So, you had a dream of a penis but somehow, it wasn’t really erotic. Don’t worry, there are lots of people who dream of a penis despite not feeling sexually aroused.

Most dream interpreters believe that dreaming of the male genitals indicates power and assertiveness. But that’s not it. There’s a lot more.

Let’s find out some more interesting facts!

Dream of Penis – General Interpretations

Dreaming of a penis can indicate that you must take more control of your life, or it can also mean that you are confused about something. Alternatively, it indicates that you feel insecure about your body or that you are looking for freedom.

Seeing a man naked in your dreams can feel very sexy, especially if you’re a woman.

But many times, seeing a man’s penis in your dreams can make you feel gross and wonder of the meaning behind your dreams.

So come on, let’s see some of the general meanings first.

1. You need to take control of your life

One of the most common dream interpretations of a penis is that you are not being assertive enough. You are letting others push you around. It’s now time to take control of your life and do what you wish to.

2. You feel confused

Another possible dream meaning is that you feel confused and lost in your waking life.

Something has been nagging you for a long time but you can’t understand the solution to your problems, which is why you are in a dilemma.

3. You are insecure about your body

One negative dream interpretation of a penis is that you are very insecure about your body.

Maybe you feel that you are too thin or too fat to look beautiful, but that isn’t true. Your mind is telling you to accept your body and love it.

4. You seek freedom

Dreaming of a penis can also indicate that you badly wish to taste freedom.

You are so caught up in the daily hustle and bustle of life that it has been ages since you went for a vacation. Take some time out for yourself now.

5. You are unsure of your feelings towards your partner

A penis in the dream dictionary also stands for problems in your love life.

Irrespective of your gender, this kind of dream symbolizes that you are unsure of your emotions in the relationship and might be getting tired.

Dream about Penis – 35 Types and Interpretations

Did you know that dreaming of genitals basically reflects your decisions and feelings in your waking life?

For example, dreaming of your own penis is a sign of your confidence, while dreaming of another man’s penis shows your doubts and insecurities.

If your mind is racing for more answers, here are many more tidbits for you!

1. Dream of big penis

A dream where you see a huge penis shows that you desire more meaningful relationships in your life. People around you often seem to be engrossed in their own world, which makes you want better friends and partners.

2. Dream of having more than one penis

It’s not possible for a man to actually have more than one penis but in the dream world, anything is possible.

If you see a man with two or more penises, it means that you will soon have many children in your waking life.

3. Dream of your own penis

If you are a man and you see your own penis in your dreams, it indicates that you strongly desire a loving partner.

Maybe you are single or your current partner doesn’t seem to understand you. So, you want to be with someone more understanding.

4. Dream of seeing a famous person’s penis

Seeing someone else’s penis in your dreams can be very awkward, especially when it’s of someone you know.

Basically, this dream means that someone you know well will come to you and reveal all their deep, dark secrets.

5. Dream of urinating from a penis

Men use their penis to urinate, so seeing this in your dreams can indicate that you have been bottling up a lot of emotions within yourself for a long time.

Your subconscious mind is telling you to let it out and feel your emotions.

6. Dream of using penis to have sex

Seeing a couple having penetrative sex in your dream can arouse sexual feelings within you.

But in the dream realm, it means that someone you know is trying to get closer to you. This person has a huge crush on you.

7. Dream of an erect penis

An erect penis in your dreams is a good sign. It indicates that your mind will soon be filled with lots of creative ideas.

You can use these ideas to do well in your office or even try and pursue a new hobby for your pleasure.

8. Dream of inserting penis in a woman

If you are a man and you see yourself inserting your penis inside a woman, it means that you will suddenly do something that you never really thought of.

This isn’t a negative dream. In fact, it indicates the birth of new beginnings.

9. Dream of a penis being inserted into you

If you are a woman and in your dreams, a man is pushing his penis inside your genitals, it indicates that there will soon be love in the air.

You will meet someone loving and caring. This dream is a harbinger of positive feelings.

10. Dream of an injured penis

A penis in your dreams that seems to be injured or scratched is not a good sign. It indicates that you fear intimacy.

You have put up a shield around you so that nobody is able to understand your deepest emotions. You like to shut yourself from others.

11. Dream of injuring your penis

If you accidentally end up injuring your own penis in a dream, it means that bad times will soon come.

Your life shall be filled with hardships and problems. But if you hold on to hope, you will be able to overcome them.

12. Dream of a small penis

A small penis is an indication of earning more money. This might sound ironic but seeing a small penis in your dreams foretells that you will soon receive a lot of money, either through a job promotion or a lottery.

13. Dream of not having a penis

If you’re a man and you suddenly find yourself without your penis, it can be extremely disturbing. It symbolizes emptiness in your real life.

Something very precious to you has been lost for quite some time and you have been in search of it.

14. Dream of multiple people’s penises

Seeing many men being naked together can be awkward and funny. So, when you see all of their penises together, it suggests that you are trying to figure out a solution to an important problem in your waking life.

15. Dream of an unusual penis

A penis that looks or feels slightly unusual is not a good omen.

In the dream realm, it means that someone is making you feel bad about something when you should be feeling happy and proud of it. It can be your friend or a family member.

16. Dream of a detachable penis

While you can’t actually detach your penis from your body, dreaming of a detachable penis is quite possible.

It reflects your need to have individual views and ideas. You need to appreciate the miracle of your existence.

17. Dream of cutting off a penis

If you dream that you are cutting off someone else’s penis, it means that you are facing sexual problems.

It can be related to your sexual health or can mean that you don’t feel connected to your partner while being intimate with them.

18. Dream of sperm coming out of a penis

Dreaming of sperms being released from your penis is a metaphor for wanting to be released from something in your real life.

You are burdened with a lot of responsibilities and this is tiring you out. So, you want a break.

19. Dream of losing a penis

This is a very rare dream where you see yourself with a penis one moment and in the very next moment, it’s gone.

This dream means that you are losing your power and charm in your workplace. Your inner strength is weakening.

20. Dream of cutting off your penis

Oh no, this can be quite a horrible dream. But if you do see that you are cutting off your penis, it indicates that you are losing out on a lot of precious time and money.

You are making unwise decisions, which are leading to your doom.

21. Dream of penis bleeding

In your dream, if your penis suddenly starts to bleed, it means that you are experiencing a weakening sense of power.

You feel that people no longer listen to you or admire you the way they used to. This is affecting you greatly.

22. Dream of someone else having a larger penis

Someone else having a larger penis than yours is also not a good sign. it reflects your feelings of jealousy or anger toward that person.

You constantly feel that you’re not good enough and the other person is always better than you at everything.

23. Dream of a skinny penis

A penis that is thin or skinny shows that you will indulge in some kind of dirty power of lowlife behavior, maybe lying or cheating. You think that doing this will make you more powerful than others around you.

24. Dream of a woman having a penis

A woman cannot have a penis in the real world but since anything is possible in your dreams, you can even dream of a woman with male genitalia.

It is usually a good sign because it means that she is asserting power and her dominance.

25. Dream of surgery on a penis

If a man dreams of doing surgery on his penis, it indicates that he feels insecure with women. You keep doubting all the women around you, even your partner. In this case, it’s best to consult a doctor or therapist.

26. Dream of a penis being cut off and slowly growing back

If you see that someone has cut off your penis but it’s slowly starting to grow back on its own, it symbolizes that your partner will be very unpleasant to you. She will keep threatening you and even ask for a divorce.

27. Dream of turning into a man with a penis

If you’re a woman but you see yourself turning into a man and looking at your penis, then it indicates that you are confused about your feelings.

You’re thinking of whether you should end your current romantic relationship or not.

28. Dream of an ejaculating penis

Seeing your penis ejaculating fluid in your dreams is a positive sign. It means that the projects that you are currently handling will soon be completed properly.

At last, all your hard work will pay off and you will become successful.

29. Dream of feeling uncomfortable with a penis

This dream is especially valid for women. If you see that you are looking at your penis and you feel very uncomfortable, it indicates your apprehensions regarding your romantic or sexual life. You’re not being open with your partner.

30. Dream of odd things coming out of a penis

If strange things seem to come out of your penis or that of someone else’s, it symbolizes your worries about your performance, most notably in your professional life. You find it hard to relax because you’re constantly worried.

31. Dream of a penis covered with dirt

A penis that is covered with dirt can be really gross to look at. But if it appears in your dreams, then it might be a sign of backstabbing or deception. You are worried that someone else will try to ruin your reputation soon.

32. Dream of touching a penis

If you are touching your own penis or someone else’s penis in your dreams, it indicates that there are many opportunities for your advancement.

You wish to gain more financial power but you still need to figure out a clear path toward your success.

33. Dream of pain in penis

Suddenly experiencing pain in your penis or groin is a sign that you are facing problems in your sexual life.

Or it can also mean that your partner is facing difficulties while being intimate with you but isn’t able to express themselves openly.

34. Dream of chewing a penis

While this dream can be really gross, many people have actually seen themselves eating a cooked penis while they are sleeping.

It symbolizes that you feel underestimated by your colleagues and friends. They can’t understand your true potential.

35. Dream of penis showing while getting dressed

Even while getting dressed, if your penis is clearly visible, it does not indicate something good.

It actually means that your work and career will slowly destroy your personal and sexual life. You will get increasingly frustrated.

Spiritual Interpretation of dream of penis

Spiritually, seeing a penis isn’t that good. It can be a representation of lust or wrong desires.

Perhaps you are walking down a dangerous path, so your spirit guide is warning you beforehand. You must rethink all your decisions.

Biblical Interpretation of dreaming of a penis

Biblically, dreaming of a penis or the male genitalia represents power, authority, and dominance.

Many people believe that seeing your penis in your dreams indicates that you are powerful and capable of destroying your enemies.

Psychological Interpretation of dream about penis

We all know that organs like the penis or the vagina are symbols of sex and reproduction.

So, a penis in your dreams can give you important messages about your sexual wellness. Many famous psychologists feel that this is a good dream.

Questions to ask yourself to interpret penis dreams correctly

After dreaming of a penis, your mind will obviously be filled with innumerable questions. But how do you make sense of your dreams? Here are some questions to help you out.

1. What was the size of the penis in your dreams?

2. Was the penis erect or limp in your dreams?

3. Whose penis did you dream of?

4. Did you see anything coming out of the penis?

5. Did you see a woman with a penis?

6. Did you see multiple penises in your dreams?

7. Was the penis in your dreams injured or cut?

8. How frequently do you dream of a penis?

9. What are your feelings while dreaming of a penis?

10. Did you dream of penis with another organ?

A word from ThePleasantDream

A penis in your dreams can be confusing, sexy, or even outright inappropriate. But don’t worry, every kind of dream has a special meaning. All you have to do is understand the dream details and figure out how to apply them in your waking life.

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