently. Like, a dream in which something is prominently 3 in number. 

Mostly, it is about seeing three things, situations, or people in a dream. Or, a dream that you have seen thrice. In brief, the number 3 dream is something that makes the number 3 register in your mind. 

Since you are here, most probably you have had a similar dream. Let’s find out its meaning in your context with a list of interpretations in different scenarios. 

Here we go! 

Dream of Number 3 - 55 Dreams & Their Interpretations
Dream of Number 3 – 55 Dreams & Their Interpretations

Number 3 Dream Meaning – General Interpretations

A dream of number 3 symbolizes hope, positivity, good luck, wisdom, and balance. Often it is a sign of originality, comfort, and openness in the dreamer’s personality. Spiritually, a number 3 dream signifies a strong relationship between soul, mind, and body.

The number 3 has a significant role in dreams and symbolism cultures. It has various different meanings when it comes to dream interpretations. 

Philosophically, often it symbolizes the past, present, and future. Whatever we have done in the past has already created our present, and whatever we intend to do today will create our future. 

The dream often symbolizes that since people regret the things they did to their past, we must analyze everything before acting. In addition, it might mean that you are too focused on the future, and overanalyzing the past. 

These dreams are reminders to live each day as if it were your last.

Some of the general dream interpretations of the number 3 are that the number represents a strong connection between the dreamer and the guardian angels, gods, and magic.

Another number 3 dream meaning is that it signifies a strong relationship between soul, mind, and body.

It also signifies the fruition of efforts. Apart from that, a dream of number 3 symbolizes hope, positivity, good luck, wisdom, and balance. 

Often it is a sign of originality, comfort, and openness in the dreamer’s personality. Sometimes the dream means that some higher powers are in play, and they are currently working in your favor.

It means that you will have good luck, and your life will change significantly. It also means that you have the holy spirit standing by your side.

Apart from that, the dream can also mean that you share a great relationship with the holy trinity. 

Dream of Number 3 – 55 Dreams & Their Interpretations

Dreaming of number 3? Your dream can be best explained with the help of following dream scenarios which help define your life path in more than one way.

Let’s find it out with these in-depth interpretations –

1. Dream of Number 3

Have you clearly seen the number ‘3’ in your dream? Like in any language, script or sound – if three registers in your mind with the dream it’s a good sign. 

To dream of the number 3 means that your mind, body, and soul are in perfect sync. This helps you achieve your desired goals on time. You are in complete control of your actions and therefore get amazing results.

2. Dreaming of Number 3 Written on A Street Sign

When you dream of the number 3 on a street sign, it means that you are being guided by your guardian angel. He is always looking out for you. 

Also, the dream implies that you always have somebody around you whenever you are in trouble to take care of the matter. 

Often it shows that you need to look around for the signs in your life. A change in perception will bring positive changes in life. 

3. Dreaming of a Triangle

A triangle has three sides and is often correlated with the number 3. This dream implies that you need to work on the communication aspect of your life. 

You either need to communicate more or less, depending on the need of the hour.

Sometimes the dream suggests that you need to have multiple perspectives before making a decision. Maybe you are in a situation which is exposing you to a bigger world than you knew till now. 

4. Dreaming of the Word “Three”

When you see the word “three” written in a dream, then firstly, congratulations! Because not a lot of people can read in their dreams properly. 

This means that you hold a great command over your senses even when you are sleeping.

Often the dream symbolizes hope in your life. It’s a sign to hold on a bit more. Things will be better soon. 

Sometimes it can be just a projection of what you are thinking about constantly. Maybe, an important date, a number, or something like that. 

5. When You Dream of the Same Thing Appearing Thrice

Dreaming of the same thing appearing thrice implies your strong desire to possess that thing. 

However, it also means that you are not completely consumed by your desire. It also means that the desire will soon come to fruition.

Besides, the dream might signify that there is something that needs your urgent attention. 

Often it’s an emergency that you might be missing. Your subconscious might be trying to bring it to your attention.

6. When Number 3 Pops Up in Your Dream Out of Nowhere

When something of this sort happens in your dream, it either means that you are having trouble communicating with people around you or you are not making proper use of your energy.

Often the dream suggests you are confused about something. Most probably you need to declutter your life and be mindful about your thought process. 

7. When You Dream of Number 3 as Your Angel Number

Three is believed to be a magic number across many cultures. If you dream of 3 as your angel number, then there is a strong chance that it already is. 

And if it isn’t, then you must know what your angel number is and plan your actions accordingly.

You can be assured that the universe is in support of and is applauding your dreams and goals by receiving the angel number 3. Now you can reach your highest ideals with nothing stopping you. 

This is the right time to listen to your heart and trust your abilities. So be passionate and confident about your work.

8. When You Dream of Tossing a Coin 3 Times

The dream of tossing a coin 3 times establishes a relationship between your actions, opportunities, and the final results. 

When you come across an opportunity and you get the chance to act appropriately to get great final results, then you must move forward with utmost care.

Besides the dream suggests good luck, positivity, and victory. Often it shows that you will get multiple chances in life. So maybe it’s your time to grab the next big opportunity you get.

9. When You Dream of Dining With Your Girlfriend on a Triangular Table

Mostly the dream suggests that there is some kind of conflict going on in your relationship. It can be because of someone who is bringing differences between you. So you need to take it as a sign to hold your relationship.

This dream signifies the need of strengthening communication between your girlfriend and you. It means that your relationship will last longer due to the elimination of misunderstandings.

10. When You Dream of Dining With Your Boyfriend on a Triangular Table

This dream is almost the same in meaning as the previous one. However, the difference is that it also means that your relationship with your boyfriend might get in trouble due to something stupid your boyfriend might have done in the past.

In brief, it’s a sign for you to be patient and have clear communication. Most probably, it’s not a big deal and you two can solve it together. 

11. Dreaming of Three Tortoises

Tortoise is considered to be the luckiest creature in many mythologies and cultures. Hence their appearance in a dream is related to great fortune. 

If you see three tortoises in your dream, then it means that the actions of your past, present, and future are going to make you a fortune. You must consider yourself an extremely lucky person to have this kind of dream.

However, it’s a sign that you need to work to actually harbor the fruits of good luck. So, stick to it.

12. Dreaming of Clock Hitting the Mark of 3 AM

In many mythologies, 3 AM is considered to be the hour or mark of the beast or Satan. 

So, if you are getting this type of dream, then it means that the influence of negative energies on your life is extremely strong. You might need to reevaluate things in your life to rectify this.

Besides, it can be a sign that there will be positive happenings in your life soon. 

Sometimes it can be just your subconscious trying to remind you of something. Maybe, you witnessed the time for an important moment or something like that. 

13. Dreaming of Clock Hitting the Mark of 3 PM

A rather odd hour of the day to be appearing in your dream. 

The appearance of 3 PM in your dream means that you are going to have a great day the next day. You will spend most of the day doing your favorite things and relaxing.

Often it shows a lazy laid-back leisure time. Maybe you need to have an escape from your daily life chaos. 

Sometimes it can show that something weird might be happening around you that is trying to grab your attention. 

14. Dreaming of 3 Being Your Magic Number

This dream foretells a lot about your aspirations and your maturity level. You want only the nicest things for yourself. 

3 being one of the most important numbers, its appearance in your dream only implies how badly you want to own this number to conquer your life.

Often such a dream shows good luck, prosperity, and success in your life. So you need to start having a positive perspective and work on your goals. Luck is with you!

15. Dream of Meeting Three Friends of Your Circle

This dream means that you will soon visit a place that will be familiar to you. It means that the quality time you have been looking for will finally come to pass.

Besides, it can be that you are having some emotions about them going in your mind constantly. 

If the dream feels good, it might mean that your relationship with them will flourish. Negatively, it might be an expression of your inner doubts for the people. 

16. Dream of Meeting Your Third Sibling

It means that you have lost touch with your siblings. The busy life of work and study has kept you too occupied to pay attention to your family. You must take some time and go see your family.

Though if you don’t have a third sibling, it shows that you might have met someone who connects very well with you.

It is your feeling with them that is giving the whole positively familiar vibe in the dream.

17. Dream of Coming Across Multiples of 3

If you dream of coming across multiples of 3, it means that everything good or bad will get multiplied. The effect of these things will change your life for better or worse. 

Mostly, the meaning of this dream remains ambiguous since there are infinite multiples of 3.

Sometimes it shows your confusion and restlessness. Maybe something in life is making you feel like that. It’s time to calm down and make decisions mindfully. 

18. Dream of Number 3 Written on a Whiteboard

This dream simply means that you have a great relationship with your body, mind, and soul. This means that your actions are well planned and executed with sheer perfection.

Mostly the dream shows that you are in a very calm and clear state of mind. 

However, if the number is written on a classroom board that reminds you of a school, it might mean you are rethinking your decisions. 

19. Dream of the Church Bell Ringing Thrice

The dream means that you might need to spend more time at religious gatherings. Your faith in God is weakening, so you might like to visit the church frequently.

Besides, it can be a sign for your soul. Like an awakening. Maybe you are getting distracted by things that aren’t right for you. Take the sign. 

20. When You Dream of Marrying Your Girlfriend Three Times in a Single Dream

This dream shows how deeply you are in love with your girlfriend. It also means that you will have a great married life with your girlfriend.

Sometimes it can show conflicts in your romantic life that would soon be sorted out. Maybe you’ll find new perspectives for your partner. 

21. When You Dream of Marrying Your Boyfriend Three Times in a Single Dream

Again, this dream signifies the same thing as the above-mentioned dream, but the difference is that it also means that you and your boyfriend have deep faith in each other. 

This faith will play an essential role in nurturing your relationship over some time.

22. Dreaming of a House with Three Empty Rooms in It

This dream means that you are not satisfied with everything that you have achieved so far. You crave more and will go to any lengths to achieve what you desire.

Often the dream shows your hardship in trying to strike a balance between your personal life, professional life, and social life. It seems that you need to work on being comfortable with everything. 

23. Dream of Studying in a Triangular Shaped Room

This means that you are a person of great focus. You know how to pay attention to the important things in your life. 

Also, you have your priorities sorted and this makes you an interesting person to be with. Sometimes it shows that you are a very creative and rational person. 

Often it is a sign of your comfort zone in seemingly strange situations. Though if you felt uncomfortable, maybe you need to relook your surroundings. 

24. Dream of Studying in a School with Only Three Classes

This dream means that you have limited your knowledge. You are afraid to learn and explore new things. You must change this quality if you wish to achieve great things in your life.

If you are bunking other classes in the dream, it shows your sense of guilt or the fear of missing out on things in your life. Maybe you think you aren’t doing enough. 

25. Dream of Riding a Three-wheeled Vehicle

This dream means that you listen to your heart and travel a lot. It also means that you are not afraid to explore the uncharted territories of your life. 

You are a wise person who knows how to balance your work and life.

26. Dream of Getting Offered Three Cubes of Cheese

A dream of getting three cubes of cheese means good luck and success in all parts of your life. It means that you will have a great personal, professional, and social life. 

This dream means that you will be getting three new opportunities to reach a better position both personally and professionally.

27. Dream of Getting Offered Three Cubes of Ice By a Stranger

This dream acts as an alarm system for you since it implies that you will be offered opportunities by a stranger. 

But these opportunities will just be an illusion and you will end up with nothing. It is advised that you act carefully around strangers.

28. Dream of Getting Offered Three Pens By Someone You Know

This dream means that you will get the opportunity to construct a good future for yourself. 

However, you must keep three things in mind before planning your plan of action, that is, the process, the course of action, and the discipline required to achieve the final goal.

29. Dream in Which You Keep Hearing the Number 3 Frequently

This dream means that you have strong self-esteem. It also means that your guardian angel is in close contact with you at every step of your life. 

Furthermore, the dream also conveys the message that you should step out more.

30. Dream of Living in a 3 BHK Apartment

The simple interpretation of this dream is that you crave a luxurious lifestyle. You wish to become the richest person in your neighborhood. 

This does not mean that you are greedy, but you must evaluate your every decision before implementing them. 

31. Dream of Watching 3 People Beating You

The dream of 3 people beating you means that you will be or have been punished for the three mistakes of your life. You have paid for your sins and it is the right time to get in touch with God.

32. Dream of Writing Number 3 on a Paper

The simple meaning of this dream is that you believe you have three works that need to be completed. You must contemplate these works and complete them as soon as possible.

Or, maybe there is something significant associated with the number and your subconscious is trying to remember it. Don’t overthink it but take a cue if it feels at home. 

33. Dream of 3 Written on Your Car’s Number Plate

This dream signifies that you wish to explore the world in the best ways possible. You don’t want to commit any type of crime to fulfill your wishes which makes you a good person.

34. Dream of Washing a 3 Piece Suit

The meaning of this dream means that you are trying to undo or rectify something that you have done wrong. This means that you are a person with an extremely strong conscience.

Sometimes it shows that you are taking a lot of pains in maintaining your overall persona in all parts of your life. 

35. Dreaming of 3 Countries You Wish to Visit

This dream means that you want to break free of the monotonous life that you have been living for a long time now. It is high time that you get yourself the break that you deserve.

36. Dreaming of 3 Countries You have Visited Already

The desire to relish the places you have been to has overwhelmed you if you are getting such a dream.

37. Dream of Purchasing a Contact Number That Ends with 333

This dream deciphers your strong desire to communicate with everyone you hold close. 

It also means that your bond with God is quite strong. You are a good person who needs good friends to operate properly.

38. When You Dream of Eating 3 Cupcakes

This dream often comes to those who have worked hard for something, and are enjoying the amazing results of their hard work.

39. 3 Churches in Different Conditions in the Same Dream

If the church was in good condition but is shut, it means that you are currently questioning your religious beliefs which have distanced you from your God.

Besides, if the church was in a good condition and was open, it means that your God is willing to accept you despite all the mistakes you made.

If the church was in ruins, it means that you are in desperate need to fix your religious belief and become one with the true supreme power.

40. Dream of Wearing a Pendant in the Shape of 3

This dream means that you proudly believe in your religious beliefs. You feel no shame in the life choices you have made so far. 

It shows that you are a confident person who knows how to handle almost every single situation.

41. Dreaming of Offering Cheese to 3 of Your Close Friends

This dream means that you will be helping your friends out of serious trouble shortly. It shows how helpful you are as a person. But you must be very careful as to whom you choose to help.

42. Dreaming of Meeting the 3 Generations of Your Family

This dream reinforces the relationship between the three phases of your life – your childhood, your adulthood, and your old age.

You must take this dream as a sign to reflect upon the decisions you have made so far in your life.

43. Marrying Your Ex-Husband 3 Times in the Same Dream

This dream signifies that somebody from your past will come back to haunt you in more than one way. It could either be your husband, your boyfriend, or even your parents. You must be cautious of the choices you make during this time.

44. Marrying Your Ex-Wife 3 Times in the Same Dream

The dream signifies that you are about to commit the same mistake thrice. This mistake is reflected by the presence of your ex-wife with whom you had a troubled marriage.

You must avoid doing anything which might be recounted as a mistake later in your life.

45. Dream of Eating a Triangular Sandwich

The three sides of the bread of a sandwich signify that you wish to enjoy the three pleasures of life. You deem the three pleasures, i.e, physical, mental, and financial to be of supreme nature. You will go to any lengths to achieve them.

46. Dreaming of Standing in a Triangular Field

This dream means that you are an outgoing kind of person. You are open to communicating with almost everyone who comes your way.

47. Dreaming of Your 3-year-old Self

This dream reflects your desire to turn back time and visit the simple days as a three-year-old kid. It is also related to nostalgia.

48. Dream of 3 Babies

Dreaming of triplets signifies both success and failure. You might have this dream if you fail in personal affairs but succeed in career and business affairs. 

Dreams are usually about new opportunities. Since this dream is about a new opportunity, it is giving guidance for you, so be aware that you may not be able to balance work and home life.

You should not overburden yourself at work or neglect your family.  

Besides, this dream means that the projects you have been working extremely hard on will contribute to your professional growth in three ways.

The successful completion of these projects will help you get recognition, validation, and promotion at your job.

49. Dream of 3 Trees With Fruits on It

The dream signifies great news. It means that the actions of your past are about to yield some amazing results. You will benefit monetarily, physically, and mentally.

50. Dream of Chasing 3 Rabbits

This dream implies that you have set three important goals for yourself which you must fulfill at all costs.

51. Dream of 3 People

When you dream of three people, you might consider whether there are three people in your waking life who are significant.

You might dream of three unfamiliar people making you anxious if you are currently dealing with a family conflict in your waking life. 

Besides, you may be able to see their roles in the family matter more clearly if you see your brothers as strangers, without the ties you have with them.

52. Dream of 3 Doors

A dream of three doors or three houses may represent your options when trying to make a decision. The door or home you feel drawn to in the dream reminds you of what is happening in your waking life. 

A dream like this might be especially interesting if you have convinced yourself that there are only extreme options in your waking life.

Like, either victory or defeat. Or, love and hatred. The dream is a sign to acquire balance in life.

53. Dream of 3 Wolves

The wolf symbolizes instinct and power. To some extent, wolves can represent aggression in dreams, and they defend themselves, both in their pack standing and in the territory they claim. 

Seeing a friendly wolf in a dream represents harmony and success in any area of your domestic life. Wolves dream represents the values you hold dear if it were in the woods. 

You can’t trust a friendly wolf in your dream – while you’re on the same side as it is now, when conflict arises, it will turn hostile, and you should be aware that people can do the same. 

54. Dream of 3 Black Cats

The mystery and protection of black cats go hand in hand. There is great potential in the number three because it deals with ideas, new partnerships, and new business opportunities. 

So, if three black cats have appeared on your stoop, it is an auspicious sign.  Perhaps you will be forming a new business partnership, or you will be moving into a more stable position.

55. Dream of Being Chased by 3 Strangers

This dream means that you are worried about the consequences of three mistakes you made in the past. The only way out is to face the consequences.

What is the Biblical Meaning of Number 3 in Dreams?

Number 3 appears 67 times in the Bible. It is believed to be one of the most important numbers in the bible as it acts as a symbol of completeness. 

Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob were the three fathers who were given recognition by God as noble fathers.

People often think of the trinity: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Jesus Christ was crucified in the third hour of the day and he was resurrected three days later. 

So, the significance of the number three in the Bible is quite great.

Three also signifies something positive that is reinforced. Anything that happens three times or in three is something special. 

Thus, often the dream is an auspicious sign mostly according to Bible.

What Does the Number 3 Mean in a Dream Spiritually?

Spiritually, the number 3 signifies the harmony between the mind, body, and soul. Finding harmony in these three aspects can bring one the fulfillment one seeks. 

It might be a sign to achieve a deeper level of self-knowledge, meditate and seek higher knowledge.

Besides, it also signifies the past, present, and future of an individual. Our actions in the past affect our future. It also signifies the presence of guardian angels in our lives who help lift us in difficult times.

The spiritual meaning of the dream of the number 3 varies depending on the type of dream.

For some dreams, it might mean that you have a strong desire to achieve peace, whereas some dreams will portray you as someone who craves materialistic things.

What does It Mean When You Dream of Number 3?

Often, dreaming of the number 3 could be symbolic of welcoming the expansion of a two-person relationship. Imagine for a moment that you and your partner are expecting a child, bringing your family from two to three. 

Your roommate and you may decide to take on a third roommate, or your business partnership may take on a third partner. 

Or, maybe your intimate relationship may soon have a third partner if you and your partner are trying to explore something new.

A desired expansion may still alter the dynamics of your existing relationship, so examine other aspects of your dream to see if they point to imbalances within your triad.

It is a rather common dream though often seems otherwise. However, its interpretation minutely changes depending on its details. 

So, you must pay attention to the scenarios in which you saw the dream. It is only then you will be able to find out the true explanation of the number 3 dream meaning.

Final Words

It is apparent now that 3 is indeed a magical number. And if you are one of those people who have been having a dream of number 3, then you are extremely lucky.

To recall some of them, the dream means that you have a strong relationship with your guardian angels. It also means that you can communicate well.

Another important meaning of this dream is that it brings good luck and is a good sign for your personal and professional growth.

But most importantly, it’s a sign of balance. It’s a sign for you to embrace everything and yourself. And believe in it.